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Hammond's budget anticipates worsening economic forecast caused by Brexit

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer has outlined cautious spending plans to a nation bracing for the shock of leaving the European Union, amid a stream of worsening of economic forecasts that hampered room for giveaways.

Missing submarine search returns to the point where the last contacts were made

Ships and planes hunting for the missing Argentine submarine with 44 crew members will return to a previous search area after officials said Wednesday that a noise made a week ago in the South Atlantic could provide a clue to the vessel's location.

Putin talks to Macri and sends a oceanographic vessel to help with the search

Russia has agreed to dispatch an oceanographic ship to Argentina in order to help with the search for the missing Argentine submarine, ARA San Juan, the Argentine Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday following a telephone conversation between Russian and Argentine presidents Vladimir Putin and ...

EU still not satisfied with £40bn Brexit "divorce bill", suggested by PM May government

Despite UK prime minister Theresa May reportedly doubling her Brexit 'divorce bill' offer, European Union diplomats have already indicated they are still not satisfied and could demand more cash for talks to progress.

"Silver Cloud" cancels Antarctica cruise and Falklands call following engine failure

The failure of a fuel pump and engine left the "Silver Cloud" adrift as it headed toward Antarctica on November 20, 2017. Power was reportedly restored to the ship in about an hour, permitting the cruise vessel to return to Puerto Madryn in the South Atlantic for repairs.

Falklands' newly elected Legislative Assembly members receive parliamentary training

A delegation from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, CPA, is currently visiting the Falkland Islands to provide Parliamentary training to the newly elected Legislative Assembly as part of a joint program agreed ahead of the election.

ASC and MSC release joint seaweed standard; US$ 5.6bn global business

The Marine Stewardship Council and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council announced the launch of the ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard. The joint standard marks a first for the two certification programmes, bringing together expertise in sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture.

Three former football officials are banned for life by FIFA's Ethics Committee

Julio Rocha, Rafael Esquivel and Richard Lai had all pleaded guilty to bribery and corruption charges brought by the United States Department of Justice in its massive international criminal probe into FIFA.

Air China has temporarily suspended' flights to Pyongyang

Beijing-owned Air China airline has ended flights to the capital of North Korea Pyongyang, due to a lack of passenger demand. Flights were temporarily suspended due to unsatisfactory business operations,' said an Air China employee.

RAF arrives in Comodoro Rivadavia to join the submarine rescue effort

British and Spanish planes landed on Wednesday in Comodoro Rivadavia as part of the ongoing international effort to try to locate and rescue the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan which has now been missing for a week, and is in the critical situation', according to the official report from the ...

London lobbied successfully in Brazil on behalf of British oil industry, claims The Guardian

Britain successfully lobbied Brazil on behalf of BP and Shell to address the oil giants' concerns over Brazilian taxation, environmental regulation and rules on using local firms, government documents reveal, according to a piece published in The Guardian.

Falklands' Concordia Bay Ferry service rescheduled due to maintenance repairs

The Falkland Islands Government and Workboat Service Ltd, WSL, the company which owns the ferry linking East and West Falkland, have informed that the service will be suspended for an estimated two weeks next month, because the Concordia Bay has to undergo maintenance repairs in Punta Arenas.

German business leaders launch a Battle of Britain' to keep UK in the EU

A group of influential German business figures have launched a campaign to keep the UK in the European Union. The alliance, dubbed a New Deal for Britain, includes three ex-presidents of the Federation of German Industry.

UK warned to keep to the "European model" if it targets an ambitious deal with the EU

Britain's hopes of an advantageous free trade agreement with the EU could be dashed if it attempts to use Brexit as an opportunity to abandon the European model' and transform itself into a low-tax, low-regulation economy, Brussels' chief negotiator has warned.

Time and oxygen running out for Argentine missing submarine in the South Atlantic

Ships and planes combed a wider area of the stormy South Atlantic on Tuesday in a fruitless hunt for signs of a missing Argentine submarine, adding to growing concerns about the vessel not heard from in six days. Argentine navy officials have worried that if the ARA San Juan was intact but disabled ...

ECB warns banks that they "need to have substance locally" in post Brexit

European regulators have warned banks working on post-Brexit plans that they will "need to have substance locally" to serve European clients. The European Central Bank said some of the proposals it has reviewed are inadequate and risk creating "empty shells".

Brazilian Federal Police has new chief who pledges "to leave aside vanity and thirst for power"

A new boss took over Brazil's federal police on Monday despite criticism that he would block a probe into unpopular Brazilian President Michel Temer, who is being investigated by the force. Several Brazilian media outlets reported that Fernando Segovia's appointment was supported by government ...

London looses European Banking Authority to Paris and European Medical Agency to Amsterdam

Paris has won a battle to host the European Banking Authority , which will relocate from London after the UK leaves the European Union. The French capital's victory follows a win earlier for Amsterdam, which will host the London-based European Medicines Agency .

Wales and Galicia sign bilateral accord to minimize Brexit impact for fishing sector

Galicia and Wales intend to sign their own bilateral agreement to try to minimize the impact that Brexit will have and avoid damage to the fishing sector. The announcement was made by Galician president Alberto Núñez Feijoo, after having obtained a positive response to his invitation to the Welsh ...

Goldman Sachs CEO on Brexit: "So much at stake, why not make sure consensus still there?"

The chief executive of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, has suggested holding another referendum on Brexit and tweeted: "Here in UK, lots of hand-wringing from CEOs over #Brexit... So much at stake, why not make sure consensus still there?"

Britain sends special highly skilled unit SPAG, to help with the submarine search

Britain has increased efforts to help find the missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan in the vast stormy South Atlantic. HMS Protector, the Royal Navy's Ice Patrol ship, is now in the search area where the submarine last made contact on Wednesday.

Hopes to find missing submarine ARA San Juan fading after five days

Argentine submarine ARA San Juan reported an electrical problem and was headed back to base when it went missing last week in the South Atlantic, the navy said on Monday, while storms complicated efforts to find the vessel and its 44 crew members.

Angela Merkel ready to fight a snap election if necessary to overcome political crisis

German chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to fight a snap election if necessary to secure a fourth term in office and end her country's political crisis. Dr Merkel faces an uncertain future after coalition talks collapsed on Sunday evening after almost five weeks – two months after Germany's ...

Queen honors Duke of Edinburgh as they celebrate 70 years of marriage

The Queen has presented the Duke of Edinburgh with a rare honor as a special anniversary present as they celebrate 70 years of marriage. As the royal couple reached their milestone platinum wedding anniversary yesterday, Elizabeth II appointed Philip a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order ...

Piñera on the tight rope: math show he can be defeated by left-leaning coalition in December's runoff

The strong performance by Chile's left-wing parties in Sunday's election left conservative presidential frontrunner Sebastian Piñera facing a tight battle to win a December runoff and likely opposition to tax breaks in Congress if elected. Piñera came first with more than 36% of the vote, but his ...

Chilean markets didn't like red Sunday: Peso and the IPSA stock market fall strongly

Chilean markets and investors did not like Sunday's election results: the Peso currency and benchmark IPSA stock index fell on Monday after market-friendly presidential candidate Sebastian Piñera garnered less support than expected in the country's election.

Venezuelan street markets trade staples in spoonful portions forced by poverty and scarcity

Poverty and scarcity are so extended in Venezuela that people now sell and buy food by the spoonful in a desperate attempt to overcome a situation that has worsened as the economy has entered into a growing hyperinflationary cycle.

Calls for an ICC investigation into abuses of murder and torture by Venezuelan leaders

Venezuela's former attorney general urged the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into alleged abuses of murder and torture by the leaders of the crisis-hit country. President Nicolas Maduro and his government must pay for this, for these crimes against humanity,' said Luisa ...

Jimmy Carter awarded highest honor by Argentina for his defense of human rights

Former United States President Jimmy Carter was recently recognized by the Argentine government in a ceremony held at the Carter Center in Atlanta. Carter, 93, was conferred the highest honor awarded by the government of Argentina: the 'Order of the Liberator General San Martín.'

Ex Chilean Junta member and supporter of the UK effort during the Falklands conflict has died

Fernando Matthei Chile's ex commander of the Air Force and member of the military Junta, led by Augusto Pinchet, died on Sunday at the age of 92. The former pilot, was the father of Evelyn Matthei, who run and lost against Michelle Bachelet in the 2013 presidential election and since 2016 is mayor ...

The Work in Fishing Convention, ILO 188, has come into force

A major boost to efforts to improve working conditions for millions of workers in the fishing sector came into force on November 16 with the International Labor Convention 188.

Macri on the right track but economy needs growth and investment

Following on his congressional midterm election win, president Mauricio Macri sealed a fiscal agreement with governors of nearly all Argentine provinces in a sign of his growing clout in upcoming negotiations to close the budget deficit, reform labor legislation and open up the economy. However ...

Caracas ex mayor flees Venezuela and pledges to denounce the Maduro regime worldwide

The ousted mayor of Caracas pledged to spread his protest against Venezuela's socialist government across the world as he arrived in Spain on Saturday, a day after escaping from house arrest and slipping past Venezuelan security forces into Colombia.

Tax and migration disputes impede Merkel from forming a coalition government

Talks on forming a coalition government in Germany have collapsed after the free-market liberal FDP pulled out. FDP leader Christian Lindner said there was no "basis of trust" with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU/CSU bloc and the Greens.

US Navy sending deep-sea rescue equipment to assist in search for ARA San Juan

The United States Navy has sent rescue equipment and crew to assist in the search for a missing Argentine Navy submarine and its 44 crew members. The San Diego based Undersea Rescue Command departed from Miramar Saturday with a Submarine Rescue Chamber and four aircraft, en route to the Southern ...

Argentine public opinion captivated by the dramatic search for the lost submarine

The dramatic search for the missing Argentine submarine in the South Atlantic has captivated the nation of 44 million, which recently mourned the loss of five citizens killed when a terrorist truck driver plowed through a bicycle path in New York City.

Piñera and Guillier to a much disputed runoff; far right and far left parties will be decisive

Conservative Sebastian Piñera, who held a commanding lead in Chile's first round of presidential voting, and leftist former TV journalist Alejandro Guillier will contest a runoff next month. Ex-president Piñera had a 36.6% lead to Guillier's 22.7% with more than 98% of the votes, --of a very low ...

Ice patrol HMS Protector joins the search for the missing Argentine submarine

The Royal Navy has deployed ice patrol ship HMS Protector to help search for an Argentine submarine that went missing in the South Atlantic with 44 people on board. Contact with the Argentine military sub ARA San Juan was lost three days ago, Wednesday.

Electronic visa program in Brazil for US, Japan, Canada and Australia visitors

Visiting Brazil will soon become easier for international travelers under a new electronic visa program, starting on January 15. The entire visa process to tourists coming from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan will be doable online, and concluded within an estimated 72 hours.

UK and France Home ministers emphasize security and law enforcement cooperation

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd and the Minister of the Interior of France, Gerard Collomb, met in London on Friday and discussed a range of home affairs matters including joint efforts to fight terrorism, illegal migration, border security and efforts to tackle serious and organized crime.

Tough day for Theresa May: EU two-week deadline, and Ireland warns about a "hard border"

European Union President Donald Tusk warned Britain on Friday that it had until early December to make "much more progress" on divorce terms in order to unlock Brexit trade talks by the end of the year.

August, best month for UK inbound tourism: visitors spent £2.8 billion

Overseas visitors to the UK spent £2.8 billion in August, up 3% on the same month last year, and the highest ever. It was a record August for inbound visits to the UK, with 3.9 million visits, up 5% on the same month in 2016.

Trump tax cuts bill passes the House, but the Senate is another story

House Republicans have passed a controversial overhaul of the US tax code that slashes corporate rates. The vote came after US President Donald Trump made a rare visit to Congress to rally lawmakers around the tax overhaul plan. The Senate is working to build support for its own version of the bill, ...

Massive abstention the main challenge for Chilean Sunday presidential election

On Sunday, Chileans will choose a new president that will rule the country for the 2018-2022 pereriod replacing current president, socialist, Michelle Bachelet. Senators, deputies and regional councilmen will also be chosen on Sunday.

International operation to rescue Argentine submarine lost in the South Atlantic

The Argentine navy has stepped up its search of the South Atlantic for a submarine with 44 crew on board that remains missing two days after its last communication on Wednesday. ARA San Juan was in the western south Atlantic some 432 kilometers from the Patagonian coast close to the San Jorge Gulf, ...

Falklands' ice hockey team will play a Canadian side that arrives with a letter of support from PM Trudeau

On November 18 & 19, Costa Rica's first ever international ice hockey tournament will take place in the hills of Heredia, where it is much cooler than in the Central Valley, at the Castillo Country Club, home of the Castillo Knights.

NAFTA gives priority to technical talks to avoid open political clashes

The politicians overseeing the renegotiation of NAFTA won't be meeting face to face at the end of this round of talks, unlike the previous four rounds of discussions.

Petrobras counts on pre-salt production to compete with a boom in US shale output

Brazil's low-cost oil will help Petrobras compete in a tough market as it seeks to turn around its business, Pedro Parente, CEO of the state-owned oil giant anticipated. Oil majors such as Exxon, Mobil, BO, Royal Dutch Shell, Total and Statoil have been snapping up blocks in the Atlantic Ocean off ...

Falklands' newly elected Legislative Assembly anticipates lively debate

Five of the eight members of the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly, were elected for the first time only three working days before their first formal appearance in the Town Hall on Monday morning. With this in mind, the business to be brought before the chamber is normally routine and unlikely ...

Falklands' Executive Council: MLAs Teslyn Barkman, Roger Spink and Leona Roberts

Two significant items of business were conducted during the first meeting of the newly elected Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands. The first was the election by members of the Speaker of the House and his or her Deputy.