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Baton's subpolar stopover in Falklands before Europe

The Commonwealth Games Queens Baton visits all 71 Commonwealth countries and territories on its journey from Buckingham Palace to the host city. In 2018 that is Gold Coast in Australia; one territory is missing from the relay, because it has not been possible to schedule St Helena this year. However ...

Baton's subpolar stopover in Falklands before Europe

It's been a frosty finish for the Queen's Baton's last stop in the Americas, the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. Situated 52 degrees south of the equator, the Baton's visit to the Falklands was as far south on the globe as the Queen's message will travel on the GC2018 Relay.

UK envoy in Brazil promotes trade and scientific cooperation

Mark Prisk, the UK's trade envoy to Brazil makes his first visit to Recife this year with the purpose of increasing dialogue between the region and United Kingdom. He will discuss topics such as trade, smart cities and the UK government's international awards scheme, Chevening in bilaterals with ...

Applications for Chevening scholarships open in Argentina

The British Embassy in Buenos Aires has announced that the call for applications for Chevening scholarships will be open until 7 November. The scholarships are awarded to applicants with proven leadership skills and a strong professional and academic background.

Weaker sterling helps boost the number of visitors to UK, up 7% in June

The number of visitors to the UK rose to 3.5 million in June, up 7% from the same month last year, according to official figures. The number of visitors from North America shot up by 34%, and visitors overall spent £2.2bn, a rise of 2%, the UK Office of National Statistics, ONS, said.

Trump's advisor and top electoral strategist Steve Bannon, abandons White House

Steve Bannon is set to return to his previous position at Breitbart News after he was forced to resign from his post Friday as White House chief strategist, the news outlet announced late Friday. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the departure, effective Friday, was mutually agreed' to ...

Falklands' all health and social services sites Smoke Free as of February

The Falkland Islands announced that all Health & Social Services sites are to be Smoke Free from 1st February 2018. Following on from the ban on smoking in any Government property, the Health & Social Services Department are going one step further by banning cigars, cigarettes and any vaping devices ...

Lord Hague: Brexit, "the most complex task", any government has faced since the WW2

Lord Hague has compared Brexit to taking control of a gun, saying it is possible to find a solution without using it to shoot your foot off'. The former Conservative leader said he believes there is sufficient common ground among the different political parties to negotiate with the EU.

Number of students accepted at UK university drops: demographics, funding and Brexit

The number of students accepted on to UK degree courses has fallen this year, early UCAS figures show. In total, 416,310 people have taken up places, down 2% compared with the same point last year.

Brazilian economic activity picking up

Economic activity in Brazil expanded at a faster pace than expected in June, the latest in a batch of reports suggesting an economic recovery may be taking hold. Economic activity rose 0.50% from May after seasonal adjustments, the central bank said on Thursday.

General Lee statues controversy: Trump drops plan for an advisory group on infrastructure

United States president Trump is dropping plans to create an advisory group on infrastructure, a day after two other business panels were dissolved. The president has faced a backlash from business leaders over his remarks this week on white supremacists.

Falklands' Museum incorporates naval journal with accounts of Port Egmont 250 year ago

Two hundred and fifty years on, the story of a bold Falklands naval adventure has been purchased for the local museum in Stanley. Friends of the Falkland Islands Museum and Jane Cameron National Archives executive committee member Alexandra 'Zaz' Shackleton was browsing at the regular antiquarian ...

Falklands: Outwitting canny fur seals feasting on abundant Loligo

Falkland Islands Senior Fisheries Scientist Dr Alexander Arkhipkin explains the habits of fur seals and the efforts undertaken to reduce by-catch in the Loligo fishery. Stocks of Falkland calamari are very prolific this year.

Venezuela begins systematic purge of the regime's opponents

Venezuela's high court issued an arrest order for the ousted chief prosecutor's husband on Thursday after authorities accused him of running a US$6 million extortion ring, a ruling promptly denounced by government critics as a move aimed at silencing opponents of President Nicolas Maduro.

Catalonia foils a second terrorist attack: five alleged perpetrators killed'

Following a deadly vehicle-ramming attack in Barcelona on Thursday afternoon -- which left at least 13 people killed -- a police operation was carried out 90 minutes south of the city in Cambrils, during which five terrorists' were killed, officials said.

Thirteen killed and tens injured in terrorist attack with a van in Barcelona

A van mowed through crowds of tourists on Barcelona's most famous avenue on Thursday, killing at least thirteen people in an attack that was claimed by Islamic State. The head of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, said at least 80 people had been taken to hospital and 13 had been ...

Scotland and Wales coordinate opposition to Brexit "green" legislation

Scottish and Welsh environment ministers are to meet to co-ordinate opposition to Brexit legislation. The two administrations fear the Westminster government is planning to take over powers which are currently devolved, but exercised in Brussels.

Argentine Senate head calls on UK for Falklands/Malvinas discussions

Argentine Senate president Federico Pinedo called on the British government 'to sit down and discuss all issues including the Malvinas dispute', and should also make a greater effort in improving its relations with Latin America, according to a statement from DYN news agency.

Argentine Senate head calls on UK for Falklands/Malvinas discussions

Argentine Senate president Federico Pinedo called on the British government "to sit down and discuss all issues including the Malvinas dispute", and should also make a greater effort in improving its relations with Latin America, according to a statement from DYN news agency.

Theresa May writes for The Irish Times: Brexit, the border and Irish citizenship

Over the past 12 months, I've said many times that while the UK is leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe. No one voted to end the special ties between the UK and Ireland or to undermine the unique arrangements between Ireland and Northern Ireland which have underpinned the peace process and have ...

Business leaders step down from White House council over Trump's comments of Virginia violent clashes

President Trump has said he is scrapping two business councils after more bosses quit over his handling of violent clashes in Virginia. Business leaders left the White House manufacturing council after the backlash against how he reacted to the far-right rally last weekend.

UK political system criticize Trump for not clearly condemning racism and fascist views

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May has said it is important to condemn far-right views "wherever we hear them" as she was asked about Donald Trump's response to clashes in the United States. The PM said: "I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose ...

Queen's Baton Relay of Commonwealth Games arrived in the Falkland Islands

The Queen's Baton Relay of the Commonwealth Games has arrived in the Falkland Islands. The baton carries a message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Head of the Commonwealth, and is travelling around the world prior to the beginning of the Commonwealth Games in April 2018. This tradition began ...

Cunard celebrates Queen Elizabeth 50th anniversary with Mediterranean cruise

Luxury cruise brand Cunard, is honoring the 50th anniversary of its longest serving ocean liner, QE2, with a special voyage onboard the luxury cruise liner Queen Elizabeth. The 50th anniversary of this much-loved ship will be remembered as Queen Elizabeth sets sail from Southampton on Friday 8 ...

Bill and Melinda Gates donate US$ 4.6bn to charity; since 1994 they have given US$ 35bn

Bill Gates has given away US$4.6bn to charity in his largest donation since 2000. He remains the world's richest person, despite giving away 64 million shares in Microsoft. The shares are equivalent to 5% of his total fortune, currently estimated to be US$ 89.9bn.

Calls for a Brexit minister in Welsh cabinet: the biggest constitutional challenge of our time'

A Brexit minister should be appointed to put Wales' interests at the centre' of negotiations, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has said. Mr Davies said the first minister could not handle the biggest constitutional challenge of our time' alone and insisted the Welsh government should be ...

UK post-Brexit customs plan "is almost laughable" says Scottish First Minister Sturgeon

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed the UK government's plans for a post-Brexit customs deal with the EU as a "daft 'have cake and eat it' approach". UK ministers have set out plans for an "ambitious new customs arrangement" with the EU after the UK leaves.

Air carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives at her home port of Portsmouth

HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain's newest Aircraft carrier arrived at its home port of Portsmouth this Wednesday morning for the first time. The 280 meters long carrier is currently undergoing sea trials since it left Rosyth dockyard in Scotland in June.

UK rejects any border posts between Ireland and Ulster, according to Brexit paper

The United Kingdom government has said it does not want any border posts between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in its new position paper on Brexit. The paper is part of its negotiations with the European Union and the broad ideas in the document appear familiar.

FARC hands over weapons, prepares for the political phase of peace accord

U.N. observers on Tuesday removed the last of more than 8,000 guns once carried by the guerrillas of Colombia's largest rebel army and collected at 26 demobilization sites around the South American nation under a historic peace deal. The next phase of the peace deal is for the ex guerrillas to ...

Major Chinese vessel caught poaching sharks in Galapagos Islands Marine Protected Area

Authorities in Ecuador have detained the crew of a Chinese fishing boat suspected to have caught hundreds of endangered sharks in the Galapagos Islands. The Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was found Sunday in the archipelago, which is a marine reserve, carrying 300 tons of fish.

The iconic Big Ben will undergo conservation and remain silent until 2021

Since it first rang out in 1859, Big Ben has become one of London's most iconic landmarks, faithfully marking every hour and quarter hour with resounding bongs and tinkling chimes. But a four-year conservation project will soon cause the historic clock tower to fall silent, as Tara John reports for ...

Argentine stocks and the Peso strengthen following Sunday primary results

Argentine stocks rose, the peso strengthened more than 3% and credit default swaps fell on Monday after the mid-term legislative primary election was seen as favoring business-friendly President Mauricio Macri's reform effort.

Trump orders review of China's practices regarding intellectual property; Beijing warns it "will not sit idle"

President Donald Trump has asked his country's top trade official to review China's practices regarding intellectual property. The move was incremental, but could eventually lead to the US imposing trade sanctions.

UK wants to secure a post-Brexit "ambitious new customs arrangement" with the EU

The UK has set out the "ambitious new customs arrangement" it wants to secure with the EU after Brexit. Ministers said the plans would mean the "freest and most frictionless possible trade" with the rest of Europe and could include a "temporary customs union" after Brexit to prevent border problems ...

Canada adopts resolute stance ahead of NAFTA renegotiation scheduled for Wednesday

Canada signaled Monday that it would not give much, if any, ground on the benefits it provides to domestic industries when it joins the U.S. and Mexico to begin renegotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement this week. A key issue for the U.S. is getting Canada to stop policies that boost ...

Brazil opens first corn ethanol plant; the country leads in sugarcane ethanol

Brazilian company FS Bioenergia inaugurated a corn ethanol plant, the first in the country, to produce 210 million liters year. The plant was built by a joint venture between the local agro-company Fiagril and US-based Summit Agricultural Group with investments of BRL 450 million , said the Ministry ...

Temer and Meirelles discussing with congress leaders budget deficit and cabinet positions

Brazil's government delayed the announcement of looser budget targets for 2017 and 2018, previously expected for Monday, as authorities struggled to estimate revenues given strong opposition in Congress to tax hikes.

Theresa May back from holidays; Brexit papers on the table in anticipation of new round of negotiations

Theresa May is expected to be back in Downing Street this week as ministers prepare to flesh out their negotiating position on Brexit. The return of the Prime Minister, who has spent three weeks on holiday in Italy with her husband Philip, coincides with the publication this week of a series of new ...

PM May supports Falklands' self determination; calls on Argentina to meet September joint communiqué

Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated the UK Government's strong and wholehearted support for the Falkland Islands right to self-determination and underlined UK is seeking a more productive relation with Argentina but cautioned that the full potential of the relationship depends on Buenos Aires ...

Champions Feyenoord open with a win

The new season in Holland opened with a major shock as 32 times champions Ajax lost 2-1 at lowly Heracles a team from Almelo on the far east side of the country. After taking the lead in the 58th minute through Hakim Ziyech it seemed as if it was then just a matter of how many goals Ajax would wish ...

Brazil's Pre-Salt Extraction Costs Fall To US$8 Per Barrel

By Haley Zaremba from Oilprice - Not too long ago Brazilian state oil company Petrobras was the most indebted oil & gas company in the world. The long-suffering company has faced dire mismanagement while being weighed down by allegations of involvement in Brazil's widespread corruption. But that's ...

UK government show of unity: Hammond and Fox share a column in the Sunday Telegraph

The UK will need a transition period to help businesses adjust after Brexit, the chancellor and the international trade secretary have said. In a joint Sunday Telegraph article, Philip Hammond and Liam Fox stressed any deal would not be indefinite or a back door' to staying in the EU.

Primaries in Argentina show Macri's coalition is en route to become the main political force

Argentina's ruling coalition headed by president Mauricio Macri managed better than expected overall results in Sunday's national mandatory and simultaneous primaries to choose candidates for the midterm elections of 22 October.

Opportunities to strengthen the UK-Argentina relationship

By British Ambassador Mark Kent A few days ago I completed my first year as British Ambassador to Argentina. During this time, I have had the fortune to meet the people of the country, visit some of its cities, try its food, attend events and learn about its way of life.