MercatorNet (25)

The morality of having children

For the sake of the planet, should we be having fewer kids?

I'm a pediatrician: here's what I did when a little boy patient said he was a girl

The clinical contradictions of transgenderism.

The reason for the season

Taking Christ out of Christmas makes the holiday literally meaningless.

Reading Matters 2017 Gift List

Our top picks for 2017

Two years of euthanasia in Quebec: the facts

The Canadian province is accelerating past Belgium

We are not nasty people, and my kids will not be taught otherwise

An Aussie mum's view of the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The feminine voice in Reformation music

For women,also, music was a privileged medium for spiritual expression.

Friendship proves crucial to adventure's success

A boy's own adventure that is hard to put down

Another reason for millennial women to shun the pill

A new Danish study shows hormonal contraception remains a risk for breast cancer

What if a children's game became reality?

The Bronte siblings have vivid imaginations.

Same-sex marriage creates more commitment? Wait and see

Australian politicians predict more love and more commitment. Let's measure it.

Did Christians destroy the Classical world?

A new scholarly attack on early Christianity.

The Supreme Court leans toward Masterpiece Cakeshop

Oral arguments suggest conservative justices support the cake baker.

Cosmic Christmas symbolism in the sweltering Southern Hemisphere

The poetry of religious meaning.

The growing Muslim population in Europe

Are we looking at the end of Europe as we know it?

Women breaking silence on abuse start a movement

And end some abusers' careers

Challenging classic is a worthwhile read

A boating accident forces Harvey to grow-up.

Would Weinstein harassment culture be so prevalent without sterile sex?

The exclusion of children allows lust - and power - free play.

How a 'pronoun' class got a young Canadian academic censured

Social justice warriors weaponise 'hate' to silence free discussion.

Christmas time is here - cue the Charlie Brown music

How I learned to stop worrying and just enjoy the season.

Rohingya face population control pressure on both sides of the border

Bangladesh is trying to sell the refugees on the virtues of contraception

Notre Dame's contraceptive cave-in

A premier Catholic university gets it wrong about women's empowerment.

Burning H&M clothes instead of coal

Sweden is using novel ways to protect its environment.

From cops on the beat to spycams and algorithms

17,000 different policing authorities is better than one big one.

How one pastor is responding to Australia's redefinition of marriage

A Presbyterian pastor explains why he is relinquishing his status as a marriage celebrant