MercatorNet (18)

Leaders can use cultural capital to change fertility

Appreciation has more impact than financial incentives.

To Christians in the Western world: a call to action

Remember that the fight of the Christians in the Middle East is the fight of the Western church.

Two brilliant picture books

Sophie Masson is one of Australia's gifted authors.

Bedlam in Seattle: pro-lifers kicked out of coffee shop

Can a gay cafe owner refuse to serve Christians?

Russia's workforce decline

The fruits of collapsing birthrates from twenty years ago.

Luther and the divorce between faith and reason

The reformer's rejection of philosophy has put us in two minds.

How Martin Luther helped the West to lose its reason

The reformer's rejection of philosophy has put us in two minds.

How euthanasia affects nurses

It could create a nearly intolerable conflict of interest between caring for patients and following orders

The rise of the 'nones' spells disaster for human capital

Without religion other human goods are at risk.

The UK must be stopped from pushing transgenderism on children

Dramatically rising numbers of children are already coming out as transgender

This college professor is under siege for challenging transgender orthodoxy

But almost no one is engaging with his ideas

Breaking the golden thread

A palliative care physician says that very, very few people ever ask for euthanasia

Why is there a mental health crisis?

Lack of government funding is blamed, but research points to family connections.

The New Zealand baby dearth

Another example of declining birthrates in a western country.

The Russian Revolution in film

Three epics about the Revolution and a postscript from the Stalinist era.

If you can change your gender, why not your age?

And if so, what happens to the age of consent? Behind the ideology of transgenderism is the danger of paedophilia

Translation technology is useful, but should not replace learning languages

Learning languages allows us to experience different ways of thinking.

U.S. fertility is at an all time low

Significant economic consequences may follow.