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Hillary Clinton: 'My Skin Crawled' at the Sight of Donald Trump During the Campaign

Credit where credit due — Morning Joe scored a big scoop on Wednesday, airing some intriguing new excerpts from Hillary Clinton's much anticipated new book, "What Happened."

NYT Reporter: Trump Arizona Speech Like 'A Guy in a Bar Complaining About His Ex-Wife'

Scarborough — broadcasting from what looks like a lovely New England lakeside vacation home — wondered aloud who were these people cheering the president on in his divisive rhetoric.

Trevor Noah on Afghanistan Speech: 'Trump's a Problem Solver The Same Way Godzilla is a City Planner'

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah addressed President Trump's "good speech" on Afghanistan that he "successfully read."

Fox News' Howard Kurtz Refutes Trump's Claim the Media 'Ignored' His Words on Charlottesville

After praising Fox News at his rally tonight in Phoenix, President Trump was refuted by the network for how he described his treatment by the media after Charlottesville.

Fox News' Howard Kurtz Refutes Trump's Claim The Media 'Ignored' His Words on Charlottesville

After praising Fox News at his rally tonight in Phoenix, President Trump was refuted by the network for how he described his treatment by the media after Charlottesville.

James Clapper Questions Trump's 'Fitness' For Office: 'I Just Find This Extremely Disturbing'

"I really question his ability to be, his fitness to be in this office and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it. maybe he is looking for a way out," Clapper stated.

Police Disperse Protesters With Smoke After Things Escalate Outside Trump Rally

Immediately after President Trump's rally in Phoenix, things escalated outside the arena, causing the police to disperse the crowd with smoke .

Don Lemon Goes Off on 'Unhinged' Trump Speech: 'He Was Like a Child'

"He's unhinged," Lemon declared. "It's embarrassing and I don't mean for us the media because he went after us, but for the country."

Trump Goes After Senators McCain and Flake: 'I Will Not Mention Any Names…Very Presidential'

President Trump went after Arizona's two senators at his rally in Phoenix without referring to them by name. 

Trump Hints That He'll Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 'I Think He's Going To Be Just Fine'

Midway through his off-the-rails campaign rally speech in Phoenix Tuesday night, President Donald Trump hinted that he would pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of criminal contempt last month for defying a court order to stop detaining undocumented immigrants. After White House Press ...

Trump Gives a Shout Out to 'Poor' Jeffrey Lord in Phoenix Speech

During one such rundown of the cable news network, he gave Lord -- a loyal Trump supporter -- some love.

O'Donnell Interrupts Speech to Tell Viewers 'The President is Lying About the Media'

So this happened. During President Donald Trump's particularly rambling and free-form rant against the media,  MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell felt obligated to remind his viewers that the President wasn't being completely forthcoming with what he was saying. In an effort to demonstrate just how unfair ...

Trump Chastises the 'Dishonest Media': 'These Are Sick People!'

President Trump held nothing back against the media during a rally in Phoenix, AZ regarding their unfavorable coverage of him after Charlottesville. 

Trump Slams the 'Dishonest Media' While Phoenix Crowd Chants 'CNN Sucks'

The president went on to knock more outlets and journalists, at one point mocking George Stephanopoulos, calling him "Little" George Stephanopoulos.

Trump Oddly Mocks the Media for Being Less 'Elite' Than He Is: 'I Live In the White House'

President Donald Trump hosted a campaign-style rally event in Phoenix today and made clear who he feels is the real problem with his administration: the media. In a long and barely coherent portion of his speech Trump took a strange turn in which he  appeared to ridicule the

Trump: 'When One American Suffers an Injustice, All of America Suffers Together'

On Tuesday night, President Trump held a rally in Phoenix, AZ and tried to heal the country's wounds after the violence that occurred in Charlottesville earlier this month. 

Twitter Blows Up Over ESPN Pulling Commentator Named Robert Lee: 'Dumbest Idea Ever'

Well, you just knew that as soon as this news started spreading, there was going to be a lot of reaction on Twitter.

Tucker Carlson Chides Media For Not Getting His Trump Eclipse Joke

After mockingly claiming he was "every bit as self-serious and humor deficient as any Washington journalist and probably almost as dumb," the Fox News host went on to point out outlets who covered his little quip, including yours truly.

ESPN Pulls Announcer from UVa Football Game Because His Name is 'Robert Lee'

ESPN has announced plans to pull an announcer named Robert Lee from calling a University of Virginia football game. Because his name is Robert Lee.

Tucker Carlson Hits the Southern Poverty Law Center: Their Work 'By Definition, is Propaganda'

Conservatives have become increasingly weary what they see as an unfair and inconsistent labeling that Southern Poverty Law Center brings to groups, questioning if the intent of labeling a group a "hate group" is largely political.

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Rally in Phoenix, AZ LIVE STREAM

President Donald Trump is holding another campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona tonight.

Robert De Niro Sounds Off on 'Terrible' Trump: He's a 'Flat-Out Blatant Racist'

If he was smart, he'd be even more dangerous. He's dangerous as it is. He's terrible, and a flat-out blatant racist and doubling down on that."

White House Reportedly Tried to Get GOP Senator to Trade Health Care Vote For Air Force One Ride

She declined the invitation, noting that she could not commit to voting for a measure she had not seen, according to Republican briefed on the conversation.

Matthews: How Can Trump Heal a Divided Country When He's 'Stoked Those Divisions'?

Chris Matthews tonight couldn't help but be amused by how President Trump, "the prince of division," was talking about uniting America last night.

Prankster Posing as Bannon Gets Breitbart Editor to Pledge to Do 'Dirty Work' Against White House

CNN is reporting that a self-described email prankster fooled the top editors at Breitbart -- including Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow -- to believe he was former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who recently returned to Breitbart after being fired last week.

President Trump's Pick for Top USDA Scientist is Likely Illegal

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White House Says Trump Will Not Pardon Joe Arpaio Today

Per multiple reports this afternoon, President Trump will not be pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

CNN Airs Louise Linton Apology for 'Inappropriate and Highly Insensitive' Post

Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, has now reportedly apologized for her Instagram post and response to a commenter that spawned a whirlwind of controversy.

Woman Berated By Louise Linton on Instagram Speaks Out: Her Response 'Was Deplorable'

"It is -- it was deplorable, what she wrote in the first place, and then her response was even worse because if anyone's out of touch, it's certainly the person using taxpayer money to go on day trips to visit Fort Knox."

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake Ahead of Trump's Rally: 'I Don't Worry About' His Attacks

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is up for reelection next year, and the President has been on record as not a big fan of his.

Tillerson Announces Intent to Negotiate With Taliban, Which of Course Contradicts Trump Tweet

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave a very dry press conference on Tuesday regarding the newly declared policy approach to Afghanistan.

Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron Retiring From Fox News

It was announced today that a reporter who has been with Fox News since the network debuted will call it a career with the network.

Mnuchin's 'Adorable' Wife Went to Law School That Had Accreditation Yanked

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Las Vegas Casinos Are Really, Really, Really Rooting For Floyd Mayweather to Beat Conor McGregor

After all the talking, it's fight week in Las Vegas at last.

German Police Seized Thousands of Ecstasy Tablets in the Shape of Trump's Face

Police in Germany found thousands of ecstasy pills in a car a few days ago. The pills were in the shape of President Donald Trump's face.

April Ryan Blasts Louise Linton: 'Optics Matter'

Over on CNN Newsroom, CNN contributor April Ryan blasted Linton for what anchor John Berman called "a tough look."

White House All Clear After Being on Lockdown Due to a Suspicious Package

The U.S. Capitol building was also briefly closed due to a suspicious package but has been reopened. Capitol police have reportedly arrested a man for "unlawful entry" onto the premises.

McMaster Reportedly Showed Trump Pics of Women in Miniskirts to Show a Westernized Afghanistan

A new report says National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster found an...interesting way of convincing President Trump that America's war in Afghanistan is not a lost cause.

New Front in Breitbart's #WAR: Website Starts Hawking Bannon-Branded Fidget Spinners

The latest battle in Breitbart's #WAR against the White House, globalists and the "corporate media" is being fought with a new weapon: Steve Bannon-branded fidget spinners.

Illegal Campaign Finance Shenanigans Alleged During Handel-Ossoff Race in Georgia

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Democratic Rep.: Trump Is 'Clearly Racist' and an 'Abject Liar'

On CNN this morning, Congressman Ruben Gallego slammed President Trump as a racist and an "abject liar."

Laura Ingraham Pans Trump's Afghan Plan: 'Drain the Swamp not Clear the Desert'

Laura Ingraham said President Trump gave a decent speech last night, but it seems she's not so supportive about the idea that America will stay involved in foreign intervention campaigns.

Gingrich: Trump Shouldn't 'Pick a Fight' with McCain or Flake at Arizona Rally

On Fox News this morning, former Speaker Newt Gingrich encouraged President Trump to avoid "angry rhetoric" in his Phoenix rally tonight.

Steve Mnuchin's Horrible Wife Also Apparently Wrote a Fake Memoir About Living in Africa

Louise Linton, the wife of President Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, marched confidently into controversy Monday night when she shamed someone on Instagram for not paying as much taxes as she does.

Alan Dershowitz: Liberals in Statue Debate 'Doing What Stalin Did'

During an interview with Fox & Friends, Alan Dershowitz slammed the hard left by describing their recent efforts to tear down Confederate statues as Stalinist.

DC Republicans Mock Steve Bannon's War: 'He's a Guy With a Website'

Republicans in Washington D.C. are reportedly unconcerned with the newly declared #WAR against them.

'The President Was Clear': Pence Counters Paul Ryan's Comment That Trump 'Messed Up'

Vice President Mike Pence spoke with Ainsley Earhardt today on Fox & Friends, and he responded to Paul Ryan's criticism about how President Trump handled the civil unrest that followed Charlottesville.

GOP Operative Mocks 'Quiet Yet Brave' Republicans Who 'Ought to Study Up on Vichy France'

In the world of Republican establishment politics, Mike Murphy is a well-regarded political consultant. The list of well-known candidates he's worked with reads like a who's-who of GOP VIP's from the past two decades. So his critique on how the Republican establishment is treating President Donald

This 94-Year-Old Former Judge Did Something Amazing For Local Kids

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NYT's Bret Stephens Compares Rex Tillerson to Pol Pot: Could be 'Worst Secretary of State Ever'

Scarborough — perhaps knowing the moment would be immortalized here — immediately went off.