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13 things only people who spend the winter in Alaska understand

Picture Alaskan winters and images of dog-sledding, polar bears, and blizzards likely come to mind. That isn't entirely inaccurate , but it doesn't paint a complete picture, either. Winter in Alaska has its joys; it's also as much a harsh reality as it is a state of mind. Spending winter up north ...

Money idioms from around the world

Would you like to have more wool than a lamb?

what kind of traveler are you

Where would your heart take you?

Zika-free travel in Southeast Asia

Confirmed Zika cases have been extremely rare in Southeast Asia.

Save money on LA trip

Where to go, how to get there and what to eat and drink, the inside scoop on how to survive on a budget on a trip to Los Angeles.

Know before traveling to Iceland

Do yourself a favor, skip the Blue Lagoon.

Dating a Southern Belle

Your social circle is now mostly made of her sorority sisters.

Customs to know before going to AZ

Nod and smile, and don't stare at any holsters.

Times it sucks to be a bartender

When someone vomits in a trail to the doorway.

8 art experiences in Santa Fe

The uninitiated think turquoise. The initiated think late-night art parties and secret gallery openings.

How to experience Sigiriya

Dating back to the 5th century, the stone fortress was constructed by King Kasyapa to avoid attacks from his brother Moggallana.

Philly-themed quiz

Philly experts, this one's for you.

Visit Thailand's Red Lotus Sea

Imagine floating on a lake surrounded by pink and crimson blooms for as far as you can see.

5 best countries to teach ESL

These countries stand out for their high pay, low cost of living, and ease in the hiring process.

Philly-themed quiz

how to not be a white savior

If it could be considered "poverty porn", it's best not to take that picture

Fight for Public Lands in the USA

As a citizen, a traveler, consider how you can raise your voice.

Experience an epic Bali resort

The hotel gets its name because it's perched on the edge of a 500-foot cliff.

3 most amazing volcano hikes

These three unbelievable volcano hikes will blow you away .

What to know before Angkor Wat

Don't go visit the Temples of Angkor without learning a thing or two before.

Working holiday visa for Australia

Wanna spend a couple of year exploring Australia? We can help.

drunk driving deaths worldwide

Drunk driving remains a serious problem in North America and Europe

holiday destinations infographic

Trying to get away from holiday travelers? Here are countries to consider avoiding.

Name the most populous cities in PA

Fans of The Office should at least get one good answer!

Dear nontraveler

I may trek mountains and cross borders, but I'm still delicate. Please be gentle.

Bears Ears monuments at stake

From stunning geological formations to thousands of years of First Nations history, this is what could be lost at Bears Ears

guide to British royal residences

Time to meet some royal ghouls.

motorbike rally for national parks

Park rangers sure can use a little help.

Travel to Iceland to reconnect

This video explores Iceland's mysterious beauty and captures it on film.

Credit cards for travelers

Care for a 24-karat gold ingot?

Commandments for expats in Mexico

Thou shalt not be too direct.

Traveling to anti-LGBT destinations

The average LGBT traveler in the US takes 5-7 trips a year in comparison to straight folks who take an average of 4 trips a year.

10 things you'll miss about the North Pole when you leave

Christmas feels all year round!

Virginia Beach is mastering brunch

If you're not already hungry, you will be.

Illuminate the Bike: Romania

After racing all over the world, from Taiwan to Azerbaijan to Korea, Team Illuminate is thrilled at the chance to finally race in Europe.

How to get around Mexico City

CDMX is huge. Learn the best ways to see the city before you go!

Patagonia money-saving tricks

A trip to Patagonia can set you back thousands of dollars -- unless you know these tricks.

Wild cats in their natural habitat

"Here I am, standing on the roof of the world, looking at one of the most beautiful and most unusual members of the feline family."

whitewater park in New Zealand

Wave pools just aren't going to cut it anymore.

6 things reality TV gets wrong about Alaska

Funny at best, offensive at worst.

Caribbean pirate history quiz

It's time to clear up the nonsense surrounding piracy in the 18th century.

Iceland is the most feminist country

Iceland is the best place in the world to be a woman.

Think Seattle is grey in the winter?

Busting Seattle stereotypes!

Visit the Colorado crystal mill

It's one of the most photographed sites in Colorado.

12 things to know about San Antonio

Y'all know about the chips and salsa, right?

Most disturbing mythical creatures

New characters for your nightmares.

How to help save Utah's lands

Many have already begun fighting to reverse these threats by taking this policy to court.

Record-breaking SUP trip in Malaysia

I became the first person to circumnavigate the entire archipelago by human power alone.

The 45 most disturbing mythical creatures from around the world

New characters for your nightmares.

where to see the Northern Lights

Hunting for the Northern Lights might lead you to a snow castle.