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How to see the Newfoundland puffins

With their colourful beaks and expressive eyes that make them look like they're in a constant state of worry, they're absolutely adorable.

The beauty of Northwest Vietnam

Watch and understand why you need to go there.

23 signs you were born and raised in North Pole

You answered kids letters to Santa...

Views from the Colorado 14ers

My friends and I wanted to get out of town, away from the crowds, but not spend the entire weekend on the road.

El Peñon de Guatapé in Colombia

740 steps to the top? Easy peasy.

Hurricane turns European skies red

Waiting to see the Four Horsemen at any minute now!

Find the countries in each sentence

Find the countries hidden within these sentences.

Digital nomad depression

Life on the other side of quitting your job still has hazards and pitfalls.

National parks as theme park rides

Cheesecake Island? Yes, please!

6 essential skills that are second nature to Alaskans

From an appreciation and love for life outdoors to behaving around wildlife, here are the essential life skills you learn growing up in Alaska.

Nevado de Toluca in Mexico

Nevado de Toluca is an epic way to get out of the hectic city and into another world.

Cape Overberg road trip

Cape Town is one of the best self-drive destinations in the world.

Koh Nang Yuan in Thailand

It's owned by the same guy who's the master behind Chang beer.

Best paragliding video you'll see

Fly-camping? Yeah, that's a thing.

Tips for hauling luggage

Even a flight of stairs can ruin your day.

Countries closest to Antarctica?

20 countries. 3 minutes. Go!

10 amazing pictures of Tanzania

I had countless jaw-on-the-floor moments.

Health benefits of medical cannabis

A joint a day keeps the doctor away?

Time to end mass tourism?

Will capping visitor numbers help or hinder?

Thailand elephant tourism's darkside

Learn about animal abuse abroad and be a better traveler.

9 ways to blow your shot with a New Yorker

New to NYC? Heres how to nail a date with a New Yorker!

When travelers should speak up

Know when to tell someone to shut up.

Rhode Islander fears

People who think we're part of New York.

5 epic medieval spots in the Alps

This'll make you feel young again.

Yes, I'm over 40 and a solo female traveler. Stop being weird about it.

I don't want to be the old' traveler, so I keep it on the DL, like my weight, or my weird obsession with pickles.

Myths about Indian women

We're not the just sari-wearing, naive, and uneducated dolls you imagine.

Avoiding crowds while traveling

Choose the rocky path.

Amazing Swedish traditions

Did someone say Waffle Day?

What people in California say vs. what they mean

A short comical guide to what people from California say vs. what they actually mean.

Is travel a form of consumerism?

Whale safari? $100. Nile cruise? $1,000. A sense of self-worth? Priceless.

How to see Skradinski Buk in Croatia

Skradinski Buk is the longest waterfall on Croatia's Krka river.

The Monte Toboggan Run in Madeira

Dating back to the 1850s, the Monte Sledge - a wicker toboggan - was the primary means of downhill public transportation in Funchal.

Is Greenville, SC, on your radar?

Yeah, THAT Greenville.

How to do The Monte Toboggan Run in Madeira, Portugal

Dating back to the 1850s, the Monte Sledge - a wicker toboggan - was the primary means of downhill public transportation in Funchal.

15 abandoned cities

Ghost towns are always fascinating.

Name all the countries of Africa

Better type fast!

Songs for travel

You need a good soundtrack for hitting the road.

Outdoor snobs

Some call it the 'bro-ification of the outdoors'.

14 summer experiences Alaskans live for

Epic experiences you can have over an Alaska summer!

St. Lucia's Jade Mountain Resort

A one-way ticket will suffice.

The importance of traveling alone

If you are not able to keep yourself alive and well, then what good will you be to others?

12 things to do in Arctic Europe

A dogsled will pick you up at the airport to transport you to your midnight-sun whale watching cruise...seriously.

Adventurous woman

Please, let's not gender adventure.

The world's shortest flight

Do you have 80 seconds to spare?

Native American culture in the US

Learn to appreciate a culture without exploiting it.


Zozobra is release and freedom from sadness.

Tourist destinations that are almost extinct

Stay away from these places.

The 12 stereotypical Californians you'll undoubtedly meet

The male comedian, the Yogi, the good celebrity -- the bad celebrity, the princess, and the man-child, here are some Californians you'll undoubtedly meet.

The most prejudiced maps of Europe

Don't read this if you're easily offended.

Travel guide to Ireland's cities

Travel guide to Ireland's incredible cities By: Tara Povey Most people who visit Ireland fly into Dublin, and then they're off to visit the quaint, provincial side of things, as seen in the postcards. But to totally immerse yourself in the Emerald Isle, don't skip its modern, urban centers. It's in ...