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The New York Post: 'Bond' studio MGM in talks to sell to Chinese buyer: Report

MGM, which also houses the archives of President Trump's The Apprentice,' has been looking for a buyer, or an IPO.

Zimbabwe waits for change, and waits, and waits

Zimbabwe, a once-prosperous land now impoverished, waits for change, writes Barry D. Wood.

Market Extra: Buffett: No, we never said stocks are 'forever'

Warren Buffett takes exception to the notion that Berkshire Hathaway intends to hold some stock-market investments forever,' and amends one of his long-held principles in his annual investor letter.

The Wall Street Journal: Kim Jong Nam attack suspect said she was paid $90

She told Indonesian officials she thought she was playing a prank as part of a reality show.

Robert Powell: Why you and your spouse should think like a team when saving for your retirement

A his-and-hers mindset can slow your progress.

FA Center: Why I'm taking the CFP exam — and you should too

MarketWatch columnist Bob Powell has headed back to school.

Brett Arends's ROI: Snap IPO could give fortunate few a quick pop

Odds favor IPO buyers who cash out quickly, writes Brett Arends.

These Hollywood stars are still cheap about some things

What actors and writers say they still scrimp on

Key Words: Bannon says Trump-media relations will get 'worse every day'

President Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon said the administration's relations with the media will only get worse.

Here's how many hours you have to work to afford to see an NBA game

One of the worst teams in the league charges fans the most.

The Best Picture Oscar rarely goes to the movie that makes the most money

Since 2005, only one Best Picture winner made more than $140 million.

Key Words: Ex-teammate makes case for reinstatement of Sammy Sosa in Chicago Cubs pantheon

Former major-league outfielder Doug Glanville, in the roughly three seasons he played alongside Chicago Cubs legend Sammy Sosa, never wavered in his view of the latter as a player who loved the fans, played with a smile produced prolifically.' It should be acknowledged, Glanville writes, that Sammy ...

NewsWatch: Stocks and bonds tell investors two different stories

Bonds and stock markets are sending conflicting signals about the health of the U.S. economy.

Fatal drug overdoses have spiked among white, middle-aged men

Some states are struggling under a worsening heroin and prescription medication epidemic.

Futures Movers: Oil ends lower but holds on to weekly gain as U.S. rig count rises

Investors on Friday book some profit after U.S. oil-supply data prompted a jump of more than 1% in prices in the previous session.

Key Words: An 'F' for some school-voucher programs even as Trump pushes choice

A proposed $20 billion public-to-private school voucher program from the Trump administration may have the most momentum for such a plan in decades. That momentum, critics of market-based education policy worry, may leave three recent voucher-effectiveness studies—from the political left and ...

Market Snapshot: Dow posts 11th straight record; S&P 500 sees fifth straight weekly gain

U.S. stocks staged a late-day rally on Friday, with major indexes turning positive in the final minutes of trading and the Dow extending its record-setting streak as investors shrugged off concerns over valuation to push shares deeper into record territory.

Here's what to expect from the Oscars this Sunday

All of the jockeying and campaigning is done and the votes cast, now it's nearly time to award the best films and filmmakers of the year.

Bond Report: Treasury yields on track to decline for 3rd day

Treasury yields were on track Friday to decline for a third day as investors bought back into bonds after Federal Reserve officials sounded reluctant to raise interest rates in at its coming meeting.

NewsWatch: Break out the pompoms, because this asset is leaving stocks in its dust

The reflation trade is looking a little nervous for a Friday, but that's not bad news for this asset, which is sitting in the wings and ready to take off.

Apple, Uber and Google say they're against Trump's transgender policy

Notable technology companies spoke out against a rollback of Obama-era policies that protect transgender students.

Europe Markets: German DAX falls nearly 2% as Trump tax-policy doubts lift euro

Stocks in Europe are falling by the most since September, with the euro rising against the dollar as investors assess the outlook for U.S. tax policy from the Trump administration.

Capitol Report: Trump to speak to conservative activists | Democrats' sprawling field to take on Trump in 2020

Trump to speak to conservative activists and face some skepticism; support for Obamacare reaches new high in poll; Democrats have a sprawling field of potential candidates to take on Trump; and more.

Weekend Sip: For Mardi Gras, try this rum that was born on the Bayou

While we tend to think of rum as a Caribbean thing, there's a rich tradition of rum-making in Louisiana — going back to the 18th century.

Called to Account: Buffett, a longtime critic of nonstandard accounting metrics, called out by SEC for using them himself

The SEC has sent Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway a comment letter asking for clarification of non-GAAP measures.

Hedge Funds: Hedge funds may see a new dawn, analysts say—but sailing won't be smooth

Following a rough 2016, a year marked by high-profile fund closures, redemptions, and underperformance, analysts are increasingly optimistic that the new year, along with the new presidential administration, will mean a turnaround for the beleaguered industry. But while the expected economic ...

Need to Know: Break out the pompoms, because this asset is leaving stocks in its dust

The reflation trade is looking a little nervous for a Friday, but that's not bad news for this asset, which is sitting in the wings and ready to take off.

The Ratings Game: Nvidia's stock suffers record plunge after analysts say it's time to sell

Nvidia's stock tumbles after Instinet and BMO Capital downgrade the graphics chip maker to rare bearish rating.

Key Words: Trump calls China 'grand champions' at manipulating currencies

U.S. President Donald Trump has again leveled currency manipulation charges at China.

Outside the Box: How elites profit from the myth of American bankruptcy

After years of hysteria about exploding deficits, Republicans are now willing to squander America's fiscal strength on tax cuts and privatization schemes that enrich the elites at the expense of the people, writes Harry Stein.

The Ratings Game: Victoria's Secret parent L Brands is finally feeling the pain of mall traffic declines

Analysts are concerned that L Brands' Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works chains are taking a hit from traffic and sales declines at shopping malls.

Why Hollywood actors should hide their age from employers

Actors have lost the right to force the Internet Movie Database to delete their age.

This 13-year-old is inspiring girls to dream big with Oscar-nominated 'Hidden Figures'

And after a screening of the Oscar-nominated Hidden Figures,' 13-year-old Taylor Richardson was inspired to show other young girls they too can reach for the stars.

Mnuchin says the stock market is a report card. Here's where you can find the grade

Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin on Thursday agreed with the sentiment that the stock market is a report card for how the Trump administration is doing.

Why American millennials may never get to live alone

Sharing the rent with someone could save 13% of your income.

The Wall Street Journal: VX nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam, Malaysia says

The chemical substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam last week was a nerve agent called VX, police here said, which is listed as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.

The Wall Street Journal: Conservative victory in northern England could spell doom for Labour's Corbyn

The Conservative Party won a key local election in northern England after a Thursday vote, dealing a blow to the center-left Labour Party which had held the seat for decades, and giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost just a month before she formally starts Britain's negotiations on leaving the ...

Asia Markets: Asian markets dip as investors cash out after dovish Fed minutes

Shares in Asia lost ground Friday as dovish signals from the U.S. Federal Reserve weakened the dollar, with possible consequences for the competitiveness of Asian exports.

The Wall Street Journal: Capital One reveals its anti-money-laundering program is being probed

Capital One Financial Corp. is under investigation for its anti-money-laundering program, according to the company's annual securities filing.

The Wall Street Journal: Emails between EPA chief Scott Pruitt, energy firms renew concerns

Thousands of newly released emails showing close contact between Scott Pruitt, the new chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, and oil and natural-gas companies are casting clouds over Pruitt's newly minted leadership of the agency tasked with protecting the nation's air and water.

The Wall Street Journal: Philippine senator, a top critic of Duterte, arrested

Philippine police on Friday arrested Sen. Leila de Lima, one of the most vocal critics of President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs, on charges that she took money from convicted drug dealers to fund her senatorial campaign.

FBI rejected White House request to refute Trump-Russia stories: report

The White House asked the FBI to publicly refute reports of contacts between members of President Donald Trump's camp and Russian officials, a request the FBI denied, according to a report late Thursday by CNN.

MarketWatch First Take: Whitman's excuses for Hewlett Packard Enterprise earnings are not enough

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Inc. stumbled yet again Thursday, and Chief Executive Meg Whitman has run out of excuses for her failure to get this crumbling ship afloat.

Capitol Report: Trump only sees deficits, but here are 10 countries where the U.S. wins on trade

President Donald Trump on Thursday lamented it's hard to find trade relationships with other countries in which the U.S. comes out on top. Here are 10 countries that fit the bill.

The Wall Street Journal: Time Warner sells onetime WTBS station to smooth AT&T deal

Time Warner Inc. agreed to sell its Atlanta television station to Meredith Corp. for $70 million, removing a significant factor that could have prompted the Federal Communications Commission to review Time Warner's $85 billion sale to AT&T Inc.

Key Words: Russia has won the Syrian civil war, says Russia

Citing the Russian news agency Interfax, an Observer report has Shoigu lauding the Kremlin's role in the virtually' complete effort to put an end to the long-running Syrian civil war, which precluded a collapse of the Syrian state and a toppling of the legal government' of Bashar al-Assad.

The Wall Street Journal: No mass deportations, no use of military against immigrants, Kelly says

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Thursday the U.S. wouldn't use military force in immigration operations, even though President Donald Trump earlier in the day described U.S. efforts to enforce immigration laws as a military operation.'

Why you should take bizarre job interview questions very seriously

'If you were a Muppet, which character would you be?'

The Wall Street Journal: Leicester City fires manager, as Cinderella turns into pumpkin

Even pulling off the greatest miracle in Premier League history couldn't save Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri.

NewsWatch: Still room for stock bulls to run as historic breakouts take shape, analysts say

The Dow has been on an absolute tear lately, closing at record highs for nine straight sessions for the time since way back in 1987. Bulls should be exhausted, right? Not if these charts are any indication.