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What say Najib on Trump's 'Jerusalem move', asks opposition

Malaysians want to know if PM is doing what's best for Muslims - or for his 'good friend'.

Gerakan man urges Umno to tone down racial rhetoric

'I wonder what the reaction would be if an organisation displays a banner of 'Bersatu India' or 'Bersatu Cina'?' asks Andy Yong.

Russia's Olympic ban strengthens Putin's re-election hand

He's uniting voters around this message: The world is against us.

Umno is not anti-Chinese, Najib insists

UMNO AGM | 'The Chinese and some from the Indian community have become victims of perception and lies.'

Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 and annexed it in a move never recognised internationally.

Celebrities should be careful when giving opinions, say delegates

UMNO AGM | Their opinions can shape the rakyat's view of the ruling gov’t, Umno delegates say.

Whither Malaysia? The fall of the ringgit

COMMENT | The strength of the ringgit is the most important indicator of our economic health.

'GE14 to herald 1,000 years of Umno - or Malay institutions will end'

UMNO AGM | Najib whips up GE14 bravado at its final meet before the general election.

Go back to K'tan if you disagree with me, S'gor sultan tells Zaid

'I ask Zaid Ibrahim to read my statement carefully and get the right facts before opening his mouth.'

'Reformasi activists will see 18-year struggle erased if Dr M made PM'

Abdul Razak Ismail says restoring 'the dictator' may prove a stumbling block for Harapan.

Yoursay: First the tragedy of Dr M as PM, now the ‘harapan’?

YOURSAY | ‘Are there really no other eligible leaders who can lead the country?’

Nurul Izzah dares Shahrizat to rematch in Lembah Pantai

If Umno is brave, why is it moving in 7,000 voters from Bukit Aman, she asks.

Yoursay: If there’s no ‘cheating’, Shahrizat should be the one afraid

YOURSAY | ‘The contest will be a lame sequel, like watching ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.’

Delegate calls Umno to protect royal institution from 'DAP Chinese'

UMNO AGM | Besut's Azizul Jasmi also wants the gov't to ignore calls to recognise UEC.

Shahrizat back in limelight; Azwan damns Sheila Majid to ‘hell'

KINI ROUNDUP | Key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.

Trump confirms US will recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital

It’s a decision that breaks with decades of US policy and risks fuelling violence in the Middle East.

PM candidate? I’m just a small boy, says Azmin

The MB says he would prefer to ‘focus on Selangor,’ rather than dwell on the top post.

PM candidate? I’m just a small boy, says Azmin

The Selangor MB says he would prefer ‘focusing on Selangor’.

Azmin not concerned about brother’s attacks

'I will pray hard for him, God willing Allah will save him,' S'gor MB says of Azwan.

Use pretty girls to catch Jho Low, says Dr M

Or else, defeat Najib in GE14, and get him to reveal where the tycoon is hiding, ex-PM tells forum.

Jelebu MP passes away

Zainudin Ismail died this evening due to complications from a brain tumour.

'Recognising Jerusalem as Israeli capital will destabilise world trade'

Mustapa says Islamic nations must unite to oppose the contentious move.

Dr M for PM just a ploy to hide DAP dominance, says Annuar

'DAP will not just rule but it will dominate,' Umno info chief says of the opposition coalition.

Shahrizat should contest in GE14, but...

VOXPOP | The Wanita Umno chief should explain the NFC scandal first, say delegates surveyed at the AGM.

'How come RM888 tickets sold out if M'sians suffering?'

Rizal Mansor chastises Sheila Majid, tells her not to become propaganda tool of the opposition.

Petrol prices down one sen, diesel down four sen

RON95 goes down to RM2.29 per litre, while RON97 will retail at RM2.57.

Shahrizat credits Wanita Umno for comeback after ‘five years of misery’

UMNO AGM | ‘You gave me strength so that I will not be defeated,’ Wanita Umno chief says.

'PM insult' case thrown out after prosecutor's bungle

Case appears to have been filed at the wrong court.

Burning his images scorches Umno, claims ex-minister

On whether he will apologise to the sultan, Zaid says he was merely following the Islamic tradition.

IGP: Cops working round the clock to resolve BNM's forex losses

Cops working 'day and night' to probe scandal, but Fuzi doesn't say who will be hauled in.

Umno members not chosen as GE14 candidates must remain loyal to party

Party faced internal sabotage by own members during GE13, says Gerakan Akar Umbi Umno Malaysia chairman.

Umno Youth, Puteri want no contest for top two posts

UMNO AGM | Puteri Umno leader calls the Najib-Zahid dream team ‘aur dengan tebing’.

The growing threat of IS in Malaysia

COMMENT | By making extremist Islam look normal and acceptable, IS gains a foothold in the minds of ordinary Malaysians.

Sand mining: Remand on two individuals extended

Two more individuals arrested by the MACC were also released on bail.

Jamal torches images of 'insolent traitor' Zaid outside PWTC

'You have to step over our dead bodies before you insult the Selangor sultan .'

Time to quit, Sabah Umno Youth tells veteran reps

UMNO AGM | Sabah's political scene is dominated by those from the time of Usno, says Khairul Firdaus.

Cops to wrap up MACC chief's case this week

UPDATED 6.11PM | Probe into the extramarital affair allegedly involving Dzulkifli is almost complete, says IGP.

Time to quit, Sabah Umno Youth tells veteran reps

Delegate says Sabah's political scene dominated by those who have been around since the time of Usno.

Cops to wrap up MACC chief's case this week

Probe into the extramarital affair allegedly involving Dzulkifli Ahmad is almost complete, says IGP.

'DAP wrong, Taman Desa land meant for affordable housing'

BN strategist Eric See-to takes issue with Teresa Kok's claim that DBKL sold prime land below market price.

Sheila is out of her element, says Umno info chief

Annuar Musa claims the economy is not Sheila Majid's expertise.

With too much power in its hands, BN risks complacency

COMMENT | 'It baffles me that BN no longer cares about its public image.'

Harimau Malaya loses coach after only seven months on the job

The national football team's ranking has fallen to its worst in recorded history.

I hear Nurul Izzah is afraid to defend her seat, says Shahrizat

UPDATED 5PM | Wanita Umno chief claims to have received complaints of the MP not doing her work.

Neutrality is the best policy

COMMENT | GE14 will be volatile enough without other parties helping the PM take potshots at the opposition.

Brace yourselves for meaner tax officers, warns Rafizi

PKR veep says corporatisation means IRB will receive a 'commission' from the taxes it collects.

Brace yourselves for meaner tax men, warns Rafizi

PM's decision to corporatise IRB will force it to meet collection targets as its revenue is based on the amount collected, he says.

Azwan Ali to Sheila Majid: Go to hell!

UMNO AGM | Popular TV host says Sheila Majid owes BN gratitude.

PAS: Ball is now in Umno's court to score Act 355 'goal'

It is no longer PAS' problem because it is now up to Umno the Dewan Rakyat speaker, claims PAS vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

Harakah retracts 'khalwat during Umno AGM' report

Retraction made after realising that the allegation did not come from PAS.