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Rush-hour pollution is a bigger problem than we thought

A new study says commuting to work by car may be far more harmful to your health than previously believed.

World's largest bicycle parking garage unveiled in the Netherlands

Some worry that the 12,500-capacity garage in Utrecht may not be big enough to accommodate the sharply increasing number of Dutch cyclists.

Elusive 'ghost particles' detected bouncing off an atom

Neutrinos, or ghost particles, are notoriously difficult to detect, but researchers now have a tiny net to work with.

Why do we see monsters in the mirror?

Stare in the mirror long enough and you'll probably start seeing things, thanks to an optical illusion called the Troxler Effect.

This unassuming powder could change the way we feed the world

A nourishing protein and carb powder can be made with C02, electricity and microbes and could help fill the world's ever-grumbling belly.

Happy Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the day we go into 'nature debt,' utilizing more than the year's supply of water, forest and agricultural resources.