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Vatican turns off iconic fountains in sign of water-saving solidarity

With Italy facing severe drought conditions, the Vatican has turned off its iconic fountains for the first time in living memory to help save water.

How to view the total solar eclipse without ruining your eyes

The first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in 99 years will likely bring with it a spike in eye injuries.

What you need to know about the Great American Eclipse of 2017

Taking place on Aug. 21, this total eclipse will be first eclipse in a century that's visible from coast to coast in the the U.S.

Man helps sea turtle swim off into the sunrise

An American tourist found a flipped sea turtle in Cozumel, Mexico, and the the right thing by making sure it got back to the ocean.

Rescuers free a young humpback whale tangled in buoys near Cape Cod

A young humpback whale left Nauset Inlet in Cape Cod with a much lighter load after rescuers disentangled him from ropes and buoys.

Boost your joy with 'Planet Earth' unplugged

The BBC just uploaded several 10-hour visual soundscapes of deserts, mountains, jungles and islands — all excess footage from 'Planet Earth II.'

Surprising new evidence suggests moon's interior might be 'wet'

The exact origin of so much water on the moon remains a mystery.

3 new toad species found in Nevada — but one may already be in trouble

The newly discovered species have been isolated from other toads for 650,000 years.

Cecil the lion's son killed in trophy hunt

Xanda, a 6-year-old lion that was the son of Cecil, was shot dead during a legal hunting safari in Zimbabwe.

French beaches overrun with odd, yellow blobs

The beaches of France have been invaded by yellow, sponge-like balls that may be illegally dumped paraffin.

In the fight against HIV, cows emerge as powerful secret weapon

A new study finds that cows can produce antibodies that neutralize HIV, which may hold clues to a vaccine for humans.

9-year-old literally trips over huge fossil

While hiking in New Mexico's Las Cruces desert, Jude Sparks tripped over a stegomastodon skull.

Why aren't the biggest animals also the fastest?

The biggest animals have the biggest muscles, yes, but there's more to speed than strength.

Listen to the creepy space sounds that surround Earth

NASA's Van Allen probes caught the spooky sounds of electrons that surround Earth.

England gets its swans in a row

Swans and cygnets along the river Thames are rounded up, counted and examined in an annual, historic swan-upping ceremony every July.

A history of American fire lookout towers

Fire lookout towers found in numerous national forests have been converted into campsites-in-the-sky.

Glass doors are no match for rogue goat

A goat rammed its head into the office doors of a Colorado business and then fled the scene.

Russian satellite the size of a toaster may soon be the brightest man-made object in the sky

The Mayak satellite, successfully launched this week, could become the brightest man-made object in space.