MNN : earth-matters (22)

This goat has a head for soccer

The goat is going to hit this giant soccer ball with all its might.

Say hello to NASA's new Mars rover

The space agency is planning to land its newest set of wheels on the Martian surface by early 2021.

See dolphins 'walk' on their tails in the wild

'Tail walking' is rarely seen in the wild, but these Australian dolphins were showing off.

Why did whales get so huge?

A new study hypothesizes that the massive size of baleen whales is a relatively recent development, driven by influx of concentrated prey options.

4 surprising facts about the creepy-cute aye-aye

The aye-aye is an unusual animal with looks that freaks people out, but it's actually one amazing creature.

Can heat-tolerant corals beat back climate change?

Scientists have found that coral in the northern Red Sea are not only beating the heat — they're thriving in it.

Snakes found hunting in packs

Scientists aren't yet sure if this is a unique phenomenon or if it's something all snakes are capable of.

Why did whales get so big?

A new study hypothesizes that the massive size of baleen whales is a relatively recent development, driven by influx of concentrated prey options.

Massive Big Sur landslide tumbles into Pacific

A quarter-mile of Highway 1 in California is now covered under tons of dirt and rock.

The real reason why flamingos stand on one leg

For flamingos, it's all about what they DON'T have to do when they go unipedal.

Cicadapocalypse: What you need to know

After a 17-year absence, Brood VI of these bizarre insects is set to emerge in 2017 — along with some early 'stragglers' from Brood X.

Wild crows seem to obey 'do not enter' signs

Crows can't read, but the signs have still apparently curbed their habit of stealing insulation material from a university building in Japan.

Rare twin foals are fighting for their lives

In an unusual event, two tiny palomino foals were born to a mare on May 11 in Texas. They are still battling for survival.

Pint-sized hero helps tiny seahorse avoid being seagull's lunch

A very lucky seahorse was recently released back into the wild after a girl rescued it from a beach and an aquarium nursed it back to health.

Happy World Turtle Day

With 40 percent of all turtle species at risk of extinction, it's a crucial time to stick out our necks for these ancient animals.

Big game hunter crushed by dying elephant

Theunis Botha, a veteran South African big game hunter, was killed while leading a trophy hunt with clients.

Sea lion episode provides fresh reminder: Don't interact with wildlife

A sea lion snatches a little girl in British Columbia, reminding all of us to be respectful around wild animals.

Ringling Bros. takes down its tent forever

Ringling Bros. circus says declining ticket sales, especially with no elephants in the shows, makes the circus unsustainable.

Strange distant star is dimming, and scientists don't know why

Natural explanations would be an orbiting planet or comet, but the dimming of Tabby's star is too irregular, leaving some to suggest alien activity.

Fake caterpillars trick ants into spilling secrets

Scientists deployed thousands of fake caterpillars at 31 sites around the world, shedding new light on the global patterns of predators.

Why California's salmon species are in hot water

California's native salmon populations are declining due to habitat loss and climate change, but with a little help, dozens of species could be preserved.

Sharks get star treatment in beautiful new photography book

These feared and beloved predators are arriving on coffee tables, thanks to famed National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry.