Did the Solar Eclipse Damage Your Eyes? Here's How to Tell

Many watchers of today's solar eclipse may have glanced at the sun without proper eye protection. But how do you know if you've hurt your eyes?

Great American Eclipse Casts Shadow over Great American Desert

The Great American Desert becomes a more pleasant place during a Great American Solar Eclipse.

Cliff Divers Plunge Into Oregon Water Tank During Total Solar Eclipse

A group of cliff divers created their own celestial spectacle today in McMinnville, Oregon by diving into a tank of water in the darkness of the total solar eclipse.

Trump Stares at the Sun During the Eclipse: Will It Harm His Eyes?

Even the president of the United States couldn't look away from the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Scientists Respond to the Total Solar Eclipse on Twitter

From sheer awe to Pac-Man jokes, here's how famous scientists reacted to the total eclipse on Twitter.

Hawaii Says Aloha to the Solar Eclipse

With the first light rays of light to touch Hawaii this early morning, people here bid aloha to a partial solar eclipse.

Plane Crashes Near Madras, Eclipse 'Hotspot'

A small plane en route to Madras, Oregon — a "hotspot" for eclipse watching — crashed on Saturday, killing one person.

Photos: 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse

See incredible images of the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse.

The Eclipse Will Reveal the Sun's Scientific Secrets

Despite fancy telescopes and solar observatories, total eclipses like the one today offer scientists a unique chance to understand the sun's dynamics.

Solar Eclipse Traffic: What Are the Roads Like?

The most anticipated celestial event of the year — the solar eclipse — is here, enchanting millions with midday darkness, leading to far fewer traffic jams in many areas of the United States than expected.

Today's Eclipse May Help Scientists Predict Space Weather Storms

A new simulation of the corona of the sun during the total solar eclipse today could test predictions about these huge jets of plasma that emanate from the sun.

Gorgeous Images of the Sun's Corona in Simulation

A new simulation of the corona of the sun during the total solar eclipse today could test predictions about these huge jets of plasma that emanate from the sun.

Traffic Clogs Roads in Prime Solar Eclipse Viewing Sites

The most anticipated celestial event of the year — the solar eclipse — is here, enchanting millions with midday darkness, leading to traffic jams in many areas of the United States.

Crossroads of the Solar Eclipse: Best Photos from Carbondale 2017

Here are some of the coolest photos from in and around Carbondale, a city along the path of totality for the August 2017 solar eclipse.

Can You Photograph the Solar Eclipse with Your Phone or Tablet?

Can you photograph the phenomenon with my cell phone or tablet? With a few caveats, the answer is "yes."

Total Solar Eclipse Transforms Illinois Town Into a Celestial Super Bowl

When it comes to total solar eclipses, "X" marks the spot for this college town, and excitement is building as people gear up for what's being heralded as the "Great American Solar Eclipse."

1 Day Until the Solar Eclipse! NASA Scientist Explains What Makes Eclipses Spectacular

We're just one day away from the Great American Solar Eclipse, and people across the U.S. are getting ready to see this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.

Here's How to Watch the Great American Solar Eclipse Live

It's finally here! The Great American Solar Eclipse will cast a fascinating darkness in the so-called path of totality that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, obscuring the sun's light as the moon passes between Earth and its closest star.

Stonehenge: Facts & Theories About Mysterious Monument

Stonehenge, a huge prehistoric monument, was built 5,000 years ago in England. Its builders and its purpose remain a mystery.

Live Science Remembers Bruno Gulotta, Friend and Colleague Killed in Barcelona Attack

Bruno Gulotta, 35, an employee of Tom's Hardware Italy, owned by Live Science parent company Purch, was on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, when he was struck and killed by a van that also took the lives of 13 others and injured more than 100.

Have a Wild Eclipse Experience at a National Wildlife Refuge

If you're heading to a region in the direct path of the total solar eclipse on Monday , you may want to check out the national wildlife refuges there.

Man Who Suffered Eye Damage from Solar Eclipse Has This Warning

A Portland man who experienced permanent eye damage from looking at the sun during a solar eclipse in 1963 is now warning others not to make the same mistake he did.

Will Animals Freak Out During the Eclipse?

Humans aren't the only ones who get spooked during a solar eclipse; animals may change their behavior too, research shows.

Why You Need Eclipse Glasses: Girl Damages Eyes by Staring at the Sun

A 12-year-old girl in Florida damaged her eyes by looking at the sun for 1 minute, according to a new report of the girl's case.

Are Octopuses Smart?

Octopuses have many neurons, appear to play, and may have individual personalities, but does this mean they're smart?

Amazon Sale: LEGO Star Wars Sets from $10

This week, Lego and Star Wars teased what they're calling their biggest collaboration yet. If you can't wait for the Oct. 1 release of Lego's new sets, Amazon is slashing the price of dozens of Lego Star Wars sets today.

Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Everything You Need to Know

To help you prepare for a fun and safe eclipse-viewing, Live Science has compiled everything you need to know, from where to watch, how to watch and the science behind the event.

Causes of Global Warming

Since the late 1700s, the world's climate has been changing rapidly, mostly due to human causes.

City Cemetery: 3 Tombs Discovered in Ancient Egypt

Three tombs stretching back to the 27th Dynasty have been uncovered in the Al-Kamin Al-Shrawi area in the Minya Province of Egypt, south of Cairo, according to a statement.

How to Explain the Total Solar Eclipse to Your Kids

There's a simple way to explain the phenomenon to your kids, and you can enjoy even simpler ways to experience the eclipse.

Kidney Stones: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A kidney stone is a hard mass that forms in the kidneys from minerals in the urine, and if large enough, can cause serve pain.

Solar Eclipse Injury Risk: Doctors Brace for Rise in ER Visits

As potentially millions of Americans travel to see the total solar eclipse on Monday , doctors are bracing for a spike in visits to emergency rooms.

Why It's Dangerous to Condition Your Hair After a Nuclear Attack

Last week, when North Korea was threatening to send a ballistic missile toward the U.S. territory of Guam, the island's inhabitants were warned that in the case of a nuclear attack, they should not condition their hair.

Solar Eclipse-Chasing Jets Aim to Solve Mystery of Sun's Corona

Scientists will use cameras on two of NASA's WB-57 research jets to make high-resolution moving observations of the sun's corona during the total solar eclipse.

Woman Born Without a Vagina Speaks Out About Rare Condition

A woman in Arizona who was born without a vagina — the result of a rare condition — is speaking out about her condition.

In Photos: Eclipse-Chasing Jets Aim to Get Best-Ever View of Sun's Corona

The pilots of two of NASA's WB-57 high-altitude research jets will enjoy what may be the best view ever of a total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Everything You Need to Know

To help you prepare for a fun and safe eclipse-viewing, Live Science has compiled everything you need to know, from where to watch, how to watch and the science behind the event.

Why Whiskey Tastes Better with Water

Whiskey may become more flavorful if it's diluted with a few drops of water, new research suggests.

Why Flat-Earthers and Science Deniers Can't Dispute the Eclipse

Why do people distrust or dispute so many aspects of science, but unanimously accept, without question, the ridiculously specific predictions on offer for every eclipse?

Psychology of Hate: What Motivates White Supremacists?

Nascent supremacists are like atoms missing a proton. They're lacking something socially or emotionally, and white supremacist groups step in to fill the void.

For the Great American Solar Eclipse, Leave Your Camera at Home

Solar astronomer J. McKim Malville has some advice for people planning to see the Great American Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21: Don’t photograph it.

DIY Insect Levitator Brings Weird Experiments to Your Home

You can make a DIY acoustic levitator at home with new instructions.

Rosetta Stone: Key to Ancient Egyptian Writing

The Rosetta Stone contains text written in three languages, which made it possible to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Who Invented the Light Bulb?

Many notable figures — not only Thomas Edison — contributed to the development of this revolutionary technology.

Teen Drug Overdose Deaths Increased 19% in 2015

Drug overdose deaths among U.S. teens edged upward in 2015, after declining for several years prior, according a new report.

Roman Change: Ancient Coins Reveal Rise of an Empire

By tracing the lead isotopes in silver coins from ancient Rome, researchers found a shift in the source of the coins' metal that corresponds with Rome's rise to power.

How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer

The moon will pass directly between the sun and the Earth on Monday, Aug. 21, causing a total solar eclipse. If you want to see it happen, learn how to build a simple eclipse viewer out of a shoe box.

Elon Musk: AI Poses Bigger Threat to Humanity Than North Korea

Elon Musk recently tweeted that North Korea doesn't pose as much of a threat to humanity as the rise of artificial intelligence.

Who's a Blue Boy? Indian Dogs Tinted by Polluted River

Dogs of a different color have been spotted roaming the streets of Navi Mumbai in India, according to news reports.

This Enigmatic Dinosaur May Be the Missing Link in an Evolution Mystery

A bizarre-looking dinosaur discovered by a young boy in Chile may be the missing link showing how members of one major dinosaur lineage evolved into a completely new dinosaur group, a new study finds.