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Norway boosts unmanned MCM

Key Points The RNoN is looking to boost its MCM capability with additional AUVs Experience with unmanned systems has encouraged the RNoN to develop new MCM CONOPS and ship acquisition plans Norway has ordered four new HUGIN autonomous underwater vehicle systems from Kongsberg Maritime. The

NAWCWD reveals solid-fuel ramjet testing to meet future strike needs

Key Points NAWCWD has used off-the-shelf components to flight test a low-cost solid-fuel ramjet in an accelerated timeframe Follow-on work is focused on making the solid-fuel ramjet engine more tactically relevant The US Navy has revealed the in-house development and flight test of a

Yemeni rebels attempt apparent ballistic missile saturation attack

Yemen's rebels fired multiple ballistic missiles on 28 March in an apparent attempt to overwhelm the Patriot battery that defends the neighbouring Saudi cities of Abha and Khamis Mushayt. The official Saudi Press Agency reported that four ballistic missiles were launched towards the cities

UK funds initial SPEAR Cap 3 integration for F-35B

Key Points The UK has funded initial de-risking of SPEAR Cap 3 integration on the F-35B Lightning II SPEAR Cap 3 integration is planned as part of the Block 4 update The United Kingdom has funded initial integration of the Selective Precision Effects At Range Capability 3 on the F-35B

Cyber criminals eye African boom in mobile technology

Key Points Much of the empirical research within the cyber-security community is heavily focused on Europe and North America, leaving the technology environment in Africa to become the leading victim of mobile malware. Africa and its stakeholders are facing increasing and more sophisticated cyber

BAE Systems reports growth for 2016

BAE Systems released its annual report on 28 March, with sales climbing 11.2%, although the company said much of the growth was tied to favourable exchange rates. BAE had sales of GBP19.0 billion for 2016, up from GBP17.9 billion. Operating profit climbed to GBP1.7 billion for

Bundeswehr orders 1,000 Spike LR ATGMs

The German parliament gave the green light on 22 March for the Bundeswehr to procure 1,000 Israeli-designed Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles and 97 corresponding launcher units worth EUR158.3 million from EuroSpike under the Bundeswehr's multirole guided missile system

EUCOM worried by Russia's non-strategic nuclear weapons

US European Command's biggest concern regarding Russia is its tactical nuclear weapons in Europe and its "troubling doctrine" of using those weapons to try de-escalating conflict. General Curtis Scaparrotti, head of the EUCOM, told Congress on 28 March what alarms him most is

Indian Navy inducts first Mk IV LCU

Key Points The Indian Navy has commissioned its first Mk IV LCU vessel Platform will strengthen the service's presence in India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory The Indian Navy has commissioned the first of eight Mk IV Landing Craft Utility vessels designed and manufactured by

Oman receives Bell 429 helicopter

The Omani Ministry of Defence confirmed on 20 March that the sultanate's military is now operating at least one Bell 429 GlobalRanger helicopter. The helicopter was seen in a photograph that the MoD released showing Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs Badr bin Saud bin Harib al-Busaidi

RAF Akrotiri runway resurfacing completed while maintaining operations against Islamic State

The UK Defence Infrastructure Organisation has completed runway resurfacing work at Royal Air Force Akrotiri in Cyprus concurrent to operations being flown from the base against the Islamic State. The GBP46 million project to renovate the main runway at the main

RN retires Sea Skua anti-ship missile from service

Key Points The Sea Skua anti-ship missile is being officially retired from RN service on 31 March A final high-seas Sea Skua firing was performed on 25 February by a Lynx HMA8 operating from the frigate HMS Portland The UK Royal Navy has retired the MBDA Sea Skua anti-ship missile from

To counter Russia, EUCOM chief wants more ISR and larger ground force

Key Points Gen Scaparrotti would like RC-135, U-2, and RQ-4 aircraft to monitor Russian actions in Europe The EUCOM chief also wants an armour division, which adds fires, engineer, and air defence battalions The top US commander in Europe wants more intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

TUSAS signs F-35 engine, depot-level maintenance hub accord

TUSAS Engine Industries Inc , a joint venture of Turkish Aerospace Industries and General Electric , signed an agreement with the Turkish Defence Industries Undersecretariat on 23 March to establish the 1st Air Supply Maintenance Centre for the Turkish Air Force in

UK, France collaborating on long-range weapons

Defence officials for the United Kingdom and France signed a collaboration agreement with MBDA to develop future long-range weapons on 28 March. Each country is contributing EUR50 million for a three-year concept development period where MBDA will review potential missile

USMC anticipates importance of 'tactical flexibility' of next-gen amphibs to USN

Key Points USMC leadership highlights dependence on 'tactical flexibility' of next-gen amphibious ships Operational concepts may project increased shifts from carrier-based operations to USN-USMC pairings US Marine Corps Brigadier General Francis L Donovan, commander of the 5th Marine

EDA nations reach for new military network of multimodal transport hubs

Four new multi-nation projects under the aegis of the European Defence Agency have launched their work, of which the biggest aims to create a network of pre-approved multimodal transport hubs across Europe that can be used in support of the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy .

New chief of Spanish Armed Forces appointed

A new supreme chief of staff for the Spanish Armed Forces was sworn in on 28 March. Army Lieutenant General Fernando Alejandre Martínez replaces Admiral Fernando García Sánchez, who had held the post since 2011. Until now the highest ranking Spanish officer within NATO, Lt

India to supply lightweight torpedoes to Myanmar

India will supply indigenously developed lightweight torpedoes to Myanmar in a contract estimated to be worth USD37.9 million, according to Indian defence officials. "The export of lightweight torpedoes will follow the earlier supply of sonars, acoustic domes and directing gear to

US senators urge Trump administration to approve India defence deals

A bipartisan pair of US senators have urged the Trump administration to approve the co-production of Lockheed Martin F-16 combat aircraft in India and the export of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc's Guardian unmanned aerial vehicles to the South Asian country. Republican

Impasse between Israeli government coalition partners and Netanyahu's concern over corruption investigations render early election increasingly likely

Key Points An early election would raise Netanyahu's chances of withstanding a potential indictment decision against him by the attorney general, which he would portray as politically motivated. The risk of an early election is mitigated by the strongly-voiced opposition to such a plan of Likud

KC-46A tanker in danger of further delays, GAO reports

The Boeing KC-46A Pegasus tanker programme is in danger of suffering further setbacks in addition to the 12 month delay already experienced in the delivery of the first fully capable aircraft to the US Air Force , an official US government report has noted. The Government Accountability

Pakistan, South Africa sign defence co-operation MOU

Pakistan and South Africa signed a memorandum of understanding on 27 March to enhance defence and defence-industrial co-operation, according to statements issued by the governments of both countries. "The MOU, which establishes a joint defence committee, will pave the way for

UK, France sign off FC/ASW concept phase

On 28 March the UK and France signed a new weapon system agreement initiating a three-year concept phase to develop the Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon programme. The FC/ASW programme - which will be executed by MBDA - will examine options to replace and improve existing Naval and Air Force

AQAP activity in northeast Yemen indicates increased terrorism and cargo risks on Saudi side of border

EVENT Suspected Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula militants based in Yemen on 24 March 2017 raided a Yemeni Border Guard position in the al-Akhashim district, approximately 90 km north east of al-Wadiah border crossing, according to local media. The motivation for the raid appears to have

India to begin negotiations for Airbus C295 transports

India's Ministry of Defence is set to begin contract negotiations for the purchase of 56 Airbus Defence and Space C295 medium transport aircraft for the Indian Air Force to replace the service's ageing fleet of Avro 748M transports. Indian Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa was

Indonesian shipbuilder cuts steel on seventh PC-40-class vessel

Key Points The Indonesian Navy has ordered another lightly armed variant of the KCR-40 missile attack craft Platform is meant to bolster the service's maritime surveillance and fishery resources protection capabilities Indonesian shipbuilder PT Caputra Mitra Sejati has begun work on a PC-40-class

Japan and UK collaborate on future fighter aircraft

Japan and the United Kingdom have agreed to undertake a joint study that could lead to the co-development of next-generation fighter aircraft, according to the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo. The MoD said in a recent statement that the agreement, which was finalised in mid-March, outlines an

Key US senator calls for weapons for Ukraine amid hardening NATO-Russia relations

Key Points As NATO's attitude towards Russia hardens, calls are coming to supply weapons to Ukraine Concerns remain over the degree of support for NATO from the Trump administration NATO's attitude to Russian cyber attacks and other tactics is hardening, with calls for the allies to close ranks

Royal Navy retires Lynx HMA8 helo

The UK Royal Navy has retired the Westland Lynx HMA8 maritime helicopter after more than 20 years of operations, the service announced on 24 March. The latest variant of the baseline Lynx that entered service in the mid-1970s, the HMA8 was first introduced into the Royal Navy in 1994. As

UK to deploy Typhoons to Romania in May

The United Kingdom is to begin its deployment of Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft to Romania in May, the defence minister said on 27 March. Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed the timing of the Royal Air Force deployment that was first announced by the Ministry of Defence in

USAF progresses SABR AESA radar integration onto F-16

The US Air Force is continuing with developmental testing of the active electronically scanned array Northrop Grumman AN/APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar aboard the Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, the service announced on 24 March. The work, which is being carried out by

Cameroon receives new offshore patrol vessel

The Cameroonian Navy has received its new offshore patrol vessel CNS Dipikar , which arrived at the Douala naval base in the last week of February, a Cameroonian military source told Jane's. Dipikar departed Toulon, France, aboard the Dutch transport vessel Happy Diamond on 10 February

China's CSOC showcases a new 4,000-tonne frigate

Chinese state-owned shipbuilder China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company revealed technical specifications of a new frigate design it is showcasing at the LIMA 2017 exhibition in Langkawi. In an interview with Jane's , a CSOC engineer disclosed that the "new ship is a

Hytera to buy Norsat

Chinese firm Hytera has agreed to buy Canadian communications company Norsat, the companies announced on 27 March. Hytera will pay USD62 million for Norsat. Norsat had announced earlier in March that it had received a letter of interest from Privet Fund, a private equity firm that already owned

High-profile Al-Qaeda leader killed in US airstrike

A high-profile leader of the Al-Qaeda militant Islamist group was killed in a US airstrike carried out on 19 March in Afghanistan's southeastern Paktika Province bordering Pakistan, the US Department of Defense said in a 25 March press statement. Described by the Pentagon as a "senior

Effectiveness of Australian Army's workforce management comes under fire

The Australian Army has been unsuccessful in addressing persistent personnel shortfalls in some key categories or aligning its establishment with government funding, according to an Australian National Audit Office report released on 27 March. The report said the army's organisational

EU disengagement in Western Balkans increases risk of localised violence, but war risks remain low

Key Points The recent proposal by Commissioner Johannes Hahn to create a single market for the Western Balkans confirms enlargement fatigue within the EU. This is likely to be interpreted by local leaders as another sign of EU disengagement in the Western Balkans, increasing the risk of stoking

Nationwide protests in Russia indicate renewed opposition mobilisation; new restrictions on NGOs and internet sector likely

EVENT On 26 March 2017 anti-corruption protests were held in more than 80 cities across Russia; in two-thirds of locations protests were organised despite lack of authorisation from local authorities. In Moscow, at least 25,000 joined the protests, and in St Petersburg at least 20,000. In many of

Russia, India terminate joint MTA programme, says report

The Indo-Russian programme to develop the Multirole Transport Aircraft has been terminated, the TASS news agency reported on 24 March. "Not all projects yield results," Russia's Minister for Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, was quoted by the media outlet as saying in reply to a

Signs detected of possible North Korean preparations for nuclear test

Analysis of commercial satellite imagery of North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test facility suggests that Pyongyang may be preparing to carry out the country's sixth overall nuclear test. Taken on 24 March the images indicate the presence of possibly four or five vehicles or trailers at the entrance

South Korea donates over 200 military vehicles to Cambodia

South Korea has donated 222 military vehicles to Cambodia in a bid to enhance bilateral ties and boost the Southeast Asian country's defence capabilities. In a ceremony held on 23 March at the Techo Hun Sen Military Technical Institute in the southern province of Kampong Speu, South Korea handed

Ongoing corruption scandal in Japan increases risk of prime minister stepping down, slowing legislative progress

EVENT Support ratings for Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet fell by 9 percentage points over the past month to 52%, according to a telephone poll conducted by Kyodo News on 25 March and 26 March. This follows an ongoing scandal involving the opening of a private elementary school

Police use of force against peaceful protests makes reintroduction of EU sanctions against Belarus more likely

EVENT On 25 March 2017 in Minsk, up to 3,000 citizens joined the unofficial Freedom Day protest rally in two separate locations. Smaller rallies, involving up to 500 protesters, were held in regional cities. The protesters used the commemoration to protest against the 'social vagabond' tax on

98.2% of Russian hardware orders delivered in 2016

Russian industry completed 98.2% of its expected hardware deliveries in 2016, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced on 24 March. Additionally, 95.6% of military hardware repair targets were hit. The near completion of the full government defence order meant that Russian military hardware

AFRICOM seeks ISR to help counter-terrorism operations

US Africa Command , which is increasingly combating radical groups in Northern Africa, needs more intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets, commander General Thomas Waldhauser said on 27 March. Speaking with reporters in Washington, DC, Gen Waldhauser characterised the

Argentina may field interim fighter as it seeks Mirage replacement

Argentina may look to field an interim jet fighter while it continues to study possible replacements for its now retired Dassault Mirage platforms, the chief of the Argentine Air Force told Jane's on 27 March. The Chief of the General Staff of the Argentine Air

ASG militants kidnap two sailors in the Philippines' Basilan

TWO crewmen were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf Group militants from the Panamanian-flagged MV Super Shuttle Roro 9 off the coast of Sibago Island in the Philippines' Basilan province on 23 March, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. The hostages were taken by speedboat to an area near the town of

CAM claim responsibility for arson attack in Chile's Araucania

Mapuche group Coordinadora Arauco Malleco claimed responsibility for an arson attack which had affected forestry machinery in the Araucania region.

Cameroon receives new offshore patrol vessel

The Cameroonian Navy has received its new offshore patrol vessel CNS Dipikar , which arrived at the Douala naval base in the last week of February, a Cameroonian military source told Jane's . Dipikar departed Toulon, France, aboard the Dutch transport vessel Happy Diamond on 10 February