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China's Type 001A CV makes progress at Dalian - 38.935925 N 121.613170 E

Key Points China's Type 001A aircraft carrier is nearing completion, with most external structural work visibly complete. Following the addition of a red anti-fouling coating to the lower hull, little work remains before the 001A hull can be launched. Airbus Defence and Space imagery captured on

Inzpire and Discovery Air declare for UK's ASDOT training requirement

Inzpire and Discovery Air Defence Services Inc are to bid for the UK's Air Support to Defence Operational Training programme, it was announced on 21 February. The two companies will build on their experience of providing real-world training services to militaries throughout the world,

Uruguay negotiating for a batch of Chilean Cessna O-2s

The National Navy of Uruguay is negotiating the transfer of up to three Cessna O-2s from the Chilean Navy, Uruguayan sources told Jane's . The aircraft, recently decommissioned by the Chilean Navy and replaced by Vulcanair P68 Observer 2 surveillance aircraft, were offered to

China completing facilities on South China Sea islands that could house missiles, says report

China has nearly finished building almost two dozen structures on artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea that appear designed to house long-range surface-to-air missiles, two US officials were quoted by Reuters as saying. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the two officials told

IDEX 2017: Al Fattan to deliver 27 additional fast interceptors to the UAE

UAE shipbuilder Al Fattan is to supply 27 fast interceptor boats to the UAE Coast Guard, the company told Jane's at the NAVDEX naval exhibition in Abu Dhabi. "We have a well-established relationship with them," an Al Fattan source said. "In January 2017 we completed deliveries for a

IDEX 2017: Hesco establishing UAE facility following contract win

UK fortifications firm Hesco has revealed that it is creating a facility in the United Arab Emirates following a contract win for the UAE armed forces valued at AED91.4 million announced at IDEX. Speaking to Jane's , Hesco CEO Michael Hughes said that the company would be working

Russia to deploy anti-satellite weapon on MiG-31BM

Key Points Initiative indicates a potential revival of the Soviet-era Kontakt programme MiG-31BM platform suggests a large missile that is likely to be launched from high altitude Russia's Aerospace Forces is to deploy an anti-satellite weapon on its MiG-31BM interceptor aircraft, a VKF

IDEX 2017: NIMR offers more firepower for JAIS 6x6

NIMR Automotive's N35 mine-protected multipurpose vehicle and its 4x4 counterpart have been re-designated as the JAIS, with the 6x6 variant offered with increased firepower. At IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi the JAIS 6x6 was shown fitted with the EVPU Turra 30 remote-controlled turret . This

Poland issues RFPs for special forces and ASW helos

Poland issued two separate requests for proposals for a total of 16 new military helicopters on 20 February, industry officials told Jane's . The two RFPs are for eight helicopters each, and cover the procurement of special forces helicopters to replace the armed forces' current Mil Mi-8/17

IDEX 2017: Burevestnik unveils new 30 mm remotely operated turret

Russian company Burevestnik displayed its 30 mm remotely operated turret for the first time at the IDEX show held in Abu Dhabi. A Burevestnik representative told Jane's that the turret was developed to meet a Russian army requirement for a weapon station that can be fitted to a 4x4 version of the

IDEX 2017: General Atomics to offer Predator XP as COCO capability

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc will look to provide its Predator XP platform as a contractor-owned, contractor-operated service, opening up its potential user base. Speaking to Jane's at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi, Jim Thomson, the company's regional vice-president, said the COCO

IDEX 2017: Paramount launches Mwari production

Paramount Group announced on 20 February that production of the military variant of its advanced, high performance, reconnaissance, light aircraft , the Mwari, is to begin in April. The first production aircraft is expected to be completed in June or July, with the company citing a

Japan and Thailand edge towards defence trade agreement

Thailand and Japan are edging closer to finalising a defence trade and technology agreement that could facilitate Japanese defence exports to the Southeast Asian country. Jane's understands that talks about bilateral defence industrial co-operation are continuing to support potential Japanese sales

Japan's NEC builds cyber defence footprint in Southeast Asia

Japan's NEC Corporation has secured a contract from the Japan International Cooperation Agency to help Southeast Asian countries defend themselves from cyber attacks. NEC said in a statement on 17 February that under the contract it would provide cyber defence training and related assistance

IDEX 2017: China's FT-12 glide bomb gets rocket booster

China's rocket-boosted precision-guided glide bomb, the Fei Teng FT-12, was revealed at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi by China Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co, Ltd , the marketing arm of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation . While the existence of an FT-12

Russia plans new Eastern Arctic air defence division

Russia's Ministry of Defence is planning to create a new Arctic air-defence division covering the Eastern Arctic by 2018, state-owned media announced on 20 February. The unit will protect Moscow and the Ural region from potential aircraft and missile attacks. The division will comprise

Trump designates strategist Lt Gen McMaster as national security advisor

US President Donald Trump announced on 20 February that he has designated US Army Lieutenant General HR McMaster as national security advisor. Lt Gen McMaster is to replace Michael Flynn, who the White House said was asked to resign due to his misleading comments to Vice-President Mike Pence. A

ARCIMS wins first order for ASW surveillance

Key Points Atlas Elektronik UK will supply two ASW-configured ARCIMS autonomous mission systems to a customer in the Middle East The ASW mission package will feature a compact active/passive variable depth sonar Atlas Elektronik UK has secured a first order for its ARCIMS maritime

HII CEO: USN needs to bolster acquisition to get larger fleet

Key Points HII CEO recommends aggressive acquisition is needed for 350-ship USN fleet USN continues to study alternative composition and costs to achieve larger force The US Navy needs to consider Regan-era type acquisition pledges for shipyards to accommodate increased production to meet

IDEX 2017: Anadolu Shipyard confirms Turkish LST programme schedule

Turkish shipbuilder Anadolu Deniz Insaat Kizaklari has confirmed the delivery schedule for the two new landing ship tanks ordered for the Turkish Navy. "The first vessel, TCG Bayraktar , is currently undergoing sea trials, which are expected to be completed between February and

IDEX 2017: EDIC launches new ammunition company

United Arab Emirates defence company EDIC announced the launch of a new subsidiary company, Barij Munitions, on 20 February. According to a company release, the new firm will be involved in the manufacturing of "all types of ammunition," ranging from small-arms and infantry ammunition to

IDEX 2017: Groza-R enters C-UAV fray

KB Radar Design Bureau has developed a manportable counter-unmanned aerial vehicle system, unveiling the package at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi. Speaking to Jane's, Zhybul Siarhei Victorovich, head of KB Radar's electronic warfare department, said that the Groza-R Counter-Multicopter Radio

India tests exo-atmospheric interceptor

India successfully conducted a test of an indigenously designed exo-atmospheric kill vehicle on 12 February. The Prithvi Defence Vehicle was launched from the Defence Research & Development Organisation Integrated Test Range on Abdul Kalam Island in the Bay of Bengal at a target

Mattis hopes to consolidate some individual service business functions

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has ordered a review of Department of Defense business practises meant to find areas where individual services have overlapping efforts. Pentagon spokesperson Captain Jeff Davis said Mattis directed "a review of the core business functions to make business

Mattis reviewing Afghan war plans amid 'stalemate'

The Pentagon is reviewing US military plans for Afghanistan, where officials say NATO and Afghan forces are at a stalemate with the Taliban, and recommendations are soon to be made to the White House. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis on 20 February told reporters in Abu Dhabi that in the past few

Northrop signs letter of intent with PGZ

US company Northrop Grumman has signed a letter of intent with Polish state-owned group Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa , the company announced on 20 February. In a statement Northrop said that the letter of intent is anticipated as the first step in a process of finding industrial co-operation

Russia moves to increase ties with UAE

The Russian government agreed to a new co-operation agreement with the United Arab Emirates on 20 February as the country made several moves to grow its presence in the Middle East. State-owned Russian company Rostec announced that it would be selling 12% of Russian Helicopters' stock to an

US carrier group begins 'routine operations' in South China Sea

The US Carrier Strike Group 1 on 18 February began what the US Navy referred to as "routine operations" in the South China Sea. The move, which has angered China, came less than a month after Beijing reiterated its "indisputable sovereignty" claim over parts of the

IDEX 2017: Embraer says 'no comment' on Nigerian Super Tucanos

Embraer CEO Jackson Schneider indicated that the Nigerian Air Force's announcement that it will receive ex-Brazilian Air Force EMB-412 Super Tucanos was premature, telling Jane's during the IDEX 2017 show in Abu Dhabi that he would not make any comment on the West African country's

Harris introduces RF-300H to its family of manpack radios

The Harris Falcon III RF-300H wideband high-frequency manpack radio offers an improvement over the existing AN/PRC-150, providing the ability to send voice, maps, and other large data files up to 10 times faster. The new radio was developed in response to the requirement for additional

IDEX 2017: ECA Group opens new Middle East subsidiary

French robotics company ECA Group announced on 21 February that they are opening a new permanent office in the United Arab Emirates . In addition to underwater robotic systems, the company will be promoting a number of other products and services including simulation and training systems, and

Use of unmanned craft by Houthi insurgents indicates increased risk to Coalition warships and shipping off Yemen

EVENT The US Navy went public on 19 February with its assessment that the attack on a Saudi frigate, al-Madinah, on 30 January 2017 was carried out by an unmanned remotely controlled craft filled with explosives and not a missile or suicide attack using a small boat, as initially thought.

Europeans push back against undermining of transatlantic security pillars

Allied attitudes to Russia could harden after US reassurances of its commitment to NATO, but European officials also warn Washington not to undermine the European Union or Europe's values as pillars of transatlantic security. "We are counting, as always in the past, on the United States'

IDEX 2017: Bahrain selects GCS-200 UGV

Global Clearance Solutions' GCS-200 unmanned ground vehicle will be supplied to Bahrain as the launch customer for the platform, a company official has revealed. Speaking to Jane's at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi where the GCS-200 was unveiled, Global Clearance Solutions' head of marketing and

Pakistan to step up fight against militants in Punjab

The government of Pakistan's Punjab Province has requested the deployment of military troops after a recent upsurge in attacks by militant groups, a senior provincial government official told Jane's on 21 February. Speaking on condition of anonymity the official said the worsening security

Use of unmanned aircraft by Houthi insurgents indicates increased risk to Coalition warships and shipping off Yemen

EVENT The US Navy went public on 19 February with its assessment that the attack on a Saudi frigate, al-Madinah, on 30 January 2017 was carried out by an unmanned remotely controlled craft filled with explosives and not a missile or suicide attack using a small boat, as initially thought.

IDEX 2017: MSPV confirms large Egyptian order

The Dubai-based company Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles confirmed during IDEX 2017 held in Abu Dhabi that it is building large numbers of Panthera T6 light armoured vehicles for Egypt. The Panthera T6 was first seen in May 2014 during an Egyptian military parade. Later that year the

IDEX 2017: China offers S-26 conventional submarine with Stirling engine AIP

The China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Corporation used the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi to market its S-26 conventional submarine for the first time with what it calls a "unique" version of the Stirling cycle engine air-independent propulsion system. Stirling cycle AIP

IDEX 2017: China unveils MSS-01 Mobile Submarine Simulator and decoy

The China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Corporation used the 2017 IDEX show in Abu Dhabi to reveal its new MSS-01 Mobile Submarine Simulator. The simulator, which also serves as a decoy, is in service with the Chinese navy according to a company official. The MSS-1 is described as

IDEX 2017: MBDA receives UAE contract for additional Marte Mk 2/N missiles

Key Points The UAE placed its original contract for Marte Mk 2/N in 2009 Marte Mk 2/N revealed sold to Turkmenistan European missile company MBDA has secured a follow-on order from the United Arab Emirates for the supply of additional Marte Mk 2/N anti-ship missiles to the UAE Naval Forces.

IDEX 2017: Yugoimport unveils 'giant Grad' rocket

The Yugoimport SDPR stand at the 2017 IDEX show in Abu Dhabi was dominated by the 400 mm Sumadija correctable rocket. The rocket is 8.25 m long, has a total launch weight of 1,502 kg, a 889 kg solid motor, and a 200 kg unitary high-explosive/fragmentation warhead fitted with a proximity/impact

Australia plans AUD100 million investment in shipbuilding facilities

The Australian government has said it will spend AUD100 million in enhancing the naval shipbuilding capability in Western Australia between 2017 and 2020. According to a statement by the office of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull on 20 February, the money will be spent on improving

Finland buys armour support equipment

Finland is buying 16 ex-Dutch engineering tanks based on the Leopard 1 main battle tank chassis the country's Ministry of Defence announced on 20 February. The deal is Finland's second procurement of surplus equipment in February aimed at significantly boosting both the tactical and

IDEX 2017: Indonesia's PT Pindad signs co-operation deals with UAE counterparts

Indonesian company PT Pindad has signed agreements with counterparts in the United Arab Emirates to collaborate on pursuing defence sales to the Middle East, the Indonesian Ministry of Defence announced on 20 February. The MoD said that state-owned PT Pindad has signed a memorandum of

IDEX 2017: EDIC focusing on integration as procurement approach shifts

The United Arab Emirates' Emirates Defence Industries Company is moving towards completing the integration of the 16 firms previously held by the holdings of Mubadala, Tawazun, and Emirates Advanced Investments Group , but is also looking to work within the changing face of

IDEX 2017: Iraq takes delivery of Textron Commandos

The Iraqi Federal Police is currently in the process of receiving the Textron Commando Select armoured vehicles that were ordered last year, Jonathan Dalrymple, vice president for business development at Textron's Marine and Land Systems division, told Jane's at the IDEX show in Abu Dhabi. "We

IDEX 2017: Patria launches Nemo Container to growing interest in Europe, Asia

Patria officially unveiled its Nemo Container mortar system at IDEX on 20 February, with the system having undergone a number of tests since it was first revealed in 2016, with further testing scheduled in the next six months. Kari Reunamäki, Patria's vice-president for Weapon Systems - Land,

IDEX 2017: Riviera Boat displays new interceptor craft

The United Arab Emirates -based Riviera Boat is showcasing its new generation of fast interceptor craft at NAVDEX 2017 held in Abu Dhabi, with one featuring in a live demonstration. "The Seaguard 33 craft has been adapted to meet the requests that we were presented by our customers in the

IDEX 2017: TACMS undergoes further testing

Lockheed Martin has conducted a further test firing of a modernised Tactical Missile System . The early February tests were undertaken at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and saw the missile fired from the High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System and strike its target at a

IDEX 2017: Taiwan works to expand AAW capability

Key Points Future Tuo Jiang corvettes will be modified to integrate the new Sea TC-2N Missile System and Sea Oryx SAM Work is progressing to also introduce a new, larger, more AAW-capable ship in the future The Taiwanese navy is looking to expand the anti-air warfare capability of its next