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Rheinmetall demonstrates infantry system concept

Rheinmetall held the first dynamic field demonstration of its infantry system concept at its Unterlüss test centre in northern Germany on 19 September. The system consists of the Infanterist der Zukunft - Erweitertes System , the RS556 assault rifle

EUNAVFOR provides additional training modules for the Libyan Coastguard and Navy

A cadre of 87 Libyan Coastguard and Navy personnel arrived in Italy on 17 September to attend new training modules at the Italian Navy Petty Officer Academy in Taranto. The group, comprising officers and petty officers and including three supporting tutors, will attend two different training

Expal prepares to reopen Trubia plant

Expal is preparing to restart ammunition production this month at a factory in northern Spain, which has been closed for more than a decade. The plant at Trubia, near Oviedo, the capital of the Asturias region, is the property of the Ministry of Defence and forms part of a two centuries-old

Japan aims to integrate locally produced parts into F-35s from 2018

Japan is aiming to integrate locally produced parts into Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft from 2018, the Ministry of Defense's Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency disclosed to Jane's on 20 September. A spokesperson

Singapore Technologies invests in US cyber firm

Singapore Technologies Engineering has secured a minority stake in a US cyber security firm, Janus Technologies, it was announced on 19 September. ST Engineering said the investment is worth USD5.79 million and is being made through the group's newly-established subsidiary ST

China's CASC plans to divest stakes in subsidiaries

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has become the latest defence industrial group in the country to pledge to divest stakes in its subsidiaries. In comments published by the state-run China Daily newspaper on 19 September, Wang Zhanyu, CASC's deputy director of

Angola receives first Su-30K fighters

Angola has received the first two of 12 Sukhoi Su-30K multirole fighters and is expected to receive the rest by early 2018, Aleksandr Vorobei, the CEO of the 558th Aviation Repair Plant in Belarus, told Sputnik on 19 September. The aircraft were originally produced for India as an interim fighter

Kurdish and militia forces readying to retake Hawija

Key Points Kurdish forces and their Shia militia rivals continue to be over-reliant on second-hand materiel, which is distributed on a highly inconsistent, inefficient basis. Kurdish Peshmerga and al-Hashd al-Shaabi are keen to move forward with an offensive against the Islamic State in the Hawija

Chinese company Tengoen unveils several armed UAVs

Chinese company Tengoen unveiled a series of armed reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles at the 14th China–ASEAN Expo in Nanning from 12 to 15 September, including two fixed-wing and two vertical take-off and landing UAVs. One of the platforms displayed in the southern Chinese

Elbit moving defence work out of Cyberbit

Elbit Systems is turning its cyber security subsidiary, Cyberbit, into a pure-play commercial company, Elbit announced on 19 September. Cyberbit's existing defence work will be moved into Elbit's C4I unit, with Cyberbit continuing to offer cyber security primarily for the financial

MEPs approve report calling for tighter arms exports, embargo on Saudi Arabia

The European Union should set up a new supervisory body for arms exports, while tightening its existing rules governing export criteria and reporting obligations at a national level, according to a report approved by members of the European Parliament on 13 September. The report by Swedish

Royal Navy outlines plans for RWUAS Phase 2 flight trials on board Type 23 frigate

The UK Royal Navy has outlined plans to trial a vertical unmanned aerial system on board a Type 23 frigate in 2018 as part of the UK Rotary-Wing Unmanned Air System Capability Concept Demonstrator Phase 2 effort. Speaking at the DSEI in London on 12 September, First Sea Lord

Russia steps up electronic warfare campaign in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers have been banned from using GSM cellphones in frontline positions in the Donbas region because of their vulnerability to detection and attack from Russian army electronic warfare units. According to a senior Ukrainian officer who recently served in the Donbas region, Russian

Safran secures first order for Paseo NS surveillance and fire-control system

French defence company Safran has received a first ever order for its Paseo NS shipborne multifunction EO surveillance and fire-control system. The system will be supplied for the new frigates of an undisclosed Asian navy, the company said in a media release issued on its website.

Senate passes 2018 defence policy bill, next to reconcile with House version

The US Senate on 18 September passed its version of the fiscal year 2018 National Defense Authorization Bill, setting up a conference process to reconcile differences in the House's and Senate's versions of the defence policy legislation. House lawmakers on 14 July passed

UK Tactical Hotspot readies for trials

A flexible communication node under development by a consortium of defence primes to meet a UK requirement is expected to enter trials from November 2017. Known as Tactical Hotspot, the effort is intended to increase the elasticity' of the strike brigades, allowing dispersed operations

Vietnam's third Gepard frigate departs Russia on voyage home

Key Points The People's Army of Vietnam Navy is on track to receive its third Gepard 3.9-class frigate in 2017 Platform will significantly improve the service's anti-submarine warfare capabilities A Russian-built Modified Gepard 3.9 -class guided-missile frigate

Japan deploys PAC-3 interceptors near flight path of previous North Korean IRBMs

The Japan Self-Defense Forces have moved the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 air defence system deployed on the country's northern island of Hokkaido to an area located closer to the flight path taken by North Korea's latest two Hwaseong-12

National Guard chief happy with reserve force readiness

The US National Guard is pleased with its readiness to perform required missions, and expects its army units to gain even more training time next year. We are right were we're supposed to be on what we're drilled to go do,' Air Force General Joseph Lengyel, chief of the

Serbian MiG-21UM trainers take over QRA from grounded MiG-29s

The Republic of Serbia Air Force and Air Defence recently grounded its last operational MiG-29 fighters due to a bird ingestion incident, it was revealed during a session of the security and internal affairs committee of Serbia's National Assembly on 12 September. The nation's quick reaction alert

US National Guard values surveillance assets for disaster response

The US National Guard – busy this year responding to multiple major hurricanes – prizes surveillance assets to identify citizens in need of rescue, Air Force General Joseph Lengyel, chief of the National Guard Bureau, told reporters during a 19 September Defense Writers Group breakfast

AFA 2017: US Air Force mulling T-X trainer award with delayed start

Key Points The US Air Force could award a T-X trainer contract with a delayed start The service sees this as a strategy to get a critical programme started by the end of 2017 The US Air Force is mulling the possibility of awarding a contract for its highly anticipated T-X trainer programme

AFA 2017: US budget uncertainty impedes Air Force procurement of munitions

Key Points Budget uncertainty is preventing the US Air Force from boosting munition procurement The service has expended 90,000 munitions since 2014 and needs to replenish its supply Another continuing resolution to start a new fiscal year is hampering the US Air Force's

Lockheed Martin UK showcases Ajax turret trainer

Lockheed Martin UK took the opportunity at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London to display its crew turret trainer developed for General Dynamics Land Systems-UK 's Ajax reconnaissance vehicle development programme. The Ajax is destined for British Army service and will be a key

Failed detonation in London underground attack indicates that militant IED attack intent often exceeds capability

Key Points The United Kingdom's terror threat level being reverted to 'Severe' from 'Critical' implies that there is no further indication of an imminent further attack. The malfunctioning of the device reflects the difficulty of constructing viable, high-capacity improvised explosive devices,

Israel shoots down UAV

The Israel Defense Forces fired a Patriot surface-to-air missile at an unmanned aerial vehicle that entered the demilitarized zone on the Syrian-Israeli border on 19 September, IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus stated. He said the Iranian-made UAV was operated by

Russian opposition candidate's campaign likely to increase frequency of political protests ahead of March 2018 presidential election

Event On 17 September 2017, the campaign headquarters of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny announced plans for up to 50 rallies in Russian cities before the end of December 2017, supporting Navalny's candidacy for the 18 March 2018 presidential election. Navalny announced his intention

USAF to soon select two additional F-35A bases

The Pentagon is shortly to determine the location of a base for an additional Air National Guard unit with new Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighters. A review is now complete, and its results are being analysed. A basing decision is expected "in the next couple of months", Air Force

BAE Systems to upgrade KF-16 radar warning receivers

BAE Systems has been contracted to upgrade the radar warning receiver units of South Korea's fleet of Lockheed Martin KF-16 fighting Falcon combat aircraft. The USD49.6 million Foreign Military Sales deal, which was announced by the US Department of Defense on 18 September,

US has military options for North Korea that would not put Seoul at grave risk, says Mattis

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis has indicated that Washington has military options for North Korea that would not put the South Korean capital Seoul at great risk from a counter-attack by Pyongyang. However, Mattis declined to go into details when asked on 18 September what those options might

Northrop Grumman has USD9.2 billion deal for Orbital ATK

Northrop Grumman has reached a deal to buy rocket motor and missile maker Orbital ATK for USD9.2 billion, the company announced on 18 September. The deal, expected to close early in 2018, includes USD7.8 billion in cash along with the assumption of USD1.4 billion in debt. The move looks to be

BAE to upgrade KF-16 radar warning receivers

BAE Systems has been contracted to upgrade the radar warning receiver units of South Korea's fleet of Lockheed Martin KF-16 fighting Falcon combat aircraft. The USD49.6 million Foreign Military Sales deal, which was announced by the US Department of Defense on 18 September,

Egypt to receive South Korean naval vessel

Egypt will receive at least one South Korean naval vessel, the Egyptian Ministry of Defence announced on 15 September. The MoD said that, during a visit to South Korea to boost bilateral co-operation, Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi had inspected one of the naval pieces that will be

Israel announces first permanent US military facility

The Israel Defense Forces announced on 18 September that the first permanent US military facility has been established in Israel. The IDF said the facility at the Israeli Air Force's Aerial Defense Academy in southern Israel will house dozens of US soldiers who will be

Leonardo aims for first Pentagon AW139 sale with Boeing's UH-1N replacement offering

Key Points Boeing and Leonardo have submitted a bid for the US Air Force's UH-1N replacement programme Under the programme, the service could buy as many as 84 aircraft Boeing and Leonardo on 13 September formally submitted a bid for the US Air Force's UH-1N replacement programme.

USN explores power options for unmanned platforms

The US Navy is looking at ways to ramp up the development of power systems that could provide additional endurance for unmanned surface and underwater vessels. One concept would enable unmanned surface vessels to refuel on their own. The Program Executive Office Littoral Combat Ship

Afghans receive first Black Hawk helos

The Afghan Air Force received on 18 September its first batch of Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk utility helicopters. The delivery, which was announced on the same day on the Facebook page of the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing , saw two UH-60s arrive at Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan

Australian frigate conducts first MUM-T operations with MH-60R helicopter, ScanEagle UAS

The Royal Australian Navy' Adelaide -class guided missile frigate HMAS Newcastle has completed the service's first ever man-unmanned teaming integrated flying serials. The operations, which involved Newcastle's embarked MH-60R

China, Russia conduct joint anti-submarine exercises in Seas of Japan, Okhotsk

Key Points China, Russia begin a series of naval drills that have progressively expanded in scope, locations Drills suggest increasing ability of both navies to interoperate in different mission sets and theatres The People's Liberation Army Navy and the Russian Navy have begun a

Inter-state competition intensifies in high-performance computing

Key Points High-performance computing capacity remains a key requirement in the fields of security and intelligence, among others, and competition over this strategic capability has the potential to evolve into an arms race. The US and China lead the world in HPC performance, with both

PLAN's new training ship embarks on maiden voyage

A new training ship that was commissioned in February 2017 for the People's Liberation Army Navy's Dalian Naval Academy has set sail for its maiden oceangoing voyage, the PLA-linked China Military Online website reported on 18 September. The vessel, Qi Jiguang (pennant

AFA 2017: Boeing, Saab offer US production for T-X trainer if team wins bid

Boeing and Saab AB will establish manufacturing and production capability in the United States if the team wins the US Air Force's T-X trainer competition, according to a Saab statement. Saab said on 18 September that it has started a process to evaluate and identify potential

AFA 2017: Pentagon plans updated F-35 post-Block 3 development acquisition strategy

The Pentagon is planning an updated acquisition strategy for post-Block 3 development efforts of its Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter with a goal of continuous capability development, as opposed to major changes every month. F-35 Program Executive Officer Vice Admiral

DSEI 2017: Raytheon UK reveal position sensor for GPS-denied environments

Raytheon UK unveiled a newly developed Dismounted Position and Navigation Sensor designed for dismounted operators at DSEI 2017 in London. Development of DPNS follows a requirement to continuously track soldiers operating in environments that have a complete absence of GPS signals, including

Trudeau: Canada 'won't do business' with Boeing during trade dispute

Canada has elevated its row with Boeing, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggesting his government will not buy any F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fighter aircraft from the American company due its trade dispute with Montreal-based Bombardier. “We have obviously been looking at the Super Hornet

Airbus files legal submission in Austrian Eurofighter case

Airbus has filed a legal submission to the Vienna Public Prosecutor in relation to allegations made by Austria concerning the country's Eurofighter Typhoon procurement, condemning what the company described as politically motivated' claims and a flagrant violation'

Lockheed Martin completes preliminary review of heliborne EW system

Lockheed Martin has announced that its Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare system, which provides MH-60 helicopters with enhanced electronic warfare surveillance and countermeasure capabilities against anti-ship missile threats, has passed the preliminary design review stage.

AFA 2017: Secretary Wilson calls for S&T strategy review

Key Points USAF secretary calls for year-long review of its S&T strategy S&T is the foundation of the USAF's technological innovation US Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson on 18 September called for a broad year-long review and revision of the service's science and

China's CASC unveils D3000 unmanned oceanic combat vessel concept

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has revealed plans for an autonomous multirole surface vessel designed specifically for high-end naval operations at the 2017 International Ocean Science and Technology Exhibition in Qingdao. Under development by the Beijing-based 13th

DRDO completes development trials of Astra BVRAAM

India's state-owned Defence Research and Development Organisation has completed development trials of the Astra beyond-visual range air-to-air missile . The final flight tests of the locally developed weapon system were conducted from 11-14 September over the Bay of