Israel21c (19)

IsraAID brings emergency flood relief to Nepal

A separate team is in Sierra Leone giving medical and psychological care following devastating mudslides and flooding.

Archeologists find ancient quarry and stone vessel factory

Reineh excavations in the Galilee unearth thousands of chalkstone cores and other types of production waste, including fragments of mugs and bowls.

Soldiers create tech tools for people on autism spectrum

Current and former members of an Israel Air Force tech unit participate in unique hackathon to overcome challenges posed by autism.

Jerusalem gets smart with new digital gadget library

On loan are smartwatches and laptops, 3D cameras, smart computer chips, gaming computers, tablets, and Android and iOS smartphones.

Israel is 5th nation to host student cybersecurity contest

Final hacking competition in world's largest student-led cybersecurity games will be available this year at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

In world first, Israeli man gets lab-grown bone tissue injected in arm

Procedure was part of early clinical trial of human bone tissue grown in the lab from stem cells of the patient, so there's no risk of rejection.

9 luxurious kibbutz hotels for your next stay in Israel

Looking for a pampering vacation in a pastoral locale? Kibbutz hotels may be the perfect solution.

Israel to become major exporter of medical cannabis

Governmental committee recommends allowing export of cannabis smoking products, oils, tablets and evaporation-based products from licensed growers.

Smile in emails and the whole world doesn't smile with you

A new Israeli-Dutch study finds smileys in work mails may do more harm than good, creating a negative impact.

Israeli system id's the gene mutations driving your cancer

NovellusDx analyzes each patient's genome sequence to deliver actionable intelligence to oncologists, helping them choose the right cancer therapy.

Israel rushes aid to flood victims in Sierra Leone

Israeli humanitarian aid experts help recover bodies and provide support to survivors in wake of devastating mudslide and floods.

Welcome to Israel – beach nation

21see's Kathy Cohen takes you on an unforgettable trip to Israel's beaches to find out just what makes them so much fun.

Teaching the world how to make the desert bloom

People come to the Ramat Negev Agro-Research Center from all over the world to study how Israel grows things in the desert and how to fight desertification.

Literary detective looking for the father she never knew

The true story of a prolific publisher killed tragically at 33 and his daughter's life mission to redeem his literary enterprise from oblivion.

Oracle welcomes its first class of Israeli startups

Inaugural Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator kicks off in Tel Aviv with five startups in predictive maintenance and cloud native networking.

7 great places in Israel to try your hand at chocolate-making

Experience the art of creating confections out of dark, white, milk or raw chocolate. And don't forget to eat the results!

Israel hosts Basketball without Borders Europe

BWB in August and then the group phase of FIBA EuroBasket 2017 in September will make for two very exciting basketball months in Israel.

Now you can order your very own 3D-printed bomber jacket

Israeli designer Danit Peleg launches first online platform to purchase 3D-printed clothing.

Simple drug cocktail reduces post-surgery cancer relapse

Researchers surprised to find that taking a specific drug regimen 5 days pre- and post-surgery and on day of surgery cuts risk of recurrence.