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Wreckage of U.S.S. Indianapolis, Lost for 72 Years, Is Found in the Pacific

A search team led by Paul G. Allen, a founder of Microsoft, found the Navy cruiser, whose sinking is among the worst disasters in American naval history.

How to Get Away With Murder in Small-Town India

In her last days in India, the Times bureau chief wrestles with a murder covered up in plain sight, and with what she was leaving behind.

The Saturday Profile: A Chinese Poet’s Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity

Yu Xiuhua, born with cerebral palsy, lived a quiet village life. She is now a literary sensation whose vivid, erotic poems are 'stained with blood.'

China Steps Up Warnings Over Debt-Fueled Overseas Acquisitions

The announcement by China’s cabinet is the strongest signal yet that Beijing wants to rein in runaway debt that could pose a threat to its economy.

Cambridge University Press Removes Academic Articles on Chinese Site

The Chinese authorities had ordered the publishing house to censor more than 300 articles related to sensitive issues or its site risked being shut down.

Japan Still Seeks U.S. Protection but Quietly Stakes Its Own Path

Japan, aware of neighboring threats like North Korea’s weapons advances, is mostly in lock step with the U.S. But it is starting to consider a more independent role in Asia.

Update: Guam Is Suddenly in the News. But What Is It Like to Travel There?

American travelers should consider Guam for its history, its beauty and its barbecue.

Film by Beijing Students Explores Being Young and Transgender in China

The high school students made 'Escape,’’ a film about a transgender teenager’s journey to self-acceptance, to raise awareness about the struggles of transgender people.

Top Two Officers on Navy Ship in Deadly Collision Off Japan Are Relieved of Duties

The ship, the destroyer Fitzgerald, collided with a cargo freighter in the middle of the night, killing seven sailors.

As Alibaba’s Profit Surges, Its Shares Catch Up With U.S. Online Giants’

Investors are beginning to value the e-commerce giant and Tencent, its rival, on par with Facebook and Amazon as their sway in China grows.

Malala Yousafzai, Shot by the Taliban, Is Going to Oxford

The Pakistani-born activist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize made the announcement on Twitter.

Philippine Drug War Logs Deadliest Week Yet: 58 Killed in 3 Days

The 'one-time, big-time' raids in Manila and its suburbs show the police are 'not relenting' in President Rodrigo Duterte’s violent, monthslong campaign.

Chinese Novelist Is Arrested in 4 Murders From 2 Decades Ago

Liu Yongbiao, author of 'The Guilty Secret,' had planned a novel about a writer who got away with a series of killings.

Chinese Video on Border Standoff With India Provokes Accusations of Racism

The video, produced by China’s state-run news media and filled with stereotypes and stilted jokes, could escalate tensions between the two countries.

The Night the Oxygen Ran Out in an Indian Hospital

The Modi government has been sharply criticized after children died when a vendor cut off oxygen supplies for lack of payment.

Joshua Wong and 2 Others Jailed in Hong Kong Over Pro-Democracy Protest

Mr. Wong and two fellow leaders of the monthslong demonstrations in 2014 were jailed after the Beijing-backed government of Hong Kong pushed for harsher punishment.

Bannon Interview Deepens Confusion Over U.S. Strategy for North Korea

The White House adviser’s blunt remarks appeared to undercut the United States’ top military official, who sought to persuade China to get tough on Pyongyang.

How Trump’s Predecessors Dealt With the North Korean Threat

The Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations each tried to threaten or cajole North Korea into abandoning its weapons programs. None succeeded.

The Response in South Korea to Threats of War? A Collective ¯\__/¯

People in Seoul are largely unmoved by the fact that their city lies within the range of North Korean artillery, rockets and missiles, writes our Korea correspondent.

American Service Member Killed and Others Wounded in Afghanistan Raid

The combat death was the 11th time an American was killed this year in the war in Afghanistan and came after the deaths of two soldiers in Iraq this week.

New Analysis Detects Objects Near Suspected MH370 Plane Crash Site

Satellite images from soon after a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing in 2014 may offer clues to its location, the Australian authorities said.

Looming War Games Alarm North Korea, but May Be a Bargaining Chip

Joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea, which are set to begin Monday, could provide an opening for efforts to reduce tensions over the North’s nuclear program.

Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973, Paper Finds

Research that studied semen samples from nearly 43,000 men from 50 countries detected a sharp downward trend that is provoking broad health concerns.

China’s Crackdown on North Korea Over U.N. Sanctions Starts to Pinch

A ban on North Korean seafood exports began to be felt this week, curtailing an easy source of cash for the North Korean government but angering Chinese wholesalers.

What’s in a Name? For Taiwan, Preparing for the Spotlight, a Lot

Taiwan’s athletes have long had to compete abroad as 'Chinese Taipei.' But now, as it prepares to host a major sports event, the whole island is getting the label.

Dr. Ruth Pfau, Savior of Lepers in Pakistan, Dies at 87

A German-born medical missionary who discovered her life’s calling by chance was hailed as 'the Mother Teresa of Pakistan.'

Yayoi Kusama to Open Her Own Museum in Tokyo

Ms. Kusama, the artist celebrated for her patterned pumpkins and 'mirrored infinity rooms,' will present exhibitions in a five-story museum, starting on Oct. 1.

South Korea’s Leader Bluntly Warns U.S. Against Striking North

President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that unilateral military action over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program would be intolerable.

Key Questions on North Korea’s Plan to Fire Missiles Near Guam

Kim Jong-un said he would wait 'a little more' before deciding whether to fire four missiles into waters about 20 miles off the American territory.

Australia Official Accuses New Zealand Party of Undermining Its Government

The assertion that a New Zealand opposition party is conspiring to bring down Australia’s government is an astonishing turn in the relationship of the two countries.

The Breakdown: Australia Archbishop Rejects Sex-Abuse Exception to the Secrecy of Confession

A government panel wants priests to reveal when they hear of sexual abuse in the sanctity of the confessional, but the archbishop of Melbourne said he’d rather go to jail.

North Korea Says It Will Wait ‘a Little More’ Before Acting on Guam Threat

Pyongyang said that it would assess 'the foolish and stupid conduct' of the United States before firing missiles toward the island as it has threatened to do.

Guam on Alert for North Korean Missile Test, but Residents Take It in Stride

For many on the island, which is home to major U.S. military bases, being prepared for emergencies posed by earthquakes, tropical storms or even hostile countries is second nature.

Hong Kong Police Say Activist Faked Account of Kidnapping and Torture

The police arrested the activist, Howard Lam, who said mainland Chinese officers stapled his legs during an abduction, on suspicion of misleading investigators.

In Rebuke to U.S., South Korea Warns Against Military Action Without Its Approval

During a national speech, President Moon Jae-in, the South’s leader, issued a warning against the possible military options being considered by the Trump administration.

Commonwealth Bank Chief to Quit Amid Money-Laundering Scandal

The Australian bank said its chief executive, Ian Narev, would resign next year, as the authorities accuse it of allowing deposits of tainted money.

North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say

Investigators are focusing on the factory as a black-market source for North Korea, a new report and classified intelligence assessments say.

Suharto Museum Celebrates Dictator’s Life, Omitting Dark Chapters

In his hometown, the Indonesian ruler is still largely revered. That’s also the approach taken by a museum established by his brother, which makes no mention of an era’s atrocities and corruption.

ISIS Claims Suicide Bombing That Killed at Least 15 in Pakistan

The bomber riding a motorcycle on Saturday rammed a military truck in Quetta, ahead of Pakistan’s 70th anniversary of independence.

‘It’s Very Easy to Die There’: How Prisoners Fare in Vietnam

Activists say a government report — possibly posted by accident — confirms their fears of high rates of executions, forced labor and deaths in custody.

U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Are Said to Kill 16 Civilians

Officials in Kabul blamed American warplanes targeting Islamic State militants for the deaths in eastern Afghanistan.

Trump Says Military Is ‘Locked and Loaded, Should North Korea Act Unwisely’

In his third warning of the week, the president said that he hoped Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, 'will find another path!'

North Korea Aside, Guam Faces Another Threat: Climate Change

Scientists say the island’s military installations and tourism industry could be imperiled by erosion, heat waves and harsher storms.

Beijing Warns U.S. Over Navy Patrol in South China Sea

After an American warship sailed near a disputed reef in the South China Sea, Beijing said that such operations would only force it to build up its forces there.

If Missiles Are Headed to Guam, Here Is What Could Stop Them

Both the United States and Japan have several systems designed to intercept and destroy ballistic missiles. But they are far from infallible.

The Breakdown: Australians Turn In 12,500 Guns in National Amnesty’s First Weeks

Many of the surrendered weapons were thought to be unwanted long guns, like rifles, rather than the concealable handguns that most appeal to criminals.

Kim Jong-un’s Approach: Missiles, Purges, Propaganda

Once dismissed as a figurehead, Kim Jong-un, at only 33, is emerging as a powerful leader and a nuclear threat.

Trump Doubles Down on Threats Against North Korea as Nuclear Tensions Escalate

The president said that perhaps his earlier 'fire and fury' comment was not strong enough, though he did say he was open to negotiations with the North Koreans.

As Trump Unnerves Asia, China Sees an Opening

Mr. Trump’s threat to bring 'fire and fury' to North Korea has Beijing hoping to emerge as the sober-minded power in the region.

In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest

Muslims had threatened to tear down a 100-foot statue of the deity Guan Yu, which was built outside the gates of a Chinese Confucian temple last month.