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Deal on Rohingya Repatriation Inches Forward, but Hurdles Remain

An announcement by Myanmar and Bangladesh brings a vague commitment to return migrants who fled death and destruction in a military crackdown.

A Radiation Cloud, and a Mystery, From Russia

The release of a nuclear isotope traced to an area in the Ural Mountains was harmless, but Moscow’s reticence to release data has spurred fears of future cover-ups.

Navy Scours Sea for 3 Missing After Plane Crash Near Japan

The C2-A Greyhound propeller cargo plane went down Wednesday en route to the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, the fifth accident this year for the Seventh Fleet.

Militant Leader Hafiz Saeed Is Released by Pakistani Court

After months of house arrest, Mr. Saeed, who is accused in the Mumbai terror attacks and has a huge U.S. bounty on him, will be freer to move into politics.

Escape From North Korea: What the Video Shows

Footage of a dramatic escape by a North Korean soldier into South Korea shows that a pursuing soldier from the North may have violated an international treaty.

Letter 35: Outtakes From Manus Island

This week’s Australia newsletter includes additional photography and stories from Manus, and a dash of American Thanksgiving.

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Manus Island, Ratko Mladic: Your Thursday Briefing

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Former American Prisoner of North Korea Found Dead

Aijalon M. Gomes, 38, is the second person to die this year after being released from North Korean imprisonment. The police said his death was an accident or suicide.

Navy Aircraft With 11 Aboard Crashes Into Waters Off Japan

Japan’s public broadcaster said Wednesday that eight people had been rescued and a search was underway for the other three.

Dramatic Video of North Korea Defector’s Getaway Under Fire

Footage of the actual escape by a North Korean soldier into South Korea, as seen from South Korean side.

North Korean Troops Violated Truce While Chasing Defector, U.N. Command Says

The United Nations Command accused North Korean troops of violating the armistice by firing weapons and crossing the border to chase a defector.

As Malaria Resists Treatment, Experts Warn of Global Crisis

A strain of malaria resistant to two drugs, including artemisinin, which was once seen as a miracle cure, is spreading, and experts fear that it could reach Africa.

China’s Flashy Ex-Internet Censor Faces Corruption Investigation

The onetime gatekeeper of China’s internet, who purged China’s social media of its most beloved personalities, has been detained and is under investigation.

Asia and Australia Edition: Robert Mugabe, North Korea, Mount Agung: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Restoring North Korea to Terrorism Blacklist Dims Hopes for Talks

Analysts say the North may use the American move as an excuse for more weapons tests.

Skype Vanishes From App Stores in China, Including Apple’s

The app still functions in China, but its fate there is unclear as the government moves against foreign-run tools for online communication.

China Finds Lawyer Who Exposed Torture Allegations Guilty of Inciting Subversion

Jiang Tianyong got a two-year term after helping bring to light another lawyer’s claims of being brutalized in custody.

Prosecutor’s Move in Afghan War Inquiry May Mean Clash With U.S.

An International Criminal Court prosecutor requested permission to start an inquiry that could implicate members of the U.S. military and the C.I.A.

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Angela Merkel, Robert Mugabe: Your Tuesday Briefing

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Workers Lured to Australia Find Low Pay and Tough Conditions

Many of the country’s more than 900,000 temporary foreign workers make less than minimum wage but feel they can’t complain, a new survey showed.

Kim Jong-un Disciplines North Korea’s Top Military Organization

The move is the latest sign that the North Korean leader is trying to tighten his grip on party elites and the armed forces amid a nuclear standoff with the United States.

Hunt for Top Indonesian Official in Graft Case Ends at a Hospital Bed

Setya Novanto, the speaker of the House of Representatives and a suspect in a $170 million graft scandal, was arrested after claiming to have been hurt in a car crash.

Australian Furor Over Chinese Influence Follows Book’s Delay

The decision by a leading publisher to postpone a book about Chinese sway in Australia is itself seen as evidence of Beijing’s meddling.

Asia and Australia Edition: Zimbabwe, Toshiba, Manus Island: Your Monday Briefing

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U.S. Marine Involved in Deadly Crash on Okinawa

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Nicholas James-McLean had been driving under the influence of alcohol.

Fire Kills at Least 19 in Beijing Apartment Building

Many of the victims were believed to be migrant workers from the Chinese countryside who were trapped in acrid smoke.

Six Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Reactors’ Melted Uranium Fuel

The Japanese government and companies used radiation-hardened machines to search for the fuel that escaped the plant’s ruined reactors.

China Envoy Discusses ‘Situation of the Korean Peninsula’ With North

President Xi Jinping’s special envoy met with North Korean officials in Pyongyang as Washington presses China to rein in its neighbor’s nuclear weapons and missile programs.

Afghan Army Recruitment Dwindles as Taliban Threaten Families

Insurgent threats to families, along with high-profile attacks that kill many soldiers, have dissuaded Afghans from signing up in crucial recruiting areas.

In China, an Education in Dating

A new type of coach teaches courtship in a country where the one-child policy left a deficit of women and where flirting remains relatively new.

What It’s Like to Live in India’s Toxic Air

New Delhi’s air quality worsens every winter. Jeffrey Gettleman, Times South Asia bureau chief, talks to residents who are suffering from the pollution and some who call it a 'slow poison.'

Global Health: Bird Flu Is Spreading in Asia, Experts Warn

Dire predictions of a flu pandemic proved overblown in 2005 and 2009. Still, health officials are warning that the H7N9 virus, which can be lethal, is on the rise.

Asia and Australia Edition: Robert Mugabe, Myanmar, Da Vinci: Your Friday Briefing

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Japanese Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early. Cue the Abject Apologies.

Envious commuters unfortunate enough to live anywhere but Japan marveled at a railway company’s contrition, but even some Japanese found it excessive.

Cambodia’s Top Court Dissolves Main Opposition Party

The ruling, criticized by the U.N. and by rights groups, eliminated the most viable challenger to the country’s authoritarian leader before elections next year.

As U.S. Debates Ending Electric Car Tax Credit, China Aims to Expand Sales

As the House of Representatives weighs a repeal, automakers are gathering in China, a country demanding they sell more electric cars.

Suicide Bomber in Kabul Kills at Least 8 Afghan Officers

Among the dead was a police lieutenant who threw his arms around the attacker before the bomb was detonated. Officials said many more could have died.

Visit an Austrian Village, Replicated in China

Enter Hallstatt, Austria, a small town in the Alps, and its replica in southern China in 360 video. Explore the towns’ more-than-similar architectural features.

Seeing U.S. in Retreat Under Trump, Japan and China Move to Mend Ties

With President Trump creating unease in Asia, two longtime adversaries inch toward a possible rapprochement that reflects a shifting power balance.

Australia’s Curious Path to Legalizing Gay Marriage

A public opinion survey pointing to approval for same-sex marriage is being celebrated and criticized, even among gay couples demanding equality.

Asia and Australia Edition: Rohingya, Zimbabwe, Same-Sex Marriage: Your Thursday Briefing

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Inside the Truce Village Where a North Korean Soldier Defected

It’s the only spot in the DMZ where soldiers from the North and South stand just feet from one another. It’s also one of the few where someone could make a break for it.

A Radioactive Cloud Wafts Over Europe, With Russia as Chief Suspect

High levels of a substance called ruthenium 106 detected over the Continent have prompted concern about a possible cover-up by Moscow.

Rex Tillerson Tells Myanmar Leaders to Investigate Attacks on Rohingya

Visiting Myanmar’s capital, he called the violence 'crimes against humanity,' and said that targeted sanctions against individuals might be called for.

China Will Send Envoy to North Korea, Likely to Urge Nuclear Talks

The move to meet with Kim Jong-un of North Korea comes less than a week after President Trump’s visit to Beijing. But analysts are skeptical about its prospects.

Chinese Nationalism Jostles With Academic Freedom in Australia

Chinese students, an increasingly crucial source of revenue, are challenging what they see as anti-China slights, raising censorship concerns.

Asia and Australia Edition: Myanmar, Jeff Sessions, Iran: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Reporter’s Notebook: Trump in Asia: A ‘Very Epic’ Charm Offensive

Like most things he undertakes, President Trump treated his 12-day trip as a test of his own personal charisma.

Trump Asks Xi for Help on U.C.L.A. Players Arrested in China

The American president appealed to his Chinese counterpart in the case of the three members of a university basketball team accused of shoplifting.

Trump’s Mixed Messages Fail to Reassure Asian Allies

The president’s marathon trip left many unsure about America’s staying power and fed a growing sense that China drives the region’s agenda.