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Thrust Into Chile’s Abortion Fight, Woman Who Urged Change May See It

After Karen Espíndola had a wrenching pregnancy she was told she couldn’t end, she became an activist. Now, Chile’s constitutional court is set to rule on a law that allows abortion in some cases.

Venezuela Accuses 2 Political Dissidents of Extortion

Officials accused the country’s ousted attorney general, Luisa Ortega, of turning her office into a center for extortion and said her husband ran the operation.

In Latin America, Pence Aims to Soften ‘America First’ Message

The Trump administration’s first major effort to mend fences with a region rattled by President Trump did little to assuage fears.

Policy Under Trump Bars Obama-Era Path to U.S. for Central American Youths

The program was established in 2014 to deal with a surge of migrants fleeing violence and lets them live and work in the United States temporarily.

Dominican Parade in Manhattan Is Seen as ‘What America Is All About’

The annual celebration of culture and pride was described as a counterpoint to the weekend’s white nationalist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va.

Chile’s Energy Transformation Is Powered by Wind, Sun and Volcanoes

Once energy dependent, Chile is on track to become a renewables powerhouse with the potential to export electricity.

Trump Considers Military Option for Venezuela

After days of bellicose language directed toward North Korea, President Trump also raised the possibility of military action in response to a power grab by President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela.

Canada Letter: Ice Cream Revival and Cross-Border Trade Anxiety

A town’s biggest employer helps save the local school, and there is an influx of would-be immigrants at the border south of Montreal.

United Nations Appoints Alison Smale of The New York Times to Top Post for Public Information

Ms. Smale, a veteran correspondent and editor for The Times, will join the United Nations from Berlin, where she is the newspaper’s bureau chief.

South America’s Street Art Mecca

Join a graffiti tour on a trip through Bogotá, where the form has evolved into a mixture of social commentary, cultural expression and art.

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Gives Opposition Mayor 15-Month Jail Term

The government continued its crackdown on the opposition, with the court ordering a second well-known mayor to appear before it on Wednesday.

As Maduro’s Venezuela Rips Apart, So Does His Military

President Nicolás Maduro has taken great pains to reward military leaders for loyalty, but some in the rank and file are turning against him.

Military Attack in Venezuela

A growing number of Venezuelan officers are openly breaking ranks with the president and taking up weapons.

Seattle Chokes as Wildfire Smoke From Canada Blankets the Northwest

Smoke from rampant wildfires in British Columbia has spilled into the United States, and it’s unclear when conditions will improve.

Wildfire Smoke From Canada Drapes Pacific Northwest in a Haze

Smoke from rampant wildfires in British Columbia has spilled into the United States, and it’s unclear when conditions will improve.

Ernst Zündel, Holocaust Denier Tried for Spreading His Message, Dies at 78

Mr. Zündel spewed anti-Semitic propaganda from his house in Toronto and twice saw his convictions overturned.

Jack Rabinovitch, Founder of Canadian Literary Award, Dies at 87

Mr. Rabinovitch, a real estate developer, set up the Giller Prize, Canada’s leading literary award, as a memorial for his second wife.