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‘These Were Our Children’: School Collapses in Mexico Earthquake

At least 30 children were killed when the Enrique Rebsamen school collapsed in Tuesday’s earthquake.

Battered, Not Broken: Pictures of Mexico After the Quake

As Mexicans rush to one another’s aid, portraits of a country that is already dusting itself off.

Where to Donate to Mexico Earthquake Victims

Here is a list of local and international organizations that are helping those affected.

Why Mexico Is So Prone to Strong Earthquakes

Two powerful quakes, 12 days apart, have killed hundreds of people in Mexico this month. We look at how, where and why the big ones happen.

Photos from the Mexico Earthquake

Photos from the Mexico Earthquake

Mexico City Volunteers Venture Out in Force to Aid Quake Victims

Parque España, the verdant refuge of dog-walkers and young lovers, became the venue for something else: a frenetic, impromptu relief center.

Mexicans Dig Through Quake Rubble as Death Toll Passes 200

Thousands of rescue workers plunged into the shattered shells of homes and offices. Officials said the priority is to keep saving people.

Listen: Locals Describe Hurricane Maria’s Damage in Dominica

With no power, phones or internet, Dominica residents turned to amateur radio to give updates on their situation after Hurricane Maria battered the island.

Strong Earthquake Strikes Near Mexico City

A deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck close to Mexico City. It comes less than two weeks after the most powerful earthquake in Mexico in a century.

First Reports Emerge of Hurricane Maria’s Damage in Dominica

With no power, phones or internet, Dominica residents turned to amateur radio to give updates on their situation after Hurricane Maria battered the island.

Allan J. MacEachen, a Force in Bringing Public Health Care to Canada, Dies at 96

'Canadians are living in a country that Allan J. built, and they like it,' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Mexico, Killing Over 200

In Mexico City, where a school collapsed, ordinary citizens used their bare hands to try to free the students trapped in the rubble.

Islands Seek International Funding for Hurricane Recovery

In a special United Nations session, leaders of islands battered by hurricanes made worse by climate change appealed to wealthy countries for aid.

Hurricane Maria Threatens Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria tore roofs off houses on the Caribbean island of Dominica and caused flooding in Guadeloupe. The Category 5 storm is now headed toward the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The 2017 Hurricane Season Really Is More Intense Than Normal

It’s not your imagination. From Harvey to Irma to Jose to Maria, this year’s Atlantic hurricane season 'has been an overachiever by almost every index.'

British Columbia Proposes Ban on Corporate and Union Donations in Elections

The measures are expected to become law as the far western province tries to ban big money in politics.

Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall in Dominica as Other Islands Brace for Potential Disaster

The Caribbean islands scrambled to prepare for another big storm, Hurricane Maria, which was barreling through only days after Irma killed more than two dozen.

Brazil’s New Top Prosecutor Inherits Politically Explosive Cases

Raquel Dodge, the first woman to serve as Brazil’s attorney general, takes office amid a vast corruption investigation that extends to the president.

Trump Soft-Soaps the U.N. Of Course, It Was Only Day 1 . . .

'We pledge to be partners in your work,' the America First president told a room full of world leaders in New York. He even tweeted nice.

On the Market: Homes for Sale in Toronto

This week we visit and review properties in South Riverdale and Upper Beach.

Now It’s Hurricane Maria, and Caribbean Braces for New Hit

Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma devastated the islands, residents learned Tropical Storm Maria had intensified and was heading their way.

The United Nations Explained: Its Purpose, Power and Problems

As representatives of the body’s 193 member countries gather for the annual session of the General Assembly, a look at how the institution has attempted to live up to its founders’ ambitions.

What We’re Watching at This Year’s United Nations General Assembly

North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, Climate Change. Oh, and Donald J. Trump.

‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ Wins Top Prize at Toronto

The dark comic drama starring Frances McDormand took the people’s choice award. The documentary winner was the Agnes Varda-JR film 'Faces Places.'

‘Narcos’ Location Scout Found Dead in Mexico

Carlos Muñoz Portal was found with multiple gunshot wounds while reportedly scouting locations for the series.

Why Trump Is the Most Interesting Part of the U.N. General Assembly

Representatives from 193 nations are set to gather for the 72nd annual General Assembly. All eyes will be on President Trump as he juggles diplomatic tensions in countries like North Korea and Iran.

Catering to Commuters at a Tijuana Border Crossing

Every morning, tens of thousands commute from Tijuana, Mexico, into the United States for work, crawling for hours in traffic. A small industry of food vendors caters to the daily commuters.

Tropical Storm Maria Is Latest Threat to Caribbean Islands

A hurricane watch has been issued for Antigua and Barbuda, and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands may be affected by the middle of next week.

This Season, Western Wildfires Are Close By and Running Free

Extreme fire behavior — difficult to predict and dangerous to fight — has been the watchword for the year. And these fires are menacing more lives and property.

Como a Grande Indústria Viciou o Brasil em Junk Food

À medida que o crescimento diminui nos países ricos, as empresas de alimentos ocidentais se expandem acintosamente nos países em desenvolvimento, contribuindo para obesidade e problemas de saúde.

Canada Letter: The Avro Arrow and an Amazon HQ

This week’s Canada Letter, which is for and about Canada and Canadians, looks at the underwater hunt for traces of a Cold War fighter.

More Than a Week After Irma, St. Martin Is Still Trying to Survive

A Times reporter on one of the Caribbean islands hit hardest by the hurricane describes life without fuel, electricity, schools and a dependable food supply.

Protests Erupt in Guatemala Over Laws to Dilute Antigraft Campaign

As students and businesspeople took to the streets, judges suspended legislation that would have gutted campaign finance rules and freed criminals.

President Temer of Brazil Faces New Corruption Charges

Brazil’s departing attorney general accuses President Michel Temer of obstruction of justice in a sprawling corruption investigation.

65 Percent of Mexicans View U.S. Negatively, Survey Finds

The result is a stark contrast to Pew’s survey of 2015, when 66 percent of Mexicans had a generally positive view of the United States.

Brazilian Art Show Sets Off Dispute That Mirrors Political Battles

An exhibition was abruptly shut down after protests, including some from those who demanded the impeachment of Brazil’s president last year.

Who Knew? For Red Carpet Trends, Look North

The Toronto International Film Festival has become the fashion pacesetter of the premiere season.

I Saw Myself in ‘Anastasia.’ And I Knew I Had to Leave Honduras.

Alienated from his surroundings, an 11-year-old boy identified with an exiled cartoon princess. Thanks to a Broadway musical, he now has gotten to know her.

Canadian Judge Who Wore Trump Hat in Court Will Remain on the Bench

The judge, who wore a 'Make America Great Again' cap into court the day after the presidential election, will be suspended without pay for 30 days.

Where Horror Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

The Midnight Madness section of the Toronto International Film Festival is now considered a premier showcase for genre films. It wasn’t always so respectable.

President of Guatemala Wins Vote to Preserve His Immunity

The move by Guatemalan legislators means that President Jimmy Morales will not face scrutiny in a campaign finance investigation.

Irma Live Updates: Storm Pushes North, but Millions Are Without Power in Florida

After days of frantic preparation, Floridians awoke Monday to destruction that fell short of the direst forecasts, but still faced life-altering damage.

Leveled Mexican Town Digs for Survivors. ‘Can You Tell Me if My Dad’s O.K.?’

Rescue workers in Juchitán de Zaragoza searched desperately in the ruins of town hall for the police officer who guarded the building at night.

Hurricane Irma Live Updates: Storm Gains Strength as It Nears Florida Keys

Officials upgraded Irma to a Category 4 hurricane early Sunday, reporting maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.

Strong Earthquake Hits Off Mexico’s Coast

The quake, which had a preliminary magnitude of 8.1, was felt as far away as Mexico City, reports said.

After Andrew, Florida Changed Its Approach to Hurricanes

In South Florida, Hurricane Andrew remains a benchmark that few have forgotten. The storm changed how Florida prepared for high winds and lashing rains.

For Brazil’s Departing Top Prosecutor, ‘One Last Cannon Barrage’

Days before his term ends, Attorney General Rodrigo Janot is leaving the country’s current and past two presidents facing corruption charges.

Refugees’ Flight and Land Mines Spur Bangladesh Protest to Myanmar

Reports that Myanmar had placed mines along the countries’ shared border led Bangladesh to issue a protest and demand 'immediate measures to de-escalate' the crisis.

Hurricane Irma Pummels Caribbean

One of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded has already caused damage on several islands.

No, Hurricane Irma Won’t Be a ‘Category 6’ Storm

There is no such thing as Category 6, and there won’t be, even for a storm like Irma that threatens to break Atlantic hurricane records.