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President Buhari Returns to Nigeria, Facing Serious Challenges

The president spent months abroad on medical leave as his country tries to dig out of recession while fighting a brutal war against Boko Haram, the Islamist militant group.

Grace Mugabe Wins Diplomatic Immunity After Assault Accusations

The South African government said it had granted immunity to the wife of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe after she was accused of whipping a model.

Crusader Who Saved Elephants From Poachers Is Shot Dead in Tanzania

Wayne Lotter, who helped found an organization to combat poaching and the ivory trade, was killed when two men opened the door to his car and one of them shot him.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady Said to Seek Diplomatic Immunity Over Assault Claim

A South African model said Grace Mugabe attacked her with an extension cord after finding her with the first lady’s two sons in a luxury hotel room in Johannesburg.

Kenya Opposition Leader Says He’ll Expose Election Fraud

Raila Odinga, who lost last week’s presidential election to the incumbent, President Uhuru Kenyatta, says he will challenge the result in the Supreme Court.

Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 20 People in Northeastern Nigeria

The attack, which also wounded dozens of people, struck a camp for internally displaced people and a nearby market.

Chaos in Central African Republic Imperils Aid Groups’ Work

Mayhem is spreading, tens of thousands of people have been displaced, and aid groups warn that 'we cannot operate in a country where we are the target.'

‘All We See Is Dead Bodies’: Sierra Leone Floods and Mudslides Ravage Freetown

Survivors in Freetown, the capital, resorted to stacking bodies on soccer fields, after heavy rain and mudslides killed as many as 200 people.

Protests Rage On in Kenya After President Is Re-Elected

Many believe the election was rigged, even though international observers concluded that it was fair and transparent.

At Least 50 Migrants Drown as Smuggler Throws Them Into Sea

The victims had fled Ethiopia and Somalia, facing acute hunger, and were headed for Yemen, one of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

Kenya Election Returns Were Hacked, Opposition Leader Says

Raila Odinga said preliminary results that put him behind the incumbent, Uhuru Kenyatta, were a fraud. At least one person was reported killed in protests.

Reviving a South African Musical That Once Promised So Much

A new production of 'King Kong,' which originally starred Miriam Makeba, is a reminder of the nation’s apartheid past.

Kenyan Presidential Election Is Peaceful; Violence Feared Over Results

There were few technical glitches compared to the previous election, in 2013, when many voting machines malfunctioned.

Iflix Video-Streaming Service Secures $133 Million in Funding

The Malaysian company, which operates mostly in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, drew investment from a group led by the U.S. media firm Hearst.

As Kenya’s Vote Nears, Fear That ‘Fake News’ May Fuel Real Bloodshed

Tactics familiar in the U.S. and Europe are now being used in the presidential election of a country with a history of political violence.

Rwanda President’s Lopsided Re-election Is Seen as a Sign of Oppression

President Paul Kagame’s victory reflected what rivals called the stifling of dissenting views, and showed the glaring absence of a viable opposition.

Paul Kagame Appears Set for Victory in Rwanda Vote

Mr. Kagame brought stability to his traumatized country after a 1994 genocide, but there is no viable opposition in Rwanda and dissenting views are frequently silenced.

Kenyan Election Official Is Killed on Eve of Vote

Christopher Chege Musando, who would have played a role in counting ballots in the Aug. 8 presidential election, was found dead three days after he disappeared, officials said.

A Conversation With: Dr. Raj Panjabi Goes the Last Mile in Liberia

A charity dispatches community health workers to the most remote communities in Africa — beyond 'the last mile' of the organized health care system.