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Ways to Strengthen and Expand Quality Health Care in Africa: IAEA at the World Health Summit

The critical role of the IAEA in expanding access to quality health care in Africa was highlighted at the World Health Summit in Berlin last week.

The UAE's Nuclear Path: Q&A with Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi

The UAE started building the first unit of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in 2012 and currently has four units under construction. We sat down with Ambassador Hamad Alkaabi, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the IAEA, to talk about his country's nuclear power programme.

Integrated Farming Finds Success in India with Help of Nuclear Science

Farmers have teamed up with scientists to find new ways to produce more food, improve the quality of their farmland and earn more money. With the help of nuclear techniques, they now have a method for producing high quality livestock and more crops while protecting the health of their soil for a ...

Indonesia Selects Nuclear-bred Soybean Variety for Mass Production

Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture last month selected an improved soybean variety developed using nuclear techniques as the basis for its national self-sufficiency plan, which aims to increase food security in the country.

US Announces $433,000 Support toward Scientific Research and Coordination on Ocean Acidification

Global research on the effects of carbon dioxide on the ocean will get a boost as the US Government announced a further $433,000 to support the IAEA Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre .

Combining External Radiation with High-dose Rate Brachytherapy Effective for Cervical Cancer, IAEA Study Confirms

A five-year long clinical trial conducted in seven low and middle-income countries has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of combining high doses of internal radiation therapy with pelvic external beam radiation therapy in treating cervical cancer.

Indonesian City Lands Environmental Award Thanks, in Part, to Use of Nuclear Technique

Indonesia's third largest city has just won the title of ASEAN Environmentally Sustainable City. The use of nuclear techniques to monitor air pollution have contributed to the achievement, city official have said.

IAEA Director General at the Edoardo Amaldi Conference: Nuclear Science has a Key Role to Play for Development

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano emphasized the IAEA's role in strengthening global nuclear safety and security, as well as the importance of nuclear science for development, when he spoke at the 20th Edoardo Amaldi Conference in Rome on Monday.

Costa Rica Aims to Eradicate Harmful Flies with the Help of Wasps and Nuclear Technology

A group of Costa Rican experts has demonstrated that using a tiny wasp and nuclear technology can control the stable fly, a pest that is causing losses to pineapple producers and cattle breeders in Costa Rica and beyond.

IAEA Releases Projections on Global Nuclear Power Capacity Through 2050

The IAEA's annual publication on energy and electricity projections show that nuclear power's global potential up to 2050 remains high, although its expansion is expected to slow in coming years.

New Reading Room Enhances Access to IAEA Archives

A modernized reading room with enhanced access to the IAEA's archives opened today for the benefit of researchers studying the Agency's past.

IAEA Support in Human Health

On 19-20 September in Vienna , the IAEA held its annual Scientific Forum that focused on Nuclear Techniques in Human Health: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment. To draw attention to the important use of nuclear science and technology and the IAEA's role in this field May Abdel-Wahab, Director, ...

Italian and Pakistani Bust Donations add to the "Nuclear Art" Collection of the IAEA

Busts of famous nuclear scientists donated by Italy and Pakistan last week are the latest in a series of art donations received by the IAEA on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.

Italian and Pakistani Bust Donations add to the Nuclear Art' Collection of the IAEA

Busts of famous nuclear scientists donated by Italy and Pakistan last week are the latest in a series of art donations received by the IAEA on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.

New IAEA Self-Assessment Methodology and Enhancing SMR Licensing Discussed at Regulatory Cooperation Forum

A new IAEA safety culture self-assessment methodology for regulators and a pilot project on the licensing of small modular reactors were highlighted at the eighth IAEA Regulatory Cooperation Forum , held today on the margins of the IAEA 61st General Conference.