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ESET: The security firm hoping to secure the world, one user at a time

Security firm marks 30 years of existence with new releases and an all-new headquarters.

Firefox wants to warn you when you visit breached sites

Partnership with HaveIBeenPwned? will appear in next build of Firefox.

Intel plans to remove legacy BIOS support by 2020

Legacy hardware will no longer be compatible with Intel's newest platforms.

EU wants taskforce to coordinate multiple Uber investigations

Privacy regulators will meet next week to discuss fallout from Uber's 2016 data breach.

EU wants better controls over spying tech

European Union plans to tighten up controls on "dual use" devices that can be used to intercept mobile phone calls.

Security in the world of microservices

In the world of microservices, the goal is to have a small piece of software that performs a well-defined set of tasks.

Battle of the bots

There's no doubt bots will become more prolific, as artificial intelligence is integrated into familiar apps like Facebook Messenger to offer booking services and online help services.

Six factors to consider when choosing object-based storage for your data-driven enterprise

Choosing the right OBS solution now will allow your organisation to meet today's needs with the flexibility to scale and adapt in the future.

OSS and third-party security risk: Lessons for IoT businesses

The Apache Struts vulnerability raises questions about Open Source Software and third-party security for businesses, especially Internet of Things organisations.

What is digital transformation? Everything you need to know

Digital transformation - what's new 22/11 - FEATURE - Daniel Ball/Wax Digital - Finance departments falling behind with digital transformation - The pace of digital transformation is today so rapid that even the most forward-thinking of businesses are likely to be struggling to keep up

10 ways #Budget2017 is good news for business owners

A business friendly budget could help ease tensions surrounding Brexit.

How to prepare for Black Friday – from downtime to security

Each year we see websites crash due to the influx of requests.

UK emergency services get major mobile upgrade

Samsung awarded contract to upgrade UK emergency services network, with new mobile devices top of the list.

Black Friday 2017: Beware these scams when searching for bargains

Sophos expert warns shoppers to be on their guard whilst hunting for bargains online, as email phishing scams spike in time for Black Friday.

The future of medical robotics

Robots are already helping doctors save lives and their adoption in hospitals is increasing at a rapid rate.

Virgin Media Business lets workers carry the private network with them

Business Anywhere service offers secure and reliable access to work networks when working on the go.

Is the tech sector facing a developer recruitment time bomb?

Recruiting and retaining top UK tech developer talent is becoming more challenging – especially for non-tech organisations.

Tech Talent Charter gets Government funding, expands list of signatories

Initiative now counts 90 signatory companies as it pushes to get more women into tech.

ASA rules on major broadband advertising changes across the UK

Broadband providers must change adverts to show true speeds, UK advertising watchdog rules.

Broadcom looking to increase Qualcomm bid

The fight is not over yet, reports claim.

Lunch with the CMO? Changes in social media spend

4C Insights' CMO, Aaron Goldman shares his thoughts on where social media is headed in 2018.

Amazon reveals major AI boost

Amazon Rekognition can now read text from images as company also announces new machine learning lab.

In this data-driven world, you won't get far without master data fuel

Organisations need a standardised way to connect their data sources with a master data framework at the core of their business operations.

UK law authorities begin probe into Uber data breach

Information Commissioner's Office and the National Cyber Security Centre both begin investigations into Uber data breach.

Accreditation is more than a box-ticking exercise

Why industry standards are key to a successful business.

Under 25s more likely to be duped by phishing scams

Why being security-savvy shouldn't be generational

Innovating within the new guidelines is biggest threat to GDPR compliance

2018 trends in retail

Here are some of the different retail technologies predicted to take off in 2018.

Do prejudice undertones impact our thoughts on AI?

The public perception of artificial intelligence is full of misconceptions and half-truths.

Q&A: Social landscape in 2018

Next year social is poised to create even more disruption than it did this year.

Moving your communications to the cloud – What's holding you back?

Addressing the misconceptions about moving your communications to the cloud.

How to secure AWS S3 leaky buckets

Welcome to 2017, the year where almost every American has been affected by the dozens of high-profile data breaches and leakage events.

Meg Whitman to step down as HPE CEO

Whitman leaves post after six years, with current HPE president Antonio Neri set take her place.

Uber data breach - the industry reacts

Uber has been named and shamed having paid out a ransom for a data breach back in 2016, but what does the security industry make of the news?

How retailers can use predictive analytics to prepare for the holiday season

Retailers can utilise the power of big data to make better business decisions, also known as using predictive analytics.

Square: Why going mobile can really help your SMB take off

UK launch of Square Reader will greatly help small businesses looking to grow, company tells ITProPortal.

Budget 2017: Driverless cars, AI and 5G all get major investment

2017 Budget includes major funding for next-generation technology as Philip Hammond announces further support for small and large businesses alike.

Google admits Android tracks your location whether you like it or not

Smartphones powered by Android were collecting data on their owners' locations even if service was turned off.

Samsung invests in major new AI research centre

No details on the centre's location.

Microsoft and Box join forces for cloud management

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Box Using Azure.

8 tips for successful communication across the digital workplace

A secure communications portal is essential to your organisation's success in today's digital world.

What is Hybrid Cloud? Everything you need to know

Hybrid Cloud - what's new  02/11 - FEATURE - Kelly Murphy/HyperGrid - Beyond hybrid cloud: Enabling public cloud on-premises - Fully managed cloud services that are based on-premises can give your organisation greater security and control without the added costs

Blurring the boundaries between networking and IT security

Combining security and networking across a single platform can help organisations avoid large scale upgrades in the future.

Uber paid hackers to cover up major data breach

Despite providing more details regarding the breach, the ride-sharing company could still be in violation of data breach disclosure laws.

What's your bank's identity API strategy?

PSD2 regulation will mean that banks need to provide and open up APIs for third party access.

'Lost in Migration'

Thousands of personal photos are heading to a digital graveyard.

UK government increases efforts to address tech skills shortages

Raising the visa cap and allocating additional funds to the tech industry will help the sector flourish after Brexit.

Despite some gloomy press, machine or deep learning can help SMEs increase their revenue and find new customers

Away from the more sensational headlines, good news emerges.

With PSD2 on the horizon, can open banking really be secured?

With the revised Payment Service Directive, better known as PSD2, set to become law on 18th January 2018, next year may see one of the biggest shake ups in the financial sector in recent history.

From visualising to realising the future: VR in education

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the classroom and the way students learn.