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Say hello to the future of robotics - from Russia with love

Russian company Promobot introduces us to the robot that charmed Vladimir Putin.

Prepare for a 'Category One' cyber-attack, warns NCSC

Despite cybersecurity threats growing in scale and danger, National Cyber Security Centre head says people aren't necessarily the weakest link.

CCleaner attack targeted specific companies

Avast reveals recent incident was a 'watering hole' attack, with telecoms and tech companies specifically targeted.

Almost 1.5 million new phishing sites pop up every month

2017 marks huge surge in harmful sites, with May alone seeing a record 2.3 million sites created.

NCSC - Prepare for a 'Category One' cyber-attack

Despite cybersecurity threats growing in scale and danger, National Cyber Security Centre head says people aren't necessarily the weakest link.

How big data will revolutionise driving

Big data will help lay the foundations for smart cities and in turn support the development of autonomous vehicles.

Millennials in the workplace: The reality around the myth

Organisations must remember that millennials only make up a quarter of today's workforce.

UK businesses losing revenue due to lack of cloud expertise

Businesses that moved their IT into the cloud are already seeing positive ROI.

Theresa May calls for stronger clampdown on terrorist material

Prime Minister targets world's largest tech companies to prevent the spread of terrorist material across the Internet.

Modern applications of technology in an R&D lab

Can technology help R&D labs reduce their spending?

How speech recognition gives people with dyslexia new terms for opportunity

Of all the learning difficulties facing people with dyslexia, it is reading and writing that proves to be the most demanding.

GDPR compliance in legacy environments

Format-preserving encryption allows organisations to protect customer data while using pseudonymization.

Fintech start-ups can play a vital role in the UK following Brexit

A number of the world's leading banks and startups have joined together to rally behind the UK fintech industry.

It's time for a sound revolution

Harnessing the medium of sound to transmit data can be a useful alternative to RF options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

5 steps to identifying your customer success unicorn

This unicorn can seem pretty elusive.

5 reasons why your business should be using e-commerce

The magnitude of online retail not only makes it important to business owners, but at times daunting too, and some companies go to lengths to avoid becoming part of the e-commerce world.

Motorola Solutions unveils its view of the future of policing

On the 50th anniversary of its move into the UK, Motorola Solutions shows off the services to make police officers smarter and more efficient than ever.

Toshiba confirms $18bn chip division deal to Bain Capital

Apple backing was reportedly key to securing the deal for the struggling Japanese company.

UK police forces 'still relying on Windows XP'

Greater Manchester Police revealed to still be using the outdated OS on 20 per cent of their office PCs.

PC prices have risen 30 per cent in the UK since Brexit decision

Device manufacturers and local distributors have both raised their prices to recoup their losses from a weaker pound.

Hitachi announces a new subsidiary - Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi combines HDS, Pentaho and Hitachi Insight Group to give data-driven IoT solutions a boost.

Cybersecurity can be a major business enabler

Vodafone report claims businesses with strong cybersecurity have faster growth.

The state of automotive cyber security in 2017

What's essential and what's not.

UK police forces still relying on Windows XP

The Greater Manchester Police still use the dated OS on 20 per cent of their office PCs.

Securing an organisation against insider threats

Organisations are so focused on protecting themselves from external threats that often overlook the danger rogue insiders could pose.

The supply chain conundrum: Why large businesses fear data breaches from SME suppliers

Securing the supply chain will be the biggest challenge for businesses in the coming years.

Billions of data records already stolen in 2017

More data records were stolen in the first half of this year than the entirety of 2016, as Petya and WannaCry run wild.

People trust mobile operators over Facebook and Google to handle personal data

Keeping track of your usernames and passwords will only become more frustrating with in the age of connected devices.

Digital transformation and the future WAN

The traditional wide area network set-up is dead.

Augmented Reality - not just robotics - represent the future of productivity

Organisations should not rely entirely on robots but should instead consider how to better support their human workforce.

Yet another ad update from Google: What are the implications for online ads?

If you received Google's ad rotation update on August 29th, there are some things you should know.

Taking a systematic approach – why it matters in the world of automation

By taking an architectural approach, automation processes can be managed from a unified construct as opposed to numerous systems.

Is a headless CMS right for your marketing stack?

Many marketers are finding that they need a better way to manage content meant to be distributed among multiple delivery channels.

Signs your business needs to adopt a multi-cloud strategy

This article highlights the signs when a business should adopt a multi-cloud strategy to leverage the benefits of different clouds.

Blockchain meets the challenge

The music industry is both excited and cautious about emerging technologies, and blockchain is no exception.

What do Equifax and a UK City Council have in common?

Open source components with known vulnerabilities could leave your organisation susceptible to a similar security breach.

Epson - Thought office printing was dead? Think again...

Printing giant sees inkjet technology as the key to breaking the lucrative EMEA business market, Epson UK head tells ITProPortal.

London's SMBs 'clueless' about GDPR

Almost half a million SMBs have no idea what's coming next May, report claims.

AWS to charge by the second for its EC2 cloud computing service

The company had previously charged by the hour since its initial release in 2006.

AI: From science fiction to a real business

Small companies will be empowered by AI and large enterprises will become more responsive to their customers.

Intel reveals $1bn total AI investment

Chipmaker reveals its long-term AI strategy, as well as the major investment it has made in the market over the years.

How brands can optimise the online shopping experience

Prioritising mobile-first retail and utilising emerging technologies can help ecommerce sites remain competitive.

Simplification: The greatest lie of the Cloud Era

Is the cloud making things simpler or more complicated for your organisation?

Automation, AI and now Bitcoin - What is the future that lies ahead?

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity worldwide and now governments must decide if they are willing to support them.

Will AI destroy - or create jobs?

CCS Insight report claims that many workers actually believe AI will help create jobs.

How to build a chatbot for a website

A chatbot can be a valuable asset for your organisation's customer service experience.

US Senate votes to ban Kaspersky products from government networks

Both Trump and the FBI have questioned the company's ties to Russia repeatedly over the past few months.

Data analytics offer new payment insights

The key issue is to offer insights which add value to products and services and fulfil needs for customers.

Comparing tech cultures: Japan and Silicon Valley through the eyes of an entrepreneur

Why it's better to start a company in the capital of high-tech than in Japan—in some ways

Five changes to the way people will use banks in the future

So-called 'challenger' banks and other innovative financial service companies began to spring up, giving digitally engaged consumers many more options than they had had before.