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Foundational controls: The key to defending against cyberattacks

In the face of the immense growth of cyberattacks, it is now imperative that organisations have a good understanding of today's threatscape and deploy the correct security controls to ensure their digital assets are comprehensively protected.

Driving reliability and improving maintenance outcomes with machine learning

Companies can no longer rely solely on traditional maintenance practices.

Data of almost two million US voters leaks

Voters in the state of Illinois may have had their personal details revealed.

Overcoming IT barriers to digital transformation

The end user experience is essential to a successful digital transformation.

AI Demystified: Shaping the future for positive change

A deeper understanding of artificial intelligence could help change the public's mind about this emerging technology.

Connected car flaw could let hackers disable your airbags

Further warnings emerge over threats to connected cars, with drivers and passengers both possibly at risk.

Don't be caught out by China's new cybersecurity law

What the new regulations mean for doing business online in mainland China.

For UK CEOs, cyber-security is an investment opportunity

KPMG report claims majority of CEOs see cyber-security as an opportunity to find new revenue streams.

The CISO & the board: A love-hate relationship?

A third of CISOs aren't involved at all with their company's key strategic business decisions. It is clear something has to change.

Q&A: The importance of unlimited file-sharing for emerging technologies

JeHoon Shin discusses file sharing technologies, current restraints and solutions.

Barclays is making it easier than ever to keep SME data on track

New SmartBusiness Dashboard from Barclays allows businesses to keep track of all their data in one place.

Box boosts cloud content management with new Google partnership

Deal will see machine learning techniques greatly improve Box's image recognition and content classification services.

Beware the GDPR cowboys

Companies are being caught out by suppliers over-promising on their GDPR expertise, study warns.

DevOps 'suffering from lack of security skills'

Higher institutions are not adequately preparing software developers for careers in DevOps, study claims.

UK mobile payments spending triples in first half of 2017

Retailers across the country are becoming more reliant on contactless and mobile payments, Worldpay report says.

DevOps suffering from lack of security skills

Higher institutions are not adequately preparing software developers for careers in DevOps.

Microsoft upgrades Azure for serverless computing push

New Azure Event Grid service will aid developers building event-based applications.

Cisco results drop as security arm struggles

The company's security arm had previously been its fastest growing sector.

Shipping giant Maersk reveals $300 million cyber-attack loss

NotPetya cyber-attack hit Maersk hugely when it came to recent revenue.

Cyber resiliency: 6 Steps to get your business in shape

Organisations must be able to quickly recover in the wake of a cyber attack or security breach.

Google updates cloud collaboration tools

Docs, Sheets and Slides are getting a small facelift as Google boosts some of its core products.

How military forces are combating the ransomware epidemic

Organisations should follow the military's lead by adopting automated tools to combat cyber threats.

Why businesses need to take advantage of Big Data, IoT and AI now

With the rate of progress only getting faster, there is no better time for businesses to delve deeper into what the holy tech trinity can do for their future growth.

Empower Chromebooks and transform tech use

Devices running Chrome OS can be easily managed by IT teams allowing students and businesses to be more productive.

Criminals target A-level results day with fake university courses

Forcepoint report warns of scammers preying on nervous university applicants with fake courses and application pages.

Brace for impact from the march of mega messengers!

Embracing the march and pace of the conversational interface is crucial to taking advantage of the era of IP messaging.

Barriers to technology innovations creating a digital divide among financial institutions

Barriers preventing the adoption of latest innovations are bringing about a growing divide between the 'haves' and the 'have nots', leaving the financial industry disjointed in its approach to data insight and fraud prevention.

$1bn is yesterday's news. Where are the UK's decacorns?

Despite its leading global role, the country has never produced a software giant like SAP or Infosys.

Secure first, then connect: The future of IoT security

As the implementation and adoption of IoT devices grows, securing the Internet of Things must be a top priority.

Criminals exploit PowerPoint vulnerability to spread malware

Attackers targeted organisations in the electronics manufacturing industry via email to infect their systems.

What is ransomware? Everything you need to know

Ransomware: What's new 16/08 - FEATURE - Simo Kamppari/Promisec - Ransomware threat accelerates with spotlight on endpoint security - It is now imperative that organisations prepare their networks and devices for the next ransomware attack

What is Blockchain? Everything you need to know

Blockchain: What's new  11/08 - FEATURE - Floyd DCosta/Block Armour - Harnessing blockchain technology for digital transformation - Could blockchain be the next big platform to drive enterprise digital transformation? 11/08 - NEWS - Microsoft unveils Coco Framework, aimed at boosting blockchain - ...

Scottish parliament hit in major cyber attack

Holyrood targeted in what officials said was a "brute force" attack.

BT teams up with Dell EMC to research the networks of the future

Collaboration will see data centre switch technology used to create and manage flexible SDN networks.

We need transparent, objective vendor data for more innovation

Lack of objective, transparent vendor data is burdening corporations and stifling innovation in corporate IT.

Ransomware threat accelerates with spotlight on endpoint security

It is now imperative that organizations prepare their networks and devices for the next ransomware attack.

Microsoft boosts Azure power with new cloud acquisition

Deal to acquire Cycle Computing will greatly strengthen Microsoft public cloud offering.

Root or managed – how do you go about choosing?

Anyone who has ever managed their own website knows that this isn't always easy.

Reflections following the UniCredit Data Breach

Cyber threats have grown in both scope and severity and organisations must prepare for them accordingly.

Facebook AI assistant arrives in the UK

Facebook Messenger users will now be able to use the social network's AI assistant M in their chats.

R&D challenges are solved in a real customer environment

Utilising design partners can be an effective way to conduct R&D within your organisation.

The password is dead: Much talk little action

What needs to be done to move on.

Seeing double in manufacturing

Digital twinning is the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform, where it can be used for various purposes.

Rackspace PDP looks to get rid of GDPR regulation headaches

Privacy and Data Protection service offers businesses help in preparing for data legislation such as GDPR.

Malware exploit threats reach hit new high

Latest Kaspersky Lab findings reveal over five million attacks in the last three months following leaks of major exploits.

Improving procurement processes helps deliver a worthy NHS service

Despite the pockets of extra cash announced by the Government for initiatives like security and the Global Digital Exemplar programme, the sad truth is that the NHS is still being under funded.

World's biggest data centre set to be built in the Arctic

Kolos has chosen to build its data centre there due to the chilled air and abundance of hydropower.

Microsoft unveils .Net Core 2.0 framework

Microsoft comes one step closer to its goal of a more common .NET platform all around.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich leaves Trump council

Intel, Under Armour and Merck's CEOs have all resigned from the US President's council on American manufacturing.

Why CEOs need to talk to their CTOs about cybersecurity now

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest threats to businesses right now and CEOs must make it a top priority.