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Google set to unveil new Titan security chip in cloud computing push

New hardware will protect servers and network hardware that make cloud computing possible.

Google reveals Enterprise edition of Chrome OS

The new version of Chrome OS will be tailored specifically to business users.

Fundamental role of Devops metrics in organizational development

Understanding Devops metrics will help you determine the best fit for your organisation.

Financial crime online: Dark Web vs Surface Web

Transaction laundering has enabled cyber criminals to do business beyond the dark web.

'Tips for getting your cloud in shape'

Cloud optimisation is a must after for today's organisations.

Could organisations be doing more to implement BYOD policies in the workplace?

The bring your own device movement has quickly grown in popularity across organisations worldwide.

Will Apple make AR technology a mainstream success?

The recent release of ARKit could mean the new technology will appear in the upcoming iPhone8.

Estonia could be about to launch its own cryptocurrency

Baltic nation proposes the launch of ESTCoin to complement existing e-residency program.

What are Smart Cities? Everything you need to know

Smart Cities: What's New  22/08 - FEATURE - Dan Hubert/AppyParking - The Value of Smart Cities - The best smart technologies work in the background seamlessly improving the day-to-day experiences of citizens

What is the IoT? Everything you need to know

IoT: What's new  22/08 - FEATURE - Marco Hogewoning/RIPE NCC - Manufacturing the IoT: Safeguarding the future of Internet security - Device manufacturers and consumers will play a pivotal role in the security of IoT devices

UK remains strong technology M&A player despite Brexit

British companies were involved in one in ten of all e-commerce deals in the first half of 2017, report claims.

Android 8.0 Oreo looks to offer improved mobile security

Latest build of Google's mobile operating system also set to provide better speed and multitasking tools.

What is 5G? Everything you need to know

5G: What's new 22/08 - NEWS - LTE pushed to new record speeds as 5G approaches - Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm break the gigabit barrier over LTE

LTE pushed to new record speeds as 5G approaches

Verizon, Ericsson and Qualcomm have broken the gigabit barrier over LTE.

Cryptocurrency wallets targeted by hackers

Attackers exploited two-factor authentication using a phone number to gain access to victim's devices.

Why mobile developers aren't enough: The case for citizen development

Organisations can forgo hiring additional developers by having their own employees design certain aspects of their software.

DDoS attacks are back on the rise

Latest Akamai report reveals an increase in DDoS attacks over the last few months, with UK particularly targeted.

Reinventing human resources at the workplace

Organisations require a human resources department now more than ever.

The Value of Smart Cities

The best smart technologies work in the background seamlessly improving the day-to-day experiences of citizens.

Fujitsu to sell off mobile phone operation

Company intends to sell its mobile division just a year after spinning it off into its own company.

Manufacturing the IoT: Safeguarding the future of Internet security

Device manufacturers and consumers will play a pivotal role in the security of IoT devices.

AI may just be the prescription for pharmaceutical's future

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform the healthcare industry.

The butler did it? Finding out who did what in Incident Response

Access Management tools can aid organisations in managing and monitoring accounts to prevent incidents.

IR35, time for a rethink?

Specialist contractors often play a key role in getting new projects off the ground but how they are taxed still remains an issue.

Spam email remains a potent threat tool for hackers

IBM report claims that spammers have not gone away, and in fact appear to be keeping to a 9-to-5 routine.

EE threatens legal action against UK 5G auction

High Court challenge follows EE complaint over alleged spectrum restrictions, as O2 and BT apparently team up ahead of auction.

Elon Musk and AI tech leaders call for end to autonomous weapons

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots argues that autonomous weapons would fundamentally change the way wars are fought.

IoT recipe for success part 8: Transform culture, not just technology

IoT will touch and change every part of your organization.

Bitcoin Cash reaches record high value

The offshoot of Bitcoin peaked above $1,000 before falling in value.

Shifting to automated notifications and alerts for IT incidents

Automated notifications can help reduce response time for IT incidents.

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know

GDPR: What's new 17/08 - NEWS - Beware the GDPR cowboys - Companies are being caught out by suppliers over-promising on their GDPR expertise, study warns

Repairing your phone could leave it open to hackers

Israeli researcher claim smartphone repairs could leave your device vulnerable to an attack.

Relevant tips to consider before developing an iPhone app

How to perfect your iOS app before submitting it to the App Store.

The era of fake news: How to combat the fake news trojan 

The Wdfload Trojan must be eliminated to prevent the flood of fake news from spreading online.

UK businesses in desperate need of improving cybersecurity

Government 'cyber health check' urges British companies to improve protection, and fast.

Hybrid data management: Q&A with Actian's Mike Hoskins

Managing data effectively is key to your organisation's future.

What is Big Data? Everything you need to know

Big Data: What's New  17/08 - FEATURE - Chris Proctor/Oneserve - Why businesses need to take advantage of Big Data, IoT and AI now - With the rate of progress only getting faster, there is no better time for businesses to delve deeper into what the holy tech trinity can do for their future growth

Intel 8th Gen Core chips to usher in "a new era" of PC devices

New family of chips updates Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 models, with devices coming soon.

Foundational controls: The key to defending against cyberattacks

In the face of the immense growth of cyberattacks, it is now imperative that organisations have a good understanding of today's threatscape and deploy the correct security controls to ensure their digital assets are comprehensively protected.

Driving reliability and improving maintenance outcomes with machine learning

Companies can no longer rely solely on traditional maintenance practices.

Data of almost two million US voters leaks

Voters in the state of Illinois may have had their personal details revealed.

Overcoming IT barriers to digital transformation

The end user experience is essential to a successful digital transformation.

AI Demystified: Shaping the future for positive change

A deeper understanding of artificial intelligence could help change the public's mind about this emerging technology.

Connected car flaw could let hackers disable your airbags

Further warnings emerge over threats to connected cars, with drivers and passengers both possibly at risk.

Don't be caught out by China's new cybersecurity law

What the new regulations mean for doing business online in mainland China.

For UK CEOs, cyber-security is an investment opportunity

KPMG report claims majority of CEOs see cyber-security as an opportunity to find new revenue streams.

The CISO & the board: A love-hate relationship?

A third of CISOs aren't involved at all with their company's key strategic business decisions. It is clear something has to change.

Q&A: The importance of unlimited file-sharing for emerging technologies

JeHoon Shin discusses file sharing technologies, current restraints and solutions.

Barclays is making it easier than ever to keep SME data on track

New SmartBusiness Dashboard from Barclays allows businesses to keep track of all their data in one place.

Box boosts cloud content management with new Google partnership

Deal will see machine learning techniques greatly improve Box's image recognition and content classification services.