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Kaspersky: Beware the smartphone security risks

Increased use of mobile devices is putting more and more people at risk of cyber-attacks, security firm warns.

UK mobile customers overcharged for mobile contracts

Mobile networks slammed for charging customers even after paying off their contracts.

Why educating employees about cyber security isn't the solution to stopping cyber breaches

Minimising human error is an essential part of a robust cyber security strategy.

Google launches bug bounty program for Android apps

Discovering a malicious app or exploit on the Google Play Store could soon earn you $1,000.

What is Big Data? Everything you need to know

Big Data: What's New  26/09 - NEWS - Splunk bets on machine learning to boost the next generation of big data - Machine learning-powered operational intelligence could be your business' next step to success

The potential immigration impact of Brexit for the UK's technology sector

Employers must fully understand the implications of Brexit on their European workforce.

Nokia and AWS team up to work on 5G, cloud migration and IoT

Wide-ranging effort motivated by tighter integration' between networking and IT infrastructure, Nokia says.

How AI holds the key to making the internet safe

Viztech could enable search engines to effectively filter video content.

HPE bailing on cloud selling business

It will no longer sell low-end servers to its Tier 1 clients.

Google unveils new Data Loss Prevention API

Redaction, masking and tokenization are some of the new features on offer.

Digital transformation 'set to spur major IT spending'

Change is on the way for many companies as over half say they will be increasing IT spending levels within the next year.

'One in seven' companies are still unprepared for GDPR

With only seven months before General Data Protection Regulation kicks in, many companies still aren't ready for the new rules.

British councils spending millions on new PCs

But despite influx of new hardware, public sector employees still feel they spend too much time helping co-workers with IT issues.

British councils spending millions on new PCs

Despite the influx of new hardware, public sector employees still feel they spend too much time helping co-workers with IT issues.

McAfee teams up with IBM and Cisco for AI-powered security

Partnership will allow security teams to focus on defending their organisations from attacks.

Securing ICS' future, today

Many parts of industries that make, move and power our world are now automated and controlled by connected technologies, yet owners and operators of these industrial systems aren't always adequately equipped to combat today's cybersecurity risks.

What is Blockchain? Everything you need to know

Blockchain: What's new  16/10 - NEWS - IBM releases cross-border blockchain payments system - Settlement times can be reduced from days to mere seconds

UK fintech startups set for record funding year

2017 investment could top $2 billion as UK proves itself as a start-up's dream, report claims

Data ownership: Time to start reading those T&Cs

Both businesses and individuals are affected by the complex issue that is data ownership.

Spotlight on the evolution of security tech

AI-enabled security systems can adapt, learn and evolve to offer improved protection from attackers.

How can businesses balance remaining agile and responsive with robust security and data protection?

An effective security department can support the business objectives and needs of your organisation.

Contracting expert urges HMRC to repeal IR35 reforms before it is too late

Here's why HMRC should honourably fall on its sword before any more destructive decisions are taken.

How fintech and e-commerce can profit from Brexit

Here's a guide to having a good Brexit.

The energy sector's technological transformation

The energy sector has already begun to adopt new technologies such as machine learning and blockchain to fuel its transformation.

Get ready for the 5G explosion

CCS Insight report predicts a billion 5G users within the first few years of launch, with China leading the way.

Staying on track and on budget using performance metrics

A sophisticated project management platform will allow your organisation to easily access KPIs.

Microsoft was breached in 2013 but kept quiet

Details of potential Windows flaws were among information taken in the breach.

Could robots liberate future generations?

Automation and artificial intelligence have the power to transform the very nature of work.

GDPR – a small word with a potential BIG impact on your start-up

If you haven't been following the buzz and think it's irrelevant to your start-up, think again.

Google launches Advanced Protection program to boost your security

New program adds additional security features for individual users deemed to be at risk of attack.

The enterprise of the future needs passive optical LAN

Connectivity is a must in today's digital world and demand will only continue to grow with further adoption of IoT and connected devices.

Privacy Shield to get green light on annual review

First year of data-sharing agreement finds that the EU is happy with how the US has behaved so far.

Businesses struggle to implement digital transformation

Security fears top BlackBerry survey as only a third of companies are undergoing digital transformation now.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is here

Here's everything you need to know about Microsoft's latest big Windows 10 update.

Cisco using AI to predict IT failures

Two new AI-powered services can provide your IT department with greater efficiency.

British businesses 'preparing for failure' when it comes to cybersecurity

PwC report claims a severe lack of awarness when it comes to security at many companies.

Top companies respond to global Wi-Fi security worries

Microsoft was the first company to patch things up, but Google lags behind.

Microsoft: Why identity protection is the key to corporate security

With organisations needing to deal with bigger and more complex data sets, the future of security is set to be increasingly identity-driven, Microsoft tells ITProPortal.

Microsoft simplifies Azure to AWS comparison with new tool

Microsoft has released a new tool to help IT decision makers understand the differences and similarities between Azure and Amazon Web Services easier.

Q&A: Appian's plans for the UK market

Matt Calkins, Appian CEO, discusses starting the company, problems it is solving, the customers it is targeting and the plans it has for the UK market.

Government official or C-suite – being publicly cyber-aware is everyone's responsibility

All computer users, especially experts, should be trained and capable of recognising even targeted attacks like spear phishing.

Don't let clunky business practices slow you down

Needless friction in the supply chain is a headache that isn't going away.

Meeting customer demand for security: Minding your MANRS

MANRS was founded with the goal of improving the global Internet routing system to improve security and make the web a safer place.

Global Wi-Fi security flaw uncovered, major players working on a fix

Microsoft was the first company to patch things up.

The Equifax aftermath: Cyber security must be a C-Suite priority

cyber security clearly needs board-level engagement; it must be organisation-wide rather than silo-focused

Chrome getting basic antivirus features

Say goodbye to search engine hijackers.

The web designer's role in protecting the client's data privacy and upholding Internet security

Web designers must be mindful of security risks when designing web sites for businesses.

Data breaches among financial services on the rise

Companies are responding by investing more in security solutions.

Can prepaid incentive schemes help businesses engage with consumers and employees?

By evolving your ogranisation's loyalty program, you can help retain employees and motivate team members.

Nationwide competition brings 5G one step closer

The UK Government has announced a new competition with the goal of supporting the development of 5G technologies.