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Major online data leak reveals details of 1.4 billion users

Information leaked onto dark web includes email addresses, usernames and passwords, security researchers claim.

Atos pushes to acquire Gemalto for $4.3bn

The acquisition is intended to boost Atos' cyber security services and strengthen its IoT offerings.

The big bang: cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2018

Blockchain will see mainstream adoption by banks and other businesses next year as cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction amongst consumers.

Cortana can read your Google Calendar now

Microsoft's digital assistant reveals tie-up with Google as smart home battle cools.

Microsoft gives devs a chance to build apps for quantum computers

Preview of Microsoft Quantum Development Kit gives a preview of what could soon be possible.

BT and Symantec team up for enterprise security boost

New Symantec endpoint protection solution will help safeguard BT business customers from threats.

Can artificial intelligence help me with my Christmas shopping?

Putting AI in retail to the test…

A third of IT workers want to switch jobs next year

Overall satisfaction is high, but many professionals they feel they could be earning more, Spiceworks survey reveals.

Finding the cure for employee disengagement

Creativity and flexibility are essential to keeping employees engaged at your organisation.

Facebook's Donate Now button will give UK charities a much-needed boost

Online donations have transformed the charity sector in recent years, and now that Facebook is getting involved, this transformation will only accelerate.

Q&A with Myki – Cyber Security

The alarming number of high-profile attacks that occurred in 2017 should serve as a warning sign for what to expect next year.

Fake cryptocurrency app tops Apple App Store

Knock-off MyEtherWallet app soared to top of the store's charts before being taken down.

Searching through hours of business video is not Saturday night Netflix binge watching

A reliable way to quickly locate specific audio and video content is a huge challenge.

The rise of open source software and the need for effective security

Tracking the open source used in the software utilised by your organisation can help prevent security breaches.

Secret life of an IT manager - How to choose the right software for your company

We all go through the challenge of convincing our boss that a large investment in technology is right for the business in the long-run.

The Internet of Things: past, present and future

Smart sensors are an integral part of the Internet of Things as they will allow businesses to collect even more data on how their products are used.

American Express will no longer ask for card signatures

Card provider moves to reduce fraud as it responds to huge growth in contactless and online payments.

Iron Mountain acquires IO Data Centers' US operations

Deal will see four additional data centres joining Iron Mountain portfolio.

Once more into the deep

SCO and Trifacta co-founder Joseph Hellerstein explains why the developing use of 'Machine' learning can reduce the time and therefore costs of data wrangling - continually helping to improve business efficiency.

From robots to co-bots: The future of digital labour

AI, automation, robotics and other emerging technologies will transform the way we work in the years ahead.

Data shock: how will the British public react to the GDPR?

The GDPR is designed to give citizens more control of the information that companies hold on them and how that information is used.

What is Industry 4.0? Everything you need to know

Industry 4.0 - what's new 11/12 - FEATURE - Accenture: Why Industry X.0 will transform all ...

IT issues greatly hindering British worker productivity

Workers could already have packed up for the Christmas holidays if not for IT problems, Citrix study claims.

Hidden keylogger found on HP laptops

The keylogger came bundled with drivers for the company's laptop keyboards.

Bitcoin futures prove major success on US debut

Bitcoin futures shot up by 22 per cent during their debut before falling down to 13 per cent.

Q&A: Strengths and weaknesses of visualisation platforms

Taking an abstract concept and displaying it visually makes it intuitive.

China attempts to 'recruit spies using LinkedIn'

The BfV claims Chinese agents are using fake LinkedIn profiles to try and recruit German officials.

Apple loses global mobile share as Android sees big gains

iOS share rises only in China, despite iPhone X launch, Kantar figures claim.

The new IT mandate: Preparing for the next billion Internet users

Universal Acceptance readiness is key to the future of the Internet.

Accenture: Why Industry X.0 will transform all aspects of your business

Accenture details push for 'Industry X.0' in order to help as many companies benefit from the IoT as possible.

Global server revenues see huge spike

Latest Gartner figures also show a significant increase in server shipments.

Technology and the Gig Economy: Understanding 'The Human Cloud'

The Gig Economy has made work more flexible for both employees and employers.

The cloud shift is now

In the near future, the cloud will have an even more significant impact on IT than it already does today.

Eight ways to retain your best tech staff

The current digital skills shortage is one of many reasons organisations should do their best to retain talented tech employees.

If Androids dream of electric sheep, who owns the sheep?

AI may not yet be able to independently produce work requiring protection, but with the current rate of technological progress this day may not be far off.

Britannic Technologies round up 2017

A new digital industrial revolution is currently under way powered by emerging technologies.

Cyber threats are growing in size and stature, but system compromises are the new weak spot for businesses

Organisations are busy determining how best to protect themselves against a multitude of risks.

When the retail chain is forged

Bah humbug, bugs, bots and what you didn't bargain for

"Internet +" makes an appearance in court

Internet +' is the latest technological concept taking China by storm.

What is Blockchain? Everything you need to know

Blockchain: What's new  06/12 - FEATURE - Miguel Leite/Coinvision - What to be aware of when investing in crypto, an expert's advice to potential retail investors - There is a number of obstacles that are preventing retail investors from entering into the cryptocurrency space in serious numbers

Enterprise software platforms need to take video seriously in 2018

Are you ready to handle your employees' need for video in 2018?

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 is its most powerful mobile chip yet

Latest generation of Snapdragon processor will bring more power, smarter AI and longer battery life to your mobile device.

What is ransomware? Everything you need to know

Ransomware: What's new 07/12 - NEWS - Can businesses fight back against the surge of ransomware in 2018? - Beware the 'New Mafia' of cybercrime, Malwarebytes study warns

Google Chrome enterprise users get major security upgrade

Chrome 63 includes site isolation and browser extension control for network administrators.

Toshiba and Western Digital could end spat by next week

An agreement is currently being finalised which would allow Toshiba to sell off its chip unit to Bain Capital.

Millions stolen in NiceHash Bitcoin theft

The popular Bitcoin mining service has suffered a costly security breach at the hands of professional hackers.

Juniper Networks: Network complexity is the problem, and we are the solution

CEO Rami Rahim declares war on network complexity, as Juniper Networks reveals drive for self-driving networks'.

Zero-day security flaw hits Apple HomeKit products

Unauthorised users were briefly able to gain control of smart devices configured to work with Apple's HomeKit.

New paths to growth – how Utilities can succeed in the emerging energy value ecosystem

TCS's Sudheer Warrier tells us why utilities have an important part to play in embracing new technologies.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business: What you need to know

Teams is more than Microsoft's answer to Slack.