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Woman kills pregnant neighbour, steals her unborn baby

A woman in Fargo, North Dakota, lured her eight months pregnant neighbour to her apartment, killed her and took her unborn baby.

Woman with 84 Great Danes convicted of animal cruelty

A woman who had dozens of filthy and sick Great Danes living in her New Hampshire mansion was found guilty of 10 animal cruelty charges.

San Francisco gets first black woman mayor

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed has become the city's acting mayor following the sudden death of Mayor Ed Lee.

Trump Jr. to face third Senate interview over Russia

Donald Trump Jr. will return to Capitol Hill to talk to the Senate intelligence committee as part of its probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

WATCH: Chinese daredevil dies after stunt on skyscraper goes wrong

Wu Yongning's lucky streak came to an end as he attempted to do pullups off the top of a 62-story skyscraper in Changsha.

Amnesty accuses EU of pushing Libya 'slave trade'

European governments are "complicit" in grave human rights violations in Libya, said Amnesty International.

WATCH: Thai dog becomes world's first to get prosthetic legs

A Thai dog has become the first dog in the world to be given hi-tech prosthetic legs with blades made from same materials used by Paralympic runners.

'Feminism' is Merriam-Webster's word of the year

In 2017, lookups for feminism increased 70 percent over 2016 on and spiked several times after key events, said lexicographer.

7000 firefighters battle to control #ThomasFire

Firefighters hope gain further control of the fifth-largest in California's history, as wind gusts and dry weather conditions are expected to persist.

Family of alleged NY bomber 'outraged' by law enforcement

The family of Akayed Ullah, who allegedly set off a pipe bomb in Manhattan, is 'outraged by the behaviour of law enforcement'.

India bans condom adverts from prime time television

India has slapped a nationwide ban on television ads for condoms during prime time hours, citing rules prohibiting 'vulgar' content.

WATCH: Smoker arrested after yelling death threats on plane

It started with a cigarette in the bathroom somewhere between Portland and Sacramento and ended with a felony charge for making a death threat.

North Korea's prisons worse than Nazi camps - Auschwitz survivor

North Korea's political prisons are just as bad as the Nazi concentration camps of the Holocaust, said a renowned judge and Auschwitz survivor.

New York bomber not on terror list - Dhaka police

Bangladesh police were scrambling for details about New York subway bomber Akayed Ullah, but uncovered little about the extremist sympathiser.

Trump slams 'chain migration' after attempted NYC suicide bombing

US President Donald Trump cited the background of the alleged New York bomber in renewing his call for closer scrutiny of foreigners.

Bangladesh police searching for family of NYC bombing suspect

Officials in Bangladesh are trying to track down family and associates of a Bangladeshi man believed to have set off a pipe bomb in New York City.

Journalist risks all to start China's #MeToo moment

Encouraged by the success of the movement globally, Sophia Huang Xueqin is determined to lift the lid on sexual harassment in ultra-conservative China

German doctor tells court he's sorry for sexually abusing patients

"They were my intimate friends and now they have become victims," the 63-year-old doctor said on the opening day of his trial in Bavaria.

Man arrested trying to climb Buckingham Palace wall

British police arrested a man who tried to climb a wall at Queen Elizabeth's Buckingham Palace home, in an incident they say is not terrorism-related.

LOOK: Schools closed as snow wreaks havoc in Britain

Snow and wintry weather are still wreaking havoc on travellers in Britain, with flights cancelled, roads sheathed in ice and rail travel disrupted.

LOOK: 21 Rohingya women recount rapes the Myanmar army denies ever happened

These 21 rape survivors agreed to be identified in this story by their first initial only, out of fear the military will kill them or their families.

German doctor tells court he's for sexually abusing patients

"They were my intimate friends and now they have become victims," the 63-year-old doctor said on the opening day of his trial in Bavaria.

Netanyahu expects Europe to follow Trump's #Jerusalem decision

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expected Europe to follow the US in recognising Jerusalem as the Jewish state's capital.

EU rejects Trump's #Jerusalem move

Benjamin Netanyahu was firmly rebuffed when he took his case to Europe to ask allies to join the US in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

WATCH: Trump accusers speak out on TV show

Three women who have previously accused President Donald Trump of sexual harassment are sharing their stories on NBC's "Megyn Kelly Today."

Iraqi Shi'a cleric urges militias to disarm after Isis defeat

An Iraqi Shi'a cleric urged his fighters to hand weapons back to the government, after Iraq's declaration of victory against the Islamic State group.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on cinemas

Saudi Arabia lifted a decades-long ban on cinemas, part of a series of social reforms that are shaking up the conservative kingdom.

PICS: Four injured as pipe bomb strapped to man explodes in NYC subway

A man with a pipe bomb strapped to him set off the crude device in the subway near Times Square during rush hour, injuring himself and three commuters

Venezuelan opposition banned from 2018 presidential race

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced that leading opposition parties will be barred from taking part in next year's presidential vote.

Serial killer's creepy letter to newspaper: There are more victims

Todd Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to seven murders to avoid the death penalty, but he apparently wants people to know - or at least wonder - about other possible victims.

Fears mount as North Korea gains biotech expertise

Despite the threat of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons, the threat of biological attack from North Korea is regarded as sufficiently serious.

PICS: Africa, a continent with many personalities

West Africa differs from the south in ways that will delight and disarm you, writes Myrtle Ryan

Crews battling California wildfires gird for return of high winds

Firefighters had gained some ground battling the fires that have burned over the past week as the winds eased on Saturday.

Thousands of Indonesians protest Trump's Jerusalem move

Thousands protested outside the U.S. Embassy in the Indonesian capital on Sunday against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision.

Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford dies in prison

Ex-British celebrity publicist Max Clifford, the confidante of the stars who found himself swept up in Britain's historic sex abuses scandal, has died.

Princes William and Harry announce sculptor for new Diana statue

A sculptor who produced the image of Queen Elizabeth used on Britain's coins has been chosen to create a new statue of Princess Diana.

Cops refuse to follow supected hit-and-run driver into muddy field

A man suspected of a drunken hit-and-run escaped after Suffolk police refused to follow him into a muddy field where he allegedly hid for five hours.

Gabrielle Union on #MeToo: 'The floodgates have opened for white women'

The #MeToo movement has gained prominence worldwide, but Gabrielle Union says not everyone's voice is being heard.

PM says Islamic State completely 'evicted' from Iraq

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraqi forces have driven the last remnants of Islamic State from the country.

Scores wounded in Israeli retaliation strikes after Gaza 'Day Of Rage'

The Palestinian Health Ministry said at least 25 people, including six children, were wounded when Israeli aircraft bombed militant targets in Gaza.

Sex abuser Sandusky's son jailed for child sex crimes

The son of former football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was convicted of molesting boys for 15 years, been sentenced for child sex crimes.

This is how nuclear war between US and North Korea would unfold

Based on public statements, reports and blast-zone maps, this is how a nuclear war might happen.

The countries where gay marriage is recognised

Gay marriage, legalised in Australia yesterday, is now recognised in more than 25 countries, of which one - South Africa - is in Africa.

X-Men director Bryan Singer denies sex allegations

Director Bryan Singer was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy at a party more than a decade ago.

Trump 'hinted' at Jerusalem partition with Palestinians

Trump hinted that borders in Jerusalem will be set as a result of negotiations, which presupposes an option of partition, said an Israeli minister.

'Day of rage' in Gaza takes fatal turn

Scores were hurt and one killed in clashes with Israeli troops on a "day of rage" against the US' recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

ANC condemns Trump's #Jerusalem decision

The ANC has strongly condemned the decision by the US Administration to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Australia prepares for rush of gay weddings

Wedding venues were preparing for a rush of couples eager to tie the knot after same-sex marriage was signed into Australian law.

PICS & VIDEO: Fire, fear stretch across southern California as wildfires roar

Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes, running from fires without any idea of when they could return or what they might find when they do.

2 Australians jailed in brutal slaying of Aboriginal woman

A judge has sentenced a man to 14 years in prison for the slaying of an Aboriginal woman who bled to death from a violent sexual assault on a remote beach in New South Wales.