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The President Has a Special Obligation to Condemn Racists on the Right

President Donald Trump has a special obligation to single out for condemnation, and distance himself from, individuals and groups that claim -- even if falsely -- to speak in his name, as the racist provocateurs in Charlottesville did. I also believe

Recognizing the Real and Present Enemy: Radical Islam, Not Russia

In the military and strategic sense of the word, an "enemy" is an entity that truly threatens our short- and long-term survival and vital interests -- not one that simply does not share our concept of democracy and human rights. Another dangerous

Spain: Barcelona Attack Was Preventable

The measures to place bollards or planters in public areas were never implemented in Barcelona because the leaders of the Catalan independence movement did not want to be seen as taking orders from the central government in Madrid. Far more difficult to

Trump Must Stop North Korea from Striking American Soil

Yet another tumultuous week in domestic affairs, starting with the Charlottesville tragedy and ending with Steve Bannon departing the Trump White House, drove the continuing threats of international terrorism and nuclear proliferation off America's front

Palestinians: When Suicide Attacks Are Bad

The emergence of ISIS-inspired groups in the Gaza Strip has long been an open known secret. This is the inconvenient truth that Hamas has been working hard to conceal for the past few years. Obstinately holding on to an imaginary dream, some political

Target the Nurseries of Terror Indoctrination

The gutless response of world leaders to so many terrorist attacks suggest that the world has apparently bought into the "victim narrative" of these extremists, who first set their own countries on fire and then entered Europe with the baggage of their

When Feminists Join Islamist Terrorists

The fact is that these supposed feminists not only turn a blind eye to those atrocities, but their presence at these events actively endorses and legitimizes the rule of these dictators. When the subject turns to the specific cases of millions of

Kissinger's Analysis of Mideast is Full of Loopholes

Whatever one might think of Henry Kissinger's view of the world, not to mention his contribution to international debate during the past six decades, one thing is certain: He has his own matrix for measuring right and wrong in policy terms. That matrix

Muslims Tell Europe: "One Day All This Will Be Ours"

The Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel, nominated by Pope Francis in February, just declared that "Muslim believers know very well that their fertility is such today, that they call it... the Great Replacement. They tell you in a very calm, very positive

Is a Tolerant Culture Being Replaced by an Intolerant One?

One need not go back centuries to the Muslim conquest of the Christian late classical world -- the medieval Barbary corsair raids, the Ottoman yoke in Central and Eastern Europe or the slave markets of Kaffa in Tatar Muslim Crimea -- to understand that

The Palestinian Authority is a Genocidal Terrorist Entity and Should be Treated as Such

The PLO became the first terrorist organization to have a seat at the UN and diplomatic representation in a Western country. Daniel Pipes suggested measures to move the conflict in a constructive direction without causing major conflagration: require the

Turkish Education: Jihad In, Evolution Out

Turkey has now become the first and only NATO member state that teaches "jihad" in its schools. Although the Turkish government claims that "jihad" means a "spiritual inner struggle for salvation," the official Turkish dictionary defines it as a "war

Minimize Islamic Terrorism in America? Just Manipulate Statistics

While Islamist terrorists have committed fewer attacks in America since 9/11 than "far-right-wing violent extremists," they have killed more victims. — United States Government Accountability Office report, released on April 6, 2017. Titled "Countering

Europe: Migrant Crisis Reaches Spain

"The biggest migration movements are still ahead: Africa's population will double in the next decades. A country like Egypt will grow to 100 million people, Nigeria to 400 million. In our digital age with the internet and mobile phones, everyone knows

The Anti-Semitic Jewish Media

Almost everyone in a position to do something is a coward. Politicians continue to recite the mantra that "Muslims are today's Jews," even though in Europe today Muslims are far more often the tormentors than the tormented, and Jews lead the list of

What's next in Afghanistan?

As President Trump wrestles with America's role in Afghanistan, he should first decide what our objectives are today compared to what we wanted immediately after Sept. 11, 2001. Initially, the United States overthrew the Taliban regime but failed to

Palestinians: The Honeymoon with the US is Over

The Palestinians have a condition for the US to be accepted by them as a mediator in the conflict with Israel: bias in favor of the Palestinians. This is the Palestinian state of mind: If you are not with us, you are against us. The Palestinian

The Real Lessons from Charlottesville

Although Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip, is shunned by U.S. negotiators, Fatah, the party headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, is considered a potential partner for peace with Israel. Official Fatah

The West Betrays U.S. Heroes Who Prevented Another 9/11

"Those who work as spies know the risks from America's enemies, but they shouldn't have to worry about politicized retribution from its friends" — The Wall Street Journal. These officials should have never be prosecuted in a court; they should be

By His Own Admission, Wilkerson Cannot Be Trusted

Lawrence Wilkerson is blaming Israel and its supporters for a problem for which he himself is culpable. Despite his self-admitted involvement in these scandals, Wilkerson has become MSNBC's go-to source for testimony about what is going on in the

China Is Our Last Diplomatic Hope for North Korea

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice acknowledged last week that America's policies regarding North Korea's nuclear-weapons program over the last three administrations had failed. She said, rightly, "You can call it a failure. I accept that

Europe: Burkini War Continues

Those in favor of the burkini argue that women should be allowed to wear whatever they choose. Critics of the garment say it is an Islamic religious and political symbol which impedes integration and is incompatible with the liberal principles of

While Trump Tweets, the 'Cold Monster' Returns

How is Donald Trump doing? In the past couple of weeks, this question has been making the rounds in political and punditry circles pondering the first six months of the new US President. The answer depends on whose point of view one has in mind. From

Palestinians Escalate War on Journalists

They said they did not know what "sensitive information" Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority were trying to hide. Today, it is safe to say that the situation of the freedom of the media under the PA and Hamas is not much different than that

UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis

What excuse is there in a country which has now seen and suffered the effects of Islamist terror so many times, a country that the Prime Minister has claimed has had "enough" of this terror, for precisely the same two clerics to return to the UK for

Jew-Hating Imams Need to be Removed

For Muslims in other parts of the world, inflammatory outrage -- often based on spurious charges -- against Israel, has always been given immediate priority, while serious human rights violations by Muslim nations, dictators, and mobs are shrugged off as

McMaster's Misunderstanding of the Middle East

If H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security adviser, were merely exhibiting a misunderstanding of how things work in the Middle East, it would be bad enough. Yet this is not the greatest problem with his attitude towards Israel and the

The Battle for Trump's Foreign Policy

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said that an ongoing review of Iran policy will be completed by late summer. In the meantime, however, he has fired opponents of the Iran deal, including Derek Harvey, who reportedly drafted a comprehensive plan on

Is the State Department Buying Arab Propaganda?

After centuries of Muslim persecution, often genocidal, or dhimmitude under sharia, Christianity in the Middle East has been stunted, if not effectively crushed. To avoid discrimination, Christians gave their children Arab names instead of Biblical ones.

The Latest Anti-Trump Weapon: Accusing Their Critics of "Racism"

I am an apologist only for civil liberties and racial equality, not for a candidate against whom I voted. The civil liberties of all Americans are at stake. I will not be silenced by false and unethical charges of racism from people who are deliberately

The Palestinians' "Creativity for Hate"

The angry reactions to the joint Palestinian-Israeli summer camp in the US should be seen in the context of the Palestinians' strong opposition to all forms of "normalization" with Israel. Most comments posted by Palestinians and other Arabs in response

Imam Who Called for Annihilation of All Jews Is in Fact Routine

In fact, many prominent Islamic scholars argue that even if the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict did not exist, hating Jews would remain an Islamic duty. In short, what the Egyptian-American imam repeated is simply what he learned at Al-Azhar

An Open Letter to Omar al-Abed

Muslims have killed Jews many times before, and that has not advanced the Islamic cause or religion in the slightest. Not a single death Muslims have suffered has achieved prosperity or peace for the people of Islam. You know the Jews will never leave

Calling All Liberals: Will No One Look Out for the Rights of the Women and Children?

"No one who comes to us has the right to put their cultural roots or their religious beliefs above our laws." — Heiko Maas, Justice Minister, Germany. These extremist "traditions" need to be exposed and rejected. They are actually nothing more than human

France: Churches Vanish, Mosques Spring Up

In the last 30 years, more mosques and Muslim prayer centers have been built in France than all the Catholic churches built in the last century. The Church of Santa Rita used to stand in the fifteenth arrondissement of Paris. A few weeks after Father

Islamist Spies Infiltrating the West to Terrorize Christians

A key mission clearly stipulated in Iran's constitution, is to export its Islamist ideology, and actively ensure the continuous infiltration and expansion of Islamist values throughout the world. That is why the Revolutionary Guards established a special

Britain, Brexit and the Spirit of Dunkirk

For the past two weeks "Dunkirk" has been top of the box office in cinemas throughout the United Kingdom. The film is a fictional rendition of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from the Dunkirk, in France, in May 1940, as Hitler's

Anti-Semitic Academics: Where is the Outrage Against Turkey?

In the last 12 months alone, Turkish President Erdogan has closed at least 15 universities and confiscated their property. Invoking Article 301 of the Turkish penal code -- which amorphously criminalizes insults to "Turkishness," the Turkish government

The Foreign Press Association's Unlimited Bias

The truth is that in nearly most Arab and Muslim countries, there is no such thing as a "Foreign Press Association." That is because Arab and Islamic dictatorships do not allow such organizations to operate in their countries. The second question that

The Military Options for North Korea

North Korea test-launched on Friday its first ballistic missile potentially capable of hitting America's East Coast. It thereby proved the failure of 25 years of U.S. nonproliferation policy. A single-minded rogue state can pocket diplomatic concessions

UK: 23,000 Terrorists and Counting

Theresa May herself is also not entirely to be trusted in this area. Despite her calls for no tolerance for extremism, she has recently been widely criticized for blocking publication of a major report into foreign funding of extremist Muslim groups. For

Britain: A Summer of Anti-Semitism

"2016 was the worst year on record for antisemitic crime ," — National Antisemitic Crime Audit, published on July 17, 2017. "Britain has the political will to fight antisemitism and strong laws with which to do it, but those responsible for

Finding Jihad in Jail

The irony is that the more the West pledges to combat global terrorism and keep it contained militarily or through criminal justice systems, the more jihadists manage to spread their message far and wide -- on social media, in mosques and in prisons --

Europe's Cities Absorb Sharia Law

London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned advertisements that promote "unrealistic expectations of women's body image and health". Now Berlin is planning to ban images in which women are portrayed as "beautiful but weak, hysterical, dumb, crazy, naive, or ruled by

The State Department's Report on Terrorism Should Be Discredited

At the top of the list of supposed "continued drivers of violence" in the Palestinian Authority is an assertion even more fabricated: "a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood..." It is not "lack of hope" that drives Palestinian violence.

Turkey: Erdogan's New Morality Police

In 2016, the Alperen group threatened violence against an annual gay pride march in Istanbul. In December 2016, a group of Alperen youths celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve in Turkey by holding a man dressed as Santa Claus at gunpoint. Eren Keskin,

"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun"

The Palestinians, feeling triumphant now that Israel has complied with their demand to remove the metal detectors and security cameras, have been clarifying that it is only the first step in their fight to eradicate any Israeli presence in the Old City

Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to See

The way WDR broadcast it, however, was unique: at the beginning of the film and in brief intervals throughout, warning signs were inserted again and again, indirectly urging viewers not to believe what they saw in the film. The film is not about

Germany: Muslim Biker Gang Vows to "Protect" Fellow Muslims

Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government's inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes. Germany's BfV intelligence agency, in its latest

What Kind of Iran Did the U.S. Just Certify?

For past 38 years, Iran's Islamist regime has demonstrated that it is neither able nor willing to reform. The time for the U.S. jettisoning its toxic "nuclear deal", and for regime change in Iran, is now.