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Germans Debate Muslim Public Holidays

"Germany's Christian heritage is not negotiable. The introduction of Muslim holidays is out of the question for us." — Alexander Dobrindt, a senior member of the CSU party. "We have a Judeo-Christian religious character, not an Islamic one. Therefore, I

The Big New Palestinian Lie

It is precisely the inflammatory speech of Abbas and his senior officials, expressed at every possible podium, which has been trying to turn the conflict into a religious one. If any side has turned the conflict into a religious one, it is the

The New Big Palestinian Lie

It is precisely the inflammatory speech of Abbas and his senior officials, expressed at every possible podium, which has been trying to turn the conflict into a religious one. If any side has turned the conflict into a religious one, it is the

Europe's New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

"The patrons of the false Europe are bewitched by superstitions of inevitable progress. They believe that History is on their side, and this faith makes them haughty and disdainful, unable to acknowledge the defects in the post-national, post-cultural

Win-Win: How Tax Reform Will Help Defense Spending and the Economy

While America's adversaries have been increasing their defense budgets and the power of their armed forces, the United States has been doing the opposite. Although the Senate and House Armed Services Committees passed a bill for 2018 that would exceed

From Monty Python to Allah: London's New Mega Mosque

"We do not know what they are preaching as all in Arabic." — A petitioner against the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham mosque, in the middle of one of London's two largely Jewish areas. "... would constantly

The Old Arab Fear Tactic That Came to Washington

The true threat to the US, the West, and even stable Arab governments, as Egypt is realizing, is political Islam as furthered by groups such the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, al-Qaeda and their offshoots. This real threat has become a terrible burden to

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: September 2017

A Freedom of Information request revealed that Sammy Woodhouse, a woman sexually abused as a child by a grooming gang, was told by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority , a government body, that she was not entitled to compensation because

Saudi Arabia Still Promoting "Violent and Intolerant Teachings" in Schoolbooks

"As early as first grade, students in Saudi schools are being taught hatred toward all those perceived to be of a different faith or school of thought. The lessons in hate are reinforced with each following year." — Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East

A Slow Death for the Iran Deal

As Abba Eban observed, "Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources." So it goes with America and the Iran deal. President Trump announced Friday that the U.S. would stay in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ,

President Trump Did the Right Thing by Walking Away from UNESCO — for Now

By withdrawing from UNESCO – again – President Trump is sending a powerful message to the international community: that we will no longer tolerate international organizations that serve as forums for Jew-bashing. This important message was encapsulated

What is Really Uniting the Palestinians?

Saleh Arouri and Hamas view the "reconciliation" agreement as Fatah moving closer to Hamas and not the other way around....The "reconciliation" agreement requires from Hamas only to dissolve its shadow government in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is not being

"Our Lives Have Turned into Hell"

Long touted as a beacon of Muslim tolerance and moderation, Indonesia joined other repressive Muslim nations in May when it sentenced the Christian governor of Jakarta, known as "Ahok," to a two-year prison term on the charge that he committed

China: Reshuffling the Party Cadres

It is a testimony to the peculiarities of international attention to world events that while every tweet by US President Donald Trump triggers an avalanche of reports, analyses, and outright abuse, little attention is paid as the People's Republic of

Why There Is No Peace in the Middle East

Peace is not possible in the Middle East because values and goals other than peace are more important to Middle Easterners. Most important to Middle Easterners are loyalty to kin, clan, and cult, and the honour that is won by such loyalty. There was no

France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in Packs

The "moderating hubs" for France's social media are generally located in French-speaking countries with cheap labor, in North Africa and Madagascar. In France, rumors abound that Facebook's moderators are located in French-speaking Muslim countries such

UK: Extremely Selective Free Speech

The issue is not hate preachers visiting the UK from abroad. While banning them from campuses will leave them with fewer venues, it by no means solves the larger issue, which is that they will continue their Dawah or proselytizing elsewhere. The question

How Barcelona Became a Victim of the Barcelona Process

The Barcelona Process, promoted by the EU, has helped to facilitate a greater presence of Islam and Muslim immigrants in Western Europe -- thereby also increasing the Islamic terror threat there. That result was perfectly foreseeable. When the number of

Palestinian Normalization -- With Hamas, Not Israel

The most widespread conspiracy theory, which has been floating around for decades and can be heard in almost every coffee shop on the streets of Cairo, Amman, Ramallah and Beirut, is that Zionist Jews, together with American capitalists and imperialists,


Gatestone Institute, its President and Board of Directors strongly condemn the defamatory campaign waged by Mudar Zahran against Gatestone Institute's Distinguished Senior Fellow

Turkey: Let Them Die!

More than 50,000 people have been arrested and some 110,000 others dismissed from government jobs in Turkey's largest-scale crackdown ever. As cruel as that looks, a case of two Turkish teachers is undeniably worse than just cruel: it displays a

CNN and Qatar Airways: Taking Fake News to New Heights

For many years, commercial time on CNN International has been filled largely with advertisements for the tourist boards and state-owned airlines of various Muslim countries. Given CNN's unusually friendly coverage of these countries, and its

Viewing Enemy Regimes as They Are, Not as We Wish They Were

Experience has shown that soft rhetoric and so-called "smart diplomacy" have served only to enable North Korea and Iran to produce more nuclear weapons and better ballistic missiles. Not only has the International Atomic Energy Agency been

Independence for Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan's recent referendum on whether to declare independence from Baghdad garnered only slight attention in the U.S. Even the overwhelming vote and America's long involvement in the region did not make the

Mr. President, Don't Put America at Risk with Flawed Iran Deal

President Trump will address U.S. policy toward Iran on Thursday, doubtless focusing on his decision regarding Barack Obama's badly flawed nuclear deal. Key officials are now briefing Congress, the press and foreign governments about the speech,

Multiculturalism Is Splintering the West

Multiculturalism is leading to the "partition", the separation of European societies. – Alexandre Mendel, author of the new book, Partition: A Chronicle of the Islamist Secession in France. Under European multiculturalism, Muslim women lost many rights

Germany: The Progressives' Post-Election Meltdown

On election night, around 400 leftist agitators gathered outside the Cologne's central railway station, chanting, "Whoever is silent, is complicit." The irony of this moment should not be overlooked. The German left was not only silent when thousands of

Trump's 'Calm before the Storm' is a Message to North Korea and Iran

U.S. policy toward both Iran and North Korea is closely related, because we must prevent Iran from joining the nuclear club and becoming another, even more dangerous version of North Korea. President Trump cannot afford to wait and do nothing as Iran and

The Czech Donald Trump

Andrej Babis, one of the Czech Republic's wealthiest people, presents himself as a non-ideological results-oriented reformer. He has pledged to run the country like a business after years of what he calls corrupt and inept management. He is demanding a

The Iran Deal Isn't Worth Saving

"Cut, and cut cleanly," Sen. Paul Laxalt advised Ferdinand Marcos in 1986, urging the Philippine president to resign and flee Manila because of widespread civil unrest. The Nevada Republican, Ronald Reagan's best friend in Congress, knew what his

Kurdish Secession and Mysteries of Identity

An old Arab adage asserts that there is always something good in whatever happens. The secession referendum held in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq is no exception. It has added to tension in the region, awakened many old demons and diverted

Sweden: Land of Double Standards

Both books are aimed at 3-6 year-olds. The first book is about "Asli, who has never been to Somalia, but now she is going there with her father to meet her four grandmothers". Swedish children, evidently, are supposed to learn that the Islamic practice

The Goal of Western Leaders: Avoid Change, Duck Accountability

Political leaders across the Western world seem to have a clear set of priorities that we will not change, and therefore we must simply accept the problem. There are several possible reasons for this, but the most likely is that they know that it is the

Palestinian "Reconciliation": Hamas Free to Fight but Now Abbas Accountable

Abbas's new partnership with Hamas means that from this moment on, the Palestinian Authority president should be held responsible for everything that takes place inside the Gaza Strip. Until now, Abbas was rightly absolved of any responsibility for

Islamic Sunset on Germany

Because Germany had committed genocide, it was impregnated with self-hatred and a rejection of its own identity. Germany turned to European construction and tried to define itself as European, in order not to call itself German. A gradual replacement of

The Real Roots of Islamic Terrorism

Last month, an Islamic preacher was caught red-handed in Britain preaching for ISIS and jihad, and inciting youths to commit violence against non-Muslims. To everyone's purported astonishment, he was not delivering his lectures on websites. He was

Palestinians: A State Within a State?

The "reconciliation" accord they reached in Cairo paves the way for creating a state within a state in the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian-sponsored deal does not require Hamas to dismantle its security forces and armed wing, Ezaddin Al-Qassam. Nor does the

More Jihadists in the West - Why?

Western countries are much more lenient toward the jihadists and Islamists. In the Middle East, there are severe consequences if they preach against their own political system. They are permitted to grow only if they teach antagonism towards the West,

Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect

The new law also requires immigrants from non-EU countries to sign an "integration contract" which obligates them to learn written and spoken German and to enroll in courses about the "basic values of Austria's legal and social order." Immigrants are

Refugees, Intersectionalists, and Jews

According to a leaked German government report, up to 6.6 million migrants -- both refugees and migrants seeking a better life -- are currently waiting to cross to Europe from Africa. The "mistake" the Israelis made seems to have been that, although

The Case for Kurdish Independence

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried to extort Israel to withdraw its support, and threatened to end the process of normalization unless it does so. It is worth noting that Turkey strongly supports statehood for the Palestinians but not for their

The Big Middle East Lie

Jamal wanted to murder Jews because he believed this was a noble deed that would earn him the status of shaheed and hero among his family, friends and society. In Palestinian culture in particular, and Arab culture in general, murderers of Jews

Islam and Feminism

By claiming that Islam is "feminist," these self-appointed advocates seem to be trying to convince others that Islam is keeping up with modernity, human rights, and democratic values. This, sadly is a lie, and one that unfortunately seems told to

The Pope, Peace and Islamic Fundamentalists

Islamist terrorists in Egypt bombed Coptic churches and killed dozens of innocent people on Palm Sunday, and Saudi Arabia, which finances and hosts the Muslim World League , is the global purveyor of extremist Wahhabism. More importantly, it sends a

What is Behind the Refusal to Stand for the Anthem?

If there is a declining number of Americans who demonstrate patriotism, it may spring from the fact that few have ever served their nation in any capacity. Public education in the post-Vietnam era, as well as textbooks often developed with the "help" of

Kurdish Referendum: What is the Lowdown?

Despite many efforts to stop or postpone it, the Iraqi Kurdistan referendum has become a fait accompli and must be taken into account in shaping future developments, and Iraqi Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani (also known as "Kak Masoud" --

The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain

"Evicted five centuries ago by crusading Christians, the Arabs are back in Spain, using their oil dollars to buy land that was seized from their ancestors by the sword". — James M. Markham, The New York Times, 1981. The Madrid daily ABC wrote that 800

Europe: What do Islamic Parties Want?

Sweden's Jasin party is not unique. Islamist parties have begun to emerge in many European countries, such as the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and France. In the Netherlands, Denk ran on a platform against the integration of immigrants into Dutch

Switzerland: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jihad

What you would never know, from all this hand-wringing about "Islamophobia," is that only a few weeks before the conference, the country's media had reported on a popular imam in Biel who, in his sermons, "asked Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam --

Florida Islamist's "Human Rights" Organization Needs to Be Investigated for Possible Terrorism Ties

"WE WILL OVERTHROW them ALL. US WILL PAY FOR ITS CRIMES" — Nidal Mohamed Sakr. Sakr is a prime example of a radical Islamist taking advantage of the freedoms that the United States has to offer all its citizens, in order to undermine its existence -- in