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Germany's Batty Plan to Deter Migrants

Every German knows that hardly any asylum seekers whose applications are rejected are forced to leave Germany. But if their application is rejected and they do decide to return to their home country, they are rewarded with an allowance of between €1000

"Eurosion": Muslim Majority in Thirty Years?

Even if all current 28 EU members, plus Norway and Switzerland, closed their borders to migrants, the Islamic population will continue to exponentiate.... Today, it is an increase of six million in seven years. And tomorrow? What will happen in major

Trump's Jerusalem Declaration Long Overdue

President Trump's announcement Wednesday that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was both correct and prudent from America's perspective. Much more remains to be done to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to

President Trump: The Courage to Act

The reaction around the world in recent days has been a reminder of the one central truth of the whole conflict. Those who cannot accept that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel tend to be exactly the same as those who cannot accept the State

Firebombing Jewish Children in Sweden

On Friday night, an anti-Trump rally in Malmö drew about 200 people, many of whom shouted anti-Jewish remarks and threatened to "shoot the Jews." Saturday's attack on the Gothenburg synagogue may have been immediately triggered by Trump's recognition of

Bangladesh: Runaway Muslim Persecution of Hindus

If you want to root out a Hindu family from its ancestral home in Bangladesh, just accuse one of its members of insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. You will find thousands of Muslims rushing to burn the Hindu family's whole neighborhood down, without

Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!

"More journalists than protesters..." — Björn Stritzel, German journalist. Protests against Israel and the US are not uncommon on the streets of Ramallah, Hebron and Bethlehem. But for the "war correspondents," there is nothing more exciting than

Why Did Islamic State Kill So Many Sufis in Sinai?

A 2007 report by the Rand Corporation advised Western governments to "harness" Sufism, saying its adherents were "natural allies of the West." In the end, the Sufi parties are outnumbered by those of their Salafi opponents, meaning that the brotherhoods

The Mullahs Overplay the Military Card

Faced with mounting domestic problems and diplomatic isolation to prolong its hold on power the leadership in Tehran is increasingly depending on the military establishment. Highlighting this growing dependence is the "Supreme Guide" Ayatollah Ali

Welcome to the Hell Hole that is Brussels

Last month alone in Brussels, there were three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale. If you penetrate the thick cloud of professional indignation to scrutinize the reality of the "capital of Europe", what you see in many respects is

Violence Should Not Determine Policy

Violence should be responded to by police and military action, not by giving in to the unreasonable demands of those who use violence as a tactic. The reason violence — whether rock-throwing or more lethal forms of terrorism — is used is because it works

Islamist Regimes Take Over UNESCO

The UN agency is currently dominated by the most oppressive regimes on education and culture. There is China, which recently let writer, poet and Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo die an agonizing death in prison, where he was serving an 11-year jail

The Real Palestinian Response to Trump's Jerusalem Speech

By misrepresenting the poster burning "ceremony" as a reflection of widespread Palestinian rage concerning Trump's policy on Jerusalem, the international media is once again complicit in promoting the propaganda of Palestinian spin doctors. The

Homeless Swedes Out in the Cold

One reason there are so many immigrants in Sweden, both legal and illegal, is that the country's welfare system is a bonanza for foreigners. Far from not being covered by the system, immigrants often enjoy preferential treatment These Swedes should not

Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a perfect response to President Obama's benighted decision to change American policy by engineering the United Nations Security Council Resolution declaring Judaism's holiest places

A Two State Solution for Europe?

A poll conducted this summer found that 29% of French Muslims found Sharia to be more important to them than French laws. It also found that 67% of Muslims want their children to study Arabic, and 56% think it should be taught in public schools. A 2016

Turkey: Laundering Billions for Iran

In one audio recording, Erdogan was heard ordering his son to get rid of all the cash he kept at home; and his son, after trying for several hours, tells him there are still millions left. Erdogan denied the authenticity of the evidence and claimed this

Is Saudi Arabia Key to America's Mideast Strategy?

"Message: The appeasement of Iran is over." — Charles Krauthammer. "If Saudi Arabia is genuine in its declared desire to become an active member of the global system, the first thing it has to do is to offer the rule of law in the sense understood by

France: Islamism in the Heart of the State

On all questions dedicated to immigration and Islam, France's Council of State has become an Islamo-leftist body, dedicated to encouraging Muslim immigration and protecting the expansion of Islam and Islamism in France. The government wanted to expel

UK: Perversions of Justice

That the British government turned on the chief executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, Nazir Afzal -- a pioneer of the campaign to rescue under-aged girls from the drugging, torture and rape of violent criminals -- is beyond

Religious Hate Crimes, USA.: Jews, Not Muslims, Still Key Victims

Hate crimes -- defined as those directed at someone "based on his race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity" -- are not only illegal; they are immoral and should not be tolerated. However, we must not allow the dictates of political

Why Did Flynn Lie and Why Did Mueller Charge Him with Lying?

The charge to which retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty may tell us a great deal about the Robert Mueller investigation. The first question is, why did Flynn lie? People who lie to the FBI generally do so because, if they told the truth,

Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities

The PFLP, like Hamas and other Palestinian groups, makes no secret of its goal to "liberate Palestine, from the River to the Sea." All should be commended for their honesty. If anyone has any doubts, their plan means the total

Erdogan: No Moderate Islam

"Erdogan's claims that 'There is no Islamic terror' have left several Islamic terror organizations heart-broken. A press release from al-Qaeda's press office read: 'The prime minister's remarks are very discouraging. We are doing our best!'" – Zaytung

Contrary to Media Reports, FBI Hate Crime Statistics Do Not Support Claims of Anti-Muslim Backlash

Although the instances of hate crimes documented by the government are worrisome and deserving of condemnation, the statistics published by the FBI over the last 17 years refute both the Islamophobia narrative and the claim of a widespread backlash

Europe's Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come

More than six million migrants are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean to cross into Europe, according to a classified German government report leaked to Bild. "Young people all have cellphones and they can see what's happening in other parts

Preparing for Terrorist Attacks in Greece

These illegal immigrants "come to Europe looking for 'opportunities,' but do not accept any of the responsibilities of an open democracy. They usually engage in all kinds of smuggling: Drugs, trafficking, and even 'jihad.' We cannot allow that." — Former

Progress and History in Zigzag

One of the key ideas promoted by the European Enlightenment or the Age of Reason of the 18th century is that of progress, according to which human history develops across a curve from a low point to higher and higher points. One may debate and dispute

The Great Palestinian Shakedown: Have the Arabs Had Enough?

Like most Arab countries, the Saudis too have finally realized that the Palestinians are ungrateful and untrustworthy. Saudi Arabia and most of the Arab countries are obviously fed up with the recurring attempts by the Palestinians to blackmail them and

"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim"

For Islamists, non-Muslim land is different from Muslim land. Many can never identify themselves with a Western land -- or with a flag or nationality -- even though they may have been born in that land and their families may have lived there for

Pope's High-Risk Visit to South Asia: Opposition in Catholic Hierarchy

"We are afraid that the pope does not have sufficiently accurate information, and is releasing statements that do not reflect reality." -- Catholic Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam of Myanmar's Bhamo Diocese, suggesting that the Pope is misinformed about the

The Axis of Moderation vs. the Axis of Resistance in the Middle East

"We are just returning to the Islam we are used to... The moderate Islam". — Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh on October 26, 2017. Saudi Arabia's complaints against Iran's interference and

Saudis Fed Up: "Palestinians Milking Us for Decades"

Like most Arab countries, the Saudis too have finally realized that the Palestinians are ungrateful and untrustworthy. Saudi Arabia and most of the Arab countries are obviously fed up with the recurring attempts by the Palestinians to blackmail them and

North Korea Ships Chemical Weapons to Syria: Nukes Next?

Syria could, of course, also acquire nuclear weapons from North Korea. Syria already possesses ballistic missiles; the chemical weapons are already there. In the past, North Korea has shipped ballistic missiles to Hezbollah and Hamas via Syria; they will

Turkey Rejects "Moderate Islam"

"These epithets of 'moderate Islam' are very ugly, it is disrespectful and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that's it." — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In keeping with Erdoğan's assertions,

Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on Police

"The police cannot win a war with the Lebanese because we outnumber them.... This applies to all of Gelsenkirchen, if we so choose." — Lebanese clan in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Observers surmised that the real reason for the judge's leniency was that he

Sweden's New Government Censorship

In the report, placing the word "refugees" in quotation marks, as well as "unaccompanied children," is supposedly an expression of "hate". . Government

Egypt: Saving the Sinai

Egypt could use the help of American desert-warfare Special Forces advisors, as well as actionable intelligence from trusted Bedouin desert trackers. Egypt might also improve relations with the Sinai's principal Bedouin tribes and other locals by

France Submits to Terrorism, Muslim Anti-Semitism

In France, since 2012, more than 250 people were killed by Islamic terrorism -- more than in all other European countries combined. No other country in Europe has experienced so many attacks against Jews. France is a country where Jews are murdered

Laundering Iran's Nukes - Again

While President Obama was busy concocting the fiction that "moderates" in the Iranian regime were worthy of our trust, he knew full well that he was offering concessions to co-conspirators in the 9/11 attacks. The Obama administration had evidence that

Erdogan's Interesting New Top Mayors

Istanbul's new mayor had been one of the lawyers defending Islamist arsonists in what is known as the "Sivas case". They set the hotel alight, while policemen allegedly stood by and watched as 37 people were killed. The city's Islamist mayor refused to

Hijab Barbie: Useful Idiots of Cultural Jihad

Far from being a symbol of empowerment, the new Hijab Barbie is an example of a cultural and civilizational jihad -- and the submission of a Western company, Mattel, to that jihad. Cultural jihad is the attempt to change and subvert Western culture from

Africa: The Way Forward

The United Nations keeps spending huge amounts of money in many countries for missions supposedly established for aimed for peacekeeping in many countries. However, the cost-effectiveness of these missions remains to be seen. They have so utterly failed

Russia's Dangerous Nuclear "Diplomacy"

Russia's state owned nuclear energy organization, Rosatom, of Uranium One celebrity, has been trying to develop nuclear cooperation with most of the Middle East countries. Russia would undertake building and operating the nuclear power plants – then

Time to Drain the Swamp - Also in Europe

Our democracies in the Western half of Europe have been subverted. Their goal is no longer to do what the people want. On the contrary, our political elites often do exactly the opposite. Our parliaments promote open-door policies that the majority of

Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?

The Arab League holds an emergency meeting on Lebanon. France and the United States agree to work together to contain the Lebanese Hezbollah. Russia indicates support for compromise. Iran's official government invites everyone to "joint diplomatic

Palestinians vs. Trump: The Battle Begins

Although the full details of the proposed plan have yet to be made public, the Palestinians have already made up their mind: Whatever comes from Trump and his Jewish team is against the interests of the Palestinians. The Palestinians' rhetorical attacks

"Reforming" the Church of Sweden

Even as the other key players in Swedish society have adapted to the rise of Islam within the country's borders, so has the Church of Sweden. If you look at Jackelén's Wikipedia page, you will see that her motto is "God is greater." In Swedish, it is

The Expanding Umbrella of Anti-Semitism

Islam did not trick Western nations; the West brought itself to the embrace of Islam. The center of the original Islamic message seems to have been to convert, kill or drive away Christians and Jews, rather than to meet the spiritual needs of Muslims. To

How Ten Dem Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists

Now ten members of the "progressive caucus" of the Democratic Party are trying to give these terrorist leaders another reason for using even younger terrorists to kill even more innocent civilians. The bill fails to acknowledge that some of the most