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Japan Is Counting on Shareholder Activism to Improve Its Economy

Reform is the carrot; activist investors are the stick.

Research: Consumers Prefer Products with Imperfections Because They Feel More Unique

But only if they appear unintentional.

How to Mentor a Narcissist

Help them see their impact on others.

We Shouldn't Always Need a Business Case' to Do the Right Thing

Ethics are an innate part of business.

The 5 Skills Employers Seek in Today's Digital Economy - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HBX

Sponsor Content from HBX.

Should Employers Fire Employees Who Attend White Supremacist Rallies?

There are both legal and moral questions to consider.

Starting a Business Can Increase Older Workers' Quality of Life

Governments should find ways to encourage it.

The Best Senior Teams Thrive on Disagreement

Research on the downside of consensus.

The Comprehensive Case for Investing More VC Money in Women-Led Startups

And for hiring more female investors.

The Most Overused Negotiating Tactic Is Threatening to Walk Away

Focus on what you'll both gain from making a deal.

The High Price of Overly Prescriptive HR Policies

Move away from rules and toward common sense.

Who Empathizes with Machiavellian or Narcissistic Leaders?

Other Machiavellians and narcissists, according to research.

The Case for Stock Buybacks

Buybacks provide flexibility and push funding toward younger firms.

The Tragic Crash of Flight AF447 Shows the Unlikely but Catastrophic Consequences of Automation

Automation can make us safer, but it creates new vulnerabilities.

How to Motivate Employees to Go Beyond Their Jobs

It's critical for organizations, and it makes work more fulfilling.

Playing Office Politics Without Selling Your Soul

Not all politics are bad.

Research: How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change

Based on a study of 411 leaders of UK academies.

Find Your Happy Place at Work

Annie McKee, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the book “How to Be Happy at Work,” tells the story of her journey to happiness,starting with her early job as a caregiver for an elderly couple. Even in later, higher-paying work, McKee saw that pursuing ...

Severe Weather Threatens Businesses. It's Time to Measure and Disclose the Risks

Managers and investors both need this information.

How to Work from Home When You Have Kids

It takes more than a home office.

Sales Bonuses Are Supposed to Motivate, So Don't Waste Them on Easy Targets

An analysis shows many salespeople have “hidden salary.”

How to Help Someone Discover Work That Excites Them

Useful questions to ask.

As Your Company Evolves, What Happens to Employees Who Don't?

Organizational fit is a moving target.

How to Quantify Sustainability's Impact on Your Bottom Line

A case study of the Brazilian beef industry.

Cognitive Diversity Helps Teams Solve Problems Faster

Thinking styles matter.

Will Today's Devastating Weather Change Business the Way Hurricane Katrina Did?

Walmart's post-Katrina transformation saved the company billions.

Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

Different metro areas will need different solutions.

How to Get Men Involved with Gender Parity Initiatives

Make them feel they have a stake in the outcome.

What's the Right Kind of Bonus to Motivate Your Sales Force?

Evidence from an experiment at a large Indian company.

What Harvey Is Teaching the Health Care Sector About Managing Disasters

Deploy resources creatively.

How to Think Differently About a Flexible Workforce - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM CATALANT


Whole Foods Is Becoming Amazon's Brick-and-Mortar Pricing Lab

And changing how Americans think about the cost of healthy food.

Scaling Customer Service as Your Startup Grows

A stage-by-stage guide to supporting your customers.

Colorblind Diversity Efforts Don't Work

Efforts to minimize differences have been shown to backfire.

Why Businesses Should Lower Prices During Natural Disasters

It helps your customers, which helps your brand.

Only 3% of Companies' Data Meets Basic Quality Standards

Data is in far worse shape than most managers realize.

What Your Innovation Process Should Look Like

Whether you're a company or a government agency.