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Whitefish Energy won't finish its work in Puerto Rico until it's paid $83 million.

The company paused work 10 days early.

Read the Antarctica blockbuster that's freaking everyone out.

The rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could imperiling global cities sooner than we thought.

How to survive Thanksgiving in one piece.

Thanksgiving can be stressful and overwhelming. Never fear! We've got you covered with some sage holiday tips.

This holiday season, instead of picking your battles, pick your battlefield

Is this the year you actually have that political debate at the holiday table?

Ice Apocalypse

Rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of this century.

Doomsday on Ice

Rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of this century.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and thousands more marched on Washington to call attention to Puerto Rico.

More than 1.5 million people still do not have electricity, and many residents still struggle to find clean water, food, and medicine.

Tesla’s going big — like, 18-wheeler big.

The electric semi is a big, shiny sign of a changing industry.

Nebraska gives the green light to Keystone XL , with a twist.

The decision is a critical step forward for the controversial tar-sands pipeline.

Miles away from the U.N. climate talks, local movements demonstrate what’s really at stake

Activists accuse the conference of 'greenwashing' environmental injustices just outside its doors.

You can blame a 'medicane' for this week's deadly flooding in Greece.

Warming waters in the Mediterranean Sea have produced a weather system with the characteristics of a subtropical cyclone.

Nebraska's Keystone XL decision won't hinge on Thursday's 210,000-gallon spill.

A 2011 state law prevents regulators from taking pipeline safety or possible leaks into account in their decisions.

It’s OK that Democrats don’t have a national climate policy

The real action is -- and always has been -- at the local and state level.

Washington state gets another shot at the nation's first carbon tax

“2018 is the year we’re going to push for something big in Washington.”

Security firm TigerSwan was paid to build a conspiracy lawsuit against DAPL protesters.

The lawsuit alleges that environmental groups engineered the #noDAPL movement in order to garner donations.

The U.N. climate talks have a gender gap. Women plan to fix it.

Women are disproportionately affected by climate change, so it's about time they get a seat at the negotiating table.

Another side effect of Puerto Rico’s power problems: Scientists struggle to do their work.

Public health researchers are limited by the same lack of power, clean water, and infrastructure they are there to study.

The shipping industry needs to clean up its act. Here’s where it can start.

At U.N. climate talks, experts discussed simple ways that the sector could steer itself to a low-carbon future.

Jerry Brown said some kinda weird things on his Europe tour.

In the most recent days of Governor Brown's European tour, things have gone a bit off the rails.

California may use 50 percent renewable electricity by 2020, a decade ahead of schedule.

California is proving that a switch to clean energy isn't all that difficult.

Puerto Rico JUST met the halfway mark to restoring power. Then the lights went out again.

Whitefish strikes again.

African American communities are being hit hard by oil and gas pollution.

A new study finds that black Americans are exposed to nearly 40 percent more polluted air than their white counterparts.