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Companies are turning ocean trash into running shoes and sunglasses

“Upcycling” marine plastic into fashion items is gaining traction.

British Columbia is having its worst wildfire season in recorded history.

The smoke is so thick it can “turn day into night.”

Minnesota report: Proposed tar sands oil pipeline would harm tribes.

Enbridge's $7.5 billion project would cut through sacred Native American lands.

How to watch the eclipse without trashing the Earth

Tips for making the Great American Eclipse as environmentally friendly as possible.

Supervolcanoes: The secret to a battery-powered future?

Researchers found lithium deposits in a Yellowstone supervolcano.

California went all-in on natural gas. Can it do the same with renewables?

The battle over a proposed So Cal power plant could signal if the state is ready to put its money where its mouth is on clean energy.

California scientists are calling for the largest U.S. investment in climate research in years.

Governor Jerry Brown has given the proposal an informal thumbs-up.

Court says pipelines , not Exxon , are to blame for a major oil spill.

An appeals court said Exxon didn't violate safety standards before a 200,000-gallon spill in Arkansas in 2013.

The world’s largest volcanic region was just discovered in Antarctica.

The worst possible spot for a giant volcanic chain? Beneath West Antarctica.

Trump revoked an Obama rule that protected against flooding

But he's also seeking to protect his golf course.

The European Union is considering an electric car mandate.

The E.U. governing body is mulling an electric and hybrid car quota for automakers by 2030.

Wind and solar energy are literally saving lives.

Decreased emissions are responsible for preventing up to 12,700 death in the United States.

Meet July, the hottest month yet

This is climate change in action.

Trump wants to ignore the effects of climate change when permitting infrastructure projects.

President Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that he said will streamline the environmental review required to get large public construction efforts , like roads, bridges, and buildings , off the ground. From the gilded lobby of Trump Tower, the …

The security firm that tracked DAPL opponents denies providing illegal services.

TigerSwan responds to a lawsuit by a North Dakota state agency that alleges it operated without a license.

Your previously worthless tweets could be used for science.

"Think of it as citizen science by people who don’t even realise they’re citizen scientists."

Stores waste tons of CO2 a day by blasting A/C with the doors open

For the sake of the planet, it’s time to be more mindful of how we're using A/C

As Houston plots a sustainable path forward, it’s leaving this neighborhood behind

Advocates say the city is sacrificing the community of Manchester to the petrochemical industry.

Stores waste tons of CO2 a day by blasting A/C and leaving the doors open

This article is published in partnership with: With back-to-school shopping season starting up this summer, we invite you, dear consumer, to step back from the dazzling world of reclaimed wood pencils and vinyl-free rolling backpacks for a moment. On your …

The newer, greener Houston isn’t for everybody

As Houston tries to clean up its dirty reputation, the neighborhood of Manchester remains overrun by the petrochemical industry.

Without air conditioning, America's prisons can be unbearable , and sometimes deadly

“Everybody knows high temperatures can be lethal.”

Glacier National Park is overcrowded. Thanks, climate change.

A wave of “doomsday tourists” want to catch a glimpse of the park's melting glaciers.

We're nearing peak hurricane season and New Orleans’ pumping system is “broken.”

The news comes more than a week after a "mini-Katrina" hit the city and triggered flooding.

How can Pruitt sue himself? California wants to know.

California's attorney general wants to know how the EPA will handle Pruitt weighing in on the same rules he tried to unravel.

Remember Flint? Bruno Mars surprised concertgoers with $1 million toward its recovery.

Funds from his show would be redirected to a Flint non-profit, Mars announced.

Which American cities are the most sustainable?

Here are the best U.S. cities on climate goals.