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Donald Trump says he has proof congresswoman 'fabricated' his remarks to fallen soldier's widow

Donald Trump says the congresswoman totally fabricated what he said to the wife of the fallen soldier and he has proof.

Somalis protest against truck bombings that killed 300, police open fire

Police initially opened fire to stop people from accessing the scene of the attack, injuring two, but were eventually overwhelmed by the thousands of demonstrators.

Donald Trump tells soldier's widow 'he knew what he signed up for'

U.S. President Donald Trump told the widow of an American soldier that he knew what he signed up for,' when he died in action, according to reports.

Michigan judge rescinds order awarding convicted rapist child custody

A Michigan judge on Tuesday rescinded his order that gave a convicted sex offender joint legal custody of a child born to a woman who said the man raped her when she was 12.

Venezuelan president lashes out at Canada, Donald Trump over post-election scepticism

"There goes the stupid government of Canada saying that they don't recognize the elections," Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said.

Despite his claim, Donald Trump has not called every fallen soldier's family

Relatives of two soldiers who died overseas during Donald Trump's presidency who said they never received a call or a letter from him.

Charges contemplated for California man in fatal cyclist accident on Mount Royal

A 59-year-old California man is facing a criminal negligence causing death charge after cyclist Clement Ouimet was killed on Mount Royal.

Accused hostage taker of Amanda Lindhout claims he lied to undercover RCMP agents

Ali Omar Adar says he lied to undercover agents when he boasted getting $10,000 for his role as negotiator in the Amanda Lindhout hostage-taking.

Mike Drolet: Car bombs and fake news, how our jobs have changed

Donald Trump entered the political ring and everything changed.

U.S. senators reach bipartisan deal to stabilize Obamacare

Senators reached a breakthrough deal Tuesday on resuming federal payments to health insurers that President Donald Trump has blocked.

Disappearance of security guard injured in Las Vegas shooting draws attention

Jesus Campos "wants to tell his story at a time and place of his choosing," MGM Resorts International spokeswoman Debra DeShong said.

Details emerge about plot to kill Kim Jong-un's half-brother

The plot to kill Kim Jong Nam involved reality TV, nerve poison and a man known only as "Mr. Y," according to testimony in a Malaysian court.

Mom accused of killing her 2 toddlers by putting them in oven, turning it on

An Atlanta mom is accused of killing her two young sons by putting them in the oven and turning it on, according to local police.

ISIS completely driven out of their Syrian capital Raqqa

Losing Raqqa has been a huge blow for ISIS, which has steadily lost territory in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS completely driven out of their Syrian capital Raqqa

Losing Raqqa has been a huge blow for IS, which has steadily lost territory in Iraq and Syria.

Taliban suicide attack on Afghanistan police training centre kills at least 14

Taliban suicide car bombers and gunmen attacked a provincial Afghan police headquarters on Tuesday.

Donald Trump claims predecessors didn't honour fallen, prompts angry response

President Donald Trump's suggestion Monday that his predecessors fell short in that duty brought a visceral reaction.

North Korea on edge and warns 'war may break out at any moment'

North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador warned Monday that the situation on the Korean peninsula "has reached the touch-and-go point and a nuclear war may break out any moment.''

Bombardier sells majority stake in CSeries program to European Airbus

European aircraft giant Airbus Group is buying a majority stake in Bombardier's CSeries program.

Donald Trump's campaign subpoenaed for sex assault records in Summer Zervos suit

It isn't clear yet whether the case will advance far enough that the Trump campaign will be required to actually turn over those records.

Krack hack: Wi-Fi flaw puts all devices at risk, researchers discover

Users should still install software updates targeting the vulnerability as soon as they're available. 

Dangerous countries: Canada's list of risky travel spots

If you're heading to any of these countries, you may want to rethink your travelling plans.

Car bomb kills journalist involved in Panama Papers leak

Malta journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who exposed her island nation's links to offshore tax havens through the leaked Panama Papers, was killed Monday when a bomb exploded in her car.

Oil rig explosion in Louisiana leaves 6 people injured, 1 missing

Five of the injured were rushed to the hospital with blast-type injuries and burns' and are in critical condition.

2 people killed as Tropical storm Ophelia batters Ireland's southern coast

The storm, downgraded from a hurricane overnight, made landfall after 0940 GMT, the Irish National Meteorological Service said.

Colin Kaepernick files lawsuit against NFL, says owners prevented him from being signed

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback filed a formal grievance against the NFL on Sunday.

Catalonia's president still doesn't clarify independence after deadline passes

A Monday morning deadline came and went without the president of the Catalonia region clarifying whether he had declared independence from Spain.

Iraqi troops clash with Kurds in effort to gain control of oil-rich Kirkuk

Iraq's national army advanced overnight and took areas in and around the oil city of Kirkuk that is usually dominated by the country's Kurdish people.

Somalia car bomb: death toll now over 300

Funerals began, and the death toll was expected to rise again.

Colin Kaepernick accuses NFL owners of colluding to prevent him being signed

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback filed a formal grievance against the NFL on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton blames sexism for election defeat to Donald Trump

Clinton said women are generally disliked in positions of power.

California cannabis farmer loses farmhouse, $2M in crops in wildfires

Andrew Lopas lost 1,100 kg of cannabis, $10,000 in cash to pay the mortgage and workers, a farmhouse that dated back to the 18th century, trailers and farm vehicles.

Wild elephants kill 4 people in Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

The elephants charged a camp where refugees were sleeping, killing a woman and her three children and injuring four others.

Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson tensions continue amid crisis

The strained relationship between Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson came under renewed focus Sunday.

Austria shifts right as conservative star Sebastian Kurz seals election win

Young conservative star Sebastian Kurz is on track to become Austria's next leader.

Cuban minister urges Canadian sun seekers to return to island following Hurricane Irma

Tourism is crucial to Cuba's economy and the million Canadians who visit the island annually are the leading customers.

Alberta imam warns youth to beware of influence of Islamic State

Following two recent vehicle attacks in Edmonton, an Alberta imam is stressing the importance of preventing the radicalization of Canadian youths.

Rex Tillerson says U.S. will negotiate with North Korea until 'first bomb drops'

Donald Trump "has made it clear to me to continue my diplomatic efforts," Rex Tillerson said.

Taliban says Joshua Boyle's allegations of rape and murder are 'western propaganda'

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has released a statement saying Coleman had a "natural miscarriage'' after an illness.

Death toll from Somalia car bomb rises to 189 with more than 200 injured

This is the deadliest single attack ever in the Horn of Africa nation, police and hospital sources said Sunday.

North Korea warns Australia over 'dangerous moves of zealously' backing U.S.

North Korea also said that Australia "will not be able to avoid disaster" if it aligns with the U.S. and South Korea.

Alec Baldwin's Trump tells Mike Pence to ditch NFL game, gay wedding and Starbucks in SNL cold open

Baldwin's Trump also took pot shots at Senator Bob Corker, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and rapper Eminem.

Shooting reported at Virginia State University campus

University police tweeted on Saturday night, Shooting on Campus - VSU is on lockdown. Avoid the area. Updates to follow.'

California family reunites with pet dog presumed dead in wildfire

Izzy, a 9-year-old Burmese Mountain Dog, was surprisingly found uninjured.

California wildfire death toll approaches 40, hundreds still missing

"It is a horror that no one could have imagined."

Russian agents used Pokemon Go to stoke racial tensions during U.S. election: report

Russian-linked operatives ran a Pokemon Go contest designed to help stoke racial tensions in the U.S., according to a CNN investigation.

Porn mogul Larry Flynt offers $10M for any video that could help impeach Donald Trump

The Hustler Magazine founder bought out a full-page ad in The Washington Post to make his plea.

Boyle family kidnapping underscores dangers of visiting unsafe countries: experts

Security consultant David Hyde said Canada telegraphs its ability to help citizens through its travel advisories

German soccer players 'take a knee' in solidarity with NFL players

Hertha Berlin nodded to social struggles in the United States by kneeling before its Bundesliga home game on Saturday.

Man arrested after trying to light a cigarette with gas pump nozzle

Police arrested a man for possession of drugs after first spotting him attempting to light a cigarette with the nozzle of a gas pump.