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The Nixplay Iris Is a Digital Photo Frame You'll Buy For Yourself, Not Just Your Grandparents

Remember digital photo frames? You probably got one for your grandparents back in 2006, and haven't given them a second thought since. Turns out, they've gotten a lot better since then.

Do You Remember?

Facebook Used an 'I Will Rape You' Image to Invite Users to Instagram

This is getting absolutely nuts. Just a week after Facebook got busted for allowing advertisers to target topics like Jew haters' and How to burn Jews,' a reporter found that the company used an image that said I will rape you' to invite her friends to Instagram. There was a death threat in there, ...

Deadspin The NFL Should Legalize Holding | Splinter Undocumented Parents Arrested at Children's Hosp

Deadspin The NFL Should Legalize Holding | Splinter Undocumented Parents Arrested at Children's Hospital While Awaiting Their Infant Son's Surgery | Jezebel My Relationship Is Perfect—Except for the Sex | Very Smart Brothas Types of Black Privilege, Ranked |

Watch How Balls of Steel Are Made

If there's something more satisfying than watching hyper-specific machinery churn out random parts, I haven't found it yet. In this behind the scenes video, one of Shandong Iraeta's factories tirelessly turns giant rods of metal into perfectly spherical balls of steel.

App That Paid Users to Exercise Owes Nearly $1 Million for Not Paying Users to Exercise

In the capitalistic nightmare we live in, everything has to be a transaction. So, when Pact launched its fitness app that let you make money for working out—or else pay a fee for failing to do so—it seemed to be the perfect motivational tool. There was just one problem: The company apparently ...

Maria's Path of Destruction Across Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Is Heartbreaking

Hurricane Maria is currently churning off the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, leaving behind historic levels of destruction in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and several Caribbean nations. Recovery and cleanup efforts have already begun, but as grim new photographs show, these ...

I Don't Care How Cool VR Is, Please Just Propose IRL

You know what's cool about finding someone you're actually into? Holding hands. Making out. Gazing into each other's eyes. You know where you can't do these things? In the void. So why the hell are people proposing in virtual reality?

Facebook Pledges To Share Russian Political Ads With Congress

Facebook will share political ads linked to a Russian troll farm with Congress, in a reversal of its earlier claim that it could not share the ads because of its obligation to protect user privacy.

Boost Your TV's Audio With This $120 Sony Sound Bar

If you're still listening to your TV through its built-in speakers, listen up: This highly-rated Sony sound bar and wireless subwoofer for just $120 right now, or about $80 less than usual.

Lovestruck Toadlets Can't Even Hear Their Own Flirting

Stand in awe of the small but mighty pumpkin toadlet. He might only be an inch long, but his skin is packed with some of the most potent toxins on Earth. Strutting proudly through the mulch, he lets out a series of high-pitched buzzes to let nearby females know that in this patch of damp, ...

Everything You Need to Know About Star Trek: Discovery Before It Premieres

Hey, did you hear there's a new Star Trek show starting September 24? Anticipation is mighty high here at io9—but for everyone who hasn't been cataloguing every bit of info that CBS has revealed about Star Trek: Discovery on the long road to its debut, we've assembled this handy guide to get you ...

The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn't Harm Sales

The European Commission paid €360,000 for a study on how piracy impacts the sales of copyrighted music, books, video games, and movies. But the EU never shared the report—possibly because it determined that there is no evidence that piracy is a major problem.

Brainless Jellyfish Are Making Us Rethink Our Understanding of Sleep

If you've ever seen a jellyfish in the wild, at an aquarium, or in one of those 11-minute-long relaxation videos on YouTube, you've probably wondered: What are jellyfish trying to do? What is their goal? The answer is not entirely obvious, as these barely sentient blobs seem to senselessly ferry ...

Aspiring Tony Starks Made a Jet Suit to Fly Like Iron Man

I am, admittedly, a very weak swimmer, and at this point in my life I don't see myself signing up for Summer swim lessons. So I completely endorse this alternative approach to getting comfortable in the water: building a jet-powered wet suit that lets you cruise faster than Michael Phelps.

Here Are the First Hints of How Facebook Plans To Read Your Thoughts

Back in April, at Facebook's annual developer conference, the company announced an ambitious—and very creepy!—plan to read its users' minds. Facebook's secretive hardware R&D division, Building 8, planned to develop its own brain-to-computer interface' hardware that would allow a user to send ...

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Barely Understands What Makes Superhero Crossovers Great

Crossovers are a staple of comic fiction, whether that's in the books themselves, in the movies, or even in the video game adaptations. At their best, they're fannish delights, getting to hint at what it would be like for such disparate characters to really meet. At their worst, they're squandered ...

Exquisite Skeleton of a Neanderthal Kid Offers Clues to Human Evolution

He was just seven-and-a-half when he died some 49,000 years ago, an otherwise healthy Neanderthal boy whose cause of death remains a mystery. An analysis of his well-preserved skeleton is providing new insights into how these extinct humans developed and matured, revealing an extended period of ...

Highest-Energy Cosmic Radiation Comes From a Mysterious Source Beyond Our Galaxy

Not to scare you, but you're getting hit with radiation constantly. First, there's just regular old light . Then there are low levels of higher energy radiation like the kind in nuclear reactors, including particles coming out of the soil and off of bananas. But the highest-energy…

Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Headed to Court, Explained

On or shortly after this Tuesday in Delaware's Court of Chancery, the founder and CEO of Facebook will take the stand for the second time this year. Unlike the intellectual property case against Zenimax that forced Facebook to cough up $500 million, Mark Zuckerberg stands to lose some of the ...

Install OxyLED's Under-Cabinet Lighting Kit For Just $28

OxyLED is best known for its battery-powered light strips, but this discounted kit plugs into an AC outlet, and is designed specifically for under-cabinet installation.

Oh Shit, People Actually Complimented Me On My Smart Ring 

This past Sunday, the future touched my life in the form of a humble ring that logged my 5pm hangover nap. It's not exactly a flying car or a meal that fits inside a pill, but dammit, I've been charmed by this little finger Fitbit.

Mad Genius Builds a Drivable Hot Tub That Could Make Traffic Enjoyable

Colin Furze is back with another bizarre invention that will make you wonder why more mad scientists haven't embraced YouTube yet. This time he's turned a BMW E30 into a drivable hot tub, complete with a pair of leaf blowers used to generate bubbles, and a barbecue grill in the trunk.

Passwords to Access Over a Half Million Car Tracking Devices Leaked Online

We've seen a lot of data breaches this year: some big, some small, some that are dangerous, and some that are just embarrassing. But if we were to name one as the creepiest data breach of 2017, this leak of logins for car tracking devices might take the cake.

New Climate Study Doesn't Contradict Global Warming, No Matter What Breitbart Says

The science news media has a pretty simple job: Find facts, and report them. Typically, this entails reading a scientific study, talking to the study's authors and outside experts, writing, and fact-checking the confusing bits with experts again. But sometimes, the narrative the media wants isn't ...

Watch Sand Magically Flow Like a Liquid When Pumped Full of Air

The playground you frequented as a kid was probably blanketed in sand to help soften the impact every time you tumbled off the jungle gym. But did you know that something magical happens when you pump a pile of sand full of air? It suddenly enters a liquid-like state.

Uber Is Getting A New Privacy Policy

Uber has rightfully taken heat for its past privacy overreaches: tracking riders after they get dropped off, tracking Lyft drivers, tracking and circumventing law enforcement, tracking critical journalists. Lots of tracking in situations where people expected not to be tracked!

Thursday's Top Deals: Networking Blowout, Sony Sound Bar, Free Lyft Rides, and More

Sony Sound Bar, TP-Link Gold Box, and USB-C Battery Pack, kick off today's top deals.

Disable Apple's 'Find My Device' to Stop Hackers From Ransoming Your Mac or iPhone

Hackers are using Apple's Find My' service to remotely hold devices for ransom, reports MacRumors. Multiple people have tweeted about stolen accounts in the past week. Two-factor authentication does not prevent the hack.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Still Pissed That We Know About His Army of Handlers

Facebook founder and NASCAR enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg likes a lot of things. He likes Facebook. He likes being in charge of Facebook. He even likes talking about how much he likes being in charge of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg does not, however, like it when reporters publish embarrassing but true ...

The CCleaner Attack Was Worse Than We Knew

When Avast announced that 2.27 million people had downloaded a malware-riddled copy of its performance optimization software CCleaner, it was initially believed that a second payload—that can control a system—was never delivered to victims. It's now clear that wasn't the case, and it appears the ...

This Footage of a Drone Buzzing a Cargo Train Turned My Stomach Inside Out

Your childhood fantasies of soaring through the air like Iron Man or Superman will seem far less fantastic after this sobering first-person footage of a drone racing alongside a moving cargo train reveals just how terrifying it would be to actually fly.

Razer Is Making a Mobile Gaming Device, For Real This Time

Is it a phone? Or maybe a tablet with removable gamepads kind of like a Nintendo Switch? No one reallys knows, but Razer has been rumored to be working on a mobile gaming gaming device for quite some time now, and according to a new interview between CNBC and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, it seems like ...

Splinter Oklahoma Cops Fatally Shoot Deaf Man as Neighbors Scream 'He Can't Hear You' | Jezebel The

Splinter Oklahoma Cops Fatally Shoot Deaf Man as Neighbors Scream 'He Can't Hear You' | Jezebel The Slutty Resurgence of New York's Underground Gay Sex Parties | Deadspin Radio Host Don La Greca Snaps Again, This Time Over Stat Nerds | The Root Darth Chad Shows Everyone Why He Was Fired From ...

Here's the Best Price Ever on a Battery Pack With USB-C Power Delivery

There are only a handful of USB battery packs out there with USB-C Power Delivery, and this is the lowest price we've ever seen on one of them.

This Is One of the Strangest Objects Ever Discovered in the Solar System

Is it an asteroid? A comet? Both? Observations by the Hubble Space Telescope are revealing new details about a strange binary asteroid that's performing double-duty as a comet. It's the first time scientists have ever seen such a thing.

Daredevil Finds a Way to Make White Water Rafting Even More Dangerous

White water rapids are Mother Nature's way of telling humans to find another route to their destination. Even with proper safety gear like a helmet and life jacket, navigating tumultuous currents like this is a risky thrill. But it gets exponentially more dangerous when you stack six rafts atop each ...

More Rumors of a Surprising DC Hero's Presence in The Flash Movie

Shazam audition tapes could tease the movie's villain. Yet another member of the Marvel family has been confirmed for Infinity War and Avengers 4. The Joker origin movie is close to taking a big step forward. Plus, new looks at the returns of Gotham and The Walking Dead and new footage from Zoo's ...

Lockheed Martin Destroys Drones in Latest Laser Weapons Demo

Lasers are the future of war. And if this new video by defense company Lockheed Martin is any indication, that future is pretty damn close.

Amazon's Blowing Out a Ton of Networking and Home Automation Gear, Today Only

Whether you need a new Wi-Fi router, more ethernet ports, a modem to call your own, or some smart switches to start automating your home, Amazon's TP-Link Gold Box has you covered.

SEC Gets Hacked, Refuses to Release Details About Just How Fucked Everything Might Be

The Securities and Exchange Commission has disclosed that hackers accessed sensitive information from its systems about publicly traded companies. And while the SEC has so far been tight-lipped about what kind of fallout the hack will have, the agency acknowledges that the hackers have probably ...

Google Just Bought a Whole Lot of Phone From HTC

After a string of decent phones that failed to sell and a stock price that plunged so low the company was de-listed from the largest Taiwanese stock index we finally know what's happening to HTC. Google ends months of speculation, but not by buying HTC, as previously rumored. Rather Google is ...

Citizen, the Creepy Crime-Fighting App Formerly Known as Vigilante, Somehow Gets $12.2 Million

Citizen, the extremely dubious rebranding of Vigilante—an app which notifies users of 911 reports near them and encourages them to go out and shoot videos of the crimes and their aftermath—has somehow managed to acquire a new round of eight-figure funding.

Google Just Bought a Whole Lot of Phone From HTC

After a string of decent phones that failed to sell and a stock price that plunged so low the company was de-listed from the largest Taiwanese stock index, Google is finally ending months of speculation, but not by buying HTC, as previously rumored. Rather Google is purchasing the HTC staff behind ...

The iOS 11 Control Center Misleads Users on Whether Their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Are on

iOS 11 comes with a pretty sweet array of augmented reality tricks. Unfortunately, one thing that is less real than before in the new operating system is user controls for wireless connectivity.

Ron Howard's Latest Han Solo Tweet Is Either His Most Revealing, or Best Troll, Yet

Director Ron Howard has tweeted a lot of intriguing and cool photos from the set of the untitled Han Solo movie, but his latest either confirms a long standing fan theory or pokes fun at it. You decide.

The Smaller Instant Pot is Here to Free Up Your Counter Space

I love Instant Pot. You guys love Instant Pot. But what if you don't have a dinner party every night? What if you live alone but still want to cook fast, easy-to-make food without a crazy amount of clean-up?

Report: Peter Thiel Up for Key Intelligence Position, Wants to Limit Google's Power

According to a long-in-the-works report from Vanity Fair, Peter Thiel is in discussions to head what one insider described as the only meaningful executive-branch oversight of the intelligence community.' Numerous officials, including Steve Bannon, confirmed this, and one of Thiel's chief concerns ...

Knightscope's Family of Dystopian Robot Guards Just Grew by Two

If you've heard of Knightscope's security robots, it was probably due to their high-profile failures: one would-be Robocop failed to detect a staircase and killed itself by driving into a water fountain, another ran over a toddler's foot in a shopping mall. On Wednesday, Knightscope announced two ...

Hurricane Maria Lashes Puerto Rico, Knocking Out Power to Entire Island

The first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in Puerto Rico since 1932 is leaving its mark on the tropical Caribbean island, packing extreme winds and knocking out power to all 3.4 million residents.