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Re-Up Your PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold Memberships With Some Black Friday Discounts

Whether you're re-upping your own subscription or giving them out as gifts, both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are on sale for Black Friday.

This Photo Exhibit Captures Standing Rock's Striking Beauty

The indigenous-led force against the Dakota Access Pipeline drew nationwide attention last year in part for its powerful visuals of protestors and communal activism. Now a Minneapolis Photo Center exhibit offers a collection of some of the most powerful of these images by photographer Richard ...

Wolfenstein II For $25 Is One of Black Friday's Best Gaming Deals

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus only just came out , but you can already get it for $25.

Like the Original, Blade Runner 2049 Is Scifi Film Noir at Its Finest

It's easy to look at Blade Runner 2049's stunning use of shadow and light and declare it a part of the scifi noir genre. But it's really the film's narrative and thematic execution that grounds it in the longstanding noir storytelling tradition.

Make Your Own Droid, No Bad Motivator, With This littleBits Set

While you may mess up an entire plot point of an epic franchise, you can pick up this droid littleBits set and make your own R2 unit the way you want. These sets are basically like if LEGO and K'nex had a baby and added a battery.

Lizzie Borden's Potentially Haunted Second Home Is For Sale

If you've been considering purchasing a house in Fall River, Massachusetts, home to several lovely ponds and the site of two gruesome 19th century murders, there's a fourteen-room Queen Anne Victorian currently on sale for a mere $799,000. The home once belonged to Lizzie Borden, famously tried ...

This Double-Handed Glove Lets You Hold Four Beers Instead of Just Two

Federico Ciccarese and his company, Youbionic, imagine a not-too-distant future where everything we see is enhanced through augmented reality, and our body's ability to interact with the world is upgraded through augmented physicality. What does that look like? For starters, a $2,000+ 3D-printed ...

Save Nearly $100 On the Essential KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

No kitchen is complete without a KitchenAid stand mixer, and the ever-popular Artisan series is down to $224 on Amazon for Black Friday, in a variety of colors.

Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Giant Turkey Lollipop and Win Thanksgiving

Here's a harsh truth the country needs to hear: turkey is actually the worst part of your Thanksgiving meal. It's bland, it's often dry, and it takes up valuable space in the oven all day long. There's an easy fix, however, that doesn't involve brining or frying. Just replace your bird with a giant ...

Two NASA Science Planes Are Capturing Some Glorious Images of Antarctica

Every year, NASA's Operation Icebridge plumbs the wonders and woes of the ice at both poles, and 2017 is no different. Icebridge's Antarctic field mission kicked off about a month ago, and satellites and planes are hard at work monitoring glaciers, ice sheets, and sea ice.

All Of Your Flash Storage Needs Are Covered In This Massive SanDisk Sale

There's no such thing as owning too much flash storage, and you can stock up on flash drives and SD cards in Amazon Black Friday sale.

Gifts for People Looking for New Ways to Escape This Hellish Reality

The real world is... well, you know. And at some point or another we all need a break from it. Helping your loved ones transport themselves to an entirely different realm is a gift just about anyone would enjoying receiving this holiday season, and these gifts are just the ticket.

Two Different Instant Pots Are Cheaper Than Ever, So What Are You Waiting For? 

If you don't own a pressure cooker, today's a great day to fix that. The newest, pint sized 3Qt Instant Pot Mini wants a permanent home on your kitchen counter, and it just got its biggest ever discount down to just $49, an all-time low.

Yep, It's Still Not a Good Idea to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

For some, sneaking a mouthful of raw cookie dough while baking is an indelible—and certainly delicious—part of the process. But while we've been told to avoid dough containing raw eggs, a new investigation confirms that tainted raw flour was responsible for an E. coli outbreak in 2016—a ...

Here Are Your Philips Hue Black Friday Deals, Including a $60 White Starter Kit

Black Friday's here to brighten your day with an array of Philips Hue smart lighting deals.

Lenovo's Yoga 720 Is a Lot of Laptop for Not a Lot of Money

Thanks to Lenovo's expertise in making 2-in-1 laptops, which let you use it as a laptop or a thick tablet, you can now get a relatively inexpensive machine that doesn't make you feel like you picked your computer up from the prize counter at Chuck E. Cheese's. The $750 Lenovo Yoga 720 might not ...

After Justice League, Henry Cavill Is Excited to Play the Superman of the Comics

The Superman we've seen in DC's movie universe has been...let's say controversial at times. It's a characterization that has been built more around the character's power, and reactions to that power, than the ideals he champions. But after Justice League, Henry Cavill thinks its time for a Superman ...

This Is the Only Black Friday Deal I Care About

This Black Friday, when I'm swollen with cold turkey and yams, I'm going to lounge on my couch, some mindless Netflix marathon playing in the background, and I'm going to stare at the expected delivery date for the one thing I've actually bothered to order this week, on the occasion of the most ...

Save $5 On Any $20 Book Order From Amazon

For the first time since Prime Day, Amazon's offering a sitewide discount on all physical books they sell; save $5 on any order of $20 or more with code GIFTBOOK17.

This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is a Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

If you're as protective of your gadgets as I am, you've probably got a screen protector ready to apply to your new phone as soon as you've taken it out of the box. But how do you protect all the other surfaces in your home you don't want getting dinged and dented? You cover it with this perfectly ...

The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones On Earth Just Got Their First Discount Ever

Sony's WH1000XM2s put the noise-canceling headphone world on notice when they were released earlier this year, and now, you can get them at a discount for the first time ever. They're still an investment at $298, but if you spend any significant amount of time in planes, trains, or just a noisy ...

After the Water Crisis, Thanksgiving In Flint Is About Healing

Thanksgiving will never be the same for families in Flint, Michigan, the city that made national news in 2015 for its lead-contaminated drinking water. Mae Collins, 50, is no exception. Her annual family tradition has changed drastically since 2014, when city officials switched the city's drinking ...

Run, Don't Walk To Score Fitbit's Black Friday Discounts

It's the best time of year to buy a Fitbit, as most of the lineup is on sale for Black Friday. Fitbit Alta HR for $100 is probably the one you want to buy, unless you're interested in a full-featured smart watch, in which case the Fitbit Ionic comes with a $50 Amazon gift card today. For the ...

National Science Foundation Envisions the Future of Thanksgiving Dinner

Science would probably progress a whole lot slower without the infinite human imagination. We talk frequently about times that science fiction has predicted coming science advances. But this time, the National Science Foundation has let its scientists do the imagining.

Sonos's Black Friday Deals Are Live , Including the Brand New Sonos One

It's the most wonderful time of the buy Sonos stuff. A bunch of the high-end audio gear is on sale for Black Friday, including the first ever discount on the Alexa-equipped Sonos One, $50 off the still-great PLAY:1 and PLAY:3, and $100 savings on the PLAYBAR and PLAYBASE.

Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys Is Being Turned Into a Radio Drama

It's been a very good year for fans of Neil Gaiman. American Gods was excellent, there's Good Omens on the way, and now another of his works is being brought to life on radio: his 2005 fantasy novel Anansi Boys.

Tesla Should Consider Building This Car Powered By a Giant Mouse Trap

On its quest to free the world from the burden of fossil fuels, Tesla has unfortunately hit some speed bumps with the production of its Model 3. So instead of relying on batteries and electricity for power, perhaps the company should consider this four-wheeled contraption which runs on a gigantic ...

The Best Apps and Browser Extensions to Supercharge Your Online Shopping

Picking up a bargain online is a buzz any time of year, but as the holiday season approaches it's particularly important to get your shopping game on point—whether you want to find the perfect gifts for the family or you're chasing the biggest Black Friday discounts, these are the mobile apps and ...

The Best Black Friday Deals

You don't need to stand in line at the crack of dawn or risk being trampled to death to score the best Black Friday deals; they're all available online, and we're collecting the best ones right here.

The FTC May Be Looking Into Tripadvisor After It Deleted Reviews Alleging Rape, Suspicious Deaths

Review site TripAdvisor may have frantically backpedaled after a Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal expose showed that it had a habit of censoring reviews mentioning blackouts, rape, and suspicious deaths or injuries incurred at certain resorts—specifically Mexican ones, though it remains unclear if other ...

Discounted Echoes, Fire TV Stick, $30 Tablets, and the Rest of Amazon's Black Friday Deals

Amazon's first-party gadgets are always hot commodities come the holidays, and all of their Black Friday deals are available now.

Porsche Tried To Pull A Tesla In The '80s And Abolish Dealerships

Long before Tesla, Porsche once tried to abolish its dealerships and cut franchises out of the equation. Porsche was going to sell its cars to Americans direct, at least it was before the billion-dollar lawsuit.

Search For Lost Argentine Submarine ARA San Juan Hits 'Critical Phase' as Air Supply May Run Out

The search for an Argentine Navy submarine lost with some 44 souls on board has reached a critical phase,' a naval spokesman told Reuters, as the length of the seven-day search indicates the vessel is likely not on the surface and could be reaching the limits of its air supply.

YouTube Says It Will Crack Down on All Those Creepy Videos Targeted at or Featuring Kids

Google, along with fellow tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter has drawn increasing scrutiny this year over concerns that its concentrated authority resembles the divine right of kings,' as the New York Times put it. In recent months, it's faced stumbling blocks when it returned ...

Your Christmas Decorations Can't Compete With the Light-Up Millennium Falcon on This Family's Roof

If you're the type of person who gets caught up in decorating competitions around the holidays, be thankful you don't live near Colby Powell and his family. Instead of inflatable Santas or a towering tree, they built a light-up Millennium Falcon on the roof of their house that measures almost 29 ...

The 15 Best Black Friday Deals That You Can Buy Right Now

Black Friday begins in earnest tomorrow , but you can get a head start on the shopping with a ton of deals that are already available. You can find all of the best discount throughout the weekend on our main Black Friday post, but these are our 15 favorites so far.

Gary Cohn Reportedly Used the 'Oh Shit, Bad Reception' Trick to Get Trump Off The Phone

A U.S. Senator suggested on Wednesday that at least some of Donald Trump's aides can, in fact, relate to normal humans, telling CNN that top economic adviser Gary Cohn faked a bad connection to end a phone call with the president.

Scientist Sleuths Used DNA to Track Spread of Superbug

When an outbreak occurs, in order to effectively figure out how to stop it, researchers typically try to figure out how it started. The answer to that question, though, can be elusive. And as so-called superbug infections have spread across the country's hospitals, scientists and public health ...

The Best Bargains In Vaping Start At Just $66 For Black Friday

The Greenco G Pen Elite was already one of the best vaporizers for the money at its usual $150, but for Black Friday, you can get it for an all-time low $85 with promo code KINJA-BFCM.

ICE Rebrands Its AI-Enhanced 'Extreme Vetting' Plan as 'Visa Lifecycle Vetting'

The Department of Immigration & Customs Enforcement has been seeking the technology sector's help to carry out President Trump's proposed extreme vetting' of visa holders by combing their social media information, a proposal that's been percolating since January. As ProPublic reports, the only ...

The Switch to Outdoor LED Lighting Has Completely Backfired

To reduce energy consumption, many jurisdictions around the world are transitioning to outdoor LED lighting. But as new research shows, this solid-state solution hasn't yielded the expected energy savings, and potentially worse, it's resulted in more light pollution than ever before.

Confirmed: Lightning Causes Nuclear Reactions in the Sky

Lightning is nuts. It's a supercharged bolt of electricity extending from the sky to the ground that can kill people. But it can also produce nuclear reactions, according to new research.

These PS4 Black Friday Deals Are Already Live, and Aren't Likely to Get Cheaper

Buying digital usually isn't the way to get the best video game prices on Black Friday, but these PS4 download deals are as good or better than the physical disc deals we expect to see this weekend, and they're available right now.

First Brief Look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Showcases the Cutest Deadly Carnivore Ever

Aww, Velociraptors are adorable! So what if they were the scariest creatures in Jurassic Park—making us sympathize with a T-Rex because, hey, at least it had a fighting chance against those awful things? Here, in the first look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we've got the return of Chris ...

Ghost Particles Detected on Far Side of Earth Bolsters Crucial Physics Theory

If we're ever going to truly understand how our Universe works, we'll need to take lots of different measurements, but measuring can be one of science's most difficult tasks. How, for example, do scientists measure an invisible thing that passes directly through solid matter without stopping? The ...

Here's the FCC's Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

The FCC on Wednesday released a draft order that would effectively repeal landmark Obama-era regulations that ensure internet service providers offer consumers equal access to online content and services.

The Feds Are Officially Cracking Down on Basement Biohackers

The Food and Drug Agency has issued a stern warning to anyone who might be crazy enough to undertake gene therapy in the do-it-yourself fashion. Definitely don't do this at home, a statement released on Tuesday implies. And if you do, we'll throw every law we can at you.

Facebook Plans to Tell Users Which Russian Accounts They Followed

Facebook is creating a tool that will allow users to check whether or not they followed Russian propaganda accounts on Facebook or Instagram during the 2016 election cycle, the company announced today. The tool, which is expected to launch by the end of this year, is a response to continued pressure ...

Save Up to 65% on DC Rebirth & Essential Collections

Amazon is discounting DC Rebirth and Essential collections up to 65% off today through Black Friday. There are 1,600 graphic novels included in the sale, like Wonder Woman, V for Vendetta, Justice League and many more, so what are you waiting for?

Here's What the CIA Thought of Australia's Anti-Communist Prime Minister, Robert Menzies

Sir Robert Menzies was Australia's longest serving Prime Minister, first holding office at the beginning of World War II from 1939 until 1941, and then again from 1949 until 1966. And thanks to a recent Freedom of Information Act request, we now know a bit about how the CIA viewed this legend of ...