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The George Ziets Interview Part 1: Writing For Video Games, The Writer's Job

In the first of a four-part series, George Ziets, the Lead Area Designer for InXile's 'Torment: Tides of Numenera', talks about how a video game writer contributes to game development.

Commoditization Of The Wireless Industry: A Tremendous Challenge For Carriers--And An Opportunity?

Telecom operators have saturated markets, and technologies like the smartphone have exponentially increased demand for wireless data. Only by choosing a strategy that plays to their strongest, most distinctive capabilities can operators hope to grow in this environment.

Mapping Global Happiness In 2016 Through A Quarter Billion News Articles

How the power of the cloud makes it possible to sentiment mine, machine translate, geocode and map a quarter billion news articles to map global happiness in 2016 as seen through the eyes of the world’s press

Why HTC Scrapped A Device That Would Compete With Apple

A dead watch wouldn’t reflect on HTC per se. World demand for wearable devices fell short of the widespread marketing-driven hype in 2014 and 2015.

Leaks Of Galaxy S8, LG G6, Huawei P10 Show Phones Look Best In Black

New leaks of Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Huawei P10 show that phones always look better in black

This Cognitive Whiteboard Is Powered By Artificial Intelligence

This voice-controlled interactive whiteboard by Ricoh uses artificial intelligence by IBM-Watson to take notes, translate words into other languages and brings a new way to work collaboratively in corporate meetings.

Taxing Times: Tesla's Never Hit A Deadline, But It Says That Will Change With Model 3

Tesla says Model 3 production is on track for summer, with a ramp up to 10,000 cars per week by next year. If it delivers, that'll be the first time the company has hit delivery and production targets. But with an end to tax credits looming, will doing so make buyers happy?

Tesla Plans Model 3 Electric Car Production From July -- And More Gigafactories

Elon Musk's maverick company plans a big production push for its first mass-market car, but avoids issuing production and sales guidance. CFO Jason Wheeler departing in April, to be replaced by former CFO Deepak Ahuja

What Fintech Means To A 20-Something Londoner

Fintech to a 20-something Londoner, or any young city-dweller, in my opinion, is commonplace and pedestrian. Checking your bank account or transferring money across accounts using a cellphone application has become as easy as posting a Facebook status or ordering an Uber.

Olya Petrova Jackson's Fashion Line, Ab, Declares RGB The New Black

Olya Petrova Jackson's Ab makes wearable tech cool. She also poses an incredible amount of philosophical questions regarding our relationship to our own skin, technology, and the world around us.

Ab NYFW17 Presentation Images

Galaxy S8 Design 'Confirmed' In First Leaked Images

The first photos of Samsung's radically redesigned Galaxy S8 reveal a stunning smartphone...

New Windows 10 Upgrade Revealed, It's A Big One

Microsoft has revealed Windows 10 users are in for an surprising treat...

The Significance Of NASA's Feb 22, 2017 Announcement About Exoplanets

What is the significance of NASA's Feb 22, 2017 announcement? This question was originally answered on Quora by Robert Frost.

Federal Court: Cops Can't Just Walk Into A Building And Force Unlock iPhones With Fingerprints

The government can't always get away with broad search warrants allowing them to unlock unspecified iPhones with forced fingerprint depressions, court rules.

Here's How Astronomers Found Seven Earth-Sized Planets Around A Dwarf Star

Astronomers have found seven Earth-sized planets around a dwarf star. Here's how they did it.

Seven Planets, Including Three Habitable Ones, Found Around Ultra-Cool Dwarf Star

Our solar system has one inhabited world. This very different one might have three.

Latest Japanese Trailer For 'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' Has Annoyed Fans Over Potential Spoilers

In a recent trailer for 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' shown on Japanese television, it reveals some interesting new points about the game. However, some fans think that this trailer has spoiled some of the story.

'The Elder Scrolls Online' Goes To 'Morrowind' In New Trailer, Screenshots

'The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind' gets its first gameplay trailer and some new screenshots.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

A Very Fast Canadian Electric Sports Car the SEC Will Let You Invest In

Crowdfunding and investing are coming together around an amazing development in an electric sports car from north of the border.

It's Showtime, 'The Big O' Is Coming Westward On Blu-Ray This June

After a long wait, Sentai Filmworks will be releasing the entirety of 'The Big O' on Blu-ray this June.

Exporting A Single Commodity Can't Trigger Patent Liability, Supreme Court Rules

Commodity manufacturers win a reprieve from patent liability in Supreme Court decision involving overseas products.

Inspiring An Entire Culture With The Art Of 'Dungeons & Dragons'

The art of D&D has been a source of inspiration for gamers like Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins for years, but that art is also a cornerstone to inspiring the writers of D&D as well. I was able to sit down with concept illustrator Shawn Wood and senior art director Richard Whitters.

Why Did Apple Acquire Facial Recognition Company RealFace?

Why did Apple acquire RealFace, the AI facial recognition company? This question was originally answered on Quora by Brian Roemmele.

Skybuds Are Totally Wireless Earphones That Offer An Alternative To Apple's AirPods

Pitched as a direct competitor to Apple's AirPods earphones, the Sky Buds from Alpha Audiotronic use Near Field Magnetic Induction technology for a more robust wireless signal.

Danish Spending On BDSM Has Doubled Since 'Fifty Shades Darker'

Following the film's release, online retail of whips, ropes, and other kinky toys has been heavily on the rise.

Smart Sex Toys

Oppo's UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Just Got Even Better

New firmware fixes key issues

Ransomware Attack Pushes Fake Font Update On Google Chrome Users

Phishing attacks are the biggest threat to your security, but they're not limited to your inbox. Cybercriminals will also use the same social engineering techniques to attack you while you browse the web.

It's Time To Manage Expectations A Bit With 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Over the past few days, 'Horizon Zero Dawn' has been making headlines as a much-hyped game that actually lives up to expectations. But with a full week still to go until release, with so much glowing praise out there, when the game does arrive, it may be a tiny bit of a letdown for some.

Magellan's New GPS/DashCam Is A Great Idea... In Theory

It does what it aims to do perfectly well, but...

Dodocool DAG55 Hi-Res Lightning Earbuds: Affordable Upgrade To Apple Freebies

Looking for an upgrade to the freebie EarPods Apple includes with the Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but not interested in investing a whole lot of cash? You might want to consider the Dodocool DAG55 Hi-Res Lightning earbuds. They offer better sound, comfort and looks without bruising your wallet.

Magellan's New GPS/DashCam Is A Great Idea...In Theory

It does what it aims to do perfectly well, but...

Race For 3D Printing CapacityCould ReviveM&A

3D printing, aka additive manufacturing, has failed to make the leap from heavy industrial to consumer applications. What will happen to the industry’s fallen angels, and will M&A ever come back?

Shark Tank Reject Raises $209 Million, Fights Crime

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff got rejected from Shark Tank. Now, he has raised $209 million.

The Zen Of Operations: What You Do And Why You Do It

There's the "how" of software development, and then there's the "what" and the "why".

Could Snapchat Have Saved Money By Building Its Own Cloud Infrastructure Instead Of Paying Google?

Could Snapchat have saved money by building its own cloud infrastructure instead of using Google's? This question was originally answered on Quora by Yishan Wong.

Apple's iPhone 8: 5 Features I Want To See

What can we look forward to in the iPhone 8?

Is Overwatch's New Hero Really An Eleven Year-Old Girl?

Blizzard has posted an “interview” with Efi Oladele, an African child prodigy who won a genius grant for her work in robotics. It seems like that either she, or something she's built, will be Overwatch's next hero.

Sage Therapeutics Takes Investors On A Wild Ride As CEO Talks Up Brain Drugs

Sage Therapeutics has been whipping its investors into a frenzy of late. But there are important milestones coming this year that the biotech will have to cross to live up to high expectations.

These Future Applications Of High-Performance Computing Will Make Your Head Spin

What does the future of High-Performance Computing or "Supercomputing" hold for your industry? Richard Watson knows...

This Black Box Lets You Know When People Are Partying At Your House

This is what keeps Airbnb hosts up at night: The prospect that a guest's "quiet weekend away" is actually a front for an epic rager. Enter Party Squasher: A router-connected black box that purports to monitor the number of nearby cell phones, and send you an alert when it detects too many.

Understanding The Next Generation Of Analytics: Cazena's Big Data Infrastructure Compiler

Cazena breaks new ground in analytics technology by allowing you to compile a service stack in the cloud to handle a variety of use cases, all while optimizing the TCO of your data environment.

Picking Your Mobile Solution: Should You Build A Native App Or Stick With Responsive Web Design?

These days, your mobile solution is an important part of how you interact with customers.

Hello Mr. Spyware Dealer, Can You Help Me Illegally Spy On My Wife? Yes!

Three salespeople at FlexiSpy say they can help install malware on another's device, regardless of whether they gave permission. Lawyers are concerned about potential breaches of the Wiretap Act.

AMD Launches Ryzen PC Chips With A Price And Performance That Will Anger Intel

AMD is coming out swinging against longtime competitor Intel with the launch of Ryzen.

6 Myths Preventing People From Getting Into Tech

Many people falsely believe that the tech industry is not for them. Despite the acknowledged lack of diversity in tech, it doesn't mean you should sit out if you don’t fit that description.

What Your TV Meteorologist Likely Thinks Of Climate Change

Most TV meteorologists do understand that climate is changing and that humans are contributing to it. And the data proves it.

New Cadillac Infotainment System Brings V2V Communications Along For The Ride

The new infotainment system in the mid-2017 refresh of the Cadillac CTS also marks the debut of the vehicle-to-vehicle communications in America