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Getting Started with Network Graphs in R

Add the vertices. Connect them with edges. Repeat as necessary.Tags: network, R

Based on your morals, a debate with a computer to expose you to other points of view

Collective Debate from the MIT Media Lab gauges your moral compass with a survey and then tries to “debate” with you about gender bias using counterpoints from the opposite side…Tags: bias, morality

Switching Jobs

When people move to different jobs, here's where they go.Tags: work

Every tax cut and increase in House Republicans' bill

The House Republicans will vote on a tax bill soon that adds about $1.4 trillion to the federal debt. Alicia Parlapiano and Adam Pearce, reporting for The New York Times,…Tags: New York Times, scrollytelling, taxes

How generative music works

Generative music comes from the design of a system that produces notes that follow a set of rules. Tero Parviainen provides a detailed, interactive explainer for how this works in…Tags: music

3-D tube chart of global CO2 concentration and temperature

Because you can never have enough time series charts that show increases of CO2 and temperature over decades. By Kevin Pluck: Differing from the variations we've seen before, time is…Tags: animation, climate change, temperature