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Catalog of visualization types to find the one that fits your dataset

There are a lot of visualization methods to choose from, and it can be daunting finding the right visual for your data, especially for those just starting out. The Data…Tags: methods, tool

Killings of blacks by whites ruled “justified”

In a collaboration between The Marshall Project and The Upshot, Daniel Lathrop and Anna Flagg analyzed data for 400,000 homicides between 1980 and 2014. In almost 17 percent of cases…Tags: race, Upshot

Photorealistic balls of precious metals placed outside their mines

Artist Dillon Marsh uses CGI balls of metal placed outside of mines to show how much was extracted from each location. The project is called For What It's Worth. These…Tags: mining

Useless Data Comparisons

Apples and oranges situations where the comparisons make no sense.Tags: baseline, comparison

Useless Points of Comparison

Make sure you don't end up in an apples and oranges situation where the comparisons don't even make sense.Tags: baseline, comparison

How far you can drive out of the city in one hour

Using anonymized cell phone data from Here Technologies, Sahil Chinoy for The Washington Post mapped how far you can drive out of major cities during various times of the day.…Tags: commute, Washington Post

Game of Thrones character chart, you decide

I've never seen this Game of Thrones show, but I suspect this will be relevant to many. The Upshot made an interactive that asks readers to place characters on a…Tags: Game of Thrones, Upshot