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Daily briefing: Trump threatens government shutdown, Brexit backtrack, returning to work

US president warns Congress over bill for border wall and accuses his critics of trying to erase history

South African inflation falls further than expected to lowest since October 2015

Eurozone economic activity picks up after sluggish July, survey shows

Draghi: 'financial frictions' made quantitative easing work

America's Governmental Accounting Standards Board is giving ruinously bad advice

German business activity rises faster than expected – IHS Markit

France factory sector unexpectedly revs up in August, Markit survey shows

Bank Indonesia unexpectedly cuts interest rates

Daily briefing: America's longest war, Ford's Chinese electric dreams, globalisation in retreat

Donald Trump announces new strategy for Afghanistan

The eurozone's warning light is flickering again

Analysts react to Thailand Q2 GDP hitting 4-year high

Daily briefing: Trump tax reform, Great American Eclipse, Barcelona manhunt continues

US president aims to reconnect with Republicans after the turmoil of recent weeks

Dealing with the effects of one bubble creating more

From stocks to SWAG and from bonds to bitcoin, many assets look overpriced

Canadian inflation rises as gasoline costs grow

Daily briefing: Second Spain attack thwarted, third Trump council disbands, US markets plunge

Counter-terror operation by Spanish police has killed five people to stop a second attempted attack

Euro falls after ECB minutes show concern at strength

Rise of single currency complicates central bank's efforts to hit inflation target

ECB minutes reveal concern over euro strength

Policy makers flag worries over possible overshooting in the repricing of currency

Euro weakens as investors eye ECB minutes

Daily briefing: Apple chief slams Trump, Bannon on China, Walmart reports

Tim Cook sends email to employees across globe condemning racism and bigotry

Daily briefing: Trump defiant, America's biggest creditor, Bangladesh's partition nightmare

US president says he did nothing wrong by failing to initially condemn white supremacist groups for the Charlottesville violence

Nafta exit will be 'destructive' for US, warns Cargill boss

Focus should be on improving agreement, says chief of agricultural commodities supplier

Analysts react to the UK's puzzling labour market

UK employment hits record high but productivity falls

Latest figures show workforce is less productive and pay is still under pressure

European GDP day: The tally so far

Dutch economy expands at fastest rate since joining the euro

Czech GDP growth beats forecasts at 4.5%

Daily briefing: Brexit transition deal, North Korea backs down, India at 70

UK proposes temporary customs union for at least the estimated three years of transition after its 2019 exit

Global interpersonal inequality through the crisis period

Swedish inflation rises above 2% target for first time since 2010

Housing for the long run?

Indian annual inflation rate ticks up in July

'Not a fluke': Japan on course to record best GDP growth streak since 2000

Germany: from 'sick man' of Europe to engine of growth

Rising competitiveness and exposure to emerging markets helped the good times roll

Mario Draghi faces easing dilemma as strong euro sparks concern

ECB looks to scale back QE, one of the chief props of eurozone recovery

Why the Federal Reserve's job will get harder

Janet Yellen's successor faces a series of political and economic challenges