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Guest post: Talking to Germans

OECD report highlights need for transition agreement – Hammond

Britain is the party holding Brexit talks back

Negotiations have still not moved on to discussing a post-Brexit transition period

Uber, Lyft, take heart from fellow disrupters and gig responsibly

Will customers pay extra for pizza deliveries and car rides?

Germany's FDP tells Merkel to give up finance post in coalition

Party leader rejects Macron reforms and suggests push in Eurosceptic direction

Tenreyro highlights EM crisis experience for BoE role

Hassett's flawed analysis of the Trump tax plan

Close to a peak? Reactions to UK inflation figures

ECB's Constâncio calls for hard line on 'non-banks'

Auto registration momentum cooling in some key EU markets, industry group says

Daily briefing: Credit Suisse targeted, Iraqis seize Kirkuk, the art of interrogation

A Swiss hedge fund is poised to launch an activist campaign to break up the bank

Serious economic reform is key to unlocking India's potential

Narendra Modi's government can win investor confidence with bold strategies for change

Emerging market party buttressed by upbeat IMF outlook – HSBC

Mind your TRQs: a Brexit lesson in global trade

Dividing up tariff-rate quotas will be on the agenda at the WTO this week

Bolder rethinking needed on macroeconomic policy

Top economists need to dig deeper after policy failures of past decade

Eurozone trade surplus narrows as demand for imports remains strong

'The risks have definitely increased' – Sweden's housing boom wobbles

Daily briefing: Brexit disarray, Weinstein probe, death of the Nile

Theresa May finds herself in catch-22 situation as talks in Brussels end in deadlock

The vain promise of tax cuts

Growth does not depend much on taxation levels

'Uninspiring' growth should discourage BoE rate rise – BCC

Daily briefing: Brexit stand-off, JPMorgan eyes Paris, death of the Nile

European leaders will refuse to open talks with the UK on a post-Brexit transition because of lack of progress on a settlement

Why a 'no deal' Brexit will prove futile for UK customs

Spending billions would be pointless unless the same systems were in place elsewhere

Surging Brazilian stocks await privatisation booster

Investors anticipate wave of privatisations in push to fix budget deficit

Irish central bank lifts growth forecasts

Krona drops as Swedish inflation stalls

French monthly prices fall further than expected

IMF warns of 'vulnerabilities' that could derail global recovery

Report highlights G20's $135tn debt pile and says good economic times are fuelling risks

Daily briefing: Spain's emergency talks, Ebay tax, Weinstein scandal

Madrid to decide whether the declaration justifies triggering Article 155

Germany powers ahead with 2% annual growth forecast

How to solve the Irish Brexit problem

Let Northern Ireland decide which customs union it wants

Central bankers face a crisis of confidence as models fail

The new masters of the universe are struggling to understand what makes a modern economy tick and their actions could prove harmful

European house prices surge raising bubble fears

Cross-currency basis, RIP?

Spain September inflation reading revised lower

IMF upbeat as global economy enjoys a growth spurt

International Monetary Fund releases series of upward revisions to World Economic Outlook

IMF confirms cut to UK growth forecast

World Economic Outlook says long-term negative effects of Brexit are beginning to show

Daily briefing: climate change rollback, wine country wildfires, Russia revelations dog Facebook

Scott Pruitt, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, says the 'war on coal' is over

A Nobel prize for Richard Thaler, libertarian paternalist

Founder of behavioural economics is one of the most influential living economists

Italian industrial production blasts through forecasts

Danish inflation hits highest since 2012

France industrial production unexpectedly slips in August

Romanian growth revised up to 9-year high

German exports jump in August despite strong euro

The Dr Seuss theory of China industrial policy

Beijing's 'Made in China 2025' plan risks global damage on the industries it targets

Richard Thaler wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Co-author of best-selling book 'Nudge' recognised for work on behavioural analysis

Daily briefing: Schäuble warns of 'new bubbles', Madrid considers 'nuclear option', Puerto Rico's debts

Outgoing German finance minister says growing levels of global debt are risk to world economy

ECB's Mersch calls for 'humility' among policymakers

Richard Thaler awarded 2017 Nobel prize in economics

No way to drive a global economic engine

Accelerator and brake pedals are both halfway to the floor

A decade in charts: US stocks prove their long-term value

Anyone who bought S&P 500 ten years ago would have doubled their money