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The Brutal Racial Politics of Climate Change and Pollution

Trump administration policies are systematically making natural disasters more harmful for the poor and people of color.

It's Time to Make a Deal With North Korea

If the U.S. made a deal with Maoist China in the 1970s, it can surely cut one with North Korea today.

Muslim Nations Are Rallying to Protect the Rohingya. What About the Rest of Us?

If only Muslims reach out to help the Rohingya, the international community will suffer another blow to its reputation.

What Happened to the Arms Trade Treaty?

Four years ago, the U.S. and the UK signed a landmark treaty to restrict the sale of arms to rights abusers. So why are they still profiting off the atrocities in Yemen?

Hurricane Donald Hits the Republican Party

If Trump succeeds in ramping up military spending and gutting everything else, we'll be left with a bunch of nukes and an underfunded state — and no one but China to keep us afloat.

When It Comes to Our Wars in the Greater Middle East, Maybe We're the Bad Guys

Imagine telling the family of a fallen soldier they died to ensure Saudi hegemony in the Gulf, an eternal Guantanamo, or the spread of terror groups and refugees.

How the U.S. Makes South Korea's Life More Difficult

South Korea's alliance with the U.S. means foreign troops on its soil, strained relations with China, and a North that sees no point in negotiating with anyone but Washington.

How Bush's 'New World Order' Became Trump's 'No World Order'

Successive U.S. military interventions upended the very international system the U.S. once pledged to uphold. Now the world faces the twin challenges of ISIS and Trump.

The War on Terror Has Targeted Muslims Almost Exclusively

The war on terror was supposed to be about making our country safer. As a Muslim American, I don't feel safer at all.

Losing the War on Terror, Winning the War in Washington

These generals couldn't conquer Iraq or Afghanistan. But under Trump, they've conquered Washington.

The President Is a Ponzi Scheme

Here and abroad, Trump's wealthy backers understand that his populist rhetoric is a masquerade.