Expatica : Netherlands (29)

Cabinet cracks down on 'mobile phone drivers'

The justice ministry is getting tougher on mobile phone use by drivers in the face of a rise in traffic deaths, Trouw reported on Friday.

And Eindhoven makes two: a second Dutch students team wins solar race

Students from Eindhoven University on Friday successfully defended their title for the second time in the 3,000 km race across Australia for solar driven family cars.

Dutch bike path pictograms get cyclists to switch on their lights

Simple pictograms sprayed onto cycle paths are effective at persuading cyclists to put on their lights, road users organisation ANWB said on Friday.

Thousands line up to pay last respects to 'city father', late Amsterdam mayor

A simple, pale wood coffin stands in the middle of the room, the air full of the scent of hundreds of flowers.

More children in organised childcare as more mothers go out to work

The number of children in some form of organised childcare – a creche, child-minder or after-school club – has reached its highest level since 2011, according to new figures from the tax office and social affairs ministry.

Is the end of the boom in sight? House prices in Amsterdam drop slightly

House prices in Amsterdam were down 0.5 % in the third quarter of 2017, compared with the three months to end June, the Financieele Dagblad said on Thursday, quoting figures from real estate agency association NVM.

Shell to close Rijswijk technology centre, move staff elsewhere

Shell is closing its global headquarters for technology and research in Rijswijk and moving some 2,000 workers to Shell operations in The Hague and Amsterdam, broadcaster NOS said on Thursday.

The new coalition loves him, so just who is the 'normal, ordinary Dutchman'?

Who is that 'normal, ordinary Dutchman' prime minister Mark Rutte and the new coalition keep talking about and who stands to gain from the new government accord?

Police find body of missing woman Anne Faber in nature reserve

Police have found the body of 25-year-old Anne Faber who vanished on a bike ride near Utrecht almost two weeks ago.

New Dutch government will have 16 ministers, eight junior ministers

The new Dutch government will be made up of 16 ministers – some of whom will share departments – and eight junior ministers, prime minister Mark Rutte has confirmed.

New cabinet plans will boost energy bills set to rise up to €200

The new government's plan to increase taxes on energy use will help boost bills by up to €200 a year, according to calculations by home owners lobby group Vereniging Eigen Huis.

A warm and sunny start ahead for the autumn school holidays

Warm air blowing into the Netherlands from the south will boost temperatures to up to 22 degrees in Limburg and 19 degrees in the north on Sunday.

New Dutch coalition to cut 30% ruling from eight to five years

The new Dutch government plans to reduce the tax break for expats known as the 30% ruling, according to the coalition agreement published on Tuesday.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam to get first Dutch 4D cinemas

The PathΓ© cinema group is opening its first Dutch '4D' theatres this December, complete with moving chairs, weather simulation and smells.

'Flevoland best for Hyperloop test track' says transport minister

The central Dutch province of Flevoland has been selected as the best location for a Hyperloop transport test track in the Netherlands, caretaker environment minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen told parliament.

Man held in Guus Meeuwis concert scare won't face charges

The Amsterdam man arrested outside a concert by Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis in June, causing a major security scare, will not face any charges, the public prosecution department said on Tuesday.

Seven months after the election, opposition parties sharpen their knives

Opposition parties from across the political spectrum were quick to criticise the new coalition's plans for the next 3.5 years, following its formal presentation on Tuesday.

New coalition to 'modernise' nationality law, opens door for dual nationals

The new coalition's plans include a commitment to modernise the law on Dutch nationality, which includes 'expanding the option of first-generation immigrants and emigrants to hold more than one.'

Trust in the future: the coalition agreement main points

All groups in society in the Netherlands will be better off in the coming years, prime minister Mark Rutte said at the presentation of the new coalition government's plans.

First ground frost recorded in eastern Netherlands

The first ground frost of the season was measured on Sunday night when the temperature in Twente went down to minus 1.2 degrees, weather bureau Weerplaza said.

Lack of care workers is putting patients at risk, says nurses

The new government needs to come up with an emergency plan to tackle the lack of care professionals, which is causing high levels of work stress and is putting patients at risk, nurses' association V&VN warns.

Chipcard operator launches fast-track refund procedure

Public transport users will find it easier to reclaim the balance on their OV travelcards from today thanks to a change in the refund procedure.

New Dutch cabinet's motto is 'Trust in the Future'

The motto of the new Dutch cabinet, which is set to formally present its plans to parliament and the public on Tuesday, is to be vertrouwen in de toekomst or 'trust in the future', Dutch media said on Monday.

300,000 back bid for referendum on Big Brother phone tap law

Over 300,000 people have signed a petition calling for a referendum on the new Dutch law on telephone tapping, described by its opponents as a charter for Big Brother.

Dutch need a miracle to qualify for 2018 World Cup

The Netherlands need a miracle to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia, despite coming third in the 2014 tournament in Rio.

Four in 10 Dutch shopkeepers have to deal with aggressive customers

Managers and staff in four out of every 10 shops in the Netherlands experience aggression and violence, according to a survey commissioned by Dutch retailers association Detailhandel Nederland which was published on Saturday.

King, PM pay tribute to Amsterdam's mayor Eberhard van der Laan

King Willem Alexander and prime minister Mark Rutte are among the people playing tribute to Eberhard van der Laan, the mayor of Amsterdam, who died on Thursday at the age of 62 from cancer.

New Dutch cabinet to run trials in regulated marijuana production

The new cabinet is to sanction experiments with legal marijuana production which would then be sold in cannabis cafes, RTL news said at the weekend.

More coalition leaks: what do we know about the new cabinet's plans so far?

The new four-party coalition is set to present its programme for the next four years on Tuesday, but many of the plans have already been leaked.