Education Week (83)

Southern California school's mascot Johnny Rebel is history

Michigan Senate looks to allow concealed guns in schools

School scores posted; early childhood programs profiled

Taking a Hard Look at a Movement

Assistant Managing Editor Kevin Bushweller visited the largest high school in Vermont to see how one of the most ambitious personalized learning laws in the country is changing teaching and learning.

The Case Against Personalized Learning

Critics say personalized learning isn't supported by evidence, leads to bad teaching, and depends on data-mining students. What do educators and policymakers need to know?

6 Key Insights: RAND Corp. Researchers Talk Personalized Learning

The evidence for personalized learning is still "very weak," say leading researchers studying the movement. But there are reasons to be encouraged - and patient.

States Take Steps to Fuel Personalized Learning

At least 15 states since 2012 have taken legislative action— such as waiving regulations and setting up innovation zones—to encourage personalized learning.

Messy, Hectic, and Exciting: A Very Ambitious Statewide Personalized Learning Experiment

Schools in Vermont are making adjustments in curricula, teaching approaches, and school schedules to meet the expectations of a relatively new personalized learning law.

Personalized-Learning Case Studies: Lessons From 3 Schools

These mini-case studies examine three common struggles for personalized-learning schools: training teachers, differentiating instruction, and letting students work at their own pace.

Students Share Lessons Learned About Personalized Learning

How personalized learning is playing out for students should be evaluated carefully, educators say, because students are the ones with the most riding on these new approaches.

How Would Typical Teachers Fare Under the GOP's Tax Bill?

Here's a snapshot of what the average teacher and the typical first-year teacher would pay under the legislation now being debated in Congress.

High School administrator unseats Kansas City, Kansas, mayor

Officials in Maryland keep schools open on Jewish holidays

Big money at stake in Supreme Court case involving teachers

Democratic party leader holds off union-backed challenge

Kansas lawmakers to spend $400K for help on school funding

Ex-school leader who's banned from district elected to board

Towns OK school district merger, closure of high school

Iowa City schools to stop using padded seclusion rooms

Jackson school takeover back on table under separate law

State's third largest district transformed after controversy

West Virginia technical students to work on state parks

Indiana panel recommends changes to graduation requirements

Texas board again rejects Mexican-American studies textbook

Five Things to Know About the $250 Tax Break That Teachers Could Lose

Here are five questions—and some answers—about the popular tax deduction for teachers that the Republicans' proposed tax overhaul has put on the chopping block.

Advice for Secretary DeVos: Remember the Trump Base

U.S. education secretary Betsy DeVos needs to better her relationship with the Right in order to advance her policy agenda, writes Lance Izumi.

Program aims to help Virginia students apply to college

Chicago schools clear principal accused of falsifying data

Michigan Senate OKs concealed guns in schools, bars

Nebraska education officials create 'civic readiness' draft

West Virginia education board proposes grade, course changes

Trump Nominee for Career-Tech Position Being Pulled Due to Offensive Blog Posts

Tim Kelly, the pick for assistant secretary for career and technical education, authored a personal blog that, among other things, made pointed statements about Muslims, Head Start parents, and federal efforts to recruit women into the sciences.

Wisconsin Assembly passes bills addressing school tests

Schools commission aims for more career-bound programs

Note to Progressives: Betsy DeVos' Weakness Is Her Disregard for Evidence

Liberals out to vilify the U.S. secretary of education should remember that the school choice movement has progressive roots, writes Bruce Fuller.

Farm program lets Vegas students learn hands-on from animals

Pension plan for teachers would cost taxpayers $4.4 billion

Greitens appoints another member of state school board

Murphy speaks to New Jersey's largest teachers' union

Foundations putting $50M into childhood education, services

Oklahoma City students call for immigration reform

South Dakota public schools to oppose 'school choice'

State: Most New Mexico parents don't get literacy notices

Texas special education programs enrollment surges

Both GOP Tax Plans Could Jeopardize School Funding, Teachers' Pocketbooks

Proposals being considered in Congress could end up shrinking revenue available for state and local leaders to spend on public schools, advocates warn.

Democrats' Recent Election Gains: The K-12 Repercussions

The political maneuvers used by education policy advocates to animate moderate voters over those issues in New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington could provide a script next year when 38 governors and most state legislators are up for election.

Input sought on Bible literacy standards for school courses

Illinois libraries receive grants to teach tech, life skills

Georgia begins effort to turn around low-performing schools

Arkansas enters education contract after state-paid trips