Education International (12)

EI advocates for affordable access to educational materials

Education International has brought the voice of educators to the World Intellectual Property Organisation , with a strong call for wider access and exceptions with regards to copyright in education.

The Netherlands: Strike action to protect quality primary education

Dutch educators are on strike today , demanding decent salaries and a normal workload. They are also urging the government to clearly and firmly address burn out and a shortage in teachers in primary education.

UK: Workload driving teachers out of profession – union survey

Workload is the biggest barrier to young teachers making the profession their career, UK young teachers have highlighted.

#WhosAccountable: a new campaign that calls on young people to speak up for quality education

The new Youth Report on Accountability demonstrates the power of young people to hold governments to account for quality, equitable education.

Development cooperation is a matter of equality and solidarity

Education International’s affiliates have been encouraged to reflect on the sustainability and efficiency of their work during the Development Cooperation Network meeting.

Education unions join in the global call to end school-related gender-based violence

On the occasion of the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence 2017, the Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence, which Education International is part of, called to action for development actors, donors and governments, outlining necessary key steps towards ending this scourge.

Strengthening trade unions’ capacity to represent teachers and education personnel worldwide

Education International’s annual Development Cooperation meeting puts the focus on strengthening the capacity to speak with a strong and united voice for educators and education personnel.

Finland: role of quality education system acknowledged during celebrations of country’s centenary

As the centenary of Finland’s independence is celebrated, teacher unionists reiterate that education is a crucial part of the glue holding the country together and that it gave, and still will give it, a bright, prosperous and sustainable future.

Romania: teachers among the voices demanding that the government respect Justice

Corruption fears remain high as Romanian teachers joined mass demonstrations demanding the government withdraw three justice reform projects, which are aimed at stripping prosecutors of their legal power.

El Salvador: 71st country to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration

Education International welcomes the move by El Salvador to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, committing itself to protect students, teachers, schools, and universities during times of violent conflict.

Kenya: African unions make early childhood education a top priority

Leaders from five national education unions in Africa recommended that the International Labour Organisation Guidelines on Early Childhood Education be elevated to the level of an ILO Recommendation, making it a legally binding document.

Europe: educators unite for refugee children

Teachers in Germany and Spain are facilitating the integration of refugee children through the classroom, and now have clear demands for policymakers.