Europe's smaller businesses back to pre-crisis employment levels

Employment levels and value added in Europe's smaller business rose for the third consecutive year in 2016, exceeding 2008 levels for the first time since the financial crisis, an EU report showed Thursday.

Online shopping rules aim to end geo-blocking

New EU rules on online shopping, provisionally agreed by the EU institutions Monday, mean that online buyers of goods or services from another EU country must be treated like local customers.

EU eggs keep free range status despite bird flu

Producers of free range eggs can continue to market their products as such even if their hens have restricted access to open-air runs because of bird flu following changes to EU egg marketing standards.

EU imposes fines of EUR 34m on seatbelt, airbag cartel

The EU Commission imposed fines of EUR 34 million Wednesday on five car safety equipment suppliers to Japanese car manufacturers in the European Economic Area for breaching EU antitrust rules.

EU states endorse new rules for organic farming

EU Member States representatives endorsed Monday a deal to overhaul existing rules on organic production and labelling of organic products, provisionally agreed with the European Parliament in June.

Illegal Bialowieza logging could cost Poland EUR 100,000 a day

Poland will have to pay a EUR 100,000 penalty per day if it continues banned logging activities in the EU-protected Bialowieza Forest, one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe, the EU's top court has ruled.

Legal framework agreed for EU youth volunteer corps

EU education ministers agreed a legal framework Monday for the new European Solidarity Corps - which provides opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in community projects at home or abroad.

UK's EU agencies set for Amsterdam, Paris after Brexit

EU 27 ministers on Monday selected Paris as the new seat for the European Banking Authority, and Amsterdam as the new seat for the European Medicines Agency, to following Britain's exit from the EU.

Negotiators agree EU Budget for 2018

The EU institutions reached provisional agreement in the early hours of Saturday on the 2018 EU budget, with boosts for research, fighting youth unemployment and education, but cuts to funding for Turkey.

EU Parliament warns Poland on rule of law

Poland is at "clear risk of a serious breach" of European values, including the rule of law, enshrined in the EU Treaty, MEPs said on Wednesday, warning of possible suspension of Poland's EU voting rights.

EU-China look to cooperate on state aid

The EU Commission and China reaffirmed the importance of cooperation on competition policy for good economic relations Thursday, at a meeting forming part of a new dialogue between the EU and China.

Limited success for EU's bailout plans for Greece

The EU's bailout programmes for Greece following the financial crisis provided short-term financial stability and made some progress on reform possible, according to a European Court of Auditors report.

More progress needed on Romania, Bulgaria reform

Romania and Bulgaria have still more progress to make in judicial reform and the fight against corruption, according to the EU's latest Cooperation and Verification Mechanism Reports on the countries.

Privacy activist can sue Facebook, but no class action: EU Court

Austrian privacy activist Maximilian Schrems can sue Facebook Ireland before the Austrian Courts with respect to the private use of his Facebook account, an EU Court advisor said Wednesday.

EU Parliament gives green light to new anti-dumping rules

New EU rules will require trade partners outside the EU to meet international social and environmental standards, following a vote by Euro-MPs Wednesday to fight dumped and subsidised imports.

Juncker sets up task force on 'doing less more efficiently'

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker established a new task force on Tuesday, the 'Task Force on Subsidiarity, Proportionality' tasked with 'Doing Less More Efficiently'.

EU bolsters protection against online fraudsters

MEPs approved Tuesday EU-wide rules to protect consumers against scams and detect and stop rogue traders more swiftly, with a view to increasing consumers' trust in cross-border e-commerce.