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Space elves

Human spaceflight image of the week: Christmas elves working hard on the Orion service module

Earth from Space

Atmospheric scientists from the DLR German Aerospace Center join the Earth from Space video programme to discuss the first data from the recently-launched Sentinel-5P satellite

Galileo launch brings navigation network close to completion

Europe has four more Galileo navigation satellites in the sky following their launch on an Ariane 5 rocket. After today's success, only one more launch remains before the Galileo constellation is complete and delivering global coverage.

Hot stellar bubble

Space Science Image of the Week: A massive star nearing the end of its life creates a dynamic bubble in space

Galileo satellites atop rocket for next Tuesday's flight

Europe's next four Galileo navigation satellites are in place atop their Ariane 5, ready to be launched next Tuesday.

California in flames

Captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission, this image shows flames and smoke from fierce blazes devastating the Los Angeles area

Week in Images

Our week through the lens: 4-8 December 2017

Cells in space

Laboratories on Earth hardly make the news, unless they come up with life-saving cures. So why would anyone care about a lab in space? The medicine you take on Earth begins with cell research, and the latest experiments on the International Space Station are helping to develop new treatments for ...

Mini-radar chip

Technology image of the week: Close-up of a radar on a 6x6 mm chip

Season's greetings

Send an out-of-this-world e-card to your friends

BEAM me down

Human Spaceflight image of the week: ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli wraps up his mission ahead of return to Earth next week

Visit of President of Republic of Bulgaria to ESA

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr Rumen Radev, was welcomed on a visit to ESA's Headquarters in Paris on 4 December by the Agency's Director General, Jan Wörner.

In Flight Call with Paolo

Teachers and students call Paolo Nespoli on the ISS - watch the replay

Esashop's new worlds

New collection of ESA merchandise featuring the Solar System now in the ESAshop, plus some seasonal surprises!

Farewell Saturn

Space Science Image of the Week: Cassini's last mosaic of Saturn and its rings

Sentinel-5P brings air pollution into focus

Launched on 13 October, the Sentinel-5P satellite has delivered its first images of air pollution. Even though the satellite is still being prepared for service, these first results have been hailed as exceptional and show how this latest Copernicus satellite is set to take the task of monitoring ...

Bali volcano

One of the first images from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission shows sulphur dioxide spewing from the Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia

Week in Images

Our week through the lens: 27 November - 1 December 2017

Earth from Space

In the 250th edition, the Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over Brazil where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean

Space technology to drive autonomous ships

ESA Director General Jan Wörner signed a Memorandum of Intent with Rolls-Royce today, as the two entities agree to investigate how space technology can be used to develop autonomous and remote-controlled ships.

Going green

Operations image of the week: ESA's deep-space ground station at New Norcia, Western Australia, is now being powered in part by sunlight

Sentinel-5P first results

Follow the Sentinel-5P First Light event live on 1 December, when the first images from this air-monitoring mission will be revealed. Streaming starts at 09:30 GMT

Atom-length measurement

Technology image of the week: Preparing for gravitational measurements from space

Spaceport prepares

The Ariane 6 launch zone is taking shape at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana, preparing for liftoff in July 2020

Crossing drones with satellites: ESA eyes high-altitude aerial platforms

ESA is considering extending its activities to a new region of the sky via a novel type of aerial vehicle, a 'missing link' between drones and satellites.

Going green to the Red Planet

ESA's ground station in Western Australia routinely communicates with spacecraft at far-away places like Mars. Now, it's using sunlight to generate electricity, significantly reducing energy costs.

Record man

Human and robotic exploration image of the week: Paolo Nespoli talks over amateur radio from the Space Station

Cosmic Chamaeleon

Space Science Image of the Week: Delve into the depths of a star-forming cloud observed by the Herschel space observatory

Week in Images

Our week through the lens: 20-24 November 2017

Earth from Space

In the 249th edition, the Sentinel-1 mission takes us over part of Thurston Island in Antarctica

ESA's latest technology CubeSat cleared for launch site

GomX-4B, ESA's latest and largest technology-testing CubeSat, will be launched from China early next year, together with the near-identical GomX-4A. The pair will test intersatellite communication links and propulsion while orbiting up to 4500 km apart.

Spikes for silence

Technology image of the week: Foam that absorbs radio signals and sound

Forty years of Meteosat

ESA's first Earth observation satellite was launched on 23 November 1977. When the first Meteosat satellite took its place in the sky, it completed coverage of the whole globe from geostationary orbit and laid the foundations for European and world cooperation in meteorology that continues today.

Black hole friday

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