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Flex Electronics Approach an Inflection

The next five years in flexible electronics can be the most exciting we have witnessed if we can seize a bounty of opportunities and overcome remaining challenges.

DRAM Supply Improves Amid Record Sales

The DRAM shortage improved in the second quarter as sales hit an all-time high of more than $16.5 billion, according to a market watcher.

Startup Runs MCU on 5 MicroW

Startup Eta Compute will demo at Hot Chips a Cortex-M3 running at 5 microW, targeting SoCs run on energy harvesters for the Internet of Things.

Trump, Truth and American Manufacturing

The President's strained credibility and controversial stance on the ugly incident in Charlottesville has imperiled potential opportunities to revitalize high-tech manufacturing in the U.S.

Can ST Unseat NXP in iPhone NFC?

When Apple next month rolls out its new iPhones, whose NFC chip will be inside? Right now, ST is keeping mum. Most analysts remain skeptical of the possibility, although some said it's "conceivable."

API Paves Road for Multicore SoCs

A new API from the Multicore Association eases the job of programming increasingly heterogeneous embedded processors.

NIST Repurposes SQUIDs to Sniff Nukes, Solve Big Bang

NIST is using microwave SQUID multiplexing in cryogenic microcalorimeter arrays to yield a Spectrometer to Leverage Extensive Development of Gamma-ray transition-Edge sensors for Huge Arrays using Microwave Multiplexed Enabled Readout .

Engineer Looks to Crowdfunding to Stoke Kids' Interest in Electronics

A veteran software engineer is looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to get his pet project - an intuitive, digital circuit design kit aimed primarily at kids - off the ground.

AI Sees New Apps, Chips, says Q'comm

Neural networks for machine learning will be applied to new applications and create new hardware designs, said a Qualcomm researcher.

ThinCI Q&A on Deep-Learning

ThinCI will detail next week at Hot Chips its deep learning processor. Last week, Denso revealed a new subsidiary to develop IP cores for automated driving. We caught up with ThinCI CEO to connect the dots.

New Security Worry: DNA-borne Malware

UW researchers coded malware into a DNA strand that spread to the sequencing software and opened a backdoor to a computer, exposing a little-considered cyber vulnerability.

Celebrating the Engineer

You would think my inbox would be flooded with stories of unsung engineers who have done cool things. Nope.

Semiconductor Industry Backs Trump's China Probe

Semiconductor Industry Association applauds President's investigation into China's policies and practices around intellectual property.

IoT Rolls Up its Sleeves

Hype for the Internet of Things is over and the hard work designing products, deployments and tacking issues like security has just begun.

Auto Security: Do Feds Have Our Back?

Government agencies in the U.S. and the U.K. are working to get ahead of the curve and let the public know that they are concerned about vehicle cybersecurity.

Server DRAM Supply Expected to Remain Tight

Sales of server DRAM chips among top three vendors rose by 30 percent sequentially in second quarter, according to a market watcher.

NAND Clash Spans Chip to Code

The Flash Memory Summit saw NAND chips move toward four bits/cell as new options for solid-state drives and software emerged for data centers.