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Startup Demonstrates ReRAM Retention, Endurance

Weebit Nano has been able to achieve 10 years' data retention achieved across 300nm 4Kb memory array cells at above room temperature.

HPE Names Engineer to Succeed CEO Whitman

HPE, the server and comms half of the former Hewlett Packard, named computer engineer Antonio Neri to succeed Meg Whitman as CEO.

Samsung Likely to Unseat Intel as Top Chip Vendor

Samsung, which has nearly half of the global DRAM market, is likely to crush smaller rivals after more than doubling its plan for capital expenditures in its semiconductor unit for this year, according to market analyst IC Insights.

Analyst Warns on Semiconductor Stock Valuations

Chip stocks have surged in value over the past three years, but it might be time to sell before a downturn hits, according to Handel Jones of IBS.

What AlphaGo Zero Means for the Future of AI

Intel's Bob Rogers explains the possibilities that emerge as AI progresses beyond standard machine learning. DeepMind's self-taught Go champion is just the beginning.

Inside 5 AR/VR Headsets

Augmented and virtual reality headsets will see use in companies faster than in our living rooms, but that's not stopping developers from pushing the limits to woo consumers.

Time to Look For Low-Cost DRAM Alternatives

DRAM is turning into a seller's market, and it's time to look at low-cost alternatives.

MEMS Design Shrinks Speakers to Chip Scale

USound has developed microelectromechanical system chip-scale audio speakers, targeting in- and over-ear high-fidelity earbuds, smartphones, multidriver headphones, and other IoT wearables.

Soitec Tunes Wafers for RF, Imagers, Photonics

In recent months, Soitec is talking up not just RF-SOI and FD-SOI, but Photonics-SOI, Imager-SOI and others. What are they, how are they engineered, and what are they for?

A Look At Over-the-air Software Updates for Vehicles

Microchip Technology demonstrates its infotainment connectivity solution at the 2017 ELIV electric vehicle conference in Bonn, Germany

Startup Breathes Life into Bio IoT

Startup Nano Global partnered with ARM to design SoCs than can detect and scrub pathogens in a wide range of medical and IoT products

Analysts Applaud Marvell-Cavium Deal

Analysts generally praised the merger of Marvell and Cavium as diversifying into broader comms and networking markets but were wary of revenue and profit growth.

Qualcomm, China Mobile, ZTE Show 5G Data Interoperability

A 5G interoperability test system developed by Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile, combined with the pending development of the first 3GPP 5G-NR standard, are good indicators of the pending frenzy over 5G; it's a good time to take a Boot Camp course on 5G.

Siemens Acquires Solido Design Automation

Deal provides first glimpse of what may be a more aggressive stance on M&A for Mentor Graphics under Siemens ownership.

Marvell Buying Cavium for $6 Billion

Latest semiconductor industry blockbuster would result in firm with $3.4 billion in annual sales.

High-Speed Connectors Increase Speeds, Keep Their Cool, & Contain EMI

A trio of articles explain how QSFP-DD and MicroQSFP connectors high-speed connectors handle excess heat and what engineers must do the minimize EMI.

Robocar's Honking Problem

Not everyone believes that a robo-shuttle/truck crash in Las Vegas was just a minor glitch. Did those involved in the operation and design of the AV shuttle carry out enough of an in-depth risk assessment of the area?

Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence

EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner table about women in engineering - not as numbers, but as real people, as colleagues and bosses, mentors and proteges.