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Bitcoin takes flight again after overcoming roadblocks

After surging through the $5,000 level last week for the first time, bitcoin seems to have left behind a summer of uncertainty. But can the virtual currency sustain its record run amid increasing government regulation?

Apple, Fairphone make the cut in Greenpeace survey

Greenpeace has issued a fresh report that assesses the environmental impact of the world's leading technology companies. It said only two firms had made significant strides to lower their environmental footprint.

Lufthansa wants to create 'a new Alitalia'

Media reports have said German flag carrier Lufthansa stands ready to bid for stricken Italian airline Alitalia. But the offer would entail drastic job losses. Too drastic for the government in Rome to even consider?

Nikkei index highest in over 20 years

Japan's stock market has continued its rally as investors are optimistic about the mid-term prospects for the global economy. The Kobe Steel data scandal no longer seems to worry traders that much.

Wolfgang Schäuble warns against protectionism in US

Outgoing German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has warned against growing anti-free trade rhetoric. Without naming Trump and his America First policy, he said the world needs "more openness rather than less."

Opinion: Let's be critical about infrastructure

Often overlooked in good times, critical infrastructure can go offline in a matter of minutes and impact millions of lives. That's why it's important to always be prepared according to guest commentator Simone Sandholz.

Lufthansa has bought a large chunk of Air Berlin

Lufthansa has confirmed it will purchase large parts of insolvent airline Air Berlin. The deal will see Lufthansa take on several parts of the Air Berlin business, as well as taking on 3,000 Air Berlin workers.

Opinion: Air Berlin's fall to earth

Without much fanfare Lufthansa will take over portions of the insolvent Air Berlin, ending a long period of suffering for Germany's second-biggest airline. That said, competition regulators will be watching very closely.

Lufthansa announce Air Berlin deal

Lufthansa is expected to officially confirm a deal to purchase large parts of insolvent airline Air Berlin. The deal has been expected for weeks and Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr says today will be "a milestone".

Imagining an independent Catalan economy

Catalan independence remains a long way off, but were it to happen, what would a Catalan economy look like? The industrialized region is economically strong in its own right but the politics make things complicated.

Panama Papers: German authorities carry out first raids in connection with tax leaks

German officials have reportedly seized €2 million from funds embezzled by a former manager at Siemens. The German company's slush fund was disclosed in last year's leaked Panama Papers.