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100 days of Trump: Jay Z's 'Race' and other documentaries you need to watch

As the US president reaches the 100-day mark, these films shed led on the polemical leader and the issues he is facing. Among the upcoming docu-series also exploring Trump's America is a project on race by rapper Jay Z.

Why aren't more men working in childcare?

The numbers of men working in childcare have risen by more than two thirds in Germany since 2006. But the proportion of men continues to be extremely small - not only because of the modest wages.

German soldier arrested for alleged terror plans

A German solider who falsely registered as a Syrian asylum seeker has been arrested for planning a terror attack. Authorities believe the lieutenant was motivated by xenophobia.

Could manmade clouds save the Great Barrier Reef?

Researchers in Australia are turning to cloud-brightening technology in a bid to save the Great Barrier Reef. But they warn it will only buy time, and we must reduce carbon emissions.

Hooray! NASA spacecraft Cassini is alive!

NASA spacecraft Cassini is sending signals back to Earth after its highly complicated dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings. It was the first of 22 planned dives.

EU defense chiefs huddle on Libya

Libyan has requested the EU provide an extensive range of equipment and boats for its coast guard to stop migrants. The EU is concerned over a wave of migrants using chaotic Libya as a springboard to reach Europe.

Samsung posts biggest quarterly profit since 2013

South Korean tech giant Samsung has reported its best quarterly net profit in more than three years, shrugging off the Galaxy Note 7 batteries debacle. Its semiconductor division posted its highest income ever.

France denies extradition of former Kosovo prime minister Haradinaj

A court in France has denied an extradition request from Serbia for Ramush Haradinaj. Serbia considers him a war criminal for leading an insurgency in Kosovo.

EU defense chiefs huddle on Libya

Libyan has requested the EU provide an extensive list of equipment and boats for its coast guard to stop migrants. The EU is concerned over a wave of migrants using chaotic Libya as a springboard to reach Europe.

DW's Washington bureau chief on Trump's first 100 days

On April 29, US President Donald Trump will have been in office for 100 days. DW's Washington, DC, bureau chief Miodrag Soric talks about the mood in the capital and the rift in US society.

New Jim Jarmusch film shows never-before-seen early footage of Iggy Pop

The father of punk music can now be admired on the big screen. With his latest documentary, "Gimme Danger," cult filmmaker Jim Jarmusch pays homage to Iggy Pop and his legendary band The Stooges.

Merkel warns against British 'illusions' as Brexit negotiations begin

In an address to the Bundestag, German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked tough ahead of Saturday's EU-27 summit on Brexit. The UK, she said, would not be as well positioned as EU member states.

Fragile Dortmund take big step towards overcoming growing pains

An unlikely comeback at the home of their rivals proves that Dortmund can be a team for now and not just for the future, writes DW's Matt Pearson. But to silence their doubters, they need to go one step further.

Opinion: Donald Trump's unlikely tax reform

Many Americans voted for Trump after the business mogul promised to lower the taxes. Now the President wants to keep his promise. DW's Miodrag Soric doesn't believe he can do it.

United hikes compensation after passenger fiasco

United Airlines has said it will offer passengers up to $10,000 to surrender seats on overbooked flights to repair the damage from the rough removal of a passenger. Other airlines are taking similar measures.

British PM May dines with EU leaders as Brexit positions harden

Britain's Prime Minister May has invited key European Union figures to dinner as they push for British payments of up to 60 billion euros. Her spokesman had speculated that the rights of EU citizens would in discussion.

'Huge' explosion at Damascus airport

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a large explosion has hit near Damascus International Airport. Unconfirmed reports indicated an Israeli airstrike targeting a Hezbollah arms depot caused the blast.

Trump to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada, Mexico after considering withdrawal

US President Donald Trump had initially considered leaving the trade deal with an executive order. Earlier, Washington said it planned to investigate aluminum imports and their impact on national security.

Taiwanese trekker missing in Nepal for 47 days survived on salt and water

A Taiwanese trekker has been discovered alive after being lost for more than six weeks in a remote mountainous part of Nepal. His companion died just three days before rescuers found them.

Iran border guards killed by Sunni militants on Pakistan border

A clash on the Iran-Pakistan border has left 10 Iranian border guards dead. The Army of Justice, which has previously attacked Iranian security forces, has claimed responsibility for the violence.

Venezuela to quit OAS regional bloc as 32nd protester dies

For the first time in its 69-year history, a member of the Organization of American States has said it will leave. Caracas accuses the bloc of being a pawn of the US, claiming protesters are attempting a US-backed coup.

Turkey suspends more than 9,000 police officials on suspected Gulen links

More than 9,000 personnel have been temporarily suspended from Turkey's police force while they are investigated for suspected links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen. The cleric was blamed for last year's failed coup.

US to tighten sanctions on North Korea

The US aims to pressure North Korea into ending its nuclear and ballistic missile programs with tightened sanctions and diplomacy. Top officials hope to end the standoff peacefully, but have also raised military options.

Moscow outlaws Open Russia, other Khodorkovsky-backed NGOs

Moscow has outlawed Open Russia and two other NGOs associated with former oil tycoon and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Open Russia has called for an anti-Putin protest this Saturday in Moscow.

On Erfurt anniversary, school psychologist calls for increased student counseling

Robert Steinhäuser, who went on a shooting spree 15 years ago in Erfurt, was described as a loner and outsider. To prevent similar incidents, psychologist Klaus Seifried calls for large-scale counseling at schools.

Ukraine, Belarus leaders mark Chernobyl anniversary

The leaders of Ukraine and Belarus have toured the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, marking the 31st anniversary of the disaster. Debate continues over the death toll from radiation poisoning in the region.

German court determines fake traffic stop used for cocaine bust to be legal

German police in 2015 found kilos of cocaine in a drug courier's car in an apparent random traffic stop. It was really part of an undercover investigation. The country's highest court has now ruled this practice legal.

Berlin sees opportunity to strengthen trade ties with China

As the US adopts increasingly protectionist measures, top German diplomat Sigmar Gabriel has pledged to boost trade ties with China. Gabriel's remarks came as he met with his Chinese counterpart in Berlin.

Trump administration unveils massive tax cuts

The White House has provided a summary on US President Donald Trump's ambitious tax plans. The overhaul includes significant tax reductions for both individuals and companies across the world's largest economy.

Dembele fires Dortmund to Cup Final

Dortmund progress to the German Cup Final after an Ousmane Dembele-inspired comeback in the Allianz Arena. Bayern had dominated large parts of the game after Reus gave Dortmund an early lead.

European Parliament takes first step to lifting Le Pen's immunity over misused funds

The move follows a request by French prosecutors to further an investigation into whether Le Pen abused EU funds to pay party assistants. The presidential candidate has dismissed the allegations as a "bare-faced lie."

100 days of Trump: A environmental disaster?

After 100 days of Donald Trump as US president, how much impact have his policies had on the environment? Will a growing global consensus and technological innovation be enough to stem their potential damage?

Eastern Europe fails pledges to return Jewish property, says study

Several Eastern European nations have failed to meet international pledges on the restitution of Jewish property, according to a study. European officials have called on EU member states to make "the final restitution."

Is an art fair war on the horizon in Germany?

Where to best show art? The Art Cologne, Germany biggest art fair, plans to expand to Berlin, while Art Basel's organizers are eyeing Dusseldorf. Germany could be headed for a major conflict between art fair locations.

Hungary's Orban defends education law in Brussels, calling EU outrage 'absurd'

Hungary's prime minister lashed out at George Soros, founder of the embattled Central European University. The PM's remarks came after the EU Commission sent a "letter of formal notice" to the Hungarian government.

Berlin upgrades economic forecast

The German government has raised its growth outlook for 2017. It said strong domestic consumption would increase growth and bring down a much-criticised trade surplus logged by Europe's powerhouse for years on end.

Victims of German anti-gay law finally get their day in the Bundestag

On Friday, Germany's parliament begins debating whether to rehabilitate and compensate homosexuals convicted under the notorious paragraph 175. It's a symbolic gesture, but one that victims appreciate.

From surveillance to racism, how computer games tackle big issues

A waste of time? Not anymore. Today's computer games have become much more. Whether they deal with state surveillance or racism, the nominees for the German Computer Game Prize show what gaming is capable of achieving.

Rubicon crossed in Ireland's abortion debate

The Citizens' Assembly, set up to examine Ireland's abortion law, has made more radical suggestions than many would expect. But political attitudes may see the report fall on deaf ears. Gavan Reilly reports from Dublin.

US forces to pull out of CAR amid ongoing hunt for Kony

US Special Forces are to begin pulling out of the Central African Republic on Wednesday. With limited government control and a notorious warlord on the loose, it isn't clear what this will mean for the country.

Macron and Le Pen take battle for French votes to factories of Amiens

Emmanuel Macron did not receive the welcome he was expecting in his hometown, as he was heckled by factory workers. His rival Marine Le Pen appeared to upstage him, making a surprise visit to the factory hours earlier.

Sexual violence, war lead to higher number of child marriages

Berlin's plan to abolish child marriages has been spurred by the influx of refugees into Europe. While the move will benefit victims of the practice, the reasons why children are married early lie elsewhere.

German comedian Jan Böhmermann celebrates debut on US late night TV

German comedian Jan Böhmermann appeared on US national TV, striking a chord with late night show host Seth Meyers. Böhmermann also disclosed some his personal experiences being sued by Turkish President Erdogan.

Court upholds treason charges against Zambia's opposition leader

A bid by lawyers to have treason charges against Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema dropped has been rejected by a Lusaka court. Hichilema is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. 

Raids at Newcastle, West Ham in tax probe

English clubs Newcastle and West Ham have been raided as part of a tax fraud investigation. Around 180 officers were involved in a coordinated operation in the UK and France. Several arrests were made, authorities said.

German Cup semifinal: Bayern vs. Dortmund LIVE

Live updates from the German Cup semifinal between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The cup has taken on added importance for both clubs since their Champions League exits. Eintracht Frankfurt await in Berlin ...

EU Commission unveils 'pillar' of social rights protection to fight populists

Protective "social pillars" for the EU's 508 million residents to deflate populist jibes have been unveiled by the EU's executive. Measures include work or training rights for young jobless and EU-wide paternity leave.

South Africa: Succession race heats up

The succession debate in South Africa is heating up with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa rallying support for a bid to replace Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC.

The limits of missile defense systems

US forces have started setting up the THAAD missile defense system in South Korea. It is supposed to intercept even long-range missiles. But how secure can such protection really be?

Is the Russian Orthodox Church serving God or Putin?

Has the Russian Orthodox Church become Putin's tool of state policy in questions of human rights and even politics? Conflict Zone host Tim Sebastian talks to church representative Vakhtang Kipshidze in Moscow.