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Germany's Angela Merkel and SPD start grand coalition talks

Germany's conservative and Social Democratic leaders are meeting to discuss the possibility of forming a new "grand coalition" government. After initial cold feet from the SPD, what are the chances of success?

Egyptian singer jailed for music video 'inciting debauchery'

A female Egyptian singer has been jailed for a sexually suggestive music video in which she appears in underwear and eats a banana. It caused a stir in the conservative country.

Berlin: Hanukkah lights and anti-Israel demonstrations

In Berlin, the first candle of the city's massive Hanukkah menorah has been lit to mark the traditional start of the Festival of Lights. At the same time, Palestinians and Arabs held anti-Israel protests in the capital.

Investors outperform nations at Paris climate summit

Two years on from the Paris Agreement, a summit in the French capital has mobilized investors to fight global warming. But critics say that when it comes to government funding, France in particular needs to do more.

Bundesliga Matchday 16 roundup

Nils Petersen scored his third penalty of the week to lead Freiburg to another shock. Elsewhere, Frankfurt bounced back after defeat at the weekend, Dortmund finally won but RB Leipzig had another disappointing day.

Angela Merkel makes surprise visit to site of Berlin Christmas market attack

Shortly before the anniversary of the 2016 Berlin terror attack, Chancellor Angela Merkel has paid a surprise visit to Breitscheidtplatz's Christmas market. Survivors recently criticized Merkel's handling of the attack.

German parliament's plan give automatic pay raises to MPs criticized

Germany's parliament is planning to go ahead with regulations that would enable lawmakers to receive automatic pay raises over the next four years. Critics point out the raises wouldn't be transparent to taxpayers.

Peter Stöger wins first game as Borussia Dortmund boss after shaky start

It was less comfortable than he might have liked but Peter Stöger is off to a winning start at Borussia Dortmund. After a shaky opening half, goals from Sokratis and Shinji Kagawa saw BVB to a win over Mainz.

Giant penguin kumimanu biceae once reached human heights

A few million years after the dinosuars went extinct a large, beefy, penguin rose to prominence in New Zealand. It wouldn't have been the kind of bird people could catch or kill — it could easily overpower a man.

German soldier charged with plotting to kill politicians while posing as refugee

A soldier in the Bundeswehr has been charged with planning to carry out attacks on high-ranking political figures and frame refugees for the crimes. The justice minister was among those on his hit list.

Brexit Diaries 21: David Davis and the struggles of a minister

We need to talk about David Davis, what the alignment of carrots has to do with Brexit and the mystery of the missing impact assessments. Apparently, Davis may also have a different Brexit bill in mind.

Turkey and Israel: Animosity ends when it comes to money

The hostility between Turkey and Israel has resurfaced over recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Meanwhile, in terms of economic relations, trade between the countries has been growing steadily.

EU proposes to streamline databases across bloc to reduce terror attacks

The proposed service would allow border guards and police to simultaneously search multiple systems across the EU to verify identity documents. EU officials hope part of the system will become operational next year.

Opinion: Macron takes the lead

The young French president has decided to save the planet. He has put Donald Trump in his place, and is also taking advantage of the current vacuum that has opened up in Berlin's absence, says Jens Thurau.

US broadside leaves WTO meeting in tatters

At the current meeting of the World Trade Organization, the top US trade representative has launched a broadside at the trade body's 164 members, saying they seek litigation instead of negotiations to obtain advantages.

Amnesty: EU, others 'know perfectly well' about Libya's collusion with people smugglers

DW spoke with John Dalhuisen, Amnesty's director for Europe and Central Asia, about the allegations that the EU has been complicit in the abuse of migrants in Libya.

New study links Antarctic ice-shelf melt to global sea level rise

The melting of small ice shelves surrounding Antarctica could lead to even bigger melt of glaciers hundreds of kilometers inland, compounding sea-level rise.

Refugee helpers in Germany sued for helping refugees

German refugee helpers who guaranteed the living costs of Syrian refugees are being forced to pay back costs by job centers. Refugee organizations say people are being punished for showing humanity.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': the best episode yet

Fans had to wait two years for it. The eighth Star Wars episode hits movie theaters right on time for Christmas. This much can be said, without spoilers: It is already celebrated as the very best one.

Bangladeshi man faces state and federal terror charges in New York

The suspect was the only person seriously injured in the blast, but he is expected to appear in court. Meanwhile President Donald Trump seized on the attack to call for stricter immigration rules.

Supply problems rattle European energy markets

An explosion at an Austrian gas import hub is adding to European supply woes after a North Sea pipeline shutdown, causing energy prices to soar on markets across the continent and Italy to declare a state of emergency.

Russia temporarily shuts, evacuates Yemen embassy

Russia has announced it is suspending its diplomatic presence in Yemen and relocating its diplomats to the Saudi capital Riyadh. The Foreign Ministry cited the deteriorating security situation as the reason for the move.

Fresh German assistance for Ghana

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier signed a multi-million dollar partnership with Ghana on his first trip to Africa since taking office. Germany hopes the accord might help curb migration to Europe.

German tractor driver mows down six speed cameras

One man's late night ride on his tractor could end up costing him big, after German police say he drove over six different speed cameras. Authorities estimated that the damages could run into hundreds of thousands.

'Burning a flag is like burning one's own integrity,' says Israeli ambassador to Germany

Recent protests in Germany witnessed some demonstrators burning Israeli flags or imitations thereof. Speaking to DW, Ambassador Jeremy Issacharoff gave his reaction to the demonstrations.

Moon Jae-in faces tightrope act in China over North Korea

Tensions over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and discord over the THAAD missile defense system are set to dominate the agenda when South Korean President Moon Jae-in meets his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping this week.

Brexit: Brussels decries 'unacceptable' remarks by David Davis

Brussels will insist that the UK's separation agreement be made legally binding after Brexit Minister David Davis suggested it was merely a "statement of intent." Davis has been accused of undermining trust.

Four more Galileo satellites enter space

An Ariane 5 rocket will put four more navigation satellites in orbit, bringing the total in Europe's global positioning arsenal to 22. It is a year ago since Galileo started offering its services.

Reflecting contemporary issues in a history museum

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has reopened the permanent exhibition of the Haus der Geschichte. Here's how the museum of contemporary history in Bonn renewed its exploration of the country's current issues.

Communist parties close in on Nepal election win

Nepal's ruling Nepali Congress has suffered defeat in the parliamentary elections. The country's left-wing alliance is set to win the landmark vote.

Bundesliga Live: Mainz vs. Borussia Dortmund

Peter Stöger takes charge of Borussia Dortmund for the first time as BVB seek their first league win for 73 days. It's even longer since Stöger last won a Bundesliga game, he's looking to get off the mark for 2017/18.

German doctor lodges petition to change abortion law

A doctor fined for "advertising" abortions has presented a petition with 150,000 signatures to Parliament, demanding Germany's law be changed. Kristina Hänel says women have the right to information about the procedure.

US state of Alabama to vote in controversial special election

Alabama is set to cast a ballot in a special election that pits accused pedophile Roy Moore against Democrat Doug Jones. Polls suggest the race will be tighter than expected in a state that is heavily Republican.

'One Planet' climate summit gets underway in Paris

Politicians and finance industry representatives are meeting to discuss how to promote green investments to fight global climate change. The summit is taking place on the second anniversary of the Paris climate accord.

Pakistan's 'missing activists' - what's behind the disturbing phenomenon?

Rights activists in Pakistan have launched a campaign to recover peace campaigner Raza Khan, who was allegedly abducted in Lahore. Civil society groups say progressive activists are routinely "kidnapped" in the country.

5 European stars who truly hate Christmas

Some of them contributed to the romantic spirit of the Christmas season, like Hugh Grant in "Love Actually." But that doesn't mean the actor enjoys Christmas... and he's not alone.

With Brexit, Northern Ireland peace hangs in the balance, says ex-negotiator Jonathan Powell

Brexit threatens the peace in Northern Ireland, says Jonathan Powell, one of the architects of the peace process. The UK's recent agreement with the EU has not solved the problem of the Irish border, he tells DW.

Berlin airport plans 'soft launch' without main terminal building

Berlin International Airport's chief hopes to save the country from further embarassment with his "BER Lite" project. The plan would see the airport open "metal boxes" instead of the elegantly designed main terminal.

'Welcome to Jerusalem' exhibition explores a divided Holy City

Shortly after Trump said the US would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the Jewish Museum Berlin opened an exhibition investigating the history of the city where religion and politics are inextricably interwoven.

Head of German Jewish Council calls for stronger laws against anti-Semitic protests

The call follows incidents of protesters burning an Israeli flag in response to the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Some conservative lawmakers also want to see legal changes.

Several injured in major gas pipeline explosion outside Vienna

A major gas pipeline hub in Baumgarten, outside of Vienna, has exploded, killing one person and leaving 18 injured. The blast has caused European gas prices to soar as supplies to southern Europe tighten.

Several injured in gas pipeline explosion outside Vienna

A major gas pipeline hub in Baumgarten, outside of Vienna, has exploded, killing one person and leaving 18 injured, according to local reports. Police have cordoned off the surrounding area.

EU cuts off funds for Cambodia election after opposition party dissolved

The European Union has said it cannot support the vote after the country dissolved the main opposition party. The EU follows a similar move taken by the United States.

North Sea pipeline shutdown impacts supply

The temporary closure of one of the biggest North Sea oil pipelines gives some much-needed hope to OPEC oil producers after months of stagnant prices. So far Brent crude oil prices have not budged much.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez archive put online for free by University of Texas

About half of the 27,000-page archive of the late Nobel prize winner has been published on the internet by the University of Texas. The move was unusual considering Marquez' work remains under copyright protection.

Ex-US Army defector Charles Robert Jenkins who spent decades in North Korea, dies at 77

The life of ex-US Army sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins as a defector to North Korea reads like dramatic novel. He was the only US Army defector to tell about life in North Korea.

Australian Labor Party lawmaker Sam Dastyari quits over Chinese political links

An Australian MP accused of working on behalf of Chinese interests has quit parliament. Canberra is clamping down on foreign interference in politics but critics say it smacks of local politicking and xenophobia.

Germany: Imported tanks for art project land man with suspended sentence

A German court has given a man a suspended sentence for importing and failing to demilitarize two British tanks. The tanks were later revamped with rainbow paint for an anti-war art project by designer Harald Glööckler.

'Make Our Planet Great Again' grants awarded ahead of climate summit

The research grant winners were announced ahead of a "One Planet" summit in Paris to encourage investment to counter global warming. Germany's environment minister called on the world's finance sector to do more.

Germany: Imported tanks land man with suspended sentence

A German court has given a man a suspended sentence for importing and failing to demilitarize two British tanks. The tanks were later revamped with rainbow paint for an anti-war art project by designer Harald Glööckler.