CIOInsight (6)

Businesses Turn to Big Data for Big Opportunities

Big data has emerged as an essential tool in the enterprise arsenal. Yet it is continuing to advance and evolve.

New Books on Technology, Business and Leadership

Summer is a great time to increase your knowledge of technology trends, leadership skills and business challenges, and these 10 books can help get you there.

Full-Time Staff Is Needed for Security Awareness

Security awareness programs are more likely to be successful when they have full-time employees who communicate effectively with workers and company leaders.

Private University Turns to Digital Technology

The Academy of Art deployed a comprehensive digital platform to improve learning across different devices and screens, and inspire creativity with mobile apps.

How Breaches Affect Reputation and Stock Prices

Data breaches can damage brands and cause stocks to tank, but many IT practitioners and CMOs don't think their senior management understands the connection.

Why IT Often Doesn't Meet User Expectations

IT managers said they make great efforts to help users become more productive, but many users don't think the tech department is aligned with business needs.