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Busy London station evacuated amid reports of shots fired

Police descend on Oxford Circus area after receiving multiple reports of "shots fired"

At least 235 killed in Egypt mosque attack

Militants set off explosives and spray worshippers with gunfire in the deadliest ever attack by Islamic extremists in Egypt

Relatives of sailors missing on submarine heartbroken and angry

An international agency said it detected an underwater sound that's consistent with an explosion near the sub's last-known position

San Francisco's 'sex slave' statue decision stirs controversy

City gives formal city property status to a statue commemorating women who worked in military-backed brothels for Japanese troops during World War II

'60 Minutes' visits Eigg, craggy isle off Scotland

With our busy lives in a fast-paced world, it's easy to dream of an escape from it all. For about a hundred people, that place is the isle of Eigg in the north Atlantic, off the coast of Scotland. The island's residents prefer to live far from modern life on the U.K. mainland. "60 Minutes" ...

At least 200 killed in Egypt mosque attack

Militants set off explosives and spray worshippers with gunfire in the deadliest ever attack on Egyptian civilians by Islamic extremists

Dozens reportedly killed in Egypt mosque attack

Police say militants in 4 off-road vehicles drove up and opened fire on worshipers during Friday prayers

Search for Navy sailors in cargo plane crash called off

The U.S. Navy called off the search for three sailors missing in the western Pacific. They were on a cargo plane that crashed Wednesday, trying to reach an American aircraft carrier south of Japan. Ben Tracy reports.

Relatives angry over missing Argentine submarine's apparent explosion

An ominous new development in the search for a missing Argentine submarine raises concerns it may have plunged off the continental shelf. An international agency said it detected an underwater sound that's consistent with an explosion near the sub's last known position in the south Atlantic. It has ...

8 N. Korean men say they washed ashore in Japan

Japanese media say investigators believe men were fishing and wish to return home, but they could still be in trouble

Zimbabwe's 1st post-Mugabe leader sworn in

Emmerson Mnangagwa -- the "Crocodile" -- was a key Mugabe confidant for decades, until he was sacked earlier this month as vice president

S. Dakota politician, brother-in-law drown on kayak trip

Republican State Rep. Craig Tieszen was at daughter's wedding on South Pacific island chain when "tragedy at sea" struck

Court doubles Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence

South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal rules previous 6-year sentence too lenient for murder of Pistorius' girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Zimbabwe's new president set to be sworn in

Robert Mugabe, 93, and his wife have not been seen in public since Saturday, and their whereabouts are unknown

Search ends for three sailors missing after air crash, Navy says

The C-2A Greyhound crashed on Nov. 22 into the ocean southeast of Okinawa, Japan and eight sailors were rescued about 40 minutes after the crash

Endangered coffee crops in Uganda threaten families' livelihood

Damage being done to the planet by oil and other fossil fuels is putting coffee in trouble

Climate change could deny you your favorite cup of coffee

Although British scientists said this week that three to four cups of coffee a day are likely to do more good than harm, coffee crops overseas are being threatened by changes in the environment. Mark Phillips reports this Climate Diary from the mountains of eastern Uganda, where coffee farming is a ...

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Trump calls troops overseas on Thanksgiving Day; one man's unlikely journey from living in the streets to patrolling the highways

Ominous development in hunt for missing sub

U.S. and specialist agencies say the "hydro-acoustic anomaly" was produced just hours after the sub with 44 aboard vanished

New details revealed about N. Korean's daring defection

North Korea has not said anything about the soldier's brazen escape but one former resident says the defection could have been a setup by regime

North Korea defector's poor health reveals country's conditions

The North Korean regime of Kim Jong Un has not said anything about the dramatic escape of one of its soldiers, who ran across the border into South Korea. Trying to escape by crossing the heavily-armed border with South Korea is considered a suicide mission, but this soldier survived, and may now ...

'Whereabouts unknown': 3 U.S. sailors still missing

Navy plane crashed during "premier training event" between U.S. and Japanese navies as a show of force toward N. Korea

'Noise' draws crews back in hunt for missing sub

U.S. Navy detection of "hydro-acoustic anomaly" sees planes, ships return to patch of Atlantic already searched for Argentine vessel

3 still missing after Navy plane goes down in Pacific Ocean

According to initial reports, the plane suffered a rare twin-engine failure 575 miles south of Okinawa, near the end of a routine run out to the carrier Ronald Reagan

North Korean soldier makes a daring break for freedom

About 30,000 North Koreans have fled to the South since the fighting ended 64 years ago. No escape was more spectacular than one last week. There's new video of one man's break for freedom. Ben Tracy reports.

Man known as 'Butcher of Bosnia' found guilty of war crimes, genocide

A U.N. tribunal found Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide and war crimes on Wednesday. He masterminded Europe's worst atrocities since World War II. Elizabeth Palmer reports Mladic did not go down quietly.

11/22: CBS Evening News

Ex-USA Gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to sexual assault; North Korean soldier makes a daring break for freedom.

How does Brazilian punishment fit the crime?

To get justice for his death, Karl Hoerig's family in the United States must first navigate the Brazilian criminal justice system, which may keep his suspected murderer from facing extradition. "A Brother's Mission" airs Saturday on "48 Hours" at 10/9c.

The most heavily Muslim countries on Earth

Muslims make up the world's second-largest religious group, after Christians

Saudi-led coalition says it will ease Yemen blockade

Airport in the capital of Sanaa would reopen to U.N. aircraft and the sea port of Hodeida would be able to receive urgent humanitarian aid

Zimbabwe's incoming leader returns home to cheers

"I appeal to all genuine people of Zimbabwe to come together," Emmerson Mnangagwa said

Woman confesses to putting 4 newborns in concrete, police say

Mayumi Saito was arrested on charges of abandoning bodies, a day after she turned herself in at the police station

Arm found in sea, likely that of Swedish reporter Kim Wall

Peter Madsen is accused of a manslaughter in death of journalist who disappeared after joining him on sub

Rex Tillerson makes unilateral determination on child soldiers

State Dept officials accuse the secretary of State of breaking law in not listing Myanmar, Afghanistan and Iraq as countries using child soldiers

In surprise reversal, Lebanese PM puts resignation on hold

Saad Hariri reverses shocking resignation announced after returning from Saudi Arabia where he made it

Philippines to extradite priest accused of abuse in U.S.

Fernando Sayasaya faces charges of sexually molesting two boys in North Dakota churches in 1990s

Indonesia accused of subjecting female recruits to virginity tests

3 years after World Health Organization declared them useless, rights group says "cruel" practice continues

Did Secretary of State Tillerson violate child soldiers law?

The State Department is defending Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after his own employees accused him of violating a law meant to stop the use of child soldiers. Tillerson left Afghanistan, Iraq and Burma off a list of countries using child soldiers, prompting State officials to take the unusual ...

Dramatic new video captures North Korean soldier's daring defection

The U.N. Command says North Korea's army violated the 1953 Korean War Armistice in their pursuit of the fleeing soldier

Watch how a North Korean soldier defected to the South

Doctors in South Korea say a wounded North Korean soldier whose dramatic defection was caught on video is now conscious. The United Nations released new video from several security cameras that show the daring escape. Ben Tracy reports.

Rescue underway after Navy plane crashes off Japan coast

A U.S. Navy plane crashed with 11 people on board. The C2-A transport went down in the ocean south of Japan. Eight crew members have been found so far and are in good condition. Ben Tracy, who flew on one of the planes last week, reports.

Tennis star faces criminal probe over real estate project

Indian officials accuse firm behind luxury apartment complex of stealing millions of dollars from home buyers

Ex-commander gets life sentence for Yugoslav war crimes

UN tribunal convicts former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic of genocide and crimes against humanity

Time, oxygen running out fast for crew of missing sub

No sign of Argentine naval vessel after six days, crew could have just a day of air left

Pentagon probing behavior of U.S. personnel during Trump Asia trip

Word follows report that 3 military members were reassigned from WH posts after allegations of improper contact with foreign women during the trip

Mugabe's ex-deputy returning to take control of Zimbabwe

Emmerson Mnangagwa, sacked by Mugabe earlier this month, now has blessing of military and the governing party to take over

3 missing after U.S. Navy aircraft crashes into ocean

Search and rescue operation underway off Okinawa, Japan, after transport plane heading for USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier goes down

Haitians could be deported if they don't leave U.S. by July 2019

There was unease in many Haitian neighborhoods from New York to Florida Tuesday night after the Trump administration said it is canceling a humanitarian program that has allowed thousands of Haitians to live in the United States. Vladimir Duthiers reports.

Lebanon's prime minister returns home after shock resignation

Saad Hariri has returned to Beirut more than two weeks after announcing he had resigned his post

Top Democrat expresses concern Tillerson broke law related to child soldiers

The law is designed to stop foreign militaries from enlisting child soldiers