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Top officials emphasize diplomatic, economic pressure on N. Korea in briefing

Full Senate was briefed Wednesday on a review ordered by Trump of the U.S. policy toward North Korea

04/26 CBS Evening News

Trump's tax plan lacks basic details; Marines test futuristic weapons of warfare

U.S. & South Korea conduct live-fire drills amid rising tensions

RF-16 jets, attack aircraft, army tanks and helicopters can be seen participating in drills in Pocheon, South Korea

Missing trekker found after 47 days, but girlfriend died

Couple were on a long trek on the Ganest Himal trail in Nepal when they were caught in a snowstorm in March and lost their way

10 years later, still 'critical' leads in Madeleine McCann case

British police say no "definitive evidence" on whether girl is alive or dead, and all theories "have to remain open"

World's last male white rhino joins Tinder

"I don't mean to be too forward, but the fate of the species literally depends on me," rhino's profile says. "I perform well under pressure"

10 years later, still critical' leads in Madeleine McCann case

British police say no "definitive evidence" on whether girl is alive or dead, and all theories "have to remain open"

Add a dead rabbit to United Airlines' long list of PR woes

Breeder who put 3-foot-long bunny on flight to Chicago from London says he was "fit as a fiddle" when he left

China launches 1st domestically-built aircraft carrier

Ship seen as demonstration of China's growing military sophistication, and determination to safeguard territorial claims

World's last male white rhino joins Tinder

"I don't mean to be too forward, but the fate of the species literally depends on me," rhino's profile says. "I perform well under pressure."

Senators head to White House for North Korea briefing

Every U.S. senator is invited to the White House Wednesday for a special briefing on the North Korean threat. The nation's top military and diplomatic officials will update the senators, and President Trump plans to drop by. The White House is an unusual venue as these sensitive briefings typically ...

South Koreans protest deployment of controversial missile defense system

The U.S. military moved key parts of THAAD, a controversial missile defense system, into position overnight in South Korea. Police held back protesters lining a roadway as trucks brought it in. The accelerated deployment comes as North Korea released the first pictures of what appear to be Tuesday's ...

France says deadly chemical attack bears Assad regime 'signature'

Foreign minister says chemical analysis of samples from gas attack prove Russian-backed Assad regime was to blame

Turkey arrests hundreds allegedly linked to U.S.-based cleric

State-run news agency says some 800 people detained in raids across country targeting Muslim cleric's alleged operatives

Protests as U.S. anti-missile system aimed at N. Korea installed

Day after North Korea flaunts military hardware, South touts progress in deployment of controversial THAAD system

South Korea says U.S. missile defense system has been installed

The work to set up the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, within this year has angered North Korea, China and Russia

Former U.S. envoy to South Korea discusses North Korea threat

Chris Hill led U.S. delegation in 2005 talks with North Korea over curtailing its nuclear program

Is North Korea really a threat to American lives?

Scott Pelley spoke to former Ambassador Chris Hill, who led the 2005 delegation in talks with North Korea over curtailing its nuclear program, about the latest developments from the Korean Peninsula.

Trump starts trade showdown with Canada over dairy industry

President Trump may have started a trade war with Canada, the second-largest trading partner for the U.S. It partly revolves around a dispute in the dairy industry, which has caused American farms to lose millions of dollars. Dean Reynolds reports from Wisconsin.

Torrents of juice flood Russian town

The roof of PepsiCo's Lebedyansky factory collapsed Tuesday morning, injuring two people

Antarctica's penguins in trouble, new report shows

These iconic birds are literally canaries in the coal mine. They provide critical insights into the dramatic changes taking place in the Antarctic'

Ride along with the International Ice Patrol tracking Canada's icebergs

There are triple the amount of icebergs in Newfoundland now than the average at this time of the year -- and it's not even peak season yet

Man upset with wife kills baby and himself on Facebook Live

Officers found bodies of Wuttisan Wongtalay and his daughter in an abandoned hotel in Phuket province

Russia-linked hackers targeting French election, security firm says

Trend Micro says analysis shows "serious" meddling by same "Fancy Bear" hackers implicated in U.S. election hacking

Ivanka Trump gets icy reception at W20 meeting talking about father

While speaking on a panel at the W20 during her visit to Berlin on Tuesday, Ivanka Trump received a round of hisses and boos from the audience when talking about her father President Donald Trump and his position on women in the workforce.

Police say ISIS-linked group with links to Brussels attack busted

Spanish officials say arrest of 9 people in raids around Barcelona could help answer questions about deadly attacks

Canada's icebergs pose problems for ships, photo ops for tourists

A record number of icebergs in Canada's so-called "Iceberg Alley" is forcing cargo ships to find new routes. The icebergs along the coast of Newfoundland are crowding popular shipping lanes and attracting tourists who want to see them up close. Jeff Glor reports.

Ivanka Trump in Berlin: Angela Merkel's way into White House?

While Ivanka Trump's trip to Germany is officially to speak at a conference on promoting the role of working women, some say Angela Merkel's invitation to the president's daughter comes with other motives. According to some political analysts, this could be Merkel's side door into the White House ...

Ivanka Trump's trip to Germany: It's complicated

Some say Angela Merkel's invitation to the president's daughter and special adviser was a political play

North Korea lashes out as tensions grow with U.S.

North Korea conducted a huge live-fire military drill Tuesday. The show of force was part of a birthday celebration for the regime's military. The drill happened as the U.S., South Korea and Japan started military exercises on the opposite coast. Adriana Diaz reports.

U.S., North Korea face off in high-stakes game of chicken

Kim Jong Un carries out large military drill in spite of mounting pressure from Trump, and one analyst warns U.S. "could stumble needlessly" into war

Pressure on North Korea ratcheted up amid nuke test possibility

China sternly warns Pyongyang against marking holiday with test as U.S. nuke-powered sub arrives in South Korea and American aircraft carrier heads for region

American monitor killed in Ukraine identified

European officials say paramedic Joseph Stone died when vehicle carrying monitoring team in separatist region hit land mine: Reuters

Major archaeological discovery found during church renovation

While renovating old St. Mary's Church Lambeth in London, workers come across fascinating archaeological find

General suggests Russia supplying Taliban with weapons

Gen. John Nicholson, who commands U.S. forces in Afghanistan, comments on allegations as country descends further into chaos

Vet caught up in VA bureaucracy finally walking again

Retired Marine Sgt. Maj. Ray Mackey lost both legs in Afghanistan and has spent years battling to get proper care from the VA. He finally got so fed up that he sought care at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside of Washington. David Martin reports on how the vet is finally walking ...

Russia allegedly supplying Taliban with weapons

Nine thousand U.S. troops are on the ground in Afghanistan trying to help the Afghan army hold back a resurgent Taliban. Their job is getting tougher by the day, thanks in part to Moscow. Charlie D'Agata reports.

Iran rejects detained British-Iranian woman's final appeal, family says

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who works for the Thompson Reuters Foundation, is one of several dual nationals held in Iran on espionage charges

U.S. announces new Syrian sanctions

The U.S. issued 271 sanctions in response to the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons in an attack on Idlib

Trump says U.N. must be ready to impose new sanctions on North Korea

The president invited all the members of the U.N. Security Council to Washington to meet with members of Congress and with him at the White House

U.S. says N. Korea trying to flex muscle with American detainee

U.S. ambassador to United Nations talks about North Korea regime's "flailing" leader, why China is "really great friend"

USS Carl Vinson nears Korean Peninsula

Vinson battle group has been joined by Japanese destroyers and will soon be joined by South Korean ships, CBS News' David Martin reports

Thousands pay homage to millions who perished in the Holocaust

March of the Living is a somber memorial march from the original Auschwitz camp to Birkenau, a much larger death camp where Jews and Roma were murdered

USS Vinson nears Korean Peninsula

The Vinson battle group has been joined by Japanese destroyers and will soon be joined by South Korean ships, reports CBS News' David Martin

Man pleads not guilty to killing 3 family members with ax

Henri van Breda claims he tried to fight off a masked attacker, but he's accused of killing his parents and brother

Taliban attacks U.S. base as Mattis flies into Afghanistan

Defense chief to assess war against extremists as U.S. Marines re-join the fight and Trump admin. mulls sending more troops

Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope on climate change, clean energy

A new CBS poll shows a majority of Americans have a pessimistic outlook for the environment, with 57 percent believing it will be worse for the next generation. A new book by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope offers a more optimistic ...

Israel indicts U.S. teen over threats to Jewish centers

American-Israeli Jew, 18, accused of extortion and publishing false information that caused panic

France presidential election results cheer investors

Global stocks rise amid polls showing centrist Emmanuel Macron is favored to beat far-right candidate Marie Le Pen in runoff

Rare copy of Declaration of Independence found in England

One historian calls it the discovery of a lifetime: a priceless, handwritten parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence. Beyond rare, there is only one other like it: the 1776 copy kept under glass at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Even more remarkable was where it was found. ...