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W.H. cybersecurity coordinator warns against Kaspersky Lab software

The FBI is warning about a popular anti-virus software linked to Russia's government. Kaspersky Lab products are widely used by businesses and some government offices across the country. Federal officials are concerned the software may be feeding user information to Russian intelligence. Jeff Pegues ...

Automated car safety systems get high marks, with asterisk

Insurance sector studies find they're starting to have desired effect, but may be creating unintended consequences

America still basking in afterglow of the solar eclipse

One sunrise later, the Earth is still over the moon about the Great American Eclipse. Jamie Yuccas reports on the afterglow.

iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8: What to expect from the new phones

The battle of the smartphones is heating up this summer as tech giants Apple and Samsung get ready to reveal their latest flagship devices. CNET senior editor Bridget Carey spoke to CBSN about what to expect from these new models.

Did the solar eclipse damage your eyes?

How to tell if you hurt your eyes looking at Monday's solar eclipse

Teens journey to total eclipse in the name of science

These students are one of 68 teams nationwide who helped scientists boost their data collecting potential

Cell phone cameras the answer to costly police body cams?

Police in Jersey City testing new phone that allows it to function as a cop camera which streams directly to a secure server

Sweet victory for NASA researchers chasing solar eclipse

Scientists are exploring the treasure trove of data captured during Monday's total solar eclipse. NASA used specially-equipped aircraft to get an up-close view of the event from coast to coast. David Begnaud reports.

'Humbling': Sun and moon put on celestial performance

Across America, the clockwork of the cosmos turned day into night -- and then day again

Star students hold special class reunion under solar eclipse

Something extraordinary took root in Colin Steele's classroom more than 50 years ago in Bethesda, Maryland

People from around the world celebrate eclipse across the U.S.

Monday means "day of the moon," and for many, it was a day to celebrate the moon and the sun -- and have fun. Jamie Yuccas reports from Madras, Oregon, one of the first places to witness the total eclipse Monday. David Begnaud reports from Nashville, the largest U.S. city to experience the full ...

What the solar eclipse might teach us about the sun and moon

Tens of thousands went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale to watch the total eclipse. Some were there for the fun, while others went for the science. Adriana Diaz reports on what scientists hoped to learn.

Sun and moon put on celestial performance

It was the greatest show on Earth: a matinee that saw the moon upstage the sun, bringing darkness to daytime. It was the first coast-to-coast total eclipse in 99 years, and, for many Americans, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness -- and celebrate -- a wonder of the universe. Mark Strassmann ...

Solar eclipse 2017: Your stellar photos

CBS News asked you, our readers, to share your best pictures of the 2017 solar eclipse, and you got some awesome shots

Temperatures dropped during total solar eclipse

Eclipse observers were likely to experience a sudden drop in temperature during the period of "totality"

America's next solar eclipse comes in 2024

If you missed the solar eclipse​ on Monday, the countdown has begun for the next one in 2024

Astronaut Scott Kelly on solar eclipse

For a brief moment today, day turned to night as a total solar eclipse made its way across the country. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly joins CBSN's Stephanie Sy to discuss the stunning phenomenon.

Total eclipse dazzles over Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, is the most populous city in the U.S. to experince the total solar eclipse. David Begnaud is in the Music City for the festivities.

Oregon town is first to experience total solar eclipse

Madras, Oregon, was the first town in the U.S. to experience the full solar eclipse. Jamie Yuccas is in Madras where people from around the world came to for a front-row seat to history.

Cyber Soldiers: White-hat hackers

Cyberattacks are more prevalent than ever, and reformed hackers are often the only people who can stop their own kind

Best scenes from the 2017 Great American Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse captivated millions of people -- young and old -- from coast to coast. CBS News teams across the country captured the best of it all.

Great American Eclipse

Memorable photos of the first solar eclipse to cross the U.S. from coast to coast in 99 years

Solar eclipse sweeps across America

Millions of Americans coast to coast witness what one astronomer called "the most dramatic solar eclipse I've ever seen"

Report: Trump dissolves climate change advisory panel

The panel, formed in 2015, was tasked with advising government and the private sector on navigating climate change

'Shadow bands': Eclipse will shine light on extremely rare sight

Astronomer Derrick Pitts on studying "really cool" phenomena and mysteries of the sun's corona

'Science and magic': One globetrotting couple's total eclipse bliss

Billy and Sharon Hahs have chased eclipses for 26 years; now the path of totality is heading straight to their farm

Nashville takes center stage for total solar eclipse

Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the largest cities on the "path of totality" for Monday's solar eclipse. David Begnaud shows how the Music City is tuning up.

Millions prepare for 'Great American Eclipse'

Millions across the U.S. are getting ready for a spectacular dance between the sun and the moon Monday. Jamie Yuccas reports from Oregon where the rare celestial show will begin.

Millions ready to see sun go dark in coast-to-coast eclipse

Monday's eclipse will last a couple of minutes and will be covered live with a CBS News Special Report at 1 p.m. ET

Thousands pour into campsite ahead of eclipse

With the total solar eclipse less than a day away, thousands are pouring into a Madras, Oregon, campsite. Scientists believe it is one of the best places to view to eclipse. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas joins CBSN from the campsite.

Bill Nye the Science Guy on the solar eclipse

On Monday Americans across the country will be experiencing one of Nature's most splendid natural phenomena. Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about the awe-inspiring solar eclipse, and celebrates humankind's ability to understand and appreciate the cosmos.

Bill Nye on an eclipse's beauty and the wonder of science

"The Science Guy" says brief celestial spectacle is cause for us all to celebrate both the planet we share and humankind's ability to understand the cosmos

Internet shaming: When mob justice goes virtual

Hatred and vitriol used against targets on social media -- often against innocent or misidentified victims -- can lead to fear for safety, job loss and even suicide

The scourge of Internet shaming

The rise of social media has also brought an increase in Internet shaming - mob justice meted out to shame people on Twitter and Facebook for "bad" behavior. But as David Pogue of Yahoo Finance reports, sometimes the targets of this new form of cyberbullying, or doxxing, are innocent victims of ...

Almanac: Dogs in space

On August 20, 1960, canine cosmonauts Belka and Strelka became the first dogs to survive an orbital space flight

CBSN On Assignment preview: Cyber soldiers

The medical industry has become the number-one target for hackers. Cyber crooks can sell credit card numbers for about 15 cents each, but someone's medical records could be worth hundreds of dollars. Vladimir Duthiers previews his report for "CBSN: On Assignment." Watch the full episode at 10 p.m. ...

Say goodbye to video clickbait on Facebook

Facebook says it's putting a pause on annoying videos that are really just pictures with a play button

Atlas 5 blasts off, carrying $400M satellite

An Atlas 5 rocket boosted NASA's latest communications satellite into space Friday

DNA test results may not change health habits

As DNA testing for disease risk expands in the U.S., some research questions if it really helps consumers make healthier choices

Inside the New York hospital hackers took down for 6 weeks

Almost all U.S. health care organizations have reported at least one cyberattack

Solar eclipse should be on your bucket list, futurist Michio Kaku says

Millions of people are waiting for Monday's solar eclipse to begin. It will move through a 70-mile-wide path and 14 states from Oregon to South Carolina will witness the total eclipse. CBS News science and futurist contributor Michio Kaku joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what to expect.

NASA jets will chase solar eclipse at 50,000 feet

Total solar eclipse will travel coast-to-coast in U.S. for first time in 99 years Monday

NASA to study solar eclipse with atmospheric flight

On Monday a total solar eclipse will travel coast to coast in the U.S. for the first time in 99 years. That means go time for NASA's stratospheric airborne science team, where pilots are embarking on an atmospheric research flight. David Begnaud reports.

Total solar eclipse path: What to expect

Excitement is building across the country for Monday's rare total solar eclipse. Chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn of New York station WCBS joins "CBS This Morning" with a unique look at how the eclipse will unfold.

Great American Eclipse

Coverage of rare eclipse

Russians stage extended spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts launched five small satellites during an extended spacewalk Thursday

Amateur photographers will bring the solar eclipse to the world

Google plans to stitch images from coast to coast into a short time-lapse movie​ that anyone can download after Monday's eclipse

Amateur photographers will bring the solar eclipse to the world

When the moon eclipses the sun next week, another convergence will happen. Fueled by an army of amateur photographers, UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory and Google will bring the eclipse to the world. Jamie Yuccas reports.

Great American Eclipse

Rare eclipse highlights

How to prepare kids for the solar eclipse

Parents, schools and summer camps need to take steps to protect children's eyes during next week's solar eclipse