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Here's The Skinny 🏥

The Senate Just Released Their "Skinny" Health Care Bill. It's Actually Pretty Significant. View Entire Post ›

Only A Movie Lover Will Get 22/22 On This Movie Quote Quiz

"Elementary, my dear Watson." View Entire Post ›

17 Unsolved Mysteries You Might Not Know Of That’ll Fuck You Right Up

Everything is terrifying. View Entire Post ›

Congress Just Almost Unanimously Called Trump's Bluff On Russia Sanctions

The limits to Trump's ability to roll back sanctions on Moscow come as part of a package along with economic penalties against North Korea and Iran. It's still unclear whether or not the White House will sign the bill. View Entire Post ›

32 Things Only Ladies With A Little Chubby Stomach Will Understand

That annoying red line you get on your stomach after sitting all day. View Entire Post ›

24 Geniuses Who Are Clearly Operating On A Whole Different Level

Teach us. View Entire Post ›

Only People Who Live In Los Angeles Have Done 33/48 Of These Things

Where are all my L-Alien's at? View Entire Post ›

Anthony Scaramucci Goes On Shocking Rant, Threatens To "Kill" White House Leakers

The newly appointed White House communications director went on an angry tirade Wednesday night in an interview with a New Yorker reporter. View Entire Post ›

A Drawing By Donald Trump Of New York's Skyline Just Sold For $29,184

The sketch, which Trump drew for a charity campaign in 2005, was auctioned on Thursday. View Entire Post ›

Ohio Ride Manufacturer Orders Rides Shut Down Around The World

The Ohio State Fair's "Fireball" ride had passed multiple inspections before it broke apart midair Wednesday, killing a teenager. View Entire Post ›

Lucky Blue Smith And Stormi Bree Just Named Their Baby Gravity

I did not make any of these people up. View Entire Post ›

18 Tiny "Game Of Thrones" Details You Might Have Missed First Time Round

Callbacks, foreshadowing, and wonderful coincidences. There's plenty waiting for you if you've never given it a second watch. View Entire Post ›

27 Times Forever 21 Made Some Very Interesting Choices

In what world do I need a "My commute is better than yours" shirt? View Entire Post ›

Reince Priebus's Days Are Numbered, Trump Allies Say

Kellyanne Conway has privately told people that the administration is going to get rid of those with ties to the Republican National Committee and is "going back to Trump loyalists." View Entire Post ›

Design A House And We'll Tell You How Old You Are

Make it nice. View Entire Post ›

Naturalistas, We Want To See Your Big Chop Pics

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. View Entire Post ›

11 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

An adorable photo of Justin Bieber as a little kid kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday! View Entire Post ›

Mall Gone: Teavana Tea Stores Are Going Out Of Business

By spring 2018, Teavana tea stores will have mostly vanished from America's shopping centers. View Entire Post ›

A New Trailer For The "IT" Remake Is Here And Just No

Pennywise, get your mind outta the gutter. *Ba-dum-tiss* View Entire Post ›

Show Us Your Impressive Before-And-After Makeup Photos

A glow-up in a bottle. View Entire Post ›

Freaks And Leaks 👀

Anthony Scaramucci Blasted White House Leakers In An Extraordinary Phone Call To CNN View Entire Post ›

A Head Chef Literally Cried After Eating Gordon Ramsay's Food On "Hotel Hell"

Omg... View Entire Post ›

Here’s Why People Are Comparing The Length Of Their Feet With Their Arms

They're supposed to be the same length. View Entire Post ›

How Popular Are Your Chicken Nugget Opinions?

Pick your poison. View Entire Post ›

Tell Us How You Drink Your Coffee And We'll Reveal Which Profession Is Perfect For You

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. View Entire Post ›

The World's Two Biggest Countries Are Mad At Each Other And That's Bad

While the world obsesses about every Trump tweet, two nuclear powers have become embroiled in a tense military standoff that could trigger a bigger conflict. View Entire Post ›

281 Gross As Fuck Stories That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

"A piece of shit the size of a golf ball launched right out and slammed onto his lower belly." View Entire Post ›

30 Things Under $10 That Scream, "SUMMER!!!"

An Olaf-approved list. View Entire Post ›

People At The NAACP Convention Wanted Trump To Show Up, Even If They Think He's Racist

"If he came, it probably would have been chaos." View Entire Post ›

If These Tumblr Posts Make You Laugh, You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

Never let this website die. View Entire Post ›

Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?

Which is harder, early mornings or all nighters? View Entire Post ›

How Many Of These Mexican Candies Have You Actually Tried?

There are many ways to eat a tamarindo. View Entire Post ›

After A College Student Committed Suicide Following Her Alleged Rape, A Congressman Wants To Change The Law

The legislation is named in honor of the subject of a recent BuzzFeed News story. “We must ensure that victims of crime have access to assistance and can pursue justice,” Rep. Ted Poe said. View Entire Post ›

Any Girl Who Gets At Least 41/54 On This Checklist Is Over 5'10"

Tallies represent. View Entire Post ›

Show Us How You Decorated And Transformed Your Dorm Room

Help future dorm room residents decorate their spaces. View Entire Post ›

How Dutch Are You?

Are you a true Dutchie? View Entire Post ›

10 Places With Spectacular Views Of This Summer’s Total Solar Eclipse

Stunning views, golfing, citizen science, and “blackout beer” — these cities are preparing for the biggest tourism event of the year, if not the century. View Entire Post ›

Only A Stationery Addict Will Get Over 75% In This Quiz

This is a stationery intervention. View Entire Post ›

“The World Is Not Paying Attention”

She Survived Near Starvation. Then Cholera Killed Her. View Entire Post ›

19 Incredibly Useful Historical Words That Need To Make A Comeback

Because everyone needs a word that means "a morbid fear of work." H/T The Horologicon. View Entire Post ›

This Teen Created Makeup Looks Based On Your Fave Childhood Shows

Meanwhile I'm just struggling to get my eyeliner even. View Entire Post ›

This Couple Had Their Puppy As The Ring Bearer At Their Wedding, And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Ladies and gentlemen, this is absolutely the best addition to any wedding. View Entire Post ›

We Need To Talk About Taika Waititi, Because Daaaammnnn He's Hot

He can ragna my rok any day. View Entire Post ›

Charli XCX's New Video Has A Whole Lot Of Beautiful Male Celebs

Yeah, you clicked. View Entire Post ›

2020 Vision

Bernie Sanders Supporters Wait On Signal Of Second Presidential Run View Entire Post ›

For Everyone Who Is Thirsty For "Thor" Director Taika Waititi

He can ragna my rok any day. View Entire Post ›

Spinning Ride At Ohio State Fair Breaks Apart In Midair, Killing 1 Person And Injuring 7 Others

Five people were taken to a hospital in critical condition after being thrown from the Fire Ball ride Wednesday evening. View Entire Post ›

Charli XCX's New Music Video Is Literally Just Full Of Beautiful Boys

Yeah, you clicked. View Entire Post ›

The Salt Flats In These Photos Are So Dreamy You’d Swear They Were Made Of Fairy Floss

Salt never looked this sweet, tbh. View Entire Post ›

36 Things That Are Like Mini-Orgasms For People Who Love Makeup

There's nothing quite like a totally empty tube of concealer. View Entire Post ›