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Celebrities Call To #FreeCyntoiaBrown

Rihanna And Kim Kardashian Have Been Tweeting About This Imprisoned Teen Sex Trafficking Victim View Entire Post ›

21 Perfect Gifts For Anybody Who's Secretly A Total Grandma At Heart

From cosy personalised blankets to fancy teas, there's everything an old-at-heart person could need. View Entire Post ›

17 Inexpensive Things That Will Make You Feel Just A Little Bit Fancy

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25 Pictures You'll Only Recognise If You Were Using The Internet 10 Years Ago


“There Will Be No Change”

An Attorney For Rep. John Conyers Says He Won't Step Down From Powerful Committee Position Or Resign View Entire Post ›

This Photo Of A Palliative Care Patient At The Beach Will Make You Cry

~All the feels~ View Entire Post ›

25 Struggles You'll Only Remember If You Were Using The Internet 10 Years Ago


A Woman Says Jeremy Piven Groped Her On The “Entourage” Set In 2009

Two other women also made accusations against Piven. BuzzFeed News spoke to a dozen people who said the women had shared their stories with them as far back as the 1990s. Piven has vehemently denied all the women’s allegations and provided polygraph results to support his denials. View Entire ...

19 Times The Internet Really Nailed What It's Like To Be Broke

IDK man, less money feels like mo' problems to me. View Entire Post ›

Someone Found This High School Kid's Science Meme Page And It's Next Level

New Zealand's tectonic plate situation features heavily. View Entire Post ›

Support For A Bill To Overhaul Secretive Complaints System Grows After Conyers Settlement Was Revealed

The day after BuzzFeed News reported that Rep. John Conyers had made a secret settlement with a woman who accused him of sexual harassment, half a dozen members added their names to a bill that would reform the complaints system in Congress. View Entire Post ›

16 Tweets That Will Make All "Beauty And The Beast" Fans Laugh A Lot

"'Be Our Guest' is a great song but at the same time it's a man candle telling a woman what a restaurant is." View Entire Post ›

We Tested These Sand-Proof Towels And They're Honestly A Game-Changer

Sounds so fake. View Entire Post ›

Following John Lasseter News, Women In The Animation Industry Say Sexual Harassment Is Widespread

In the old boys’ club of animation, men have long gotten away with harassment, sources told BuzzFeed News. View Entire Post ›

Do You Like The Same Thanksgiving Foods As Everyone Else?

What do you like to grub? View Entire Post ›

Can You Spend A Weekend In Barcelona Without Blowing Your Budget?

Ready, set, travel. View Entire Post ›

Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes' Friendship Has Accidentally Caused Problems For Camila Mendes On Twitter

Sorry, #Shawmila shippers. View Entire Post ›

YouTube Is Addressing Its Massive Child Exploitation Problem

After BuzzFeed News provided YouTube with dozens of examples of videos — with millions of views — that depict children in disturbing and abusive situations, the company is cracking down. View Entire Post ›

Rashida Jones Has Spoken Out On Why She Quit "Toy Story 4," And It Wasn't Because Of John Lasseter

She is setting the record straight as to why she left Toy Story 4. View Entire Post ›

What's Your Funniest, Most Embarrassing Experience Involving Sex And Hair?

"Is that hair gel? Great! I could use some." View Entire Post ›

Create Thanksgiving Dinner And We'll Reveal If You're An Introvert Or Extrovert

Eat your way to the truth. View Entire Post ›

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Radioactive Cloud That Appeared Over Europe

Time to learn about nuclear isotopes and Russian geography! View Entire Post ›

Find Out Your Fancy British Title By Rating These Dishes

Spotted dick lmao. View Entire Post ›

81 Fun Facts That'll Make Everyone You Know Say "I Never Knew That!"

The voice of Mickey Mouse and the voice of Minnie Mouse got married in real life! View Entire Post ›


The Former USA Gymnastics Doctor, Larry Nassar, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Abusing Girls View Entire Post ›

These Completely Insane Photos Of LA Traffic Will Make You Super Excited To Travel For Thanksgiving

♫ Over the river and through the woods, to sit on the highway we go.♫ View Entire Post ›

15 Gift Ideas For People Who Fucking Love Alcohol

Make your celebration a little more *festive*. View Entire Post ›

Ratko Mladic, Known As The "Butcher Of Bosnia," Has Been Found Guilty Of Genocide By A UN Court

Mladic was given a life sentence after being found guilty of 10 of 11 counts against him, including genocide in Srebrenica in 1995. View Entire Post ›

Can You Help Beyoncé Spend All Her Money Without Going Over Budget?

There's a lot of money to be spent. View Entire Post ›

Can You Guess Which Photo Was Taken With An iPhone X?

Calling all eagle-eyed photo fiends. View Entire Post ›

A US Navy Aircraft Carrying 11 People Has Crashed Near Japan

Eight people have been recovered in "good condition" so far, according to the US Navy. The search continues for three additional personnel. View Entire Post ›

13 Non-Traditional But Fun AF Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Some people have Friends marathons, others grill on their deck like it's the Fourth of July. View Entire Post ›

19 Products That People Say Have Changed Their Lives In 2017

From big purchases to little things, there's something for everyone. View Entire Post ›

Trump Says He Should've Left UCLA Basketball Players In A Chinese Jail, Calls Family "Ungrateful"

The president tweeted the comments Wednesday after LaVar Ball, the father of one of the players, downplayed Trump's role in getting them released from China. View Entire Post ›

18 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A Sriracha to-go key chain, wireless charger, and 16 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP. View Entire Post ›

This Is Not The Future We Asked For

The technological apocalypse has fallen upon our kitchens. View Entire Post ›

All Restaurant And Foodservice Workers Will Flinch Over These 21 Pictures


Answer These Five Questions And We'll Tell You If You Have Garbage Thanksgiving Taste

Pumpkin. Pie. View Entire Post ›

Here's Why Practical Gifts Are Actually The Best Thing To Give And Receive

Because a candle is great, but a toothbrush is better. View Entire Post ›

Ukraine Of Terror 🚀

How Russia Hawks Are Selling Trump On Sending Weapons To Ukraine View Entire Post ›

People Are Actually Trying To Sell Their Work Uniforms So You Can Skip The Lines On Black Friday

All it took was one viral tweet for people to think it would work. View Entire Post ›

A US Navy Aircraft Carrying 11 People Has Crashed Near Japan

Eight people have been recovered so far, according to the Japanese Defense Minister. It is not yet clear whether they have been found alive. View Entire Post ›

David Cassidy, Teen Heartthrob Of The '70s, Has Died

David Cassidy stopped touring earlier this year after disclosing he had dementia. He was hospitalized in Florida for organ failure Saturday. View Entire Post ›

Teen Heartthrob Of The '70s

"Partridge Family" Star David Cassidy Has Died At 67 View Entire Post ›

15 Tweets About Thanksgiving That'll Make You Snort-Laugh

"I asked what I could bring for Thanksgiving this year and my mom said it was up to me so I'm bringing a wireless router." View Entire Post ›

We Tested Pinterest Thanksgiving Hacks To See Which Ones Were Legit

Here's what worked and what didn't. View Entire Post ›

Another Woman Accused Rep. John Conyers Of Sexual Harassment In Court Filings This Year

A former scheduler for the Democratic congressman said she faced daily harassment from him, in a suit she later abandoned after a court denied her request to keep it sealed. A BuzzFeed News investigation on Monday showed that Conyers had settled a sexual harassment complaint with another former ...

HQ's CEO Threatened To Fire Its Host For Talking To The Media, And The Internet Melted Down

#FreeScott. View Entire Post ›

Is This A Real Food Or Something We Made Up?

Put your hipster culinary knowledge to the test. View Entire Post ›

This Dad Got Kicked Off YouTube For Making Disturbing Videos Of His Daughters That Millions Of People Watched

Greg Chism's YouTube channel, which featured videos of his girls screaming with fear, spitting up, wetting themselves, and bathing, had more than 8 million subscribers before it was terminated. Warning: This post contains disturbing videos. View Entire Post ›