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These Texts Between Justin Bieber And Marilyn Manson Discussing Their Feud Are So Bizarre

"Bro it's Bieber. What's up with this article?" View Entire Post ›

12 People Who'll Destroy Your Faith In Humanity, Then 12 People Who'll Restore It

Spoiler: The good outweighs the bad. View Entire Post ›

Live Updates: Hurricane Maria Makes Landfall On Puerto Rico As It Continues North

The potentially catastrophic storm is barreling into a region recently hit by Hurricane Irma. Check back on this post for the latest on the powerful hurricane. View Entire Post ›

Today's Married Couples Are Totally The Funniest Ever – I Know, I've Read Their Texts

Love means never having to say, "did you get my text?" View Entire Post ›

Police Are Looking For A Female Jogger Who Regularly Poops Outside People's Homes

Pull up a stool, squat on it, and read this because I am not shitting you. View Entire Post ›

Host A Potluck Dinner And We'll Reveal Which Fall-Scented Candle You Are

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. View Entire Post ›

This Plus-Size Model Clapped Back At A Man Who Turned Her Photo Into A Sexist Meme

"I can be fat and still be out of your league." View Entire Post ›

Trump Is Using Targeted Facebook Ads To Reassure Supporters He Will Build The Border Wall

The personal Facebook pages of the president and vice president are running dark post ads that promise "A WALL ," while asking for donations. View Entire Post ›

Make An Ice Cream Sundae And We'll Tell You Where To Travel Next

Travel bugs, this one's for you. View Entire Post ›

23 Secrets Your Professors Will Never Tell You

There could be a 13-year-old grading your paper. View Entire Post ›

17 Really Good Products Recommended By Beauty Lovers

Beauty recommendations are always welcomed. View Entire Post ›

The Apple Watch Finally Feels Like A Real Smartwatch

The Apple Watch gets cellular connectivity, at last, with Series 3. View Entire Post ›

What's More Important To You, Experiences Or Material Things?

Where do your values really lie? View Entire Post ›

What Shoe Brands Are Best For Big Feet?

We really need to know. View Entire Post ›

18 Tweets That Are Too Real For Women In STEM

"Emailing potential PhD advisors is emotionally very similar to asking your middle school crush to the big dance, but like, 1000000x worse." View Entire Post ›

Go Shopping And We'll Tell You Which Show You Should Watch On Netflix

Netflix is my boyfriend... View Entire Post ›

Pick Out Your Halloween Costume And We'll Give You A Fall Activity To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

BOO! View Entire Post ›

The New World Order

Why Trump's UN Speech Is Bad News For Human Rights Around The World View Entire Post ›

21 Food Truths You Absolutely Cannot Argue With

You will ALWAYS use more garlic than you need. View Entire Post ›

Emma Stone Just Opened Up About Her Long-Term Anxiety

Nine-year-old Emma was such an artiste. View Entire Post ›

Live Updates: Maria Makes Landfall On Vieques As It Barrels Toward Puerto Rico

The potentially catastrophic storm is barreling into a region recently hit by Hurricane Irma. Check back on this post for the latest on the powerful hurricane. View Entire Post ›

Out Of The Rubble

Here's How You Can Help People Affected By The Earthquake In Mexico View Entire Post ›

This Is What The 40 Shades Of Rihanna’s Fenty Foundation Looks Like On 40 Different People

Yes, sweetie. Yes. Rihanna did THAT. View Entire Post ›

18 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of Dudes Who Didn't Understand Periods

"This is why education is important." View Entire Post ›

Only A True Disney Fan Can Name All The Disney Princes And Princesses In Under 2 Minutes

Be our taking this v. important quiz. View Entire Post ›

Here's Why It Feels Weird When You Poke Inside Your Belly Button

Go ahead, try it. View Entire Post ›

The Kardashians Re-Created Their Season 1 Intro And It's Incredible

Kim is still always late... View Entire Post ›

Live Updates: Maria Strengthens With 175 MPH Winds As It Nears US Virgin Islands And Puerto Rico

The potentially catastrophic storm is barreling into a region recently hit by Hurricane Irma. Check back on this post for the latest on the powerful hurricane. View Entire Post ›

The Mythical Beast You Create Will Determine What Kinda Guy You'll Date

Wild. View Entire Post ›

Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of The White House Chief Of Staff Listening To Trump

*eyes emoji* View Entire Post ›

Eat Your Way Through The Shake Shack Menu And We'll Guess Your Age

Shake it off! View Entire Post ›

Jada Pinkett Perfectly Responded To Leah Remini's Scientology Accusations

"I know Jada’s in. She’s been in Scientology a long time.” View Entire Post ›

Gordon Ramsay Just Shared His Go-To American Breakfast Recipe And I Have Questions, TBH

"I want this in and around my mouth right now." View Entire Post ›

Nothing Chaps My Ass More Than People Who Don't Know These 13 Things

*cues teacher voice* "Listen up, class..." View Entire Post ›

What Short Books Should Everyone Read?

Some really great books can be read within a day. View Entire Post ›

Build An Outfit And We'll Tell You What Old Disney Show You Should Be On

I'm ready for my wardrobe! View Entire Post ›

Republicans Threaten To Let Obamacare Markets Fall Into “Chaos” If Repeal Fails

“Obamacare is collapsing and there’s not a lot of appetite to prop it up, so chaos is going to reign.” View Entire Post ›

New Dad George Clooney Can't Stop Crying Because Dammit, He's Tired

Seems like Ella and Alexander are giving him a run for his money. Which is like, a lot. View Entire Post ›

Eat Some Fall Desserts And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Tme to ~fall~ in love with desserts all over again. View Entire Post ›

21 People Who Are Living In 3017 While We're Stuck In 2017

Vodka burrito = genius. View Entire Post ›

Answer These Fall Questions And We'll Predict Your Relationship Status This Christmas

Tis' the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice! View Entire Post ›

Hurricane Maria Batters Dominica, Making Landfall As A "Potentially Catastrophic" Category 5 Storm

The storm, which rapidly strengthened on Monday, is expected to charge through the Caribbean this week, pummeling islands already devastated by Hurricane Irma. View Entire Post ›

Invite Monsters To Your Halloween Party And We'll Tell You Which Disney Villain To Dress Up As

It'll be a graveyard smash! View Entire Post ›

25 Easy Slow-Cooker Soups Perfect For Fall

The ultimate comfort food recipes, right this way. View Entire Post ›

19 Things You Did In The Mid '00s That'll Make You Say "What A Different Time"

You probably wouldn't watch a movie on your iPod Nano now. View Entire Post ›

Toys 'R' Us Just Filed For Bankruptcy

Poor Geoffrey the giraffe: His corporate caretaker — the country's largest specialty toy retailer, known for its aisles of Hatchimals, Power Rangers, and every Barbie you can imagine — filed for bankruptcy late Monday night. View Entire Post ›

Jake Gyllenhaal Masterfully Dodged This Question About Taylor Swift

Looks like he remembers it ~all too well~. View Entire Post ›

Women Are Spending Years In Prison Because Wyoming Won’t Let Them Into Its All-Male Boot Camp

Taylor Blanchard faced up to ten years in prison for a crime that would’ve sent men to boot camp for six months to a year. Her fight could change the fate of countless women in Wyoming. View Entire Post ›

Would You Wear These Baby Clothes If They Were Made In Your Size?

You have to admit it, you'd look adorable. View Entire Post ›

Sorry Hideous Haters, Mariah Carey Performed On Live TV Last Night And Sounded Great

Queen. View Entire Post ›