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Ryan: 'I Don't Agree' With Trump on Former FBI Director Comey — He Is Not a 'Nut Job'

Wednesday during an Axios interview, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he didn't agree with President Donald Trump that former FBI Director James Comey was a “nut job.” Partial transcript as follows: MIKE ALLEN: You know the former FBI Director Jim Comey. Does it concern you the ...

EXCLUSIVE – Rand Paul: Saudi Arabia's Role in Backing Terrorism Raises Concerns with $100 Billion Arms Deal

Last year, Congress overwhelmingly passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act to allow the family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for any part it played in those acts of terrorism.

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Refuses To Say Whether Russia Holds Damaging Info On Hillary Clinton

TEL AVIV -- In testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, former CIA Director John Brennan refused to answer a question in an unclassified setting about whether the Russians possess damaging information on Hillary Clinton that was not revealed during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Gaffney: Brennan Testimony Confirms No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion but 'Abundant Evidence' of Questionable Clinton, Obama Russian Activities

On Wednesday's Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam talked with Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney about the testimony of former CIA Director John Brennan on Tuesday to the House Intelligence Committee about Russian interference in the 2015 election.

Manchester Police Chief Says They Are Investigating 'Network' of Terrorists

LONDON — Manchester's police chief has told reporters that it is clear this is a network we are investigating' as he gave an update on the probe into the bomb attack at a pop concert in the city.

Frank Gaffney: McMaster and Obama Admin 'Holdovers' Promote False Notion Terrorism Is Inherently Un-Islamic

Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney discussed the Manchester attack and its aftermath with SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Wednesday's Breitbart News Daily.

Mexican National Allegedly Tried to Lure Young Girls into Prostitution

Authorities say an illegal immigrant pursued a 12-year-old Florida girl and within three days of meeting, asked intimate details about her sexuality and wanted her to run away with him.

Hackers May Have Obtained Names of over 16,000 Florida Concealed Permit Holders

Hackers may have breached a database and obtained the names of over 16,000 concealed carry permit holders in Florida. The state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services announced the breach this week.

Mississippi Woman: 'I Was Always Anti-Gun' Until Eye-To-Eye with Home Invader

Mississippi resident Lori Shelton says she was "always anti-gun" until she heard noises in her home and found herself eye-to-eye with a home invader.

Manchester Bomber Traveled to Syria With 'Proven' Links to Islamic State

LONDON -- France's interior minister says that the suicide bomber who targeted Manchester is believed to have traveled to Syria and had "proven" links with the Islamic State group.

Salman Abedi Flew from Libya Days Before Attack, Travelled to Syria

The Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, returned to Britain from Libya just days before carrying out his deadly attack and is thought to have also travelled to Syria.

Police Arrest 3 More in Connection with Manchester Suicide Bombing

, Police in Manchester say they have arrested three more men in connection with the suicide bombing at a pop concert that killed 22 people. They said Wednesday the arrests had been made in the south of the city, where a day earlier a 23-year-old man was also arrested and a number of homes were ...

Not Calm, Not Carrying on: Britain Deploys Military, Closes Parliament, Cancels Changing of Guard

Nearly 1,000 soldiers will be deployed in London, Changing of the Guard has been cancelled for an "indefinite period", and the Palace of Westminster has been closed following the terror attack in Manchester Monday.

U.S. Spending ÂŁ150K to 'Reduce Terrorism' by 'Promoting Positive Narratives' of Migrants in Europe

The U.S. embassy in Belgium has allocated $200,000 for a group to 'counter violent extremism' through pushing 'positive narratives' of mass migration to Europe.

President Trump Meets Pope Francis: 'I Won't Forget What You Said'

In what can only be described as a cordial, successful meeting, Pope Francis received U.S. President Donald Trump in the Vatican Wednesday amidst smiles, handshakes and camera flashes.

New Poll Shows Democrat with 7 Point Lead in Georgia Special Congressional Election

Survey USA has Democrat Jon Ossoff leading Republican Karen Handel by seven seven percent, 51 to 44, among likely voters in the runoff election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

Judge Slams Law Firm Blocking Deportation of Rochdale Muslim Grooming Gang

A top immigration judge has criticised a cavalier and unprofessional' law firm for obstructing the deportation of members of the Rochdale child sex gang and weakening the rule of law'.

Parents Fearful to Allow Children Out as Islamist Terror Sweeps Europe

-- Iris Azulai's 17-year-old daughter, Carmel, recently attended a large concert in Tel Aviv of the Argentine singer Lali. Given Israel's history, the fear of terrorism is always lurking, particularly at mass events, but regardless, she would not have prevented her daughter from going.

California's Big Sur, Highway 1 Closed By Massive Landslide

A massive landslide in California's Big Sur has closed a portion of scenic Highway 1, further isolating that region from the rest of the state and dealing a massive blow to tourism in the area.

Liberal Tech Leaders at Risk from 'Occupy Silicon Valley'

Bank of America just warned that America's next social justice movement will be "Occupy Silicon Valley," which will demand a redistribution of wealth from liberal tech moguls to workers.

Netanyahu: Temple Mount Will 'Forever' Remain Under Israeli Control

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Isaac Herzog went head-to-head in the Knesset on Wednesday over Jerusalem, with the premier saying Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel's capital in any border was the root of the conflict, and pledging that the city, including the Temple ...

Report: Jared Kushner Said Trump Would Move Fast to Resume Israeli-Palestinian Talks

US President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner told opposition leader Isaac Herzog Tuesday that Washington intended to move fast to advance a renewal of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, a spokesman for Herzog said, with Trump's envoy Jason Greenblatt reportedly set to return ...

John Podesta: 'I See No Sign' Donald Trump Will Be Impeached

In a one-on-one interview with the Washington Post's Daily 2020 Live on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton's former campaign chief John Podesta said he does not see any indication that President Donald Trump will be impeached, despite the fact that so many in his party are calling for it.

DOJ Budget Ramps Up Funding for Eminent Domain 'Land Acquisition' in Potential Effort to Clear Way for Border Wall

Tuesday's Department of Justice budget proposal asks Congress for $1.8 million to "meet litigation, acquisition, and appraisal demands during the construction along the border between Mexico and the United States."

Six Major Points In President Trump's Keynote Address On Israel

JERUSALEM -- In a keynote speech today that capped his 24-hour visit to Israel, President Donald Trump outlined his administration's approach toward Israel and vowed an unshakable bond' between the U.S. and the Jewish state.

Hannity: 'Out of Respect for the Family's Wishes' I'm No Longer Discussing the Seth Rich Matter 'At This Time'

Tuesday on Fox News Channel's “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity said he was no longer “discussing” the matter of now-deceased Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and the suggestion that he was behind DNC emails being leaked to Wikileaks. Hannity alluded to ...

Exclusive — Rand Paul Explains Move to Force Vote Opposing Saudi Weapons Deal

Sen. Rand Paul , a key ally of President Donald Trump's in the U.S. Senate, plans to force a senate vote regarding the Trump administration's new more-than-$100 billion Saudi Arabian weapons deal announced on the president's foreign trip.

The Challenges Facing Trump on His Return — and How to Beat Them

There is, as usual, a way for Trump to overcome the political challenges he faces. But first there are several strategic realities facing him that must be acknowledged.

De Blasio on Trump Budget: 'Children Will Die'

Tuesday at a press conference in the Bronx borough of New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said if President Donald Trump's proposed budget is approved children will die.” De Blasio said of Medicaid cuts, It is not an overstatement to say that some children will die because of this.” On ...

Morrissey Rips British Politicians after Manchester Attack: 'Petrified' to Admit Islamic Extremism Behind Terror

Musician and songwriter Morrissey angrily excoriated British politicians following Monday night's deadly terrorist attack at a pop music concert in Manchester, England, claiming that it is easy for politicians to say they are "unafraid" and to remain resolute while failing to address the root causes ...

Breitbart News Daily: Trump in Rome

On the Wednesday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast live on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam will continue our discussion of President Trump first foreign trip. Breitbart's Rome bureau chief Dr. Thomas Williams will update ...

Venezuela: Protesters Burn Down Hugo Chávez's Childhood Home

Anti-socialist protesters in Venezuela's Barinas state burned down the childhood home of late dictator Hugo Chávez on Monday, as well as the old home of his grandmother, and attacked a number of government buildings with Molotov cocktails.

Turkish Media: U.S. Sends 100 Trucks of Military Equipment to Syrian Kurds

Multiple Turkish media outlets are reporting that the United States deployed a new convoy of about 100 trucks to Syrian Kurds fighting the Islamic State in Rojava, or Syrian Kurdistan, this week.

Manchester Suicide Bomber Salman Abedi: Son of Libyan Immigrants Who Chanted Arabic Prayers in The Street

Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber responsible for the Manchester Arena bombing Monday night which left 22 people dead and dozens injured, was reportedly the son of Libyan immigrants and was apparently radicalised while living in one of the country's most heavily Muslim areas -- an area that had ...

UK Terror Threat Raised to Highest 'Critical' Rating, Army Could be Deployed to Streets

The British government has raised the country's terror threat level to "critical", indicating the military may be deployed onto UK streets

British PM May: Another Attack 'May Be Imminent'

Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said during the investigation into Monday's Manchester terror attack the government has concluded another attack “may be imminent.” She added that was cause for the terrorism threat level to be raised to critical. May said, “I said that ...

Dem Sen Murphy: I Worry That Trump's Rhetoric Could Lead to An Attack Like Manchester in the US

During a discussion of the attack in Manchester on Tuesday's broadcast of CNN's “Situation Room,” Senator Chris Murphy stated that “many of us are worried about some of the rhetoric of the Trump administration, because we worry that that combined with robust online recruitment ...

Economists Are Losing Their Minds At Trump's Plan To Get 3% Economic Growth Again

Mainstream economists think we're doomed to low growth forever. Trump aims to prove them wrong.

Donald Trump's 2018 Budget Plan Calls for 60 Miles of New Border Wall

President Donald Trump's 2018 budget plan asks Congress for enough money to build just 60 miles of border wall.

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic State Supporters Vow to 'Shake' the West Following Manchester Terrorist Massacre

JERUSALEM -- Islamic State sympathizers and militants celebrated last night's deadly terrorist massacre at a crowded concert in Manchester, England, with the jihadists vowing to continue the onslaught against the West.

'This Is Only the Beginning': ISIS Supporters Celebrate Manchester Attack on Social Media

ISIS supporters celebrated the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night, issuing warnings that the attack was "only the beginning."

Jeff Bezos Wants to Create Permanent Cities on the Moon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos believes that "it's time to go back to the moon, but this time to stay" in permanent lunar cities.

Brother of Seth Rich Asks Hannity Not to Spread 'Conspiracy Theories'

The brother of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has written a letter to Sean Hannity's producer asking the show not to host internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom, who released a statement on Tuesday alleging contact between Rich and Wikileaks.

Pope Francis Moves General Audience to Make More Time for Trump Visit

Pope Francis has taken the unusual step of backing up his weekly General Audience with thousands of pilgrims in Saint Peter's Square to accommodate his meeting with President Donald Trump.

Duterte Declares Martial Law After Islamic State Forces Overrun Philippine City

A group of heavily armed fighters from the terrorist group Maute,' also known as the Islamic State of Lanao, attacked the city of Marawi in the southern Philippines on Tuesday.

FITTON: Obama Final Travel Tally Nearly $100 Million

There may be no better way to keep on eye on our leaders' penchant for pretending to royalty than to tally the cost of their travel and accommodations.

Expert: Mandatory E-Verify 'Is Coming'

Nationwide mandatory E-Verify, which would weed out the vast majority of American businesses hiring illegal aliens, may be coming sooner than expected.

University of Oregon Spends $23,400 to Rename Buildings amid Concerns of Racism

The public University of Oregon spent $23,000 on research before deciding whether or not to change the name of several buildings on campus, which students claim have racist histories.

New Jersey Restaurant Employee Fired for Writing 'Cops Pigs' on Officer's Receipt

A New Jersey restaurant employee has been fired after writing a message on a receipt, insulting a police officer, according to the restaurant's owner.

VIDEO: Elderly Orthodox Jewish Man Viciously Beaten on Way to Synagogue in California

On Monday, an Orthodox Jewish man who was on his way to a Los Angeles synagogue for morning prayers was viciously beaten by an unknown assailant.