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Blackhat Hackers Love Office Printers

The term, or in this case the word blackhat' in tech generally refers to a criminal hacker. The opposite of black is white and a whitehat' is a security professional. These terms originate from the spaghetti western' movies when the bad guy cowboy wore a black hat and the law wore white hats. Fun ...

ISPs invading Subscriber's Privacy

It's hard to keep track of the news of politics these days, and even if you can, how do you know it's even real? The political landscape has greatly changed since January, and there have been a lot of laws passed that will affect us all, including the repeal of a law that protected your privacy on

5 Things To Know About Direct Response Marketing

If you've heard of direct response marketing but you're unsure exactly what it stands for, you're just like a lot of other people with a budding interest in marketing. This is a known strategy, and in fact even a popular one. But it's not one that too many people can specifically define or discuss. ...

Do Your Homework on Home Work

There is more than one path to your dream home. Shopping for a house, condo, or apartment is daunting in part because you have so many options. And that doesn't just mean that there are a lot of houses you could buy - it also means that you can consider building a