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Driving Vs. Flying: How Should You Move Cross-Country?

The decision has been made: You're packing up your old life and heading for a new life on the other side of the country. Whether you're going from California to New York for work, or from Pennsylvania to Arizona to care for aging parents, there's no changing your mind now. You've put in your notice

Protect Your Business With Smart Outsourcing

There are few careers as rewarding as running your own business. When you're in charge, you answer to no boss but yourself: your passion, your integrity, and your drive to succeed. Running your own business allows you to focus on what you do best - or, at least, it should. But the reality, of ...

Book Review: They No Here by George Wier

Nothing much happens in Fort Davis, Texas or in the surrounding Jeff Davis County. People drift in, stay awhile, and leave. Ralph MacAfee hadn't thought of the Cynds—Melvin and Judith—until he was reminded of them by Jerry Miles over at the local bookstore. It was only then that Ralph realized ...

Bachelorette Parties That Won't Ruin the Wedding

Before you get married, it's natural for your best girlfriends to want to throw you a bachelorette party. It's also natural for you to be a little worried that they'll go too far . Sure, you want to blow off some steam in

Things That Get Harder as You Get Older

As we age, we gain experience. A lot of things get easier - we get better at our jobs, we understand our relationships better, and we are better equipped to understand and react to a wide variety of things. We get wiser when we get older! Unfortunately, our bodies and our minds don't always fare

Get Great, Healthy Seafood Even If You're Landlocked

So you love fresh seafood from the, well, sea, but you live in Montana. That makes it harder to go to Pike Place Market in Seattle and play catch with a fishmonger. And what if you love fresh sockeye salmon caught in Alaska, but you make your home in Omaha, Nebraska? Then you're even farther

The Financial Logic Behind Homeownership

Everyone needs a place to lay their head at night - but not everyone owns a home. Some people rent their living space, and others own property through more complicated deals, like time shares. But owning a home has traditionally been understood to be the most financially sound way to manage your ...

Creating Content Strategy for Online Casinos

Even for the success of the best online casino – Slotty Vegas, marketing cannot be pushed to the corner. It is the one sector that will bring clients flocking to the site. It is also to be called into action to ensure the established customer base does not dwindle. There is a need, therefore, to