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HDP's Sar─▒y─▒ld─▒z, Hezer-├ľzt├╝rk Relieved of MP Duties

HDP's Sar─▒y─▒ld─▒z and Hezer-├ľzt├╝rk have been relieved of MP duties on the ground that they didn't attend the parliamentary works since October 2016.

G├╝lmen, ├ľzak├ža on Hunger Strike Undergo Medical Examination on ECtHR's Demand

G├╝lmen and ├ľzak├ža who have been on a hunger strike for 141 days demanding reinstatement to their jobs after being discharged through a statutory decree have undergone a medical examination upon demand by the ECtHR.

TRIAL OF ATTACK ON HDP RALLY IN D─░YARBAKIR: Court Rules Release of Suspect Charged With Aiding ISIS Cannot be Challenged

The court has decided on appeal lodged against release of G├Âk charged with providing passage to ISIS camp in Syria for ISIS members and was caught together with perpetrator of Brussels attack, that a release cannot be challenged.

Fourth Day of Cumhuriyet Daily Trial

The fourth hearing in the Cumhuriyet daily trial in which one Twitter user under arrest and 18 executives, journalists and employees from Cumhuriyet daily 11 of whom are also arrested are standing trial is being held today.

HDP Urfa MP ├ľcalan Demands Investigation be Launched into Suru├ž Massacre

HDP Urfa MP ├ľcalan has called for parliamentary investigation to be launched into Suru├ž massacre.

Ahmet ┼×─▒k: My Words Aren't a Defence or a Statement but an Accusation

Ahmet ┼×─▒k: I know, both the government and its judiciary have issues with me. Because I don't lean on the political power and other power groups but on the power of the truth when I practice journalism'.

TRIAL OF ATTACK ON HDP RALLY IN D─░YARBAKIR: Suspect Charged With Aiding ISIS Released

Burhan G├Âk who is being charged with providing passage to the ISIS camp in Syria for ISIS-members and was caught together with the perpetrator of the attack in Brussels has been released in the trial regarding the bomb attack in HDP rally in Diyarbak─▒r.

Criminal Complaint Against Alperen Movement Chair Mican for Assault on Synagogue

─░HD Commission Against Racism and Discrimination members have filed a criminal complaint concerning the assault on Neve ┼×alom Synagogue.

Third Day of Cumhuriyet Daily Trial

The third hearing in the Cumhuriyet daily trial in which one Twitter user under arrest and 18 executives, journalists and employees from Cumhuriyet daily 11 of whom are also arrested are standing trial is being held today.

Amnesty International Responds to Turkish FM ├çavu┼čo─člu

Amnesty International's Europe Director Dalhuisen has said that ├çavu┼čo─člu's assertion that we will be 'able to conduct activities freely' is a bold claim in light of the fact that both the Director and the Chair of Amnesty International Turkey are languishing'

Doctors Arrested in Diyarbak─▒r; Operations, Medical Control of Patients Cancelled

Seven rights defenders, educators and doctors including two former presidents of Diyabak─▒r Chamber of Medicine as well as Yurtsever from Human Rights Association have been arrested. Operations and medical controls of operated patients have been cancelled.

HDP Launches Conscience and Justice Watch Despite Police

Police haven't let the people attend group meeting of the HDP at Ekin Ceren Park where the HDP has launched Conscience and Justice Watch. Only HDP executives and MPs have been let inside the park.

B├ťY├ťKADA OPERATION: Detained Rights Advocate Nejat Ta┼čtan Released on Probation

Rights advocate Nejat Ta┼čtan detained during a training workshop on July 5 in B├╝y├╝kada along with other nine rights defenders, released later and taken forcibly with a warrant to give testimony before court though has been released again.

Turkish, EU Authorities to Meet

Making evaluations prior to the meeting, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Hahn has stated that Turkey is slipping away from European values and it has to take action.

Cage for Dogs Enforcement at City Line Ferries Ends

Upon public reaction, the City Line has announced that the dogs will be let inside the ferry without a cage on the condition of being put a muzzle on.

Second Day of Cumhuriyet Daily Trial

The second hearing in the Cumhuriyet daily trial in which 19 executives, journalists and employees from Cumhuriyet daily 11 of whom are arrested are standing trial is being held today.

Queer Unit Formed Against ISIS

International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces has announced that Queer Insurgency and Liberation Army has been formed to combat ISIS in Syria.

2 Lawyers Representing G├╝lmen, ├ľzak├ža Remanded in Custody

Two lawyers representing educators G├╝lmen and ├ľzak├ža who have been on hunger strike have been detained and taken to Ankara Security Anti-Terror Bureau, and that G├╝lmen's sister was detained as well on Y├╝ksel Street and released following her statement.

Courtroom Sketches Of Cumhuriyet Daily Trial by Tar─▒k Tolunay

Illustrator Tar─▒k Tolunay has sketched the proceedings in the courtroom during the first hearing of Cumhuriyet daily trial.

Press Organizations Protest Media Not Covering Trial of Cumhuriyet Daily

Press organizations have criticized that the Cumhuriyet daily trial which was being monitored closely by the media in Europe was not being covered in the mainstream media except certain newspapers and have condemned the situation as shameful'.

'Cumhuriyet Doesn't Remain Silent' Protest During TRT's Live Broadcast

Three people behind the correspondent put the banners reading Down With Tyranny, Long Live Freedom' and Cumhuriyet Doesn't Remain Silent' as well as Ahmet ┼×─▒k's photo into the frame as the TRT team were covering the trial.

1 Soldier Killed in Siirt

One soldier has lost his life while driving a private vehicle in an armed attack by members of PKK in Siirt.

CUMHUR─░YET DAILY TRIAL: Journalists March to Court for Cumhuriyet Daily Trial

A group of journalists and rights defenders have marched to ─░stanbul Courthouse in ├ça─člayan for the first hearing in the Cumhuriyet daily trial in which 19 journalists are standing trial.

Cumhuriyet Trial Defendants Begin Pleading

First hearing of Cumhuriyet trial in which 19 Cumhuriyet newspaper employees 11 of whom are arrested is being held today.

B├ťY├ťKADA OPERATION: Detention Warrant Allegedly Issued for 4 Rights Advocates

Detention warrants have been allegedly issued for four rights advocates who were detained in B├╝y├╝kada and released on probation. Their attorneys said that they haven't been informed.

PM Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m: We Believe We Can Solve Our Problems with Germany Through Dialogue

PM Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m has said I hereby call on German authorities: let us act calmer and deliberately' with respect to Germany FM Gabriel's statements'.

Assault with Stones on Synagogue

A group of people from Alperen Movement said that 'If they obstruct our freedom of worship there, we obstruct their freedom of worship here' in the protest staged in front of Neve ┼×alom Synagogue.

Torture Allegations in ┼×akran Prison Brought to Parliamentary Agenda

CHP's Bakan has submitted a parliamentary inquiry to Minister of Justice G├╝l concerning the criminal complaint regarding psychological and physical torture allegation in ┼×akran Prison.

Detained HDP MP Mizgin Irgat Released

Being detained in Tatvan district in Bitlis, HDP Bitlis MP Mizgin Irgat has been released.

First Gold Medal of Turkey in Deaflympics

The 23rd Summer Deaflympics, the olympics for athletes with impaired hearing founded by The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf began with an opening ceremony yesterday in Samsun province.

First Woman Minister of Labor After 26 Years

Being appointed as the Minister of Labor, Sar─▒ero─člu has said Our ministry will meet with a woman minister again after 26 years. In this respect, I know that this is a heavy responsibility'.

COMPLAINT AGAINST ┼×AKRAN PRISON: 'Deniz Gezmi┼č As Well Ended Up With Getting Hanged' Threat Against Prisoners

Prisoners in ┼×akran Prison have filed a complaint on the ground that they were subjected to psychological and physical torture.

Peace Bloc: Rights Defenders Must Immediately be Released

The Peace Bloc has expressed that arrest of the six rights advocates is a practice towards damaging social peace'.