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Footages of October 10 Massacre in Case File

Footages of October 10 massacre have been included in the case file ahead of the trial of massacre.

2nd HEARING OF B├ťY├ťKADA TRIAL: No Release for Rights Advocate K─▒l─▒├ž, Only Defendant Still in Detention Pending Trial

In the second hearing in trial of 11 rights defenders detained over a workshop in B├╝y├╝kada, Court ruled that rights advocate Taner K─▒l─▒├ž remain in detention pending trial. Next hearing will be on January 30, 2018.

US: We've Heard That Story, That Old Same Song and Dance from Turkey

Commenting on the allegations that the US fomented coup in Turkey, Spokesperson for the US State Department Neuer has said, Making comments about the United States trying to foment a coup is simply ridiculous. I think they recognize that as well'.

'Spies' Communicate Via Ripped Jeans, According to Pro-Government Akit Daily

Pro-government Yeni Akit has reported that foreign intelligence units and their co-conspirators' contact with each other via jeans, which have the same serial number and ripped in the same spots, but this situation was detected by Turkish intelligence.

B├ťY├ťKADA TRIAL: 'Honors of Rights Defenders Must be Restored'

Ahead of the second hearing of the trial of 11 rights defenders who have faced prosecution for attending a meeting in B├╝y├╝kada, rights defenders made a statement in front of the courthouse.

Tahir El├ži to be Commemorated with Documentary on 2nd Year of His Killing

Premiere of a documentary about Diyarbak─▒r Bar Association President Tahir El├ži will be organized at Diyarbak─▒r Bar Association on November 28, 2017, the second year of his killing.

Journalists Kele┼č, Aslan Behind Bars For 8 Months, Released in First Hearing

Journalists Selam Kele┼č and Arif Aslan who have been behind bars on claims of being a member of an illegal organization' have been released in the first hearing of their trial.

Joint Committee Demands Zana Be Relieved of MP Duties

The Joint Committee demanded that HDP A─čr─▒ MP Zana be relieved of her MP duties. HDP MP Be┼čta┼č regarding the issue said, the reason behind the commission's demand was not Zana's absence but having replaced the expression of the Nation of Turkey' by the Turkish Nation' in her parliamentary oath.

ECtHR Rules in Favor of Writer Tarman Described as 'Suicide Bomber' By Star, Takvim Dailys

Passing a judgement In the trial of writer Tarman, who was described as a suicide bomber by Star and Takvim dailys, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Tarman be paid 1,500 Euros in non-pecuniary damages over violation of Article 8, right to respect for private life.

Ankara Governorship's Ban on LGBTI Events Brought to Parliamentary Agenda

CHP's Tanr─▒kulu has submitted a parliamentary inquiry about the ban imposed by Ankara Governorship on LGBTI events.

K─▒l─▒├ždaro─člu Claims Erdo─čan's Family Transferred Money Abroad

In the weekly group meeting, CHP Leader K─▒l─▒├ždaro─člu has spoken on Paradise Papers and imprisoned journalists.

Jail Term for Journalist G├╝ven Due to Tweet

Journalist O─čuz G├╝ven has been sentenced to 3 years and 32 days in prison in the trial in which he has been tried due to a tweet concerning a news report on death of Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Alper, who lost his life in a traffic accident.

Exhibition in Vienna to Host Images of 'Tarlaba┼č─▒: A Defiled ─░stanbul District' Subjected to Gentrification

Ali ├ľz, a photographer who, for two years, has been capturing images of Tarlaba┼č─▒, a district of ─░stanbul that has been suffering a destruction/annulment' process due to gentrification, will have a selection of his works presented in the exhibition Tarlaba┼č─▒: A defiled ─░stanbul district' in ...

Spokesperson Kal─▒n: Trial of Sarraf is 'Political'

Stating that trial of Sarraf is political', Government Spokesperson Kal─▒n has said, We are dependent on outside energy. We had to do this business with Iran during these sanctions. Our banks and minister of economy got involved in it'.

Protest Against Mall 'Exhibiting' Wild Animal in Cage in Ankara

A shopping mall called Nata Vega Outlet exhibiting wild animals in cages under the name of Adrenaline World' in Ankara has sparked reactions on social media. A petition has been launched.

Prof. Dr. Mart─▒, Becomes First Woman Religious Affairs Vice President

For the first time in Turkey, a woman has been appointed to the seat of Vice President in the Department of Religious Affairs. Prof. Dr. Huriye Mart─▒, the new vice president takes office today.

Government Spokesperson Bozda─č: They Force Sarraf to Slander

Pointing to the US courts, Government Spokesperson Bozda─č has said, They force R─▒za Sarraf to slander against Turkey'.

Reason for Arrest: 'Decent Human Being Goes to May 1 Once, No Need to Go All the Time'

Concerning Kopran, who was arrested due to a phone call he made with his brother in Hatay, Antakya, prosecutor has said, In my eyes, those who regularly attend May 1 are members of an organization. A decent human being goes to May 1 once, there is no need to go to May 1 all the time'.

NOVEMBER 20, CHILDREN'S RIGHTS DAY: 2,800 Children Behind Bars in Turkey

According to the Child Prisoners Report by C─░SST/TCPS, there were 92 complaints launched in the last 10 years against torture and maltreatment in juvenile prisons, but in only one case, the suspect was found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Prosecutor's Office in ─░stanbul Launches Investigation into US Prosecutor Bharara

An investigation has been launched in ─░stanbul into US State Attorneys Bharara and Kim, who started the R─▒za Sarraf prosecution, for presenting certain documents as evidence used in Turkey".

Court of Appeals Approves Prison Sentence for Police Officer Who Shot Do─čan in House Raid

Court of Appeals has approved the prison sentence for the police officer Y.M. who shot Do─čan to death in a house raid in Sar─▒yer, ─░stanbul.

18 Out of Every 100 People Getting Married Are Juvenile

Preparing a report on rights violations against children, Diyarbak─▒r Bar Association has stressed 18 out of every 100 people who get married are children.

Gender-Based Journalism Workshop in Mardin Targeted By Media

The 11th leg of the Gender-Based Journalism Workshop planned to be carried out in Mardin by the IPS Communication Foundation with the support of KaosGL has been targeted by certain media outlets. bianet has applied to the Mardin Governorship to ensure that the meeting takes in a secure environment. ...

Ankara University Human Rights Center Closed

Legist Kerem Alt─▒parmak has declared that Human Rights Center at Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University has been closed.

EU Decides to Cut Funds to Turkey

The EU cuts 105 million Euros in funds to Turkey on the ground that Turkey has diverged from European standards and political developments in the country'.

Ankara Governorship Bans LGBTI Events Indefinitely

Ankara Governorship has banned the events to be held by LGBTI NGOs' indefinitely on the pretext of public morality' and social sensitivity and sensibilities'.

Second-Hand Bookshops Festival in Haydarpa┼ča

Haydarpa┼ča Second-Hand Bookshops Festival starts on November 18 with the participation of 40 second-hand bookshops.

NATO Discharges Officer Showing Atat├╝rk as Enemy

NATO has discharged the technician who added Atat├╝rk to the Biography of Enemy Leader', and an officer who opened a fake social media account in the name of Erdo─čan.

After First Marriage Performed by a Mufti, Religious Affairs Informs, Muftis Not Authorized Yet

Following the first marriage performed by a mufti, a religious civil official, taking place in a mass marriage ceremony organized by Bismil municipality on November 15, the Directorate of Religious Affairs has stated that the muftis have not been authorized to perform civil marriage yet.

NATO: Purchase of S-400 Restricts Turkey's Access to NATO Technology

Deputy Under Secretary of the US Air Force Grant has said that in case Turkey purchases S-400 air defense system, its access to NATO technology will be restricted.

Turkey Withdraws Troops from NATO Drill, Dollar Exceeds 3.90 TL

President Erdo─čan has announced that Turkey has withdrawn its 40 soldiers from a NATO exercise. Erdo─čan also signaled an offensive into Afrin: We need to clear Afrin of the YPG'.

EU Ministers Convene, Cutting Financial Aid to Turkey to be Discussed

Cutting financial aids to Turkey is on the agenda of EU ministers of economy who will gather to discuss budget of 2018 today. The European Parliament earlier proposed an 80-million Euro cut.

Curfew Declared in Kulp, Diyarbak─▒r

Curfew has been declared in three hamlets of Kulp district of the predominantly Kurdish province of Diyarbak─▒r in southeastern Turkey ahead of planned operations.

Academics from France Call for Release of Rights Activist Kavala

Academics from France have made a statement of solidarity with the arrested rights advocate, businessperson Osman Kavala: Like other intellectuals from Turkey, Osman Kavala has been left alone in a country which continues to oppress oppositional academics, imprison journalists'.

R─▒za Sarraf Doesn't Attend Critical Hearing

R─▒za Sarraf for who Turkey sent a diplomatic note to the US on the ground that nothing had been heard from him, didn't attend the hearing yesterday. ├çavu┼čo─člu said that two notes, not one were sent to the US.

Pride Parade Trial Begins

Trial of 24 activists, who were detained during 15th ─░stanbul LGBTI+ Pride Parade, has started. Next hearing is on February 27.

2 Soldiers Lose Lives in Clash in Ava┼čin Basyan Under Kurdistan Regional Government

Two soldiers have lost their lives and another has been severely injured in a clash during an operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces against members of PKK in Ava├žin Basyan region under the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Constitutional Court Declares HDP MP Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m's Appeal Inadmissible

Constitutional Court has declared the application of HDP Mardin MP G├╝lser Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m inadmissible.

Feyzio─člu: Don't Expect Me to be Sympathetic to Nuriye, Semih

Union of Turkish Bar Associations Chair Feyzio─člu has said, Nobody should expect me to be sympathetic to Nuriye and Semih'.

Trial Hearing for Elvan, Killed During Gezi Resistance, Held Without Suspect

The third hearing in the case of Berkin Elvan, who lost his life after being shot on the head with a gas cartridge during the Gezi protests in 2013, was held today. The police officer who is the suspect of the trial was not brought to court, and his testimony could not be taken due to a failure of ...

Vice PM Bozda─č on Sarraf: His Health Condition is Fine

Vice PM Bozda─č has announced that the US responded to the diplomatic note sent by Turkey concerning Sarraf, who hadn't been heard from for six days. It was stated that Sarraf's health condition is fine', Bozda─č said.

First Mufti* Marriage Performed

After the act authorizing muftis to perform marriage entered into effect, the first marriage performed by a mufti took place in a mass marriage ceremony organized by Bismil municipality.

Ankara Governorship Cancels LGBTI Film Days

German LGBTI Film Days has been banned by Ankara Governorship following some tweets shared with #MayLGBTFilmDaysBeCancelled and #BlackMarkOnOurFreedom hashtags.

Turkey Sends Diplomatic Note to US Over R─▒za Sarraf

Upon not being able to receive any information of Sarraf, who has been kept in custody for one and a half years in the US, Turkey has demanded information via diplomatic note.

Operations, Curfew in Silvan, Diyarbak─▒r

Announcing that military operations would be carried out in 12 neighbourhoods in Silvan, Diyarbak─▒r in southeastern Turkey, Diyarbak─▒r Governorship has declared curfew that would be in effect as of this morning.

HDP's Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m Released of 1 File, Her Arrest Continues

HDP Mardin MP G├╝lser Y─▒ld─▒r─▒m has been released of the suit in which she was charged with Propagandizing for a terror organization and inciting people to insurgency'. Her arrest over being a member of a terror organization' continues.

Constitutional Court Acknowledges Violation of Union Rights of Workers Laid Off Due To Union Activities

Ruling on the applications of P─▒nar and Bilge, who had been laid off for participating in trade union activities, the Constitutional Court has decided in favor of the applicants and recognized that their trade union rights were violated.

Government not Informed About Soldiers Killing Mules in Uludere

Ministry of National Defense has responded to parliamentary inquiry submitted by CHP's Tanr─▒kulu about the mules killed by army staff in 2015 in Uludere: We don't have any document or information about this matter'.

AKP's Kavc─▒o─člu: My Words About Right to Live Twisted by Press

Concerning his statement that No academic, politician or journalists who signed this petition would be granted right to live by any country, leave alone sending them to prison' addressing the Peace Declaration signatory academics, AKP's Kavc─▒o─člu has said his words were twisted.

Women's Organizations Report 4 Prisoner Women Being Tortured in Elaz─▒─č Prison

Holding a statement regarding the claims of torture in Elaz─▒─č Prison, women's organizations have informed, that four political prisoner women have been on a hunger strike since November 1 and have been kept in solitary confinement cells.