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Nadiya Hussain: 'No arranged marriage for my children'

The TV cook says she "needed to move with the times" - despite having an arranged marriage herself.

Women's Euro 2017: England win sets up quarter-final with France

England beat Portugal 2-1 to win Group D and set up a Women's Euro 2017 quarter-final against France.

Ferrari driver writes off new car on M1 in Barnsley

He had the £200,000 car for only an hour before he lost control on the M1 in South Yorkshire.

Transgender UK officer warns Trump of 'litigation firestorm'

A transgender Army officer says Donald Trump faces legal action over his military transgender ban.

Grenfell Tower: Corporate manslaughter considered by police

Council chiefs are told police have "reasonable grounds" to suspect the offence may have been committed.

Charlie Gard parents 'denied final wish' for more time

His mother says the couple have had "no control" over their son's life or death.

Grenfell Tower: Corporate manslaughter considered by police

Police tell the block's bosses they have "reasonable grounds" to suspect the offence may have been committed.

Charlie Gard parents 'denied final wish' to spend longer with son

His mother says: "We've had no control over our son's life and no control over our son's death."

Cody-Anne Jackson jailed for suffocating daughter, 2

Macey Hogan was killed after her mum sent the toddler's father "one last picture" of her.

British Museum 'loses' £750,000 Cartier diamond ring

The Cartier ring was reported missing in August 2011 but its loss has only just been revealed.

BBC women let gender pay gap happen, government adviser says

A government adviser on equal pay says women are "less proactive" in asking for more money.

Judge writes personal letter to teen after High Court battle

Mr Justice Jackson tells the 14-year-old boy why he rejected his plea to move abroad with his father.

Brexit: UK-EU freedom of movement 'to end in March 2019'

EU workers who move to the UK will have to register after Brexit, the home secretary says.

Care home charges: Top-up fees 'a stealth tax on elderly'

Tens of thousands of elderly people entitled to free care are paying extra charges, a report finds.

Lancashire man poisoned after eating cherry seeds

A man who got cyanide poisoning after eating cherry seeds is calling for warnings to be put on packaging.

Legoland pirate stunt show performer injured in fall

The Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show has been shut down after an accident during a performance.

Birmingham's Legs 11 club 'drugged' and 'defrauded' customers

A lap dancing club's licence is suspended after claims of fraud and links to organised crime are made.

Grenfell Tower to be covered in protective wrapping

Grenfell Tower is being covered in a protective wrap while forensic investigations continue.

Mercury Prize nominations: On the red carpet

The BBC hears from the judges and nominees on music, catering and mums.

Boy spots Natural History Museum dinosaur gaffe

A young dinosaur fan noticed an incorrect image on a museum sign about Oviraptors.

Tributes to teenager Taiyah Peebles found dead on railway line

Investigations are continuing into the death of Taiyah Peebles who is thought to have been electrocuted.

Manchester terror attack: Saffie Roussos funeral held

Saffie Roussos was among 22 people killed when a suicide bomber attacked Manchester Arena.

Diet pill death woman failed by Worcester hospital: Mother

Carole Shipsey says not enough was done by staff at Worcester Royal Hospital to save her daughter.

Community rallies around after Luton church daubed with graffiti

The church damaged by graffiti faces a £500 insurance excess fee but the community is trying to help.

Love Island star's free cake request angers Liverpool baker

A Liverpool baker is praised on social media for shaming companies asking for free cakes.

Prince William to pilot last East Anglian Air Ambulance shift

The prince is stepping down from his helicopter pilot role to take up more royal duties and charity work.

I was sent for 'gay cure'

Before the legalisation of homosexuality in July 1967, gay men in the UK lived in fear of arrest, beatings and blackmail.

Move over Benedict

One of Britain's top playwrights is trying to redress the class imbalance in the acting industry.

The 'progressive alliance'

Parties worked together to boost Labour's chances at the election - but some feel they got nothing back.

Work to start on covering Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower will be covered in a protective wrap while forensic investigations continue.

Herne Bay rail death: 'Electrocuted' teenager was 'amazing girl'

Taiyah Pebbles was found dead on railway tracks at Herne Bay station on Wednesday morning.

Madonna accepts damages over 'invasion of privacy'

The singer is said to have suffered "considerable distress" over an article about her adopting twins.

Man's romantic bottle gesture backfires

Widower accused of being a litterbug after releasing 2,000 bottles in rivers and beaches across the UK.

Estate agents' profits plunge as housing market slows

Countrywide and Foxtons report slumping profits as the housing market slowdown bites.

'Opportunities missed' to stop brothers' Syria deaths

Two teenager brothers from Brighton who died fighting in Syria in 2014 were radicalised in the UK.

Delayed family court reforms 'risk lives'

Measures to protect children from violent parents have not yet been signed off.

Lloyds sets aside another £700m for PPI insurance claims

The bank posts profits of £2.5bn, but sets aside a further £1bn for mis-selling and mortgage failings.

Prisoners released by mistake at record high

Official figures also show a record high in assaults against prison staff in England and Wales.

Brexit: UK-EU freedom of movement 'to end in March 2019'

The immigration minister says a new system will be ready in time for when the UK leaves the EU.

Grenfell Tower to be covered up

The remains of Grenfell Tower will be covered in a protective wrap to help with forensic investigations.

Herne Bay rail death: Teenager found 'electrocuted' on tracks

A teenage girl's parents are "desperate for answers" after she was found dead near a station.

Tories 'wrong' on gay rights in past, Theresa May says

Theresa May said there would be "justifiable scepticism" about her own position, given her voting record.

Herne Bay rail death: Teenager found 'electrocuted' on tracks

The 16-year-old girl was injured near Herne Bay station between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Hospital missed woman's diet pill overdose

An "overwhelmed" department led to delays in the overdose being recognised and treated, a report says.

Anti-Semitic incidents 'at record level in UK'

A total of 767 reports were made in the first six months of 2017, including 80 physical attacks.

Mental health crisis services in England 'under pressure'

A rise in referrals without comparable extra funding is affecting vulnerable people, research finds.

Car production falls almost 14% as UK sales dip

The number of cars rolling off UK production lines fell 13.7% in June, the third monthly dip in a row.

Should you finish a course of antibiotics?

Experts are divided over whether people should always finish a course of antibiotics.

Brexit EU migration study launched by Amber Rudd

Ministers will use the report to build a new migration system for after the UK has left the EU.

Charlie Gard parents hold private talks about his end of life care

Both sides are discussing arrangements for terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard's end of life care.