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UK government drone report criticised

An alliance of drone manufacturers has called for the Department for Transport to release its methodology.

Jeff Bezos: Five things you may not know about Amazon's founder

Five things you didn't know about the man whose wealth overtook Bill Gates's for a day.

UK mobile coverage winners revealed in study

EE has best mobile coverage in England but Vodafone is better in Northern Ireland finds RootMetrics.

Ransomware 'here to stay', warns Google study

Cyber-thieves made at least $25m from ransomware in the last two years suggests research by Google

Inside Facebook's virtual reality chat room

Facebook hopes the feature will be the "most immersive" way for Oculus Rift owners to chat online.

Facebook calls for a more people-centric security industry

Cyber-experts need to concentrate on reducing harm not technical proficiency, says Facebook security head

Google tests auto-play videos in search results

Some users are seeing movie trailers automatically start in their search results.

Overwatch trolls face tougher penalties

Players reported for constant "bad behaviour", such as verbal abuse or time-wasting, will be banned.

Watchdog extends reach over crypto-cash investment

US crypto-currency investments or Initial Coin Offerings are facing stricter regulation.

Shoddy data-stripping exposes firms to hack attacks

User names, employee IDs and unique identifiers are found in a survey of data on corporate websites

New diesel and petrol cars face 2040 UK ban

Ministers will also unveil a £255m fund to help councils introduce steps to deal with vehicle pollution.

Ransomware spike blamed on easy-to-use malware builders

Experts blame a spike in ransomware on user-friendly versions that are free to download.

Shoddy data-stripping exposes firms' to hack attacks

User names, employee IDs and unique identifiers are found in a survey of data on corporate websites

Hiding out among the net's criminal class

Researchers who rub shoulders with cyber thieves talk about how they profile the gangs and scams.

How long until Ukraine is hacked again?

A month on from the NotPetya attack, many in Ukraine are ready for further cyber-strikes.

Adobe to kill off Flash plug-in by 2020

Once the go-to plug-in for video, the technology has been usurped by more reliable and secure apps.

Musk and Zuckerberg clash over future of AI

Musk has hit back at comments that his doomsday view of AI is irresponsible.

Robot vacuum company mulls selling maps of homes

The creator of the iRobot Roomba says it could help make homes smarter.

Google SOS Alerts added to search results and maps

Internet giant assembles helpful information about unfolding disasters in its Search and Maps tools.

India says no to driverless cars to protect jobs

Transport minister says the country will not be developing autonomous cars in order to protect jobs.

Microsoft Paint avoids brush with death

The graphics program will remain available on the app store, Microsoft says.

Rehab camp aims to put young cyber-crooks on right track

Teenage cyber-attackers could soon be sent to rehab camps that try to stop them becoming criminals

Cash machine hacked in five minutes

After cash machines were hacked in Thailand and Taiwan in 2016, Click asks if it could happen again.

China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication

China might not have the lead in research but its application of secure networks is leading the way.

Staging security at the National Theatre

A look behind the curtains at the South Bank theatre trying to stem the tide of cyber-attacks.

Park's 'Pokemon permit' plan blocked

Rules to stop Pokemon Go players "overrunning" parks in Milwaukee are suspended.

Sweden data leak 'a disaster', says PM

The Transport Agency exposed reams of sensitive data during an outsourcing process.

UK electricity shake-up 'could save £40bn'

New rules will encourage UK consumers to generate and store their own power, ministers say.

C-Turtle: The landmine-detecting robot 'turtle'

The disposable robot is made from cardboard and powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero computer.

YouTube to redirect searches for IS videos

People looking for extremist Islamist propaganda will be shown clips denouncing terrorism instead.

AI demo picks out recipes from food photos

Researchers in the US develop an algorithm that appears to have a penchant for desserts

MoneySuperMarket fined for sending seven million unwanted emails

The price comparison website sent seven million emails to people who had opted out of receiving messages.

Newcastle University students targeted by cyber-scam

Fraudulent site takes personal details and course payments for fake university.

Kodi magazine 'directs readers to pirate content'

The guide is being investigated by the Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Google Maps adds the International Space Station

The International Space Station becomes the first "off planet" addition to the interactive tool.

Dark net guns shipped in old printers

A study into the sale of firearms on the dark net finds "cause for concern" for police and government.

OnePlus admits emergency 911 call glitch

Its flagship OnePlus 5 phone would restart if people tried to call the emergency services.

Meet Rob Spence, the film-maker with the camera eye

Film-maker Rob Spence used his bionic eye to record a mini documentary about cyborgs.

Google to add 'news feed' to website and app

A Facebook-style feed of news stories and videos will be rolled out across Google's services.