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Tech Tent: Uber at a crossroads

On the Tech Tent podcast this week, we explore the stunning resignation of Uber chief executive Travis Kalanick.

Router hack risk not limited to Virgin Media

A weakness in some Virgin Media routers also affects routers by other providers, experts warn.

WannaCry helps speeding drivers dodge fines in Australia

Australian police cancelled hundreds of speeding fines after noting their systems were infected.

Could XPrize tablets replace teachers in Tanzania?

Teams around the world are competing to develop tablet software to replace a teacher in developing countries.

Mexican president denies spying on journalists, lawyers and activists

Enrique Peña Nieto says his government did not use spyware against journalists, lawyers and activists.

Siri storm caused by economist's comments

He apologises for causing any offence after saying he finds a male voice more trustworthy on Siri.

Yahoo closes internet prodigy's news app

Three years after its high-profile launch, Nick D'Aloisio's News Digest app is being shut down.

Sega debuts free classic games on mobiles

Launch sees five titles made available but more will appear every fortnight.

California earthquake alarm sounded - 92 years late

US geologists apologise for issuing warning about a massive earthquake - that struck in 1925.

Star Trek virtual reality game boldly goes with IBM Watson

IBM Watson is being used in a Star Trek virtual reality video game to decipher players' audio commands.

Microsoft briefly disables anti-virus software for Windows 10

The software giant responds to Kaspersky Lab's anti-trust complaint to the European Commission.

Imagination Technologies put up for sale amid Apple dispute

The UK chip designer, which is in dispute with Apple, says it is in talks with potential bidders.

Green light for UK driverless car road trials

A demo in Nuneaton is the last in a series of trials for driverless cars before they move onto public roads.

Microsoft admits disabling anti-virus software for Windows 10 users

The software giant responds to Kaspersky Lab's anti-trust complaint to the European Commission.

Google's DeepMind extends controversial Streams app

Musgrove Park Hospital has done a deal with DeepMind to roll out an app to detect kidney failure.

US official: Russia 'hacked' 21 US states in election

A US official confirms nearly two dozen states were targeted in the US election hack.

Bank hacker jailed after $125,000 theft

James Ejankowski bought two cars using money stolen from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group.

'Bots used to bias online political chats'

Oxford researchers warn that computational propaganda is a powerful tool against democracy.

Queen's Speech: Petrol stations must 'go electric'

The Queen's Speech pledges new legislation on driverless and electric cars to make the UK "a world leader".

Queen's Speech: New data protection law

Plans for new data protection rules in the UK have been outlined in the Queen's Speech.

UK government aims to secure space sector

A government plan to protect the UK's £13.7bn space industry has been laid out in the Queen's Speech.

Uber: The scandals that drove Travis Kalanick out

The crisis at Uber that led to the resignation of its controversial chief executive Travis Kalanick.

Fatal Tesla crash driver 'given warnings'

More details about the driver who was killed last year while his car was in autopilot have been published.

VR headset viewers 'barely turn their heads'

Google says most people who watch 360-degree VR videos on YouTube only focus on what's in front of them.

AI may take your job - in 120 years

Survey looks at what experts working in machine intelligence think about the future of AI.

Accenture and Microsoft give millions of refugees digital IDs

A digital ID system running on the blockchain is being tested for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Spotify trials adding 'sponsored songs' to playlists

Only non-subscribers were included in the trial, the company said.

South Korean firm's 'record' ransom payment

Nayana negotiated with hackers who had initially asked for $4.4m to unlock malware-frozen machines.

Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed

Sensitive personal details were available on a cloud server to anyone with the correct link.

Euro MPs back end-to-end encryption for all citizens

A European Parliament committee supports the use of end-to-end encryption and a ban on backdoors.

GTA V: Force Hax, Lexicon and Menyoo sites shut down

The Grand Theft Auto cheat websites helped players give themselves lots of extra money in the game.

Swiss supercomputer edges US out of top spot

A hardware upgrade bumps the US to fourth place in the rankings of the world's biggest computers.

Ransom cyber-attack 'came from N Korea'

The Lazarus group - who targeted Sony Pictures in 2014 - believed to have been behind NHS cyber-attack.

India internet shutdowns 'violate human rights'

Human Rights Watch says Indian states have imposed 20 temporary internet shutdowns in 2017.

Far Cry boss expects more political blockbuster games

Far Cry 5 is set in a town in modern day America which has been taken over by religious fanatics.

Legal threat shuts down GTA game toolkit

Complaints have flooded online forums dedicated to GTA after the software kit goes offline.

Mobile operator Three fined over 999 call issue

Regulator Ofcom discovered a threat to Three's emergency call access from a single technical fault.

E3 2017: Wiggling fingers fire virtual weapons

The sensor-packed Captoglove can control VR games - but is it a smooth experience?

Facebook reveals measures to remove terrorist content

Smart software will help the social network tackle posts that promote terror, says the site

Microsoft AI plays a perfect game of Ms Pac-Man

A team from Microsoft-owned AI firm Maluuba achieved the perfect score of 999,990.

Prices for fake news campaigns revealed

Underground sites offer to hijack elections, start protests and create celebrities, say researchers.

E3 2017: Light tech lets gamers share one screen

MirraViz lets several gamers use one screen at the same time, without seeing one another's gameplay.

Blind gamer is trying to make gaming accessible to all

Blind gamer takes on the biggest games developers to make gaming accessible to all.

Future Energy: Will buses be run on coffee?

How can cities improve air quality with cleaner fuels?

E3 2017: Nightmares come alive in VR hospital

Dave Lee checks in to a virtual reality psychiatric hospital, in a new video game.