BBC : Middle East (14)

Syria war: Assault on IS-held Raqqa in 'final stages'

US-backed Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters say they have captured 80% of the city since June.

Iraqi Kurdish referendum must be suspended - Iraqi PM

Iraq demands the suspension of the Kurdish independence referendum but will likely be ignored.

Egypt mass trial sees hundreds imprisoned over 2013 protests

Egypt has sentenced hundreds of people to jail - 43 of them for life - in its latest mass trial.

Kurdish MPs say yes to independence referendum

The decision goes against the wishes of Iraq's central government, Turkey, Iran and the US.

Trump: Iran breaking spirit of nuclear deal

President Trump attacks Iran's "atrocious" keeping of a nuclear pact, as the US imposes new sanctions.

Iraq MPs vote to sack Kirkuk governor over Kurdish referendum

Governor Najm al-Din Karim and other Kurdish officials say they will ignore the Iraq parliament vote.

Raqqa civilians stuck in 'absolute hell'

Our correspondent describes an "iron-clad death trap" of a city with no option for civilians to escape.

Saudi Arabia 'arrests clerics in crackdown on dissent'

Salman al-Odah and Awad al-Qarni are among more than 20 people reportedly detained since Saturday.

Egypt detains lawyer investigating enforced disappearances

Ibrahim Hegazy is being held in prison after trying to fly to Geneva to address a UN meeting.

Indian priest freed by militants to meet Pope

News of his release was met with jubilant scenes in his hometown village in southern India.

'Israeli jets hit Syria's Masyaf chemical site' - reports

Syria's army says rockets struck a base, amid reports that a suspected chemical site was targeted.

Palestinian Authority 'detains rights activist over criticism'

Issa Amro was reportedly detained after calling on the Palestinian Authority to respect free speech.

World Cup: Syria draw with Iran to keep Russia 2018 qualifying hopes alive

Syria claim a play-off spot in 2018 World Cup qualifying following a 2-2 draw against Iran in Tehran.

World Cup: Iranian women refused entry to match despite holding tickets

Women were told they could not enter the stadium, while Syrian women were let in