BBC : Middle East (26)

Inside the fight for IS 'capital'

The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse is one of the first reporters to reach the de-facto IS capital Raqqa.

Gaza's only power plant resumes after Egypt fuel delivery

Residents will still only get four hours of electricity a day, as Gaza's power crisis continues.

India to operate extra flights to Qatar for 'stranded' nationals

State-owned Indian Airlines and private carrier Jet Airways will begin the flights from Thursday.

Syria conflict: US jet 'downs Iranian-made drone'

Tensions in the region are rising as a battle develops for control over eastern Syria.

Israel starts work on first new West Bank settlement in 20 years

Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted a photo of a bulldozer and digger breaking ground on a hilltop.

Man jailed for dangling baby from window in Algeria

He held the child out of a window in a high-rise building to attract "likes" on Facebook.

Syria war: Polio paralyses 17 children in Mayadin and Raqqa

The World Health Organisation says the first outbreak in the country since 2014 is "very serious".

Syria conflict: Australia suspends anti-IS raids

The decision comes as Russia warns that it will treat US-led coalition jets as potential targets.

Mosul battle: Mine blast kills French and Iraqi journalists

Stephan Villeneuve and Bakhtiyar Haddad were embedded with Iraqi forces battling IS militants.

How I became a hijabi ballet dancer

Engy El Shazly started learning ballet at 27 while wearing her Islamic headscarf.

Banking on Qatar

Why the Qatar crisis is worrying the Gaza Strip.

A line in the sky

A race is on to see who will dominate the territory that so-called Islamic State vacates.

Fight or flight

The US military announced its first air-to-air kill in years - just why is air combat so rare?

Ramadan amid rubble

Images of Syrian residents of Douma breaking fast surrounded by destroyed buildings are being shared online.

Like a virgin

Tunisian women are expected to be virgins when they marry, leading some to have hymen surgery.

Despair and death

BBC Persian's Nafiseh Kohnavard reports from the frontline of the battle for western Mosul.

Gulf gamble

The longer the isolation of Qatar persists, the deeper the wounds to the entire region.

Syria conflict: Australia suspends military air operations

The decision comes as Russia warns that it will treat US-led coalition jets as potential targets.

Syria conflict: Russia issues warning after US coalition downs jet

Moscow says it will track US-led coalition aircraft as targets, and halts a communications channel.

Mosul battle: Fierce fighting as Iraqi troops push into Old City

Iraqi forces say militants have blocked entrances to the enclave and booby-trapped homes.

Russia questions US Himars missile deployment in Syria

Moscow suggests US multiple-rocket launchers brought in from Jordan will be used against Syrian forces.

Syrian refugee died in London fire

Mohammed Alhajali came to the UK in 2014, but died in Wednesday's fire, a Syrian charity says.

Man Booker International Prize: David Grossman wins for stand-up comic novel

David Grossman is awarded the Man Booker International Prize for his novel about a stand-up comic.

World Cup 2018: Iran join Brazil in qualifying for next year's tournament

Iran become the second team to qualify for the 2018 World Cup as they beat Uzbekistan 2-0 in Tehran.

Mosul displaced hit by food poisoning in Iraqi camp

Iraqis fleeing the battle of Mosul fall ill and a child dies of food poisoning after a Ramadan meal.

Qatar blockade: US urges Gulf states to ease restrictions

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said humanitarian effects were already being felt.