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Drinking a few times a week 'reduces diabetes risk'

Wine can protect against the condition - but too much is still a bad thing, the research suggests.

Slimy slugs inspire 'potentially lifesaving' medical glue

The secretion is very strong, moves with the body and sticks to wet surfaces, scientists say.

Sperm count drop 'could make humans extinct'

Sperm counts in men from North America, Europe and Australia halve in less than 40 years, research warns.

Antibody helps keep man's HIV at bay for 10 months

Injections of "broadly neutralising antibodies" may give hope to HIV patients.

HIV-prevention ring trial a success among US teens

Teens in the study said the vaginal ring, which cuts HIV infections by 56%, was easy to use.

Japanese woman dies from tick disease after cat bite

It is thought this could be the first animal-to-human transmission of the disease.

Drugs cocktail 'cut HIV deaths by 27%'

Three lives were saved for every 100 treated, a trial using a mix of drugs found.

Time, not material goods, 'raises happiness'

Contentment comes from paying others to take on chores such as cleaning and cooking, a study says.

Woman dies from tick disease caught from infected cat

The Japanese case is thought to be the first time the illness was transmitted by an infected mammal.

Injections 'next revolution' in HIV - study

The ''next revolution" in HIV could see daily drugs replaced with just six doses a year, say scientists.

Hunt for HIV cure turns to cancer drugs

Scientists say new immunotherapy drugs may help researchers "unlock" treatment for the virus.

Turning to strangers for public therapy

A clinical psychologist is experimenting with 'problem solving booths', staffed by strangers.

Aids deaths halve as more get drugs

One million people died from Aids last year, according to UNAids.

Tobacco firms 'hamper anti-smoking push'

Countries covering two thirds of the world's population now have measures in place to encourage people to stop smoking.

Life expectancy rises 'grinding to halt' in England

Leading health expert says he is "deeply concerned" and austerity may be to blame.

Charlie Gard: US doctor meets Great Ormond Street medics

Dr Michio Hirano has been given an honorary contract by Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Surgeons remove 27 contact lenses from woman's eye

"A bluish foreign body" turned out to be a "hard mass" of 17 lenses stuck together with mucus.

Stressful experiences 'can age the brain by four years'

Divorce, the death of a child and poverty may be factors in brain decline, researchers say.

NHS ranked 'number one' health system

But study of 11 nations raises concerns about quality of care in UK despite praising efficiency and affordability.

'Dyspraxia is like the physical version of dyslexia'

Stephanie Guidera suffers with dyspraxia, but the 26-year-old has overcome the disorder to continue life as a classical singer.

Wilfred Frost: 'I'll never get over sudden death of my brother'

Wilfred Frost, son of Sir David, on the hidden disease which killed his brother at the age of 31.

What should you do to treat a chemical burn?

These are the steps you should take if you or someone you know suffers a chemical burn.

Charlie Gard has 10% chance of improvement, US doctor claims

A US doctor offering to treat Charlie Gard agrees to visit him, if the High Court adjourns.

Teeth-grinding in teens 'a sign of being bullied'

Schools and parents should be aware of the problem, dental experts say.