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Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico

The powerful storm has already affected a series of islands as it barrels through the Caribbean.

Louisiana man held for two 'racially motivated' murders

Police say a copy of an Adolf Hitler speech was discovered in a search of Kenneth Gleason's home.

Colorado police hunt 'Mad Pooper' jogger

A family says the woman keeps defecating outside their home, even though public toilets are nearby.

Health groups condemn new Republican Obamacare repeal plan

Medical organisations say the bill would end up "endangering access to critical care for millions".

FBI wiretapped Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort - reports

Paul Manafort's home was raided by agents probing Russian influence on the US election

New surge in migrants crossing US-Canada border

There was an almost 80% month-on-month rise in illegal border crossings in August.

Scout Schultz: Protests after police shoot LGBT student

A police car was set ablaze by protesters following a vigil for the slain Georgia Tech student.

'Remove racist' Native American tapestry from public display

A group representing American Indians says the British work depicts native peoples as "savages".

Equifax data breach snares 100,000 Canadians

Social security numbers, drivers licenses and credit card numbers may have been leaked in the hack.

Clinton leaves question mark over 2016 election legitimacy

A senator says the Democrat "should be ashamed" for her "wildly irresponsible" comments.

British war bride and Canada groom die within hours of each other

They met outside London in 1941 and died in different wards of the same Canadian hospital.

US sends 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan

The deployment follows the Taliban's vow to turn the country into a "graveyard" for foreign forces.

Federal land chief moves to shrink four national monuments

A leaked report from the US interior secretary suggests reducing the size of four national monuments.

St Louis: Police 'chanted' after clearing violent protests

The city sees a third night of violent clashes after a police officer was cleared of murder.

Georgia student Scout Schultz shot dead by Atlanta police

An inquiry is launched after Scout Schultz is killed after confronting officers with a knife.

St Louis: More than 80 arrested in Sunday protests

The city sees a third night of violent clashes after a police officer was cleared of murder.

Armed LGBT student Scout Schultz shot dead by Atlanta police

The shooting of the leader of the Pride Alliance at a Georgia university is now being investigated.

Hurricane Maria to become major storm near Caribbean islands

Maria will bring dangerous storm surges and life-threatening floods to already-devastated areas.

US says it is considering closing its embassy in Cuba

Diplomatic staff suffered health problems blamed by Washington on a sonic attack, which Cuba denies.

St Louis police killing: Fresh protest breaks out in city

Demonstrators rally for a second day after a white ex-officer is cleared of murdering a black suspect.

Slender Man stabbing: Anissa Weier found mentally ill

The Wisconsin girl was accused of helping stab a classmate to please the horror character in 2014.

Parsons Green: Trump terror tweets 'not helpful', says May

Theresa May says it is not "helpful for anybody to speculate" on investigations.

Why's Frank, 11, mowing the White House lawn?

The budding entrepreneur got a surprise visit from the president - and an unexpected role in world news.

US policy is 'not to defend Canada' in any N Korea attack

On the upside, MPs hear North Korea views Canada as a "peaceful" and "friendly" country.

Vatican recalls envoy from US amid child porn inquiry

A member of the Holy See's diplomatic corps may have broke child pornography laws, US officials say.

Chicago judge blocks Sessions' sanctuary city funds order

A federal judge in Chicago deals a blow to the Trump administration's crackdown on "sanctuary cities".

Louisiana university fraternity death 'possible hazing incident'

All fraternity activities have been suspended amid the investigation into Maxwell Gruver's death.

Parsons Green: Trump says 'loser' attackers known to police

The US president says authorities needed to be proactive about the "demented people" responsible.

US boxer Mayweather criticised for defending Trump lewd comments

The US boxer said obscene comments by Mr Trump were what "real men" say in "locker room talk".

Facebook to trim advert categories aimed at 'anti-Semites'

Adverts could be directed towards people who described themselves as anti-Semitic, find researchers.

Opioid crisis ravages Canadian cities

More than 2,800 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses in 2016, according to new data.

Jake Gyllenhaal film slated over amputee casting

A foundation supporting disabled people criticised the film for using the actor to play a man who lost both legs.

Canada opioid crisis hits small cities hardest

More than 2,800 Canadians died from apparent opioid overdoses in 2016, according to new data.

Do 'Pray for...' messages make disaster relief harder?

Social media was a go-to resource during recent hurricanes. But does this make it harder for rescuers?

Irma: Florida nursing home loses Medicaid funding

A facility where eight people died after Hurricane Irma cut its power has lost its Medicaid funding.

Daca: Trump 'fairly close' to deal with Democrats on Dreamers

The president confirms talks about a possible immigration pact, angering his right-wing supporters.

Daca: Trump denies reaching 'Dreamers' deal with Democrats

The US president says a deal to protect undocumented migrants depends on boosting border security.

Sanders pitches European-style healthcare

After Republicans' Obamacare repeal crashed, Democrats aim for government-run health insurance

Texas gunman killed his estranged wife and seven friends

Police name Spencer Hight as gunman that killed eight, including his ex-wife and best man.

ESPN denounces anchor's Trump tweets

The network distances itself from Jemele Hill after she called Mr Trump a "white supremacist".

Trump and Democrats 'reach deal' over Daca Dreamers

Democrats say they discussed legislation to protect young migrants - and agreed to exclude Trump's wall.

Fanged creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey

A mysterious fanged creature is identified after turning up on a Texas shore after Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Irma: Chainsaw nun takes internet by storm

Sister Margaret Ann wanted to do her bit to help with Hurricane Irma.

Destiny 2 apology for 'Nazi-inspired' Kekistan flag

The game's publisher is removing instances of art that resembles a flag linked to the alt-right.

Nashville Porsche driver shoots homeless man in row

The victim says he was disturbed while trying to sleep by loud music from the accused's vehicle.

Hurricane Irma: Quarter of Florida Keys homes 'destroyed'

Hurricane evacuees return to scenes of devastation as President Trump prepares to visit Florida.

Hunters wanted for Grand Canyon bison cull

The US National Park Service seeks gun-toting volunteers to shoot bison in the Grand Canyon.

Plane crash: Pilot walks away after aircraft hits tree

A pilot walked away with minor injuries after a dramatic collision in the US.

Bannon on Trump's worst mistake 'in modern political history'

The ex-White House aide says the FBI director's firing made the administration's Russia case worse.

Chicago teenager Kenneka Jenkins found dead in hotel freezer

The 19-year-old's mother says she suspects foul play in her daughter's death.