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Wenjian Liu: Widow gives birth to daughter two years after killing

Sperm was taken from Det Wenjian Liu and frozen on the night of his death in December 2014.

Sessions says Trump criticism 'hurtful'

But the nation's top prosecutor says he will 'continue to serve at the pleasure of the president'.

Missing Florida woman found after she bottled her scent

The sniffer dog used her individual scent, preserved in advance for emergencies, to track her down.

One-armed 'clown' brandishing a machete arrested in Maine

Maine Police arrest a man in a clown mask who taped a machete to the stump of his amputated arm.

Trump takes credit for Foxconn's 'incredible investment'

The Taiwanese electronics firm says it will invest $10bn in a Wisconsin factory making LCD panels.

Disciplinary panel revokes Elizabeth Wettlaufer's nursing licence

Elizabeth Wettlaufer's actions were called a "violation of public trust in the most horrific way".

Cancer-hit Senator John McCain: To hell with loudmouths!

The Republican urges colleagues to stop listening to pundits and work for their constituents.

Barbara Sinatra, activist and widow of Frank, dies at 90

Barbara Sinatra, the philanthropist and widow of legendary singer Frank, dies at home aged 90.

Brain disease affects 99% of NFL players in study

All but one former National Football League player in the research were found to have brain disease.

Widow, 71, rescued after week in the wilderness

Sajean Geer wanted to scatter her late husband's ashes in Olympic National Park, but got lost.

Trump boy scout Jamboree speech angers parents

Some threaten to pull boys out of the organisation after a highly politicised address.

Alice Cooper finds Warhol artwork after decades rolled up in storage

Alice Cooper had forgotten about the $10m artwork, which was found tucked away with tour equipment.

US-Russia probe: Trump son-in-law Kushner denies collusion

Jared Kushner says he had "no improper contacts", as he prepares for a grilling in the Senate.

CCTV shows Starbucks customer tackling armed robber

What Ryan Florez thought would be an easy target turned out to be anything but.

IMF downgrades US and UK growth

Lower activity in the first quarter of 2017 means both are set to underperform the global economy.

San Antonio: Truck found in Texas with dozens inside

They were among dozens found inside the back of the vehicle, many suffering from dehydration.

New Jersey man, 25, wins $8m at poker World Series

Scott Blumstein says winning is 'just the best feeling' but he was not motivated by the money.

San Antonio: Eight found dead in truck in Walmart car park

They were among 38 people found inside the back of a trailer, many suffering from dehydration.

Comic-Con: Ford's take on Blade Runner mystery

Is Deckard human or a replicant? The star gives an answer.

Sean Spicer quits: White House press secretary plays down 'row'

Donald Trump's spokesman is said to have resigned over the hiring of a new communications director.

Linkin Park cancel North American tour after Chester Bennington death

The tour has been cancelled following the death of singer Chester Bennington on Thursday.

Inmates offered reduced sentences for birth control procedure

A US judge is offering reduced jail sentences for inmates that undergo birth control procedures.

Toronto helps 'doofy son' find his parked car four days on

The Canadian city turned out to help a US gig-goer find his car after he forgot where he left it.

Minneapolis police officer shoots two dogs

A Minneapolis police officer shoots two service dogs while responding to a false alarm call, claiming they growled at him.

Madame Tussauds Beyonce waxwork 'removed' after complaints

Madame Tussauds seems to have bowed to pressure over its latest Beyonce wax work.

Grenfell Tower fire: NFL stadium cladding 'identical'

Officials admit NFL stadium has "identical" cladding, but it was installed differently.

North Korea tourism: US 'to ban Americans from visiting'

Travel agencies say the ban, which follows the death of a US student, will be revealed on 27 July.

Do you have to rescue someone in danger?

Five Florida teenagers watched a man drowning - but did nothing to help. Can they be prosecuted?

Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo resigns amid 'shake-up'

Mark Corallo reportedly disagreed with an alleged strategy to discredit the Russia investigation.

Toronto rebukes handyman whose steps save taxpayers $50,000

Instead of a thank you, city officials demand the doughty DIY hero's steps be removed.

Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo resigns, reports say

Reports say Mark Corallo disagreed with the strategy to discredit the team leading the Russia probe.

Did Halle Berry drink half a pint of whiskey at Kingsman Comic-Con event?

The star was challenged to down the drink while promoting her film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

New Mexico boy trips over 1.2 million year old fossil

A 10-year-old boy's stumble unearthed a prehistoric skull, which he then got the chance to help excavate.

Florida man shoots tyres on trucks parked outside home

Utility workers called 911 as the homeowner methodically fired at all the tyres on their vehicles.

Did Baltimore police officer plant drugs?

Body camera video shows a Baltimore policeman planting drugs at a crime scene in January, lawyers say. One officer has been suspended.

Syria war: Trump 'ends CIA arms programme for rebels'

US officials say the move is part of an effort to improve ties with Russia, Bashar al-Assad's ally.

Obamacare repeal plan 'would axe insurance for 32m'

The cost of health insurance would double in a decade under the Republican plan, the analysis finds.

Donald Trump's son and aides to testify in Senate about Russia

The three will answer questions about Russia's alleged interference in last year's US election.

First child to undergo double hand transplant can now do this

The first child to undergo a double hand transplant can now manage an array of dexterous tasks.

Doris Payne, 86-year-old jewel thief, arrested again

This time, Doris Payne, whose crimes date back to the 1950s, was caught at a Walmart store.

Republicans oppose healthcare plans leaving party without majority

President Trump made repealing Obamacare a key campaign pledge but Republican efforts flounder.

Speeding car lands on roof of house in Missouri

How exactly did a speeding car end up on the roof of a house in St Louis, Missouri?

North Carolina man cheats death after 40 minutes with no pulse

Two police officers conducted CPR until the 36-year-old father-of-three's pulse returned.

Afghan female robotics team lands in US

An Afghan all-girls robotics team who were initially denied visas arrive in the US for a competition.