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Philando Castile: Girl, 4, calms mother in police car

New footage shows girl, four, trying to calm her mother after the shooting of Philando Castile.

Woman demands white doctor in Canada to see her son at local clinic

A mother in Ontario is filmed demanding that a "white doctor" look after her sick son.

Michigan airport knife attacker shouted 'Allahu Akbar', says FBI

The 50-year-old suspect allegedly cried "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing a police officer in the neck.

North America prepares for August solar eclipse

Nasa scientists are very excited about the eclipse happening in the United States later this summer.

What's Alibaba's Jack Ma selling to America?

The boss of the Chinese e-commerce giant is pitching to American entrepreneurs. Should Amazon worry?

Milwaukee officer cleared in shooting that sparked riots

The victim, Sylville Smith, was armed with a pistol, but threw it over a fence before he was shot.

US inmates who saved guard's life to have sentences cut

Six inmates called an ambulance and performed CPR on the officer assigned to guard them.

Gay torment made NFL star Ryan O'Callaghan plan suicide

The former New England Patriot built a cabin, stocked it with guns and wrote a suicide note.

Republican Karen Handel seals victory in key Georgia vote

Victory in a congressional contest seen as a referendum on President Trump deals a blow to Democrats.

Prodigy from rap group Mobb Deep has died aged 42 after performing in Las Vegas

The rapper dies aged 42 after being admitted to hospital with complications caused by sickle cell anaemia.

US gun laws: Colorado to arm teachers in classrooms

Staff undergo training as "armed first responders" in the US state in order to protect children.

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump respond to failed hug gags

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump have responded to jokes on social media about their failed hug

Otto Warmbier: No post-mortem for US student held by N Korea

The Ohio coroner said only an external exam was performed on the US student, who died on Monday.

Barbie maker Mattel launches 15 new diverse Ken dolls

Fifteen new Ken dolls have been launched to try to be more representative of today's society.

Chelsea Clinton: Steve Bannon 'fat shamed' Spicer in text

Chelsea Clinton accuses Steve Bannon of "fat shaming" Sean Spicer as an excuse for off-camera briefings.

Barbie maker Mattel launches 15 new diverse Ken dolls

Fifteen new Ken dolls have been launched to try and be more representative of today's society.

Man hunting treasure from poem 'found dead' in New Mexico

A pastor dies during a search in the Rocky Mountains for a $2m treasure, following clues in a poem.

Alaskan gold miner killed in rare black bear attack

The man is mauled to death in the second fatal attack by a black bear in the state in as many days.

Georgia election: Trump faces knife-edge congressional vote

Democrats seek to deal a blow to the president in the costliest congressional vote ever.

Tiger Woods: Ex-world number one getting help to manage medication

Former world number one Tiger Woods is getting "professional help" to manage medication for pain and sleep loss.

South Carolina shooting live-streamed on Facebook

A video captures the moment a street fight became a shoot-out that left seven people injured.

Virginia Muslim girl found dead near mosque

Reports say police are investigating whether the attack in Virginia was a hate crime.

US coalition downs first Syria government jet

The Pentagon says the fighter-bomber was attacking US-backed troops in Raqqa province.

Trio charged with $300,000 avocado theft

Three California men are arrested for 'grand theft of avocados' as global prices surge.

Bill Cosby thanks jury for 'honest work'

Actor Bill Cosby speaks to supporters outside the court where he is on trial, accused of sexual assault.

Why is Amazon buying Whole Foods?

The $13.7bn deal marks Amazon's biggest push yet into traditional retailing.

Cuba denounces Trump's policy rollback

Cuba's government reacts angrily to the US president dropping Obama-era policies meant to ease relations.

Carrie Fisher died from 'sleep apnoea and other causes'

The Star Wars actress died from sleep apnoea and "other factors", a coroner says.

John Avildsen, Oscar-winning director of Rocky, dies aged 81

The filmmaker won the Oscar for best director for the 1976 film Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone.

US woman sues casino that 'offered dinner instead of $43m jackpot'

Katrina Bookman took a selfie showing the machine saying "printing cash ticket $42,949,672.76".

Elizabeth Banks apologises for Steven Spielberg diversity comments

The Hunger Games star apologises after wrongly "calling out" the director for directing films without female leads.

What will Trump change about US-Cuba relations?

President Donald Trump is announcing a new Cuba policy - what should you expect?

Blimp flying over US Open golf contest crashes

Spectators capture footage as a blimp plunges from the sky less than a mile from the US Open.

Georgia prisoners Rowe and Dubose caught after massive manhunt

They were on the run since Tuesday after shooting dead two prison officers in the state of Georgia.

US embassy brushes off Australian PM's Trump joke

Diplomats say the Australian PM's off-the-record speech mocking the US president was in "good humour".

Fox News drops 'fair and balanced' slogan without announcement

An executive tells CNN the decision has nothing to do with editorial decisions.

San Francisco UPS gunman 'had complained about overtime'

Jimmy Lam, 38, had filed a grievance that he was working excessive hours, said a union official.

NSA links Wannacry worm to North Korea

Hackers known to work for the regime may be behind the virus says the spy agency, though others disagree.

Floyd Mayweather to fight Conor McGregor in boxing match in August

Former boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather will fight UFC champion Conor McGregor in a boxing match in Las Vegas on 26 August.

San Francisco UPS courier kills three in depot shooting

A UPS employee in San Francisco shoots and kills three colleagues before turning the gun on himself.

Federal Reserve ups interest rates again

The US Federal Reserve votes to raise its benchmark interest rate by 0.25%, the second rise this year.

Top Republican Steve Scalise wounded in multiple shooting

A senior Republican politician and aides are among several shot during baseball practice in Virginia.

Jeff Sessions: Russia collusion claim a 'detestable lie'

The US Attorney General says he had no conversations with Russians about interference in the election.

California prisoners make podcast hit, Ear Hustle

The latest true crime podcast to hit the airwaves - Ear Hustle - is produced by San Quentin inmates.