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Canada grants refugee status in about 60% of migrant cases

Haitians, who represent the biggest group of migrants, are only accepted at a rate of about 10%.

Facebook to expose Russian fake news pages

It will release a tool to let people see if they had followed now-deleted Russia-linked pages.

US gun control: Jeff Sessions announces review into background checks

The review will assess how key facts about the Texas church gunman may not have been registered.

US school bullying: Mother charged over hidden recording

A mother in Virginia is accused of wrongfully recording oral communication at her daughter's school.

San Francisco accepts 'comfort women' statue

The move threatens ties with the Japanese city of Osaka, which is a sister city to San Francisco.

MS-13 gang 'behead man' in park near Washington DC

One man has been arrested and charged over the gruesome gang killing.

US travellers pack roads and airports for Thanksgiving escape

An estimated 51 million people in the US will travel at least 50 miles in the Thanksgiving getaway.

Flea market photo shows 'Billy the Kid and man who shot him'

The photo purports to show the Wild West outlaw beside his future killer, experts say.

Alabama inmate caught after second prison break

During his latest escape, Shane Vernon allegedly invaded two homes, stole cars and kidnapped a man.

David Cassidy: 'My one and only true heartthrob'

Reacting to the news of the death of David Cassidy, readers share their memories of meeting the 70s star.

Oregon woman jailed after her meth-laced kiss kills inmate

Melissa Ann Blair's fatal kiss concealed the transfer of tiny balloons filled with methamphetamine.

Gabby Douglas: Olympic champion reveals abuse by USA team doctor Larry Nassar

Gabby Douglas is the third member of the USA's Olympic gold medal-winning team at London 2012 to say she was abused by team doctor Larry Nassar.

President Trump warns NFL boss he must act on take the knee protest

President Donald Trump warns the NFL it must act on the take the knee protest as it is "killing" the league.

Roy Moore: Trump defends Alabama candidate in misconduct claims

The president points out that Roy Moore "totally denies" preying on string of teenage girls.

US military members had 'improper contact' with foreign women

Three service members are reportedly being reassigned following the incident in Asia.

Canada flight delay turns into mass singalong

Instead of getting irate when their flight was delayed, these Canadian passengers had a singalong.

Ikea US relaunches furniture recall after child dies

The Swedish furniture giant says its chests and dressers are safe if secured to a wall.

US to scrap Haitian immigrants' protected status

Haitians will have 18 months to return to the country or legalise their status in the US.

TV host Charlie Rose suspended

The move comes after eight women accused him of sexual harassment in a newspaper report.

Google to 'derank' Russia Today and Sputnik

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt says the search engine's algorithms can help reduce spread of propaganda.

Whitefish Energy: Power company halts Puerto Rico work

Whitefish Energy says payments have been delayed from Puerto Rico's bankrupt power authority.

Georgia Dome stadium crumbles in controlled demolition

Around 5,000lb of explosives were used to bring down one of the biggest dome structures in the US.

US writer Zinzi Clemmons accuses Girls star Lena Dunham of 'hipster racism'

Zinzi Clemmons accuses Lena Dunham of continuing to support friends who made racist jokes during university years.

Charles Manson dies aged 83 after four decades in prison

The cult leader sent his followers to commit a series of brutal murders in the late 1960s.

US warship and Japanese tug collide in latest incident

A US warship suffers slight damage after being struck by a Japanese tug.

David Cassidy: Ex-Partridge Family star suffers organ failure

He is reported to require a liver transplant and has kidney problems.

Lena Dunham sorry for comment on writer accused of sexual assault

The Girls star admits she was "naive" in supporting a colleague after a sexual assault claim.

Husband and wife accidentally shot during church gun safety talk

Forgetting the gun was loaded, the parishioner shot himself in the hand and his wife in the abdomen.

US Navy: Penis in sky drawn by jet trail was 'unacceptable'

The phallic outline over an airbase in Washington State provoked mirth, but not everyone was amused.

Kirsten Gillibrand: Bill Clinton should have resigned

The New York senator says Mr Clinton should have resigned after he had an affair with an intern.

Canada army recruiters at transgender job fair 'racism'

A job fair for transgender people is being accused of racism because army recruiters will be there.

George Bush Snr accused of groping by eighth woman

An interpreter speaking to the BBC claims the former US president groped her at a meeting in 2004.

The Pentagon accidentally retweets call for Trump to resign

The Pentagon has deleted a post it retweeted in error that called for President Trump to resign.

Diplomat dies in NY 'trust game' fall

Julian Simpson accidentally slipped from a balcony, in what US media say followed a "trust game".

Anti-Trump sticker on Texas pick-up truck riles sheriff

The 46-year-old female motorist says her sticker merely exercises her freedom of speech.

US Senator Bob Menendez's corruption case ends in mistrial

Jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the bribery trial after deliberating for more than a week.

First gene-editing in human body attempt

Gene-editing has been attempted on cells inside a patient, in a world first by doctors in California.

Australian diplomat dies in New York building fall

Julian Simpson accidentally slipped from a balcony, in what US media say followed a "trust game".

Kaspersky defends its role in NSA breach

The Russian anti-virus company explains why it copied files off a PC used by a cyber-spy contractor.

Four killed in northern California shooting rampage

A gunman opened fire at multiple locations, including a school where two children were wounded.

US House to implement anti-sexual harassment training

House Speaker Paul Ryan announces the policy after lawmakers accuse colleagues of sexual misconduct.

Florida police fear serial killer claimed fourth victim

A 60-year-old man gunned down while walking to church may be the suspect's fourth victim.

First hijab-wearing Barbie launched inspired by Olympic fencer

The face of the doll is modelled on Ibtihaj Muhammad, who won a bronze medal in Rio last year.

Jeff Sessions now recalls Russia links discussed at Trump campaign

The US attorney general says he now recalls a Trump campaign meeting which discussed Russian connections.