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Miss the eclipse? Google Maps will make you feel better

Departing eclipse watchers are causing traffic jams from Portland to Charleston.

Total eclipse of the Ars

From thick clouds to glorious totality, a flavor of 2017's North American eclipse.

Android 8.0 Oreo is official, starts rollout out to devices

Google partners with Nabisco, ships code to AOSP, and posts system images.

Killer robots are coming, and Elon Musk is worried

Technology leaders warn autonomous drones could become "weapons of terror."

Microsoft outlines the upgrade procedures for Xbox One X

Plus: A list of over 100 Xbox One games getting 4K updates.

StarCraft Remastered review: Brood War keeps on ticking, clicking

A $15 coat of paint doesn't disturb the venerated classic, warts and all.

So, you're not seeing the eclipse today …

Only about 6 percent of Americans will see the totality today. And no Europeans, of course.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition coming to PC in 2018

Promises the "ultimate quality" with 4K HDR support and Nvidia Gameworks enhancements.

HTC Vive finally gets a major, permanent price drop to £600

That's a saving of £160, but still not as cheap as £400 Oculus Touch bundle.

Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark

The case comes two months after court's offensive' trademarks ruling.

Intel's first 8th-gen Core chips are just updated 7th-generation processors

No Coffee Lake or Cannonlake here; these Kaby Lake chips with twice the CPU cores.

Accidental history: Remastering the campy teen horror game US Congress famously hated

Controversial cult classic Night Trap gets a new turn in the spotlight 25 years later.

A gallery of Voyagers greatest hits—and they are truly great

Time after time, we discovered things that we hadn't even imagined.'

Jurassic World Evolution is a theme park sim from Planet Coaster dev Frontier

Theme Park with dinosaurs coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018.

Four book series that are shaping the future of science fiction on television

Here are the searingly original visions that will soon set your monitors on fire.

Quindar's Hip Mobility space music puts us in orbit

Tell Pitchfork this is one concept album that delivered and deserved better than 6.8/10.

Mass Effect: Andromeda officially shuts down its single-player updates

Unless you play ME:A for multiplayer, your quest is effectively done.

NASA's Voyagers: 40 years of inspiration

The two Voyager probes changed how we view science and the Universe.

Nidhogg 2 review: Violent, disgusting, and hilariously fun

A better game for series fans old and new, this is everything a great sequel should be.

New surface is so slippery, shellfish can't get a grip

Mussels end up confused when they try to stick to a polymer/lubricant mix.

After bouncing around the Web, Daily Stormer lands a new CDN provider

BitMitigate founder: I thought it would really get my service out there.'

Agents of Mayhem review: Destroying a really dull open world

Saturday morning cartoon style struggles against a fatiguing open world.

Code chunk in Kronos malware used long before MalwareTech published it

Marcus Hutchins, the researcher who stopped WCry, complained his code was lifted.

Tor can't build free and open source tools' and stop racists from using them

"We are everything they claim to despise," but Tor won't prevent vile usage of its tools.

Google explains why it banned the app for Gab, a right-wing Twitter rival

Gab's free-speech stance makes it popular with right-wing trolls and racists.

Android O is O-fficially launching August 21

Android O will be ready to go in just a few days!

Here's what happens to your retina if you view an eclipse without protection

Ahead of the rare solar event, eye doctors describe the dangers of risky viewing.

Bing is bigger than you think,' Microsoft boasts, with quarter of UK searches

It turns out that "But nobody uses Bing!" isn't actually true.

Now you can post videos directly to Reddit, no third-party service required

Upload .mp4 and .mov files directly from your phone or computer.

Secret chips in replacement parts can completely hijack your phone's security

Booby-trapped touchscreens can log passwords, install malicious apps, and more.

OkCupid bans white supremacist for life,' asks daters to report others

A white supremacist featured in a Charlottesville documentary can't use OKC anymore.

Hyundai looks to build a >300-mile-range electric car

More carmakers are looking toward electric vehicles as fuel cell falters.

Final Defenders trailer gives us the best kind of villain

We get a long look at bad guy Alexandra, a new character invented just for this series.

How the tech sector can legally justify breaking ties to extremists

Generally speaking, private enterprise may refuse service on ideological grounds.

Sharp sues Hisense over a foreign gag order'

Sharp files a lawsuit in order to talk about the TVs being made in its name.

Rare pubic-grooming data reveals injuries, odd habits, and nicked bits

Grooming often, removing all hair, and having others help ups chance of injury.

Oldest Antarctic ice ever found shows climate of 2.7 million years ago

And they didn't even have to drill deep.

Health benefits of wind and solar power offset all subsidies

Estimated economic benefits of renewables in the US is $87 billion.

Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer loses its Russian domain, too

Russian official cites "strict regime" for combatting extremism online.

New feature in iOS 11 quickly and temporarily disables Touch ID

Prevent your fingers from unlocking your iPhone when you're in a sticky situation.

Major revamp of the Google app starts rolling out to Android users

New card stream promotes news above the predictive cards Google Now was famous for.

Without Nathan Drake, Uncharted: Lost Legacy is still just Uncharted

Review: By-the-numbers spin-off doesn't quite sell its new protagonists.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update shrinks again: Story Remix's 3D parts are delayed

Story Remix's jawdropping 3D capabilities won't be there on day one.

Yes, it really has taken NASA 11 years to develop a parachute

NASA's acting chief technologist says the agency is limited by political emphasis.

We may have caught supernova debris slamming into neighboring stars

Many stars have companions that will be in the line of fire when the star explodes.

FDA slams more homeopaths for playing fast and loose with toxic chemicals

Homeolab failed FDA inspection and sold adulterated' infant products, agency said.

Squarespace set to kick out white nationalist websites

Dreamhost, meanwhile, will host any website as long as its content is legal.'

CloudFlare CEO says his Daily Stormer takedown was arbitrary' and dangerous'

I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet.'

The origin of complex life on Earth just got a little less mysterious

New evidence suggests that animal life got a jumpstart from Snowball Earth.

Internet turns on white supremacists and neo-Nazis with doxing, phishing

Many fear being outed from photos, but now the real cyber game against "alt-right" begins.