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You'll never see a more touching film about a 72-year-old alien experiencer

Love & Saucers: David Huggins has an unremarkable life—well, minus lifelong alien affairs.

Tesla strikes a deal to open a factory in Shanghai, WSJ sources say

Electric car maker would likely still pay the nation's 25 percent tariff.

Nintendo Switch's first portable dock offers freedom, but with new shackles

Nyko dock delivers a much-needed option—but it comes with serious dealbreakers.

How Jane Goodall became Jane Goodall

New documentary is based on footage from the man who would become Goodall's ex-husband.

Evolution experiment has now followed 68,000 generations of bacteria

It's basically a time machine. For bacteria.

Several women accuse tech pundit Robert Scoble of sexual assault, harassment

"I felt one hand on my breast and his arm reaching around and grabbing my butt."

CO₂ benefits of regrowing forests nothing to sniff at

Land use shifts could provide over a third of our needed emissions cuts.

Gran Turismo Sport review: A brilliant, but very new, direction for the series

The latest game in this legendary franchise is all about racing online and e-sports.

Artificial eye dominance may speed reading for people with dyslexia

Flashing lights, eye-dominance test correlates eye physiology and dyslexia.

Make your Stranger Things binge a little gooier with our baked treat ideas

Ganache, Fluff, and chocolate round out our baked '80s horror-food extravaganza.

Report: Twitter CEO took a Russian impostor's bait in 2016

The retweets were for innocent, "positive" stories. And that was the point.

Elon Musk's Boring Company is digging a 10-mile tunnel in Maryland

The venture follows Musk's recent obsession with tunneling equipment.

Archaeologists are mystified by ancient gates' in Saudi lava fields

Google Earth reveals hundreds of geoglyphs in the desert, possibly 9,000 years old.

50-year-old research issue still biting biologists

Once upon a time, researchers paid attention to the problems within their field.

Big brains come with big social groups in whales and dolphins

Do social pressures cause the evolution of big brains? The debate is ongoing.

NASA chooses not to tell Congress how much deep space missions cost

The key question now is: Does Congress care?

Thousands of DIY foodies sickened in outbreak from poor agricultural practices

Nationwide Salmonella infection rate has quadrupled, CDC numbers show.

Windows now includes gaming cheat detection at the system level

Optional "TruePlay" protects game memory, monitors OS for common cheating patterns.

Nightmare fuel: Trapped in airplane seat crawling with bedbugs

Canadian family posted bite pictures afterward. Airline upgraded their next flight.

NYPD can't get story straight on evidence system backups

Deputy commissioner says the system is "backed up"; IT staff affidavit says otherwise.

Volkswagen CEO blasts Tesla for not making money, firing workers

The remarks were made on during a discussion of the future of the auto industry.

Twitter has a timeline for stamping out revenge porn, violent tweets

The company has laid out a "safety calendar" with changes through January.

Cities around US offer billions in tax breaks to be Amazon's HQ2

Cities and states are trying to one-up each other, showing off their best features.

Chronic gastrointestinal problems? Your dirty mouth may be partly to blame

The mouth microbes can spark haywire immune responses and are often drug resistant.

Blue Origin just sent a jolt through the aerospace industry

"As Joe Biden would say, this is a BFD for the space industry."

Sonos One review: A better sounding smart speaker

Sonos may have undercut Apple's HomePod before it even launches.

Denuvo's DRM now being cracked within hours of release

Best-in-class service can't even provide a full day of protection these days.

Facebook is struggling to meet the burden of securing itself, security chief says

Chief Security Officer described security report as a very painful process.'

Scientists investigate why crows are so playful

New experiments reveal a complex link between crow play and tool use.

Axon wants you to submit photos, videos to police

Meet Axon Citizen,' a new service from the company formerly known as Taser.

Alphabet leads $1 billion investment in Lyft, but is GM on the way out?

The ride-hailing service is on the ups, but GM might be headed to Uber.

Running chemical reactions in liquid metal makes atomically thin materials

Dissolving a metal in liquid metal leads to unusual chemical reactions.

The Mac mini isn't dead yet, says Tim Cook

Cook responded to a customer e-mail to say that the Mac mini still has a future.

Dealmaster: Get a Dell XPS Tower desktop with 16GB of RAM for $620

Plus deals on a slew of laptops, TVs, and cameras.

Volkswagen to take on Pikes Peak with a purpose-built electric racer

Post-Dieselgate, VW turns to electric power for racing glory.

Security concerns' lead to LTE service shutdown on Chinese Apple Watches

The Chinese government doesn't know what to do with eSIMs yet.

iFixit rips apart the Pixel 2 XL, checks out Google's first consumer SoC

See the internals of Google's latest flagship.

Stardock CEO talks Star Control: Origins' player crafting and upcoming beta

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell talks new features, release date, beta, and more.

Nintendo Switch tiptoes toward letting users back up their data

Latest system update also enables video capture for... four games. Yes, four.

Apple and GE partner to make industrial analytics iOS-accessible

GE thinks the software will result in $12 billion in revenue by 2020.

Activision's patented method to drive microtransactions with matchmaking

Unused system could push newbies to emulate the marquee player' in pairings.

Samsung is all talk about the IoT with Bixby 2.0 and SmartThings

Samsung talked up an ambitious vision, but it's all theoretical for now.

New cloud-friendly Lightroom has 1TB of photo storage, same UI across desktop and mobile

For the time being, the desktop-based Lightroom Classic will continue to be developed.

HP's new workstation tablet makes Surface Pro look like Surface Amateur

HP has built a machine for artists, designers, and engineers, all packed into a tablet.

Google Play apps with as many as 2.6m downloads added devices to botnet

Your periodic reminder: Google is chronically unable to detect untrustworthy apps.

C-sections might be relaxing the evolutionary pressure against big babies

The finding helps us understand why human childbirth is so dangerous.

New neural network teaches itself Go, spanks the pros

This time, the Go-playing algorithm didn't need any human players to help it.

Ultimate Ears adds Amazon Alexa to Blast and Megablast speakers

£200 or £270 buys portability, IP67 water resistance, and excellent sound quality.

Due to legal settlement, Amazon customers now get a few extra bucks

Ars staffers got as little as $0.76 and as much as $12.02. How much did you get?

Herbal remedies embraced by naturopaths, alt med widely linked to liver cancers

Asian countries where herbal treatments are rooted had the most incidence.