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The Moto Z2 Force may not be as amazing as we think

A new round of rumors has been shared which confirms a fair bit of information regarding the Moto Z2 Force ahead of its official announcement next week.

Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23rd

We received an invite today for Samsung's Unpacked event in New York where they say they'll be introducing their "newest mobile device": the Galaxy Note 8.

Microsoft unviels a Cortana-enabled thermostat to take on Nest

Microsoft has unveiled a smart thermostat built by Johnson Controls called GLAS. It features a futuristic translucent display panel, touchscreen, and Cortana voice controls.

After a year on iOS, Google's Motion Stills is finally available on Android

We've been doing this Android thing long enough to know that occasionally Google will debut new apps or features on iOS before they hit their own mobile OS. After a year on iOS, Google's Motion Stills app is finally available on Android.

Here's how you can catch your first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO this weekend

Oh yeah: it's happening, folks. Legendary Pokemon are finally ready to be caught in Pokemon GO, and you'll be able to get your first shot this weekend!

Here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been rumored to be launching by the end of August, so we take a look at everything regarding the device to determine what's going to be coming.

DEAL: Snag the unlocked Honor 6X for just $199

B&H Photo is currently offering the Honor 6X for just $199, down from its retail price of $249.

Amazon Spark is like Instagram with only pictures of Amazon products

Amazon just launched a very interesting featured called "Spark." It's a social media-like feed with curated product reviews and photos.

Google immortalizes Android's blobmoji inside animated sticker pack for Allo

The dream of the blobmoji is alive in Allo. Google recently included them as part of an animated sticker pack you can download right now... You know, if anyone actually used Allo.

The Huawei Band 2 lineup aims to keep your fitness plans on track

Huawei has announced a new lineup of fitness trackers with the Huawei Band 2 and Huawei Band 2 Pro. These options look to improve the way you workout, while keeping track of the most important factors.

Google's news feed is getting a whole lot smarter starting today

Google has been fine tuning their machine learning algorithms for awhile now. In an update rolling out to their news feed, Google will now should you trending stories from around the world.

Nintendo Switch Online app shows up in the Play Store

The Nintendo Switch's online service is getting a companion app for you phone, which should make using it a lot easier.

15 Cool Bixby Voice commands Galaxy S8 users should try

The difference between Bixby and Google Assistant or Siri is that Bixby can actually interact with your phone. You can ask it to do pretty much anything you can do.

Google adds curated apps and games lists to Google Play

The Editors' Choice page on Google Play will see a redesign on mobile and web to show hand-picked curated apps and games for a variety of different tastes and needs.

Full List of Bixby Voice Commands for Galaxy S8 & S8+

Bixby can do pretty much anything you can do. It can even go so far as to scroll up and down on webpages for you. The idea is for you to be completely hands-free.

Update: It's not just the OnePlus 5 that can't make 911 calls

Anecdotal reports suggest it's more than just the OnePlus 5 device that can't make calls. Lots of Android phone owners are reporting the reboot issue.

Samsung's Bixby Speaker may have been temporarily shelved

A new report claims that Samsung has decided to shelve its smart home speaker, which is powered by Bixby. The reason for this is due to Amazon's domination in the market.

How to Download Bixby Voice on the Galaxy S8

Samsung has been slowly rolling out the Voice functionality and now it's finally widely available. It's super easy to get it.

You can now buy Snapchat Spectacles on Amazon

After being initially available via vending machines and then Snap Inc's website, Spectacles are now officially available from Amazon with Prime 2-day shipping.

DEAL: Get the Annke 8 Channel Security System for $80.29 w/ coupon code

Security cameras are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as prices drop and the practicality of them become more appealing to consumers. There are a lot of different variations of security cameras on the market and choosing one , especially one that won't break the bank , is always a ...

How to use Snapchat's new Tint Brush color tool

Snapchat is rolling out an update for Android users today that introduces a new Tiny Brush color tool. Here's how to use it.

DEAL: Get the JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod for free with the unlocked Moto Z

Motorola is offering $200 off the unlocked Moto Z while also throwing in the original JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod for absolutely free. However, this offer is only available for a limited time.

The Meizu Pro 7 will launch on July 26th with second display on back

The next flagship from Meizu, one of the biggest phone manufacturers in China, is coming later this month. The Meizu Pro 7 will be announced at an event on July 26th.

Which smartphone trait or feature is most important to you?

What single feature is most important to you when shopping for a smartphone? Be sure to leave a vote in the poll inside, and join me in the comments section to talk about your own preferences!

Samsung Galaxy S8: 3 months later

It's been 3 months since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ first launched. Those still on the fence about the phone might be asking yourselves how the phone has held up this entire . Let's find out.

Samsung Galaxy S9 could use the same exact display as the S8/S8+

Samsung is reportedly planning to use the same Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 for next year's Galaxy S9 and S9+, only with one big new feature...

How to unlock a Windows 10 PC with the Samsung Galaxy S8

Instead of typing in your password on your PC like a caveman, you can use the fingerprint scanner on your phone. It will make you feel like Tony Stark.

Here's everything we know about the Moto Z2 Force so far

The Moto Z2 Force is due to be unveiled on July 25th, and we're here to take a look at everything we've seen regarding what the device is expected to bring to the market once it is launched.

OnePlus 5 reportedly rebooting after dialing 911

Some OnePlus 5 owners are experiencing their phone rebooting while trying to dial emergency numbers like 911 or 999. Could be an AOSP-related issue, though.

Google Glass makes an unexpected return with its new Enterprise Edition

After 3 years of being dormant, Google Glass has re-emerged with a new version called the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, which is geared towards businesses.

Galaxy Note 8 event slated for late August, release in September

The president of the mobile division told Taiwanese press that they are currently targeting an Unpacked event at the end of August.

Could an Amazon messaging app be a game changer?

When I read that Amazon could be working on a messaging app of their own, my eyes rolled a little bit. But they could be the first new messaging service to offer something quite unlike anything else.

Essential Phone still isn't here but also headed to UK, Europe, and Japan

While we still await word on when the Essential Phone will launch in the US and Canada, execs are already hard at work figuring out which markets the phone will be headed next.

Samsung will supply AMOLED displays to Xiaomi for future phones

A new report from South Korea says Xiaomi has inked a deal with Samsung to supply AMOLED panels for future phones.

The Pixel XL 2 could turn out to be absolutely gorgeous

A new concept video has been published which shows off the upcoming Pixel XL 2 based on the initial renders provided by Android Police.

Samsung confirms the Galaxy S8 is outselling the Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has received a lot of praise since it was launched. How does all that praise translate into sales?

10 Best Music Apps for Android in 2017

Whether you're playing local media, streaming from the cloud, or using a subscription service, here are the best music apps for Android right now!

Nokia 8 leaks with dual Zeiss cameras, bezels that are thicker than a Snicker

We've seen our fair share of leaks these past weeks cluing us in on a pair of new Nokia handsets coming around the bend. Today, press renders of the Nokia 8, the company's 2017 flagship device, have been leaked.

You can now use Paypal on Samsung Pay

Samsung has announced that PayPal is now a valid payment option for Samsung Pay users.

HTC's default keyboard is displaying ads to users

HTC's default keyboard started showing ads over the weekend. HTC says there's a fix on the way, but here's how to remove them until the official fix arrives.

Amazon is looking to take on Apple's HomePod with a new Echo device

A new report claims that Amazon is working on an all-new Echo device, which aims to feature a new design and will take on the upcoming Apple HomePod.

Sprint introduces a new upgrade program called Sprint Flex

Sprint has announced a new upgrade program called "Sprint Flex." As the name implies, this program is intended to be flexible for users.

How to find a lost or stolen Android phone

As important as smartphones have become in our everyday lives, misplacing them is one of the scariest things that can happen. Fret not: there are a few things you can do to find a lost or stolen Android phone.

This is what the Galaxy Note 8 display could look like next to the S8+

If you were curious to see how the Galaxy Note 8 display could look when compared against the S8+, a leaked glass panel is providing some insight.

ZTE Blade Spark is a $99 phone on AT&T Prepaid

Not everyone can afford a super expensive flagship phone. Sometimes you just want something cheap and simple. The ZTE Blade Spark is exactly that. It costs just $99 on AT&T Prepaid.

5 Best Android Apps of the Week

Every week, hundreds of new Android apps and games are submitted to the Play Store. If you're not paying attention 24/7, it's easy to miss some of the best stuff.

Google's New Release Radio lets you listen to a fortnight's worth of new music for free

New Release Radio is a special station for both free and paid listeners comprised of the newest tracks from the last 2 weeks, and it's now available for all Google Play Music listeners.

The Honor 9 is coming in Midnight Black next week

The Honor 9 in Midnight Black will be launching next week, and will be priced at $339 for the base model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. However, there's no mention of the device coming to the US.

New retail rumors suggest Bixby Voice for the US coming next week

A new retail rumor suggests Samsung is prepping to launch Bixby Voice in the US next week. Samsung has yet to confirm an official release date for the feature.

HTC U11 will let you squeeze to activate Amazon Alexa on July 17th

If you were looking to try out another personal assistant on your HTC U11, Amazon Alexa support is just around the corner.