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Samsung teases the Galaxy Note 8's dual camera in new video

Samsung Korea has released a video that teases the camera features of the Note 8. We can see a depth-of-field effect and zoom happening.

OnePlus holding first Open Ears Forum to listen to your customer feedback

OnePlus is holding their first Open Ears Forum where they hope to hear valuable feedback from customers on improving their customer service. They're even opening up applications where they'll pay to travel and hotel accommodations for those selected.

Android Oreo will be the name for Android 8.0

For a while now, we've been wondering about the official name of Android O. There aren't a ton of desserts or snacks that start with the letter "O."

Watch this Galaxy S5 fall 1,000 feet to the ground and keep working

One pilot found his Samsung Galaxy S5 after it was sucked out of his airplane, and fell 1,000 feet to the ground. Luckily, there was no damage done to the device.

These new images confirm almost everything about the Galaxy Note 8's design

New images give us a much clearer look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and what the design will look like once the device is launched in NYC.

Google plans to unveil Android O during a livestream on Monday

Google has confirmed that Android O will be announced on Monday, August 21st during a special event which will be live-streamed from New York City.

Are you looking for a set of new Bluetooth earphones? Wait for the Meizu EP52 earphones

Meizu has confirmed its plans to unveil the new Meizu EP52 Bluetooth earphones on Thursday, August 23rd. Meizu claims these will be lighter than a 5 cent euro coin.

Win a Galaxy S8 Case from SPIGEN!

We're giving away a SPIGEN Rugged Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8!

Instagram makes it possible to reply to almost everything with pictures and video

Instagram has announced several new ways to reply with photos and videos. They've added the ability to reply to photos, videos, and reshared posts in Direct Messages.

Hype Train: LG posts a video showing how it created the LG V30 wallpaper

LG has released a new video which details the process that the company took to design and create the stock wallpaper for the LG V30.

YouTube Live is going live in 14 new markets today, 17 more in the coming weeks

YouTube TV is getting a big leg up on the competition today thanks to a partnership with the nation's largest broadcast station provider. Starting today, YouTube TV is headed to 14 new markets and 17 more in the coming weeks. Here's the full list.

Leaked Galaxy Note 8 brochure confirms a handful of hardware features

We've seen countless Galaxy Note 8 leaks in recent weeks, but if you were looking for something a little more "official," this leaked brochure confirms many of the devices noteworthy hardware features.

You can no longer swipe away Google Now cards

Google has removed the ability to swipe away cards when you're done with it. This is something that has been a staple of Google Now cards since the beginning.

10 Best Messaging Apps for Android in 2017

Whether you're someone who juggles 50 different conversations at once or you have just a couple going on, here are the best messaging apps for Android!

That's unfortunate: It looks like the Nokia 8 won't be coming to the US

After the Nokia 8 was announced at an event yesterday, it was confirmed that the company will not be releasing the device in either the US or China.

Essential Phone is available for pre-order at Sprint with a deep discount

The long-awaited launch day for the Essential Phone is finally...almost here. Sprint, the exclusive US retail carrier for the phone, and Essential have announced that pre-orders are now open for the Black Moon model.

The tabbed interface in the Google app is coming to more users

The tabbed interface can be found in the main Google app and the Pixel/Google Now Launcher feed. In the main app, you'll see three tabs across the bottom: Home, Upcoming, and Recent.

The ASUS ZenFone 4 lineup has been officially revealed

ASUS has announced its latest lineup of devices, most of which feature a dual camera setup on either the front or back of the device.

LG V30 high-res press renders have leaked

High-res press renders of the LG V30 have finally leaked, showing the upcoming phone from just about every angle. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Get an unlocked Huawei Mate 9 for only $449 from Amazon

Looking for a new phone that's a bit bigger than most phones? You can nab the massive 5.9-inch Huawei Mate 9 on Amazon for a discount.

How to set individual volume levels for separate Bluetooth devices

Use multiple Bluetooth devices and want to set a separate volume level for each of them that your phone remembers? There's an app for that.

You can now use Google Home to make phone calls

Users will be able to make voice calls in the US and Canada through Google Home. The catch: you can't call another Google Home or answer calls with it.

Get a better look at the Nokia 8 with these official ads

Nokia has a new series of videos that explain how its liquid cooling system works inside the Nokia 8, as well as the Dual Sight camera.

Nokia has finally revealed its flagship-specced Nokia 8

HMD Global and Nokia have finally taken the wraps off of the flagship-specced Nokia 8. It features a Snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB of RAM, and liquid cooling.

There's now a recall on “counterfeit” Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries

A new recall for counterfeit Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries has been issued after the counterfeit batteries were used in AT&T refurbished devices.

More Galaxy Note 8 details are leaked including specs and a new color option

More information was leaked regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, including the spec sheet for the international variant and a new color option that may be available.

Google reportedly pays Samsung $3.5 billion a year to remain the default search on their devices

After news broke that Google was now paying Apple around $3 billion to stay the default search engine on their devices, they're reportedly paying Samsung even more.

Check out this crazy Samsung S-Pen patent with a breathalyzer built-in

A new patent has surfaced that shows Samsung has considered integrating a microphone and breathalyzer into the S-Pen stylus.

The 5 Types of Android Users You Meet

We may use hundreds of different devices with millions of different launchers, themes, and icon pack combinations, but we're all Android users and we're all unique.

OnePlus teams up with DJI to offer discounted 'back to school' bundles

OnePlus is teaming up with DJI for a variety of back to school bundles at some nice discounts. Everything from the OnePlus 5, to the Osmo Mobile gimbal, to the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro are up for grabs. Take a look to see how much you could be saving.

Galaxy Note 8 will have a few key software improvements

Version 8.5 is said to be much smoother than the current version with no dropped frames. The iris and face recognition will be even faster as well.

Andy Rubin's Essential Phone is FINALLY nearing its launch

After much speculation and continued delays, Essential has finally confirmed that the Essential Phone will be shipping within the next 7 days.

Snapchat introduces new Crowd Surf feature for Our Stories, here's how it works

Snapchat introduces a new feature for Our Stories called "Crowd Surf." Let's you watch a music event from multiple angles, all without missing a beat.

The 7 worst trends in the mobile industry and 3 trends that we love

Not every new trend in the mobile industry is one that should catch on. We take a look at some of the best and worst trends of Android development so far.

OnePlus 5 Battery Life Review

The OnePlus 5 had great battery life when it first launched, but a few emergency updates brought with them a whole new set of bugs, one that killed standby battery life on the device. Now that the 4.5.8 update has gone out, how is battery life on the OnePlus 5? Find out in our review.

The HTC made Pixel 2 will have a squeezable frame called “Active Edge”

Back in July, we wrote about the Pixel XL 2 having a squeezable frame like the HTC U11. Thanks to a new FCC filing from HTC, we have more information about this feature.

It looks like we're getting closer to the Huawei Mate 10 announcement

A new series of renders give everyone a look at what to expect from the Huawei Mate 10 ahead of its official reveal sometime in October.

Instagram is finally adding Facebook-like threaded comments

Instagram is finally adding threaded comments, so you can see the context of people's replies. You know, just like on Facebook.

Leaked press shots of the ASUS ZenFone 4 series appear online

We've got a slow drip of ASUS ZenFone 4 news over the past couple of weeks, but today four press shots have leaked of the upcoming phones. Interesting colors.

Google Home preview program is now available to a few people

Google teased a preview program for Google Home a few weeks back and now it appears as though you can start signing up devices to receive preview firmware updates.

How to use Google Allo on the web

Google has finally made it possible to use Allo on the web. Setting it up isn't as easy as signing in with your Google account, but it's not too difficult. Here's how to use Allo on the web.