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On board the Rainbow Warrior

Lucia Newman is on board Greenpeace's ship to observe their latest campaign, 'Save the Seas At the End of the World'.

Chile salmon: Too delicious to be true?

The Chilean salmon industry has become synonymous with massive use of toxic chemicals used in overcrowded fish farms that destroy the ocean's eco-system.

Sewol disaster: South Korea raises sunken ferry

More than 300 people, most schoolchildren, were killed when the vessel capsized and sunk almost three years ago.

Turkey protests against Norway giving officers asylum

Ambassador to Ankara summoned after Norway grants political asylum to Turkish officers allegedly linked to failed coup.

Westminster attack: Five killed outside UK parliament

Police suspect man who rammed car into pedestrians before stabbing others was 'inspired by international terrorism'.

Multiple bomb blasts rock Nigeria's Maiduguri

At least eight people killed, including refugees, by series of explosions along highway in Maiduguri.

Westminster attack: Car-and-knife rampage kills four

Scenes of carnage on Westminster Bridge near London parliament after car-and-knife attack PM calls 'sick and depraved'.

UN condemns Sri Lanka over war probe

UN rights chief suggests Colombo's persistent failure to investigate atrocities stems from fear of punishing soldiers.

US to focus on 'elimination' of ISIL by military force

First meeting of international coalition since Trump's election held in Washington on the way forward in defeating ISIL.

Trump administration hosts first anti-ISIL meeting

US hosts meeting of 68 countries working to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Pakistan to meet Facebook over 'blasphemy' posts

Blasphemy is punishable by death in Pakistan, but critics say it is being used to muzzle government critics.

Seeking solace in wake of the Westminster attack

A deadly attack in the iconic heart of London leaves Britons and tourists alike deeply shocked.

Can anyone control what's published online?

Google says it is adopting stricter advertising rules to combat harmful and inappropriate content.

Israel built 2,630 illegal homes in West Bank last year

Illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank surged 40 percent in 2016 from the previous year.

Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey's Diyarbakir

One Kurdish family is speaking out more than a year after their daughter was allegedly killed by Turkish sniper fire.

John McCain warns of 'tough decisions' on Syrian Kurds

Senior senator says Turkey watching as decision must be made on arming Kurdish fighters in the coming battle for Raqqa.

Westminster attack: Car-and-knife rampage kills four

Scenes of carnage on Westminster Bridge near parliament in London after car-and-knife attack also wounds at least 20.

Yemen and Somalia 'months away' from famine

Conflict-hit countries have only 3-4 months before millions are at risk of famine, Red Cross says.

US police probe gang-rape streamed on Facebook

Teenage victim may have known her attackers, who are believed to be all minors who 'terrorised' her neighbourhood.

UK minister: 'Assailant shot by police after attack'

Scenes of carnage on Westminster Bridge near parliament as London police investigate 'terrorist incident'.

UK minister: 'Assailant shot by police after attack'

Multiple wounded on Westminster Bridge near parliament as London police investigate 'firearm incident'.

Trump administration to host first anti-ISIL meeting

US to host first meeting under Trump administration of 68 countries working to defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Haiti By Force

Fault Lines investigates the legacy and impact of sex abuse by UN peacekeepers in Haiti.

Ahlam al-Tamimi: 'We only wanted freedom'

Al Jazeera speaks to freed Palestinian prisoner, wanted by the US for helping in a Jerusalem cafe bombing 16 years ago.

Syria's green buses: Symbol of a seismic shift

Less dramatic than the barrel bombs and less celebrated than the White Helmets but Syria's green buses are still iconic.

ICC gives Jean-Pierre Bemba extra year in prison

Jailed ex-VP of the Democratic Republic of Congo sentenced to an additional year in prison for corruption by the ICC.

Deadly air raid hits refugee shelter near Raqqa: SOHR

Activists say a suspected US-led coalition air raid struck a school sheltering displaced people near ISIL-held Raqqa.

Multiple bomb blasts rock Nigeria's Maiduguri

At least three people killed and 18 others wounded by explosions at a refugee camp in Maiduguri, officials say.

More than half a billion globally 'have no clean water'

On World Water Day, charity warns that tens of millions still lack access to water, with most living in rural areas.

Iran: After the protests

Filmmaker Manon Loizeau secured unique access to young Iranians who took to the streets after disputed 2009 elections.

Jerusalem students in limbo after Israel school closure

Israeli occupation authorities shut down the private school a month ago, alleging an affiliation with Hamas.

Libya: Who controls what

Since 2011, several different actors have been vying for power in Libya. Here is a breakdown of who controls what.

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli fire in Gaza

Palestinian officials say one 18-year-old male teen has been killed and two others wounded by Israeli artillery fire.

Martin McGuinness: Terrorist or Peacemaker?

The ex-IRA commander, who eventually played a key role in the Northern Irish peace process, is still dividing opinion.

Are refugees in Europe facing a mental health crisis?

Already traumatised by loss and conflict, stranded refugees face further trauma without mental healthcare.

Multiple bomb blasts rock Nigeria's Maiduguri

At least four killed and 18 others wounded by explosions in Maiduguri, according to local police commissioner.

Restored shrine at Jesus's tomb reopens in Jerusalem

Inauguration ceremony of newly renovated shrine marks the completion of a nine-month project.

Are past ties between India and Palestine being eroded?

As India and Israel become closer, Palestinians in India say they hope New Delhi will continue to support their cause.

Israel's human rights spies: Manipulating the discourse

Revelations about Israel's infiltration of NGOs in the 1970s shocked many, but human rights 'spies' are still out there.

The week's weather in pictures

March signals the change of seasons around the world - and with that a change of weather.

North Korea 'fails' in new missile test: South

South Korean and US officials say they have detected a failed missile launch attempt by North Korea.

Pink taxi: Women-only service to be launched in Karachi

New service aims to protect female customers from harassment, but some believe it's not a budget-friendly initiative.

Neil Gorsuch says he is no 'rubber stamp'

Neil Gorsuch responds to Democratic senators questioning whether he would be willing to hold the president accountable.

Chicago sexual assault streamed live on Facebook

Forty people watch live feed showing sexual assault of 15-year-old girl in US without alerting police.

Trump warns Republican lawmakers over healthcare bill

US president says lawmakers could face 'political problems' if they fail to pass bill repealing Obamacare.

North Korea vows to pursue nuclear arms amid US threat

Pyongyang envoy to UN warns his country is developing 'pre-emptive strike capabilities with nuclear forces'.

Israel: 2016 killing of Hezbollah commander inside job

Israel's military chief claims Hezbollah military commander in Syria was killed by members of his own group.

Twitter: Over half a million blocked for 'terror' ties

Transparency report also says number of user-data requests by governments rose 7 percent from prior six-month period.

Ahlam al-Tamimi: Jordan refuses to extradite her to US

US prosecutors allege woman accompanied suicide bomber and ordered him to detonate explosives in Jerusalem pizzeria.

How far can FBI probe of Russia's role in US vote go?

FBI chief James Comey says his agency is investigating claims that Donald Trump worked with Russia to get elected.