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Court upholds life sentence of Chad's Hissene Habre

Victims celebrate court ruling for Hissene Habre, who is convicted of human rights abuses against thousands.

Odinga to run for presidency under opposition coalition

Raila Odinga, ex-prime minister, to race against Uhuru Kenyatta in August under National Super Alliance coalition.

Palestinian Authority to stop funding Gaza electricity

Decision to halt payments could lead to a complete power shutdown in Gaza, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

The Eritreans fleeing to Ethiopia

Relations may be tense between the neighbouring countries but some Eritreans are crossing the disputed border.

Paris: El-Baraka community school a blessing to Sevran

Dismayed with prospects for troubled young people, Faouzi Lellouche and his wife Farida built a school in a tower block.

What evidence does Trump have for voter fraud?

Mehdi Hasan asks former Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes repeatedly for proof that millions voted illegally.

Russian warship sinks in the Black Sea after collision

All 78 personnel of Russian intelligence vessel rescued after collision with a Togo-flagged freighter.

Russian warship sinks in the Black Sea after collision

All 78 personnel of Russian intelligence vessel evacuated after collision with a Togo-flagged freighter.

Ramadan fasting to start May 27 or May 28

With Ramadan one month away, the first day of fasting will be confirmed on the eve of May 27.

Donald Trump: US to renegotiate NAFTA, not scrap it

US, Mexico and Canada agree to renegotiate NAFTA - hours after rumours of new executive order to leave the trade pact.

Sports Doping: The Endless Chase

A two-part investigation exploring the financial, political and ethical implications of performance-enhancing drugs.

Palestinians on strike in solidarity with prisoners

General strike held in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners as Fatah party calls for 'day of rage' on Friday.

Police violence against Native Americans in Arizona

We explore systemic violence in Arizona, where six of the 24 Native Americans killed by police in 2016 died.

India's politics of meat

Today in India, what you eat is who you have voted for.

Why are so many women still dying in childbirth?

In the last 25 years more than 10 million women have died worldwide due to pregnancy related issues.

Three Indian soldiers, two 'rebels' killed in Kashmir

Fighters storm military camp close to heavily militarised Line of Control, killing three soldiers, Indian army says.

When NGOs save children who don't want to be saved

Western media misrepresent voluntary child labour as slavery.

'Israeli strikes' hit arms depot in Damascus

Arms depot near Damascus International airport goes up in flames after series of overnight strikes blamed on Israel.

Pope set to visit Egypt in 'call for peace'

The visit comes three weeks after two separate bombings killed dozens of Egyptian Copts on Palm Sunday.

The US and NAFTA: An explainer

What is NAFTA, who are the winners and losers, and why did Trump call it "the worst trade deal" in US history?

Explosion hits near Damascus International Airport

Large explosion followed by fire hits area of Syria's main airport and Mezze army base, witnesses and monitor say.

Donald Trump: US to renegotiate, not pull out of NAFTA

US, Mexico and Canada agree to renegotiate NAFTA - hours after rumours of new executive order to leave the trade pact.

US wants to bring North Korea to 'path of dialogue'

Diplomacy still the preferred option but military action also on the table, US senators are told at the White House.

Drone strike that killed Reyaad Khan 'not transparent'

Intelligence and Security Committee says government did not disclose key documents over killing of Reyaad Khan in Syria.

Venezuela to quit Organization of American States

Foreign minister says government will leave regional bloc in response to its handling of Venezuela's political crisis.

US wants to bring North Korea to 'path of dialogue'

Diplomacy still the preferred option but military action also on the table, US lawmakers are told at the White House.

Trump administration proposes major tax overhaul

White House plans to slash taxes for businesses and individuals would 'explode the deficit', Democrats warn.

Cassini Saturnian exploration

Cassini is the fourth space probe to visit Saturn the first to enter orbit, its mission to explore the Saturnian system.

Is Afghanistan new battlefield for traditional rivals?

Russia denies US accusations of funding and sending weapons to the Taliban.

Turkey suspends 9,000 police officers for 'Gulen links'

Suspension follows arrests targeting alleged network of US-based cleric blamed by Turkey for failed coup attempt.

How do lethal injections work?

Tranexamic acid can reduce maternal deaths 'by a third'

Trial of 20,000 women shows deaths from heavy bleeding after giving birth reduced by 30 percent with tranexamic acid.

Amiens: Le Pen upstages Macron at Whirlpool factory

Far-right candidate beats centrist favourite in meeting with Whirlpool factory workers threatened with outsourcing.

UN: 20 dead in Kasai amid Lulua-Luba, Chowe-Pende feud

Latest violence between Lulua-Luba and Chow-Pende communities extends eight months of bloodshed.

Female Kashmiri students lead anti-India protests

Students from various female colleges in Indian-administered Kashmir take part in mass protests against Indian soldiers.

Arkansas carries out first double execution since 2000

Jack Jones and Marcel Williams executed just days before expiry of one of US state's lethal injection drugs.

How lethal injections work?

India's Maoist rebels: An explainer

Government security crackdown on Maoist rebels has led to an increased casualty figure in the country's tribal areas.

EU opens case against Hungary over higher education law

Brussels says Budapest undermines principle of academic freedom by targeting university funded by US philanthropist.

Critics blast US shipment of fighter jets to Israel

Israel is the first country outside the US to get access to the F-35 warplane, the most expensive ever developed.

Facebook, Twitter, other social media banned in Kashmir

Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp among apps temporarily banned by authorities in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Will Jordan abolish a law that protects rapists?

Women's activists say they are closer than ever to abolishing Article 308, which pardons rapists who marry their victim.

Who killed my friend Yameen Rasheed?

Making sense of the paradise where a young blogger got murdered.

Zambian court upholds treason charges against Hichilema

Court refuses to dismiss charges against Hichilema, who was arrested for allegedly blocking the president's limousine.

State of Denial

What does a Trump administration mean for science and environmental policy as science vs politics debates intensify?

Can the Kashmir conflict be resolved at the ballot box?

We asked two Kashmiris with opposing views whether residents of the region should participate in elections.

France: Assad government behind chemical attack

French foreign minister says chemical analysis of samples from Khan Sheikhoun 'bears signature' of Syria government.

Turkey detains more than 1,000 for 'links to Gulen'

Overnight arrests target alleged network of US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, blamed by Turkey for failed coup attempt.

US to enter LNG global export market with Golden Pass

Energy department approves Golden Pass energy giant to export liquefied natural gas to global market.

Resistance is a way of life for Kashmiri youth

Why Kashmir's millennials have stones in their hands, not laptops.